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Dom Gościnny Stara Szkoła

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This story dates back to 1890, when a school was erected in Stara Wieś. Nobody was surprised then, the ordinary thing: adults were happy, kids less so. And certainly no one was as delighted with us as we did when almost 120 years later we came to this part of Masuria and were chuffed to bits that in the East of Poland we found a geographical hybrid of the Bieszczady Mountains and the Low Beskids. We've stayed here.

If someone asked us about the specialty of the establishment - it would probably be a kitchen, full of local ingredients, inspired by the culinary expeditions and knowledge of our daughter Ola, acquired in France. We would mention active life on the Dylewskie Hills, full of adventures not only in the summer but also in winter. At the end, we would add that we are trying to be fair, towards people who work with us and nearby hosts from whom we buy local good.

Old School is a place for hungry, good people. Those who eat grapes with a handful, laugh loudly at long dinners, curious about their human fates, care for others, ask if there are more buns and want to walk in the same place in the mountains and bathe in the lake. And then they can talk about it for a long time. And we`re all ears ...

Ewa i Jacek Tracz

Originally, we come from Lodz, where we've experienced a little original life leading from the corporation to their own business. We've traveled a lot around France, and it probably brought us to where we are now. We enjoy life in the Polish province, as if it was a French province called Provence. There, however, it is impossible to ski ...
Place for families with children
We rent cross-country skis and suggest downhill skiing
Slowfood, own cheeses, breads and pastries ...
We like quadrupeds
5 rooms in an old Prussian school
The closest lake is 11 km


  • In / At the edge of the forest
  • In the countryside

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Breakfast included
  • Full board
  • Vegetarian, vegan, for allergics
  • Local products


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Close to attractions
  • Pet friendly
  • Bicycles
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Kayaks
  • Fireplace
  • Private bathroom
  • Flexible arrival / departure times
  • Skis
  • Children's corner
  • Playground
  • Horse Riding
  • Basketball court
  • Football pitch
  • Volleyball court
  • Tennis court
  • Skates
  • Bed for a child
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window

Local food

  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Meat and sausages
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Bread
  • Preserve

Where will I sleep?

The Old School is a well-kept pension. We took advantage of its potential by offering 5 unique bedrooms. There are rooms: Sailing, Bird, School, Herbarium, Knights. Each one has its own bathroom. Rooms are double, though most allow 2 + 1 settings. Two rooms have annexe for the child.

We spend time in...
a large class room, which for the needs of the guesthouse received a beautiful, large table ordered from the local carpenter and became a dining room.

Cool evenings end with a fireplace and movie screen, and the choice is three-digit.

What will I eat?

The Old School stands a kitchen. The flavors are different, probably the closest to us in the French village, though not only. We travel a lot. We taste, test and then enter the menu. As in this year, linseed wafers. Swedish or more Scandinavian trends have opened our eyes to local fish, widely underestimated,... or even avoided like bream, tench, crucian. Stays in London in Israeli restaurants inspired us to dishes from local lamb. However, several workshops with prof. Łukasz Łuczaj gave us knowledge about wild edible plants (stuffed cabbage leaves, scrambled eggs with yarrow, sorrel cream soup, nettle, plantain, tansy cakes, etc.)

It all fits into the unpredictable menu in our home, which arises from what is currently available, mature and best.
Every day we serve breakfast in the price, dinners on request.

What will I do?

Dylewo Hills should be distinguished as a separate natural wonder. Spring and summer are unique here, autumn is stunning, and we like winter the most. We focus on recreational sports, but we have a sporting edge, especially when it comes to cross-country skiing. Jacek is a PZN ski instructor, one of... the few in Poland of Worldloppet Masters, and soon probably the second Global - someone who ran all the 20 most important ski marathons in the world. Including the famous Vasaloppet at 90 km, the murderous Birkebeiner in Norway with a 17 km run up at the beginning of the 54 km route, or the exotic Kangoroo Hoppet in Australia.

In the summer we canoeing, in particular we recommend the Elbląg Canal with its slipways and sluices, unique on a global scale.
Next to it is also Grunwald with its fields and reconstruction of the battle and one of the best ethnographic open-air ethnographic museums in Olsztynek.

- we have perhaps 30 sets and it is where to run and who to learn from
- the mountains are full of history - take a walk along the trail of Prussian habitats and pre-war cemeteries, during the evening meetings we go back in time and tell local legends like this about the French lake ...
- Mount Dylewska is the queen of our area. You do not have to be a professional walker, and the views are unearthly.
- We spend hot days by the lake or on canoe trips
-We miss miles and discover new cycling routes
- We visit Irena Eris Spa for massages and swimming pools.

