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Dom na Końcu Świata

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Location Polska, Dolny Śląsk, ​Paszków
We did not think that the end of the world could be so pleasant. It is usually associated with the apocalypse, a place where crows turn back, and according to flat-landers a decline into the abyss from the edge. However, after crossing the crossed out sign "World" nothing ends. A wonderful adventure begins with wandering around the unevenness of the Kłodzko Valley, observation of wild hares and tiny bunnies, slightly larger goats and stars that are here at your fingertips. There is a winding, picturesque road to travel. The House at the End of the World is adjacent to meadows to the horizon, gentle slopes of the Bystrzyckie Mountains, dense forests full of spruces and beeches; fewer and fewer homes and traces of civilization, until you finally find the sign: "A zone free of hatred and intolerance." The soul of the wooden house are the hosts who have excluded television, anger and lack of tolerance towards other people from their lives. Here at the common table one talks about life and its complexities, secrets hidden in Kłodzko history and nature, and about saving a hare from the oppression of civilization. Black umami flavored garlic and homemade preserves are washed down with beer brewed at the end of the world. The rest of the dishes on the menu is the secret of the chef - Lidka. From early morning to late evening around the house there is the singing of countless species of birds. In autumn, silence stags deer in the rut, and winter has the sound of creaking snow. The sounds of this wonderful choir have magical relaxing power. Often deer and deer look into the windows, and liberated hares leap across the meadows in joyful leaps. Come to the slack and rest workshop. We'll take care of the rest.

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Lidka i Maciek Piaseccy
When they ask us what we do, we answer that we live at the end of the world and lament Poland, and more precisely we have released about 16,000 hares. We also have a house open to warm people, a kitchen full of unusual flavors, goats, cats, a dog and a view of haughtiness. We value this life, which we arranged for fear of the future in the block of flats, next to a supermarket with night deliveries. Before we went to Paszków, we lived in Legnica and chased after professional goals, development, money and a bland future. In addition, children unexpectedly quickly grown up and felt the empty nest syndrome. At that time, there was a thought that there must be another, calmer life. So we left for the first time for a lonely long vacation in the Bieszczady Mountains and we are gone. There was no question of returning to the city. We found a plot in the Kłodzko Valley and transported here two wooden houses from Podkarpacie. One from 1927, the other is our contemporary from 1963. At Home at the End of the World, we are visited by people who, just like us, are fed up with the ubiquitous hustle and bustle of politicians and constant urban rush. We are also waiting for you.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English

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We will accommodate 18 people in double rooms and apartments
We will accommodate 18 people in double rooms and apartments
we have mountain bikes for you along with maps of the Bystrzyckie Mountains routes.
we have mountain bikes for you along with maps of the Bystrzyckie Mountains routes.
good animals are welcome only in low season
good animals are welcome only in low season
breakfast and dinner with our own goat cheese, eggs and black garlic
breakfast and dinner with our own goat cheese, eggs and black garlic
an oasis for hares, goats, cats, dogs and of course people
an oasis for hares, goats, cats, dogs and of course people
the real end of the world with silence in the lead role
the real end of the world with silence in the lead role

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In Paszków, a few kilometers from Polanica-Zdrój, where it's hard to find a shop, but you can always count on heavenly silence. Around the woods, meadows, hare tracks on the path and calling goat. Only a few houses, several dozen inhabitants. The wooden house is a piece of history, it began its first life in Podkarpacie in 1927. After moving to Paszków in 2009, he began a new life. The interior is filled with a warm, homely atmosphere, jazz, the smell of the kitchen and the buzz of conversations. Wooden floors can creak, hand-painted chests and wardrobes wink to modernist interior architects, and a library full of books encourages you to sink into reading. There is a fire stirring in the fireplace and hare accents on pillows, on the porch, on the walls, shelves ... At Home at the End of the World, we have 18 beds for you in cozy double rooms and apartments. Each of them has its own bathroom. We spend most of the time with guests in the common area - a living room with a fireplace and a library. The living room also has a kettle and coffee maker. In addition, on the floor at your disposal is a fridge where you can cool baby milk or a drink for parents. For the sake of your mental health, there is no TV at Home At the End of the World, thanks to which time slows down, the atmosphere improves and people start talking to each other. Nobody is in a hurry, there are no urgent calls and urgent matters. The kitchen is the exclusive hostess zone, where delicacies are created for breakfast and dinner. For guests who prefer active leisure we offer mountain bikes with maps describing the most interesting routes of the Bystrzyckie Mountains. Pets are only allowed out of season, i.e. excluding holiday months and long weekends and holidays. We care about peace and welfare of guests, so please inform us in advance about your arrival with the dog. Due to the limited area of ​​our house, we can not host large dogs weighing more than 15 kg

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What will I eat?

Dom na Końcu Świata - What will I eat?
Dom na Końcu Świata - What will I eat?

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We will feed you healthy, tasty and home-cooked, but with a bit of madness. Not that we brag, but there are rumors that you can eat well with us. Personally, I prepare breakfast for guests, and at nine o'clock, quietly wandering jazz standards, we all sit down to the big table. It will accommodate 14 people and there will always be a place for you .. You will always find in our pantry black garlic of our own production, mushrooms from our forest, preserves and unique beer brewed by Maciek. In the kitchen, we experiment with adding black garlic to everything. The dark cloves taste and consistency resemble smoked plum with a hint of vanilla, balsamic vinegar and even truffles. We like to combine this umami taste with traditional Polish dishes. One clove thrown into the broth gives it a deep taste and color, garlic paste combined with oil and lemon gives a unique dressing, and black beans mixed with black garlic resemble nutella. We add it to sauces for meat based on wine or lemon, borscht, pates, meats, roasts. In the morning we invite you to a richly set breakfast table (9.00), and at 18:00 we will celebrate a two-course dinner at a shared table.

