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Icon We cook for you

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Dom nad Wierzbami (Azyl tylko dla dorosłych)

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Location Poland, Mazovia Province, Kurpie Białe Region, Jackowo Dolne 11A
Slow down, turn off the air conditioning, open the windows and let the world in. There is no sense in rushing because, in Dom nad Wierzbami (House by the Willows), the rhythm of life is determined by the age-old laws of nature. The kitchen clanking and conversations in the living room intertwine with the sounds coming from the Bug River jungle. You can hear birds singing, frogs croaking, roosters crowing, village dogs barking in the evening. But also the sound of threshing machines in summer or saws cutting wood in early spring. In January and February, the House by the Willows is like a bear in a cave. Warm, quiet, because there are not many guests. Only the cats and the dog, demanding attention and caresses, enliven the deep silence. And from outside the window, over the backwater, you can hear the steady flapping of swans' wings and sometimes a heron's cry. Then we miss the joyful bustle during meals and evening gatherings. But soon, you can feel the breath of spring, and then the river comes to life. An otter appears in the sparkling water from the sun, and the cows on the Bug River wander the river like the sacred waters of the Nile. Come for a walk at dawn accompanied by a cat, the smell of bread in the morning, fresh fish on your plate and fafernuchy for dessert. We will host you like in a family home - you are welcome, important and awaited here.

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It's so good that you are here. I am waiting for you by the Bug river, and I am already putting bread in the oven. For your arrival, the house will smell of crispy bread and maybe even fish from the Bug river; we will see what will be on the menu. For the past 13 years, I have been mainly involved in "making heaven on Earth" for the guests who come to us to relax, explore the wild nature of the Bug River, practice handicrafts and art, and apply life's Italian essence that is so lacking in everyday life. Although it might seem that nothing is happening here, there is always something to do. There's painting, carpentry, wickerwork and, my favourite, cooking workshops. Bustling breakfast conversations disturb the morning's silence and nature excursions to the meadows by the Bug River. In between all this, like worker bees, we make lots of preserves of vegetables, fruit and mushrooms - crammed in jars, cans and bottles, dried and those drenched in strong liquids. Then we serve, feed and taste them. This is what we are here for - to make you feel good. It is not only me but also a team of wonderful women who co-create the atmosphere of our house. We cannot forget about Tunde, Urszulka and Ania. Welcome to our women's republic.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English

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Eco Alert

Do not bring plastic bottles of water, we have treated tap water
To limit our carbon footprint, we do not iron bedding
We use eco-friendly detergents
House made of natural materials (clay, straw, hemp, etc.)
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Our charms

We don't have televisions
Mosquitos on warm days
We don't walk around the house in shoes
Smell of the countryside (farm animals nearby)
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We care about you

We disinfect the rooms between reservations
Linens are washed at high temperatures
First aid kit

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Bug outside the window and the wonderful flora and fauna around the house
Bug outside the window and the wonderful flora and fauna around the house
Finnish and Roman sauna, herbal baths in the bathtub by the pool
Finnish and Roman sauna, herbal baths in the bathtub by the pool
Homemade and ecological breakfasts and dinners, also vege
Homemade and ecological breakfasts and dinners, also vege
We have kayaks, canoes and bicycles; we can organize trips
We have kayaks, canoes and bicycles; we can organize trips
Most of the rooms have wide, comfortable beds.
Most of the rooms have wide, comfortable beds.
Place for adults-only, we invite you without children
Place for adults-only, we invite you without children

