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Houses and cottages
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Dom Łowczego Gnoyna

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Location Polska, Mazowsze, Mszczonów
Gnoyna Park should be just about an hour drive from Warsaw and it`s more like a landscape of Masuria or Roztocze. I came here with my aunt for the first time in 1990. She lived in the estate nearby before the war and knew the back-then owners of Gnoyna Bielecki quite well. Charity activities of Mrs. Eugenia and her husband Henryk were permanently remembered by the residents. They founded a medical center in the village, and one of the most modern dairies in pre-war Poland was established on the estate. On their initiative and resources, a village primary school was established, which was ran by Mrs. Eugenia. The Second World War interrupted the idyllic life in the countryside. The nationalization and division of property finally closed that chapter. Political harassment, death of his wife and final eviction caused Mr. Henryk to move to Warsaw, where he died in poverty. The fate of the inhabitants of Gnoyna was known to Szymon Kobyliński, who dedicated the book "Zbrojny Pies" to them. In 1992, I bought 1.5 ha of land from the commune with the remains of manor buildings and devastated remains of the manor park surrounding the property. The manor turned out to be impossible to be rescued, the old granary and farm buildings were rebuilt from the ruins. The preserved materials used, such as bricks and wooden elements, allowed to preserve the authentic character of the complex. Over time, devastated former state-owned fish ponds and the first private Nature Reserve in Poland called Staw Gnojna The Bielecki family, with many species of rare birds. Bricks from the old manor, field stones and wood were used to finish off the Hunting House, which blends nicely with the landscape. Attention is drawn to the charming park, with many unusual specimens of trees and shrubs Guests from around the world have left numerous comments in their bulky guest book that testify to their positive impressions from their visits.

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Jacek Czeczot - Gawrak
Architecture designer, interior architect, art historian, conservator. Author of the classic American embassy design project, numerous implementations at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, in 2008 director of the Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw. Enthusiast of historic buildings, old furniture, paintings, fabrics, knick knacks. Items with history add a temperament to the interiors and reflect the personality of their inhabitants. Minimalism is a stripping of space of character. Works in galleries, offices, offices. The house should be a mirror of its inhabitants, show their professions and passions. For this reason, the Hunter's House is filled with family souvenirs, exhibits collected over the years, books, elaborately decorated with frescoes by Anna Kozłowska. I am of the opinion that the house is a glove for the soul and everyone has a different one. Mine looks like this.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English

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Eco Alert

Do not bring plastic bottles of water, we have treated tap water
House made of natural materials (clay, straw, hemp, etc.)
We limit plastic bags, there’s a shopping bag/basket in every room
We segregate garbage

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Our charms

We don't have air conditioning
We have a lot of souvenirs and trinkets

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We care about you

We are far away from other residences
Private houses/apartments with separate entrance

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A charming English-style property for 7 people
A charming English-style property for 7 people
in a beautiful garden and next to the Faunistyczny Reserve Staw Gnojna Bielecki family
in a beautiful garden and next to the Faunistyczny Reserve Staw Gnojna Bielecki family
we will arrange some space for your pets (prior agreement)
we will arrange some space for your pets (prior agreement)
Cricket pitch
Cricket pitch
ideal for special occasions, family reunions, quiet meetings of friends
ideal for special occasions, family reunions, quiet meetings of friends
fish ponds and fishing grounds nearby
fish ponds and fishing grounds nearby

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Where will I sleep?

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In the historic park, surrounded by rare specimens of trees, in the vicinity of the apple orchard stands an unusual holiday home. Built on the ruins of an old manor, with heart to historical details and against the minimalism. This type of "cottage" is the fulfillment of the host's vision. The house with a garden is available to 7 people and dog pets exclusively. Our guests have at their disposal a spacious kitchen connected with a dining room inviting to joint meals, a living room with a fireplace and a large terrace with a picturesque landscape of the endless greenery of the garden. The house has a bedroom with a large double bed and a second with two double beds and one single. There are two bathrooms for guests use. Not a single item of the interior is chosen randomly. In every corner there is a detail that catches the eye. From the nineteenth century floor to the paintings and old prints. There are plenty of decorative elements with soul and family souvenirs. . The Dining room is decorated with frescoes in the al fresco buono technique by an outstanding painter Anna Kozłowska and dightful drawings. Drawing room with a fireplace decorated with a picture of a stork and interesting collections related to horse riding. A lot of really impressive souvenirs here. For example, from the expeditions of Fr. Leon Sapieha to Africa in 1927. A few dozen meters from the Hunting House, there is a building that is the private space of the hosts. There are many species of birds in the garden, there is also room for loyal quadrupeds. Therefore, guests can count on the company of two friendly dogs. (Here a small note for guests: do not let the larger - Hector behind the gate, he likes to hunt "hens" to neighboring houses.) The house fits perfectly into the old park, full of unique species of trees and interesting shrubs, Guest are welcome to have estate honey and apple juice from the orchard never touched by chemicals or pesticides. In the immediate vicinity the private nature reserve. Not far away there are fish ponds and fishing grounds for fishing enthusiasts. On the property, as befits an English-style estate, there is a croquet pitch. We also have our own vegetable garden and herbarium. o A beautiful terrace and pergola with grill, complementing the unique character of the place. (Here a small note for guests: do not let the larger - Hector behind the gate, he likes to hunt "hens" to neighboring houses.)

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Place for a bonfire
Barbecue area (with barbecue equipment)
Tables in the garden
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Medium speed Internet / WiFi
Good cell phone reception
TVs in the rooms
We organise film screenings

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What will I eat?

Dom Łowczego Gnoyna  - What will I eat?
Dom Łowczego Gnoyna  - What will I eat?
Dom Łowczego Gnoyna  - What will I eat?