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We cook for you

Lokalne produkty (Eggs, Cheese, Fruits, Beer, Preserves, Goat cheese, Mushrooms, Cakes, Tinctures)

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Icon In/at the edge of the forest
Icon In the countryside
Icon In the mountains

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There is time for everything and everything is in place. There are plenty of moments to devote attention to yourself and loved ones, to conversations, reading and observing nature. According to all the well-known sign "Zone free of hate and intolerance" at the end of the world, everyone is friendly and smiling. One talks about what is important and less important in life, but also about the complicated history of these lands, about legends, its former inhabitants, and nature. At Home at the End of the World, you don't need another pair of high heels, a stylish blouse, and the latest phone model. A warm jacket and comfortable hiking boots are sufficient. Our Kłodzko Land is, above all, wonderful mountains, fabulous landscapes, and unusual rock forms. Among them there are dozens of tourist routes of varying difficulty, numerous bicycle routes and ski runs. However, someone who thinks that the mountains surrounding the Kłodzko Valley are its only attraction would be wrong. Kłodzko Poviat is widely recognized as the most attractive tourist place in Poland. Are there are: - highly appreciated spas with beating mineral springs that restore health, - small picturesque towns and villages lost among the mountains, - great and rich history, castles, defensive buildings, valuable architectural objects, museums with rich collections, open-air museums. Kłodzko Land offers so much that we only ask what, where and how worth it. It is impossible to describe all the attractions, so we will present only a fragment. For those who prefer active leisure, we offer mountain bikes with maps describing the most interesting routes in the Bystrzyckie Mountains. Recently, we have made friends with a wonderful man who has devoted himself to saving one of the greatest palaces of Lower Silesia for several years. Mr. Marek saved the palace in Gorzanów from inevitable collapse, located just a few kilometers from the House at the End of the World. We strive to make all our guests have the opportunity to meet this extraordinary man and listen to his stories during the tour around the palace, whose size is comparable to Wawel. In the area we recommend to check on: - Gorzanów Palace, - Kłodzko Fortress, - Snieżnik, - Trójmorski Wierch, - Bear Cave, - Czarna Góra, - Szczeliniec Wielki, - Wilczka waterfall, - Trail of Trackers in the Bystrzyckie Mountains, - Collectors Trail in the Bystrzyckie Mountains, - Pontoon rafting on the Bardzkie gorge, - Underground city - "Riese" complex, We whisper to you about the other 300 attractions on site.

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What’s there for children?

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In our guest book there are such pride cards with bomb drawings and nice sentences outlined in pencil. The kids have fields and hills to show off. We go to feed goats and chickens, discover secret paths, discover the smell of the forest and meadows at the end of the world. We watch the lives of wild hares, collect bouquets of wild flowers, run and play in forgotten games or build forest huts. In winter, we organize sled madness on the hill behind the house, and laughter is endless. 9 km from Paszków is a summer toboggan run, a crazy attraction for children and adults. Over 450 meters of sledding, in which skids are replaced with wheels and snow with a steel gutter. Great, completely safe fun, despite the fact that skilled tobogganers can reach speeds of up to 40 km per hour. The season runs from April 15 to October 15.

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Icon Car

Our address: Paszków, ​Paszków, Lower Silesia, Poland

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cena za osobę / pobyt pow. 2 dni cena za osobę / pobyt do 2 dni
Koszt pobytu za jedną dobę 85 zł 105 zł
Pobyt jednej osoby w pokoju dwuosobowym 115 zł 130 zł
Dzieci do lat 2, śpiące z rodzicami lub w łóżeczku 30 zł 30 zł
Wyżywienie : - śniadanie - 30 zł, ( godzina 9.00) - dwudaniowa obiadokolacja - 45 zł. ( godzina 18.00) Dzieci do lat siedmiu - 50 % ceny Pobyt zwierząt ( pies, kot) - 25 zł za dobę Pobyt zwierząt jest możliwy jedynie po wcześniejszym ustaleniu, poza sezonem, czyli z wyłączeniem miesięcy wakacyjnych oraz długich weekendów i świąt. Ze względu na ograniczoną powierzchnię naszego domu nie możemy gościć dużych psów o wadze pow. 15 kg W cenie pobytu oferujemy: - noclegi w pokojach 2 , 3 osobowych, lub w 4 osobowym apartamencie, - do dyspozycji Gości salon z kominkiem i biblioteką, - parking, - mapy i przewodniki po okolicy, - informacje na temat historii, przyrody, i atrakcji regionu, - ognisko, - grill i wędzarnia. Rowery górskie - cena do uzgodnienia.

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Standard minimum stay: 1 days

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Prepayment charged: 50%
We do not return prepayments
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Koniec świata w najlepszym tego znczeniu, idealne miejsce na odpoczynek zdala od codziennego zgiełku. Wspaniała okolica, cisza, spokój, a w okolicy mnóstwo ciekawych miejsc do odwiedzenia. Miejsce prowadzone przez niesamowitych Gospodarzy, dbających o szczegóły, atmosferę, pyszne jedzenie. Polecam wszystkim spragnionym ucieczki i spokoju!


Cisza, spokój, las, piękne gwieździste niebo. Rewelacja! Dzieci zachwycone kurami i kozami, sympatyczni i pomocni gospodarze.


Fantastyczne miejsce, z domowym klimatem, przepyszną kuchnią, opowieściami przy wspólnym stole. Idealne na odpoczynek z dala od zgiełku, a dla odmiany wśród zajęcy, kotów, jeleni przychodzących w nocy pod dom... Właściciele to ciepli i przemili ludzie, umiejący stworzyć idealną atmosferę z jazzem w tle. Gorąco polecam!

5.0 4 opinii