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 1 house
Icon 4 rooms

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Our home is your home. With all the pros and cons, rules and charms. The smell of wood and the creaking of floors, mosquitoes and an alarm clock in the form of bird concerts and cow roars. The interiors are filled with aromas from the kitchen, the walls of our painters are hanging on the walls, and cats and a dog are occupying the couches. It is a house filled with warmth and history built of hundred-year-old logs, which found its new place of residence in the wilderness of the Bug. In the old house we have 5 rooms with balconies and a river view for a total of 11 people. One 3-person room and four 2-person rooms. The rooms in this house have 2 shared bathrooms. When you need socialization and a moment by the fireplace, we invite you to the cozy living room and the large terrace with a view of the garden. In 2014, we completed the construction of a new building, which we called the Gray House. It is a modern space where you can relax, integrate, take advantage of a wide range of workshops, trainings, educational, dance and meditation classes, including yoga, as well as socialize. In the Gray House there is a 40-meter room with mirrors, equipped with multimedia devices, with an extensive view of the meadows and backwaters of the Bug, and a terrace. There is a separate kitchen and two bedrooms with bathrooms upstairs. One of these rooms has a large balcony on the river side, the other one overlooks the orchard. We provide towels on request. We change them every 5 days (more often on request). In our house we accept adults and children over 12 years of age. Allergy sufferers are advised that pets are members of our family. We have a dog named Synek and 5 cats: Fiona, Bąbla, Rysia and two red dogs - Józia and Rysia. We regret to inform the dog breeders that our son does not tolerate other dogs in his area. In a situation where we have a lot of our pets, we invite you without your pets. We know a lot about ecology and for many years we have been trying to live and host without harming the environment: - We segregate waste and encourage you to follow in our footsteps. - We do not use chemical cleaning agents and plant protection products at home and on the farm. - We nourish you as we do - we mostly use products produced traditionally and ecologically by ourselves and local producers, as well as fair trade. - We use solar panels and photovoltaics, we use energy-saving light bulbs. We try to remember to turn off devices. We do not iron bed linen and towels. - We limit water consumption.

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Common space

Living room with couches (20 m2)
Dining room with tables (20 m2)
Terrace (45 m2)
Yoga room (40 m2)
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Natural bathing pond
Barbecue area
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Fast Internet/WiFi
Good cell phone reception
TV only in the common area
Projector in the common area

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For your comfort

We clean before your arrival
We clean during your stay on request (extra fee)
Towels (changed on request)

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What will I eat?

Dom nad Wierzbami (Azyl tylko dla dorosłych) - What will I eat?
Dom nad Wierzbami (Azyl tylko dla dorosłych) - What will I eat?
Dom nad Wierzbami (Azyl tylko dla dorosłych) - What will I eat?

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Kitchen is a topic for me. Wide, deep and convoluted like the Bug itself. I love to treat, experiment, discover old recipes and regional flavors. I use local, traditionally produced products to prepare meals. I pay attention to whether they are ecological and fair trade. I bake bread and cakes myself, and process vegetables, mushrooms and fruit. This is how jams, preserves, juices, pickles and other marinades are made, as well as wild fruit seasonings for vodka, the famous Bella Rosa hawthorn wine, Bello Nero from chokeberry and elderberry, and pear cider. Everything without E additives, artificial colors and flavor enhancers. I want to feed you and treat you with something really good. Polish cuisine, with a regional advantage, also vegetarian. Do not be surprised when we sit down to the table with you - we eat together, as in a family home. From this year on, we serve mainly breakfasts, but as always with us, rich. The table bends under Korycin and goat cheeses, local cold cuts, country eggs, seasonal vegetables, homemade bread and unusual jams. For this tea from herbs harvested in summer and delicious coffee. We will also prepare a dinner for workshop / training groups. Since our house is located in the vicinity of Biała Kurpiowszczyzna and the cultural influences of this land have reached our village, we also serve regional delicacies. Therefore, when we have enough strength, we will make broth of suckling sheep, whitened fish soup, dumplings with goat cheese and fenugreek, and unique dumplings for you. I will not reveal everything, because the element of surprise on the menu is the most desirable thing. Come and get fed. For an additional fee, you can use a separate, fully equipped kitchen.

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Food on-site

Breakfast for an extra fee (60 PLN)
Lunch for an extra fee (80 PLN)
Dinner-supper for an extra fee (80 PLN)
Free cake
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Kitchen access

Shared kitchen
Coffee percolator
Filter coffee maker
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We recommend nearby restaurants

Złoty Lin Serock (13 km)
Złoty Okoń Serock (17 km)
Kilka restauracji w Wyszkowie (16 km)

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You can buy eco products nearby

Pani Ewa - sery typu korycińskiego (16 km)
Pani Magda - świeże jajka (0,3 km)
Pani Grażyna - mleko i twarogi kozie (0,2 km)