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We do not cook for guests, as we give the house to you exclusively. There is well equipped kitchen, where you can prepare even the most exquisite dishes, and a dining room with a large table. In the aggreable weather there is a pergola with the grill for al fresco meals. The property, along with the adjacent nature reserve, borders with fish ponds and fisheries, as well as a vegetable and herb garden. The estate has its own old orchard. We are happy to share our gifts of nature with you. In the nearby town there are smaller and larger shops, village bazaars with fruit and vegetables, as well as various types of restaurants. We especially recommend the "Palace Dining Room" located in the Palace in Radziejowice. Beautiful interiors and a picturesque garden complete the pleasant experience. Very rarely in the Polish countryside you can eat as well as here. Excellent and well recommended cooking in the nearby hotel "Artis"

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We cook for you

Lokalne produkty (Fish, Vegetables, Fruits, Preserves, Honey)

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Kitchen access

Private kitchen in homes/rooms
Espresso machine
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We recommend nearby restaurants

excellent food in Artis hotel, great locally freshly fried fish , usual (5 km)

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You can buy eco products nearby

local country vegetable and food market (4 km)

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Grocery stores nearby

Cytrus (4 km)
local village market in Mszczonów

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In/at the edge of the forest
Icon In the countryside

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Thanks to the location right next to the Faunist Reserve Stawy Gnojna in the Hunting House you can feel like a green land away from reality. An hour from Warsaw there is an oasis of peace, peace and paradise for surrounding animals. Gnoyna Park is an old estate bording with post-state fish ponds, which are now private nature reserve. Protected areas also include adjacent meadows. The buffer zone is a 700 m wide forest. The whole area belongs to the picturesque river valley - Pisia Gągolina, in which places with typical Masovian landscape have survived to this day. The reserve plays a key role in the so-called local system of ecological corridors and also acts as a water reservoir for the nearby area. However, its greatest wealth is undoubtedly the birds found in its territory. As many as 100 different species of birds have been found on the former Gnojny fish ponds, of which 55 have breeding grounds there. Compared to other similar reserves with a similar area, this is really high. What can you use? There is horse riding, mushrooms, fish, expeditions to the surrounding forest. A cozy fireplace and a large collection of books in the home library. The extensive garden is enriched with a beautiful terrace closed with trellises and a crocket field - a game played by the fairy tale Alice with the Queen of Hearts. In autumn, when the area is drowning in orange, yellow and red is a hunting spot for mushroom pickers , it is worth hiding at home, reading and sitting in front of the fireplace. For a change, you can walk around the beautiful park and reserve at this time of year. We also recommend culinary adventures with pike-perch, barbel, pike and other ish from local ponds or a rabbit in a lemon sauce with Madeira. Primitivo di Manduria is often waiting for guests as part of the hospitality of Gnoyna Park. Orchard is never fertilized or sprayed which delights apple pie lovers. It is worth to be tempted and breathe a climate different from the urban stuffiness. You can also play a crocket game when clement weather. In winter we suggest evening sessions by the fireplace and blackcurrant "nalewka" (delicious Polish beveridge) of our production, assuming there is any left! Straight from our garden, you can take the direction of the Palace in Radziejowice. The palace and park complex has been a house of creative work for culture creators since 1965. The palace also houses museum rooms, a recommendable restaurant and a gallery of temporary exhibitions.

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For sports enthusiasts

Cross bicycle routes (20 km)
Horse riding
Badminton equipment

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Our pets


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Radziejowice Palace (10 km)
Nieborów Palace (30 km)

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What’s there for children?

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Little guests in Mszczonów have a constant nature lesson. All you need is binoculars and long walks in the Nature Park. Here they can spend the whole day outdoors without a gram of boredom, telephones, televisions and other technical innovations. Due to organic entertainment we have not prepared a playground for children, swings or slides. This would interfere with the surroundings and distract small explorers. And there is a lot to discover. Nearby several riding schools, Terms of Mszczonów for swimming lovers and the great attraction - Suntago -the Park of Poland,,,

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Attractions for children

Cooking together
Large safe running space
Picking vegetables and fruits
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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Aleja im. rodziny Bieleckich 1, Mszczonów, Masovia, Poland

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cena za dobę max. 6 osób
cały dom 800zł

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Arrival from 09:00 to 21:00
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Super reset od miasta - tylko 30 min od Wawy a całkiem inny świat. Uroczy teren, urocze wnętrze - salon i sypialnie. Przemiła obsługa. Jak ktoś na wsi oczekiwał zero "robaczka" to niech szuka dalej... :) Drobne uwagi: ciepla woda - byly przerwy w dostępie, musiala sie zagrzac. Brakuje sprawnych rowerów. Sugestia: na takim terenie przygotowalbym dla gosci wymurowany grill.


Tragedia, po dojezdzie na miejsce zderza sie czlowiek z paskudna rzeczywistością. Dom brudny, po salonie biegaja male robaki, w kazdym rogu pająki, do tego dom jest zaplesnialy. Wlasciciel dla przykrywki rozpalil kominek ktory po pierwsze nie byl w żaden sposób zabezpieczony (katastrofa przy wypoczynku z dziecmi) zeby wydawalo sie ze w domu jest cieplo, jednak temperatura nie przekraczała 18° w pomieszczeniu (o ile w ogole tyle bylo). Dodatkowo sypialnie sa pokojami przechodnimi co w dzisiejszych czasach jest tragedia. Zdecydowanie nie polecam!


Serdeczna atmosfera i niezwykły klimat domy pozwoliły na całkowity relaks i wyrwanie się z codzienności.

3.7 3 opinii