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Dom Życia - azyl dla dorosłych

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Location Polska, Wielkopolska, Nekielka
I found my home in Nekielka, a small village in Greater Poland. Moving here I was so enchanted with it that I could not selfishly keep it to myself. I wanted others to see around, spend time here, enjoy the peace and quiet. This dream came true. Now I share the House of Life with you. Come here as a getaway from the whole world, change of life perspective, new attitude and beliefs. It's time to go through the process of change in body and spirit, take advantage of electronic detox and naturotherapy treatments. Herbal baths and therapeutic massages, light and oxygen therapy are waiting for you, and the inevitable result is joy and the will to live. Every Saturday at home, we practice Meridian yoga and bowl and chase concert, and we will organize workshops on self-development, self-healing, finding our own values ​​and managing ourselves. Holidays in my home can be prescribed, because it has anti-depressant effects, improving well-being and self-esteem. Here, every adult feels at ease. There is room for bliss and peace, books by Louise Hay, delicious food, long sleep, massages, joint discussions and conversations, and recovery of lost energy. I invite you cordially.

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Ela Łępecka
The idea for the House of Life appeared in my head 19 years ago after the death of my beloved mother. Mom had a series of routine tests shortly before she left, and although she felt unwell, the test results were just fine. However, no one paid any attention to her bad mental and emotional state. Then I felt very painfully how important in human life is inner peace, harmony and well-being. Several years had to pass for the idea to turn into action. During this time, I was building myself and others around me. I searched for the answers in religions, in psychology, psychotronics, in scientific theories and esoteric approaches. As a result of my learning, experience and drawing constructive conclusions, a place invented years ago was created - the House of Life, where you can spend the night, eat dinner with us, take advantage of treatments and massages, but also come for a few days. Hide with us away from the whole world, stay in peace and quiet in the bosom of nature, look at your life from a completely new, constructive perspective. If you want, I will teach you how to understand yourself and others and how to control your emotions in order to gradually become the most wonderful version of yourself, step by step.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English

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I invite adults who want to improve their well-being and increase life energy
I invite adults who want to improve their well-being and increase life energy
5 double rooms for 10 people
5 double rooms for 10 people
natural SPA, development workshops, sauna, naturotherapy, massages
natural SPA, development workshops, sauna, naturotherapy, massages
we feed healthy, seasonally and home-made
we feed healthy, seasonally and home-made
We invite you without pets - our dogs may not get along with your pets
We invite you without pets - our dogs may not get along with your pets
herbal baths in alder baths
herbal baths in alder baths

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Where will I sleep?

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In an anti-allergic and ecological home for adults. The building was made in strawbale technology - from straw and clay wood. Thanks to this, it has very good thermal insulation properties and is good for our health. We have made every effort to provide you with the best conditions for rest, relaxation and regeneration. We know how important a good sleep is. It has a positive effect on the physical and mental processes of the body, relaxes, calms the heart and pressure. That is why we have chosen professional, very comfortable and the best beds on the market that you can find in top hotels. We also take care of fabrics. Bed linen and towels are made of 100% linen, which is completely natural, antibacterial and anti-allergic. It is not electrified and is biodegradable. Sleeping in such a bed is a pleasure to read. Good dreams guaranteed. The house consists of 5 double rooms, a public kitchen, a common living room, dining room, event room as well as SPA and beauty salons. Relax while having a massage, herbal baths in alder baths, use the sauna and naturotherapy treatments. Make yourself comfortable in 5 double rooms for a total of 10 people. Each room has a bathroom with shower. I want adults to come to the House of Life who want to improve their well-being, increase life energy and change their view of themselves and the surrounding world. Find space for yourself and rest in an asylum of silence only for adults. Our animals are very friendly and peaceful towards other dogs, unfortunately we have experienced the aggression and carelessness of our guests' pets, so unfortunately we do not host dogs. Our bitches Nela and Bela are real therapists who sense whom to help with their presence and often intuitively accompany (or not) guests who accept it. If there is no acceptance, the animals discreetly disappear respecting the temperament and personality of the guests.

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What will I eat?

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A holiday in the House of Life always starts with dinner and ends with breakfast. We wholeheartedly recommend our meals and full board. As hosts, we often celebrate and eat meals together with our guests, because it is supposed to be at home. We can cook vegetarian, seasonal and healthy. The menu changes daily, but breakfasts, dinners and desserts are always there. All our soups are cooked vegetarian, and on the table can land wonderful and unique "dust with gziki" prepared from new potatoes, dill and white cheese. We have a must with lettuce. In summer, we focus on Lithuanian cold soup and potato dumplings. There is also sorrel soup, scrambled eggs with nettle and herbs on toast, there are new potatoes, fried egg and radish cucumber salad. From greens it is a sorrel salad with egg and mustard honey sauce. And this sorrel is from our own forest harvests. I don't write about desserts. Every day is different. Let it be a surprise. If the weather is good, you can also eat on a blanket on the grass.