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Grocery stores nearby

Sklep spożywczy Barcelona w Barcicach (1,5 km)
Delikatesy Rodzinne Popowo Kościelne (4 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the countryside

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I invite you to come home for relationships, simple fun, happy faces and bliss from the threshold. There is no need to fill the calendar with attractions, time flows along the natural course of the river, seasons and flowering. Wild Bug and backwaters, kayaks, canoes, bicycles, wading and fishing - a bit like in a fairy tale or in a series about good life and good people. We are not bored, because nature offers variety. You can sit on the terrace and observe a different panorama of the Lower Bug Valley at any time of the year. We will be happy to accompany you with the tincture, wine of our own production and stories that we have collected a lot. In spring, the river swells, flooding coastal meadows and islands (sometimes reaching the fence of the plot), then retreats, revealing sandy shoals in summer, perfect for lazy sunbathing and swimming. River arms, meanders, islands and peninsulas form a labyrinth that is an oasis for fish and water birds, as if created to be explored from a kayak or boat, with a fishing rod or a camera. And in winter? After a walk or cross-country skiing in the snowy meadows, you can hide in the quiet of a room with a good book, or go down to the living room, sit near a burning fireplace with a cat on your lap and a glass of wine in your hand and listen to the silence. We have 2 kayaks, canoes and bicycles ready for you - all in place. We could talk for hours about the flora and fauna of our surroundings. A riparian forest, that is, the wild jungle of the Bug River, the mud and water birds living in its depths, binoculars and all day long. We invite you to go on micro-nature trips around the Bug backwaters by canoes and guided boats, as well as on educational trips around the Natura 2000 area Dolina Dolnego Bugu. In the evening, when the air is vibrating with the sounds of insects, birds and cats purring, and the sun is turning red, it's time to relax. By the fire, on the terrace with a book or in a herbal bath in a bathtub by the pool. This is how you have to live. We share what we have the best, so feel free to join us in the kitchen. We organize culinary workshops and discover the secrets of old, regional recipes. Together, we will make preserves of fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, and maybe even we can make dumplings. Our Jackowo Dolne is not only a river, there are also beautiful forests within walking distance - Popowski (4 km) and Somiankowski (2 km). The road to them leads through Barcice, a village founded in the 13th century, in the center of which is one of the most valuable sacred monuments of Mazovia - a wooden baroque church from 1758. In the village, you can still see a dozen or so wooden Kurpie cottages, located on a high slope above the river. Another attractive destination for a bicycle trip may be Pułtusk, located in the north. The road to it may lead along the Bug and the embankment crown along the Narew River, passing the marshy bird reserve Stawinoga on the way. The highlight of the escapade may be visiting Pułtusk, where there is a charming and somewhat forgotten market square and a picturesque Bishop's Castle towering over the Narew River.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths (2 km)
Yoga room
Board games

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For hedonists

Massages (on request)
Steam sauna
Dry Sauna
Winter swimming
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For sports enthusiasts

Horse riding (5 km)
Cross-country trails
Road bicycle routes
Bicycles for rent
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For those craving art

Ściany pełne obrazów w Domu nad Wierzbami

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Our pets


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Kościół drewniany z 1758 r. w Barcicach (1,5 km)

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What’s there for children?

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We have rules that are there for you to do your best. We respect the silence, peace, silence and carefree of adults during their free time. That is why in our agritourism we only accept adults on a daily basis. Family celebrations are an exception to the rule. Then we open our door for the little ones who feel like fish in the Bug, cows in the meadow and cats on the couch - that is, on the spot. Then we take them on micro-nature trips, organize guided educational tours and give them complete freedom to go crazy. Usually, however, they spend their days outside, playing with the cats, building structures with sticks, and counting the cows grazing on the other side of the pool. They will eat quickly and fly back to the yard, because there are things and errands there. Live not die.

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Jackowo Dolne 11A, Jackowo Dolne 11A, Mazovia Province, Kurpie Białe Region, Poland

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How much will I pay?