But if you do not want, you do not need anything. Hammocks hang in the garden, lemonade is on the terrace. Winters are extremely harsh here, so we invite you for a tea with electricity in front of the fireplace.

What's for children?

We have a playground. There are also two tree houses, connected by a secured trap, a sandpit swing and slides.
For older children we have 4 bicycles (including one hybrid), five hammocks and 31 cross country ski shoes (35 pln set per day), snowmobiles and snowmobiles for skiing.

For parents of babies:
rooms have annexe for the child.
For young children we have two baby beds.


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • Dryer
  • No TV set
  • Iron
  • Cosmetics

How much will I pay?

rooms Price per person
single 180 PLN / person
Double 120 PLN / person
Triple room (2 + 1 child) 120 PLN / person + child fee to be agreed on the spot

Place rules

Accepted animals:

small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs, cats

Standard minimum period: 2 days

2020-06-21 - 2020-08-30
Minimum 5 days
Payment and booking conditions

  • Card payment
  • Cash on the spot
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:16:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Wysoka Wieś 27
  • 14-100 Ostróda



Tu czas płynie wolniej. Wspaniały ogród, w którym można się poczuć jak w bajce, otwarci i troskliwi właściciele, a przede wszystkim jedzenie, którego nie da się opisać słowami. To była rozkosz dla naszych podniebień i potężna dawka inspiracji. Na pewno wrócimy!


Ciężko zamknąć to doświadczenie w krótkich słowach, bo ten pobyt to głównie wrażenia, chwile, mile spędzony czas przy stole i przy kominku, spacery, rozmowy. Przede wszystkim należy podkreślić wspaniałą kuchnię - to prawdziwe spa dla organizmu! Otwartość właścicieli i pracowników i zaprojektowane miejsce tak, że czujesz się jak u siebie w domu, tylko nie musisz nic robić... Możesz pójść na spacer w każdym kierunku, bo każdy kierunek jest w tych okolicach dobry. Wróciłam do swojego miasta i poleciałam już chyba wszystkim znajomym, więc polecam i nieznajomym. Miejsce, do którego chce się wracać! Z praktycznych porad: 1. Śniadania są wliczone w cenę, ale można zamówić również obiady i kolacje, zadna dieta nie jest problemem 2. Nei trzeba zabierać własnych ksiazek, jest tyle ciekawych na miejscu! 3. Mozna zrobić sobie maraton filmowy, szafy są pełne filmów! 4. Nasze psy mają się tam świetnie, tak jak i my.


Rozmowa i poczucie przynależności od pierwszych chwil. Jedzenie, że od stołu nie chce się wstawać. Cisza i błogość jak w niewielu miejscach jeszcze. Przyroda i historia w jednym miejscu. Jacek i Ewa (wybaczcie poufałość) tworzą arcydzieło. Dzięki!


Crème de la crème Cóż więcej dodać Pozdrawiamy Pana Jacka i cały team Dziękujemy , wrócimy Hania i Bartek


Cud, miód, malina! Spędziliśmy w Starej Szkole 4 dni, ale chętnie zostalibyśmy na kilka tygodni. Przepiękna okolica, przemili gospodarze i niesamowite jedzenie. Polecam gorąco.


Piękne miejsce, pyszne jedzenie i niepowtarzalny klimat. Byliśmy z psem i zostaliśmy miło przyjęci :)


Pobyt w Starej Szkole przeszedł nasze oczekiwania. Lokalizacja śliczna , otoczeni byliśmy cisza i wspaniałymi kolorami jesieni. Atmosfera stworzona przez panią Ewę i pana Jacka rodzinna , zapraszająca i ciepła . Pokój z dużym gustem urządzony, spanie super wygodne a wszystko czyściutkie i pachnące . Jedzenie od podstawowych składników albo z ich własnego ogrodu lub od lokalnych dostawców przyrządzone na wyśmienite smaki . Zdecydowanie 5 gwiazdek !


Bywam od kilkunastu lat i stwierdzam, że z każdym rokiem coraz lepiej! Ewa i Jacek są niestrudzonymi marzycielami, którym wciąż się udaje ... pozytywnie zaskakiwać. Bezustannie podejmują nowe, nieszablonowe wyzwania. I wszystko z pokorą i uśmiechem. Perfekcja w każdym calu. Prekursorzy stylu slow. Kochani jeszcze przed erą blogerów. Obowiązkowy punkt programu każdego podróżnika. Mój nr 1!!!