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Dom nad Wodospadem

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Location Polska, Sudety podregion, Karpacz
At the time when Karpacz was called Krummhübel, at the foot of Karpatka, the Alexandrinenbad spa was situated. Healing water and invigorating herbs attracted elegant ladies and wealthy men. Even the German star of poetic realism, Theodor Fontane, spent the holidays here. In the 1920s, Krummhübel was in full bloom, and the waterfall at Zaporozhye Lomnica attracted tourists. In the summer, music was played in a concert shell built near the water, in the winter ice skating and competed on the bobsleigh track built next to it. The average duration of tourists in Karpacz was then three weeks. High life of the Weimar Republic. History writes various scenarios, and one of them leads to this house, which is no longer a health resort, but you can still relax in it and breathe deeply. He hit good hands - first my grandmother, then my and survived unscathed. Thanks to my passion for interior design, the house can boast of a refined look and historical setting. The old German tiled stove stands near the modern sofa, each bedroom has its own avant-garde fireplace, and the windows in the living room know the Alexandrinenbad story from the inside. You can not dream of a better location. The house is located among the trees at the foot of Karpatka on the Łomnica River. Relaxing in the garden, you can hear the sound of a waterfall, a splash of rivers, birds singing and your own thoughts. We invite you to a home that charms history, delights with design and provides intimate closeness to nature.

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I am very happy that I can share with you something as important as Dom nad Wodospadem. This is a place that belonged to my grandparents, and I spent here the most beautiful childhood vacation. A magical house, a beautiful garden by the river and a story that aroused children's imagination. When the estate came into my hands I knew that I would do everything in my power to breathe life into it and make it available to a wider audience. I used my passion for interior design and combined old elements of the house with a minimalist design. Now you can enjoy the silence, the mountain air and the atmosphere of the old spa. I invite you.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, German

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superb property for 6 people
superb property for 6 people
top notch kitchen interior
top notch kitchen interior
property by a stream surrounded by trees
property by a stream surrounded by trees
200 m to the falls at Zapora Łomnica
200 m to the falls at Zapora Łomnica
500 m to the slopes
500 m to the slopes
karkonoskie szlaki na wyciągnięcie ręki
karkonoskie szlaki na wyciągnięcie ręki

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 1 house (each for 1-6 people)
Icon 3 rooms (each for 2-2 people)

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At your disposal is a 90 m2 exclusive house for up to 6 people. In the living rooms you will find a hall, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and a living room. Two minimalistic bedrooms with comfortable double beds (160 x 200), fireplaces, TVs, work places and a beautiful view of the forest. After bathing and during the morning coffee, you can wrap yourself in the nicest bathrobes under the sun. There are two types of pillows to choose from. There are underfloor heating in two bright bathrooms with shower. There are towels, a hair dryer, hotel cosmetics. We provide a standard at the highest, mountain level. The living room is decorated with great attention to detail. Beautiful, large terrace windows let into the room a lot of light and the smell of the forest. There is a historic, ex-German stove, a sofa bed for two people, a coffee table, a plasma TV and a terrace. Board games, lavish dinners and delicious breakfasts usually take place at a large dining table for 8 people. The kitchen will not disappoint even a professional chef. The dishwasher will help in the dishwasher, in the oven dough, and in the awakening coffee maker.   In the house you will also find a first aid kit, a washing machine and a clothes dryer, torches, umbrellas, and Bose loudspeaker will provide a good sound system. For children, we have 1 travel cot and 2 high chairs.

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What will I eat?

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I give you a home exclusive, which means that you have to prepare the food yourself. However, I did not leave you with anything. The kitchen is rich, so you can make dumplings, roast turkey, wuzetka and vegan lard. Just everything that will dream. The equipment will include: - gas plate, - an electric oven - microwave, - refrigerators, - dishwashers - pots, - cutlery, - beautiful porcelain, - dishes, - kitchen robot, - mixer - Nespresso coffee machine - an electric kettle - spices, - coffee and tea. You will buy ingredients for your dishes in a store located approx. 350 m from the house. When cooking is not your passion and you want to try local delicacies, I recommend going to: - Restaurant Podhulanka 330 m away. Top-class mutton from a local breeder, game from the Kaczawskie Mountains, Kamienna Góra cheese, vineyard from the Ślęża mountain and the local Czech brewery - such flavors of Lower Silesia await you in Podhulanka. - Kolorowa Restaurant, 400 m away. Denmark with a tasting menu, exquisite dishes and fancy desserts. - U Ducha Gór Restaurant located 1.3 km away. You can count on typical highland delicacies here. Kwaśnica, ribs, lamb, knuckle "in the karkonoski" way.

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We cook for you

Free coffee

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In/at the edge of the forest
Icon In the city
Icon In the mountains

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Dom nad Wodospadem - Will I not be bored?
Dom nad Wodospadem - Will I not be bored?