Notification icon
Did you know that our hosts agreed to keep their prices on Slowhop the same or lower than anywhere else? If you feel otherwise, let us know at
Basic price list
per day The rental price of the entire Gray House is determined individually.
Price per person 130 or 150 PLN higher price rooms with bathrooms
breakfast PLN 60
dinner PLN 80
use of the kitchen * PLN 50 / day
Additional services
tasting of own production of wines, liqueurs 50-90 PLN
herbal bath in a tub in the garden PLN 150
2-person rental kayak or canoe PLN 70
sauna up to 3 people 180 PLN / over 3 people 260 PLN
* A fully equipped kitchen is available for cooking guests; the price for utilities and cleaning is PLN 50 per day. From spring to autumn, we organize educational tours for children and adults with a guide in the Natura 2000 area Dolina Dolnego Bugu. Groups of 6 to 15 people. Price 40 PLN / hour / person We invite you to go on a nature micro-excursion on the Bug's backwaters with canoes and guided boats, with the observation of the unique riparian forest, wild "jungle" in the middle of the river, with numerous birds and rare species of aquatic fauna. 2-hour cost tours - PLN 90 / person We offer cooking workshops for adults and children from 10 years of age. The workshop lasts 4 hours, we accept groups of 5 to 10 people, the price is from 50 PLN / person.

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Place rules

Icon Minimum age of guests: 12 years old
Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Maximum number of guests: 17 people
Icon Quiet hours from 22:00 to 06:00

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 2 days

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
Prepayment charged: 50%
If you cancel up to 30 days before your arrival, we will refund the prepayment amount
Remaining amount paid on arrival (cash on the spot, money transfer)
We issue VAT invoices

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 14:00 to 21:00
Departure from 10:00 to 11:00
If possible we will allow earlier checkin / later checkout (please contact us just before arrival)

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Icon Other rules
Confirmation of the reservation is an advance payment of 50% of the value of the stay by the Slowhop system. We only accept adults in our agritourism. The rule does not apply to family celebrations and cooking workshops.

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Byłam dwa razy i na pewno wrócę. Ze względu na klimat miejsca, widoki, na Basię, na innych gości, zawsze życzliwych, brak dzieci (tak, tak, robi różnicę), biegające cudne koty, możliwość seansu w saunie z widokiem na Bug. Uwielbiam to miejsce, Basia jest wspaniałym człowiekiem z wielkim sercem. Miejscowość jest cicha i spokojna i można naprawdę się porządnie zregenerować. Plusem jest również sala do jogi, kominek, możliwość kąpieli ziołowych oraz ogniska. Już wiem, że będę wracać do Domu Nad Wierzbami :)


Serdecznie polecam Dom nad Wierzbami, jest to miejsce prowadzone z pasja i zaangażowaniem przez panią Basię- przekochana osobę. Można się poczuć jak w domu. To co wyróżnia to miejsce to przepyszne jedzenie w dużej części z własnych upraw, swobodna atmosfera, możliwość poznania ludzi, bycie blisko natury i zwierząt. Koło domu jest woda, można się wykapać, popływać kajakiem, można również wypożyczyć rower i pozwiedzać przepiękna okolice. Miejsce bardzo spokojne, skłania do wyciszenia, umożliwia pełen relaks. Polecam!

Host: Barbara

Dziękuję Karolino za pełną życzliwości opinię. Wielką przyjemnością było Cię gościć i mamy nadzieję na przyszłe spotkania. Serdecznie Cię pozdrawiam wraz z całą kobiecą ekipą.


super lokalizacja - wystarczy odjechać trochę od Warszawy i ma się sielsko-wiejski klimat. Z obiektu jest widok i bezpośednie dojście do wody, dla chętnych kąpiel, dla pozostałych super miejsce na spacer. Pokoje czyste. Jedzenie dobre, chociaż uważam, że ceny posiłków zbyt wygórowane. Dla tych, którzy lubią pospać informacja, że śniadanie jest o 9 :/

Host: Barbara

Bardzo dziękuję za podzielenie się swoimi odczuciami i uwagami. Też uważamy, że jedzenie u nas nie jest tanie, tęsknimy za cenami produktów sprzed 2 lat, no choćby sprzed kilku miesięcy, wtedy wrócimy do niższych cen posiłków. Bo że nie obniżymy za żadną cenę ich jakości i standardu, to pewne. Pozdrawiamy Karolino bardzo serdecznie.

4.8 45 opinii