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In/at the edge of the forest
Icon In the countryside

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This is a place created for you. Time to pamper the mind and body, spend time in the SPA and walk at will. Take a refreshing herbal-floral bath, relax in the bosom of nature and unwind with a full-body massage. Dine with us on the grass and relax after a busy week. House of Life is a place where there is therapeutic bliss and peace, and time flows much slower. Here you can recover lost Life Energy, gain distance to the rushing world and look at your life from a completely different perspective. We live in accordance with the principles of Slow Life - careful, empathic and friendly. Imagine such a scene: in the morning you are woken up by the singing of birds and blissful silence. You can go for a walk, go on bicycle routes, visit a complex of forest lakes nearby or indulge in blissful laziness and regenerative treatments. If you need peace and seclusion, coming to us for a few days will be an ideal solution. Here, surrounded by forests, in spa rooms and alder baths, you can take herbal baths, use the sauna, relaxing massages and naturotherapy treatments. All treatments are carried out on the best 100% natural professional cosmetics and for those willing to make our own cosmetics, which can also be purchased in our boutique. Natural SPA: Our passion combined with experience helped us create a unique composition of treatments and rituals. We relax with the subtle power of touch and warmth of human hands. Here you will experience deep relaxation and run regeneration at the level of body and spirit. Each of us is unique, and we can see the smallest differences. We will also see them with you. SPA treatments are additionally paid, and you can benefit, among others with: - Antistress ritual & amp; Beauty - Herbal - floral bath in wooden tubs - Salt and herbal body scrub, - Face lifting ritual - Light therapy treatment

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What’s there for children?

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The House of Life was created for adults. It is for you I have prepared SPA treatments, self-development sessions, naturotherapy and a place to expand awareness, improve well-being, increase motivation and willingness to act. Unfortunately, there is no space for all these luxuries during holidays with children.

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Pawia 1, Nekielka, Greater Poland, Poland

wjazd od ulicy Brzozowej

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How much will I pay?

Pakiety z pełnym wyżywieniem i wybranymi zabiegami SPA
cena całkowita 2 os cena całkowita 1 os
Pakiet ZACHĘTKA 1020zł
Pakiet WYPOCZYNEK 1650zł
Pakiet DOSTATEK 2150zł
OKRESY ŚWIATECZNE - ceny ustalamy indywidualnie
WIELKANOC 10.04 - 13.04
MAJÓWKA 30.04 - 03.05
BOŻE CIAŁO 08.06 - 14.06
BOŻE NARODZENIE 21.12 - 27.12
SYLWESTER 27.12 - 02.01
Serwujemy całodzienne, pełne wyżywienie. Śniadanie w formie szwedzkiego stołu, lunch i dwudaniowa ciepła obiadokolacja. Desery, owoce, napoje, wodę, kawę i herbatę serwujemy bez limitu przez cały pobyt. Pozostałe zabiegi poza pakietami w naszym NATURALNYM SPA są dodatkowo płatne.

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Dzień dobry wszystkim! Dom Życia wybrałam na swój krótki wypoczynek (3 dni, 2 noclegi) sugerując się wspaniałymi opiniami i cudownym opisem niemalże raju na Ziemi. Miał to być krótki wypad za miasto z przyjemnością dla duszy i ciała: wygodne pokoje, spędzenie czasu w SPA: peeling całego ciała, kąpiel w ziołach i masaż całego ciała. W rzeczywistości dom ładny, aczkolwiek ciemny i ponury, nawet w słoneczny dzień. Pokój na poddaszu klaustrofobiczny (ok. 3x5 m)- większość powierzchni zajmowało duże łóżko. Ani szafy, ani komody, ani wieszaka czy zwykłego haczyka, żeby móc rozłożyć rzeczy z walizy. Łazienka mała, na sedesie można było usiąść tylko bokiem, gdyż przeszkadzała niepotrzebna szafka pod umywalką, a i tak twarzą "ładowało się" w umywalkę. Tak zwane SPA - to osobna historia... Wszystkim pod byle pretekstem odmawiano w masażach, a zamiast tego goście byli "płukani" w ziołowych kąpielach niewiadomego pochodzenia. Nie otrzymałam odpowiedzi, z czego składa się mieszanka ziół dla kąpieli. Swoją drogą, każde zaparzone zioło pachnie, aromat unosi się w powietrzu. A tu zero jakiegokolwiek zapachu! Co do wyżywienia - jedynie śniadanie było ok, reszta podawana w stół i w małych ilości (ex. 1 -zupka z warzyw, 2 - garść sałaty, kilka sucharków, kilka kostek pieczonej dyni, jedno jajko). Porcje wprawie że głodowe - niektórzy gości udawali się do sklepu nieopodal, aby kupić coś do jedzenia. Pierwszego dnia pogoda wszystko rekompensowała, potem zaczęło lać - na zewnątrz jedna mała altanka, gdzie można było schować się od deszczu. Jeżeli ktoś z gości zajmował ją, pozostawał tylko ponury i wilgotny pokój dzienny. Własny pokój nie nadawał się do spędzania w nim dnia, jedynie do spania. Z Domu Życia wróciłam zdenerwowana, rozgoryczona i zawiedziona. A miało być tak pięknie... NIE POLECAM!


Zrobiliśmy z mężem prezent Synowi z dziewczyną na urodziny w Domu Życia.Jak dojechali dali tylko znać, że są na miejscu i odezwa się po wyjeździe, tak też zrobili. Jak tylko przekroczyli granice domu telefon:"Mamo dziękujemy, to był niezapomniany pobyt, jesteśmy zachwyceni, tak się zresetowaliśmy, jedzenie pyszne, właścicielka niesamowicie pozytywną osoba." Także dzieci zadowolone, Ja tym bardziej, myślę, że wkrótce też z mężem skorzystamy. Polecam z całego serca to miejsce Pozdrawiam serdecznie Katarzyna


Ela i Agnieszka to dwie niesamowite kobiety. Miejsce idealne, gdy jesteś na rozdrożu lub utknęłaś w rzeczywistości, w której nie chcesz dłużej być. Miejsce jest przepiękne i przepełnione luzem i spokojem. Brak jakichkolwiek zakazów i nakazów. Jedyną prośbą jest to, by czuć się dobrze i by zachować ciszę w późnych godzinach nocnych. To pierwsze miejsce, z którego nie chciałam wracać do domu. Dziękuję Elu, dziękuję Agnieszko, dziękuję Agato. 🙂🙂🙂🙂

4.5 11 opinii