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The house is located in a quiet, magical part of Karpacz. In a beautiful garden, on the covered terrace you can arrange endless aging and wine and book holders in the background. We have here: a large, old table, amazing greenery, juicy grass and grill. On the long winter evenings after the ski madness, the house has a library with books and board games. After passing through a mysterious goal in the garden and jumping over stones to the other side of the Łomnica River, you will reach the forest. Take baskets with you, because the mushrooms here are mass. To the title waterfall, or dam on Lomnica, you have 200 m of walk, and there is a picturesque lagoon, which looks beautiful at any time of the year, but most beautifully in autumn, an impressive waterfall and a red tourist trail leading towards the Grabowiec. The Carpathian top 10 of what you can do here: - Wielki Staw, the largest post-glacial lake in the Giant Mountains. The routes from Karpacz to the Church Wang and the red trail from Równia Pod Śnieżką lead to the Great Staw. - A trip to Śnieżka, which is worth starting from the car park located at ul. Przewników Górskich in Karpacz. From here, follow the green trail that will lead to the Wang Church. You will stop here a moment, because this unique building was created without the use of metal nails. - Hot chocolate and tea with electricity in the Samotnia nad Mały Stawem shelter. - The Valley of Palaces and Gardens includes almost 30 objects of secular architecture. - Skiing on the ski slopes of Biały Jar and Kolorowa, about 500 m from the house! Cold, steep and flat, white, or as it should be in the mountains. The house has a ski storage room. - Silesian Stones (Divci Kameny). - Cycling in the Karkonosze National Park is only allowed on marked sections of the routes. - One of the most characteristic features of Lower Silesia are the numerous castles and palaces here. They will allow you to move in time and feel the atmosphere of medieval fortresses and baroque mansions. - A cross-country in Karpacz is a great idea. There are several routes available. - Karkonosze is a paradise for lovers of hiking. Many tourist routes have been designated in their area, which allow visitors to safely and attractively explore this beautiful land.

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For those who want peace

Forest paths (0,01 km)
Mountain trail (0,1 km)
Library and books to read

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Pałac Staniszów (12 km)
Pałac Łomnica (14 km)
Pałac Wojanów (14 km)
Pałac Karpniki (14 km)
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What’s there for children?

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For kids, there is, above all, a garden and surrounding forests and hills, which trigger wild nature and crazy ideas. They soak their hands in the river, collect stones and arrange towers from them, choose the most beautiful cones from the trees, make snowmen and ride sleds. After a day of romping, by the fireplace, it's worth warming up your cold feet and drying soaked clothes. That's when the books and board games available at home are in motion. For parents' convenience: a high chair, a cot and a sled. There are plenty of attractions in the area that will provide children with unforgettable vacation memories.

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Attractions for children

Children's toys and books

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Additionally available

Portable/travel bed for children
High chair
Children's crockery and cutlery

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Attractions for children in the area

Szkoła Narciarska (1,9 km)
Młyn Miłości (2,7 km)
Karkonoskie Tajemnice (0,6 km)
Multimedialne Muzeum Karkonoszy (0,6 km)
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How do I get there?

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Our address: Rybacka 6, Karpacz, Sudets, Poland

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Ceny Regularne
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2 osoby 800 PLN/house
3 osoby 880 PLN/house
4 osoby 960 PLN/house
5 osób 1160 PLN/house
6 osób 1260 PLN/house
Ceny podczas świąt i długich weekendów:
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2 osoby 1200 PLN/house
3 osoby 1300 PLN/house
4 osoby 1400 PLN/house
5 osób 1500 PLN/house
6 osób 1600 PLN/house
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Święta, Nowy Rok: 2020-12-21 - 2021-01-03, minimum 5 days
Ferie: 2021-01-18 - 2021-02-28, minimum 5 days

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Spędziliśmy tydzień w Domu nad Wodospadem. Czuliśmy się tu bardzo dobrze, pod niektórymi względami wręcz lepiej niż u siebie w domu. Dom jest wyposażony we wszystko, czego potrzeba do wygodnego mieszkania i odpoczynku. Przy tym jest położony przy rozpoczynającym się w Karpaczu szlaku turystycznym, więc przekraczając próg mieszkania byliśmy od razu w drodze w góry ... ! Dom jest w mieście, ale trochę na uboczu, nad potokiem, wśród pięknej zieleni - gdy świeci słońce można odpocząć w ogrodzie. W czasie deszczu skorzystaliśmy z Netfliksa siedząc wygodnie na kanapie. Godne podziwu jest stworzenie przez Właścicielkę miejsca, które łączy historię z nowoczesnym, ale przytulnym designem. Gorąco polecamy !


Niesamowite miejsce. Z klimatem, gustem i niezwykle szerokim wyposażeniem. Jest wszystko to, czego potrzeba, a nawet o wiele więcej. Czysto, schludnie i z klasą. Do tego aromatyczne świece, wino i dobrze wyposażona biblioteczka na wypadek deszczowycj dni. Niewielu jest gospodarzy, którzy tak dbają o komfort i samopoczucie gości. Ponadto świetna baza wypadowa na górskie spacery. Cicha okolica, szum rzeki za oknem i otaczający okolicę las tworzą niesamowity klimat. Wrócimy tu na pewno nieraz!


Spędziłam z przyjaciółmi weekend w tym niesamowitym domu. Zdjęcia nie oddają wcale piękna tego miejsca. 2 dni to za mało, żeby poznać choćby polowe elementów wyposażenia domu. Gratuluje Gospodarzowi gustu i żałuje, ze nie mam takich talentów. Doskonale miejsce wypadowe. Odbyliśmy 2 wycieczki: do kościółka Wang i do schroniska. Bardzo, bardzo Pani Ani dziękuje, ze stworzyła takie miejsce.

5.0 6 opinii