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Dwie Morgi Roztocza - Domek z gliny i słomy

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Location Poland, Lublin Province, Roztocze, Górniki 121A
There are a few things you should know about Roztocze. This is the land between the middle Vistula and the Bug. The one where you cycle exceptionally, and the one with the border between Eastern and Western Europe. First of all: it is the most "wooden" region of Poland. You can still see hundreds of villages with traditional buildings, there are also single thatched cottages. Secondly: the air here is as transparent as the water in Wieprz, Tanewia and Lada combined, and the grapes are turned into fine wine. Right here, on two morgens in Roztocze, there is a small clay house for 4 adults and 2 children, and nothing is happening there. Sometimes mushrooms dry on a hot stove in autumn, a neighbour drives a tractor outside the window, the host brings eggs from happy hens, and the kids chase away a herd of geese. The obligatory thing to do is to cut yourself off from reality, which will be facilitated by the lack of television and wifi and a cellular network that sometimes is lost in the field. If you're looking for absolute silence, a terrace overlooking the meadows and freedom, pack your bags. We will tell you how not to get lost in Piekiełek, where to eat a delicious trout and drink local beer, and where waterfalls fall. In Roztocze, you can still enjoy a wonderful break.

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Mateusz i Agnieszka
We fell in love with this place at first sight. A mid-forest clearing surrounded by the Roztocze hills. Peace and quiet and wild nature. We found this piece of land by accident while looking for a place for a vineyard. The conditions for the grapes are poor, but with the eyes of our imagination, we could already see a house there. We chose the strawbale technique because the house was supposed to be temporary. Then it turned out that we didn't need anything bigger for the weekends. The whole family helped with the construction, and my father made the main part of the woodwork. Agnieszka took care of the decor, ensuring the coherence of the eco-house concept. Recycling + do it yourself. We bought used windows, a stove, panes for glazing and a balustrade, and the sink is a brass bowl. We built a clay house at the end of the world for ourselves and put our whole hearts into it. We are pleased to announce that Dwie Morgi Roztocza opens its doors and windows to visitors. We would like to share with you this undisturbed peace, cosy interior and wild nature.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, German

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Two acres of peace,  rural atmosphere & charm of Roztocze
Two acres of peace, rural atmosphere & charm of Roztocze
Clay house for 4 max 6 people
Clay house for 4 max 6 people
Dogs are allowed but chase them off the bed and couch
Dogs are allowed but chase them off the bed and couch
Kitchen & addresses for cheeses, eggs, bread, trout, honey
Kitchen & addresses for cheeses, eggs, bread, trout, honey
Stove fireplace in the house and a place for a fire outside
Stove fireplace in the house and a place for a fire outside

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In an idyllic house made of clay and straw in Roztocze. It is ecological, healthy and extremely cozy. For 4 adults or 4 adults plus 2 children. In total 4, max 6 people. The ground floor is a 30 m2 space with a bathroom with shower, a kitchenette and a seating area. There is a large terrace window letting in the sun and stars, a sofa, an armchair, a bench, a goat that warms well and a dining area, i.e. a table with 4 chairs. Everything is made of natural materials and in earth tones. We do not want to interfere with the surrounding nature, so the house is an integral part of Roztocze. Up the stairs to heaven, you will enter the 30m2 floor. It is there that an atmospheric bedroom with a large bed and armchairs is located. One of the walls is lined with a wooden owl mosaic, and the sheets on the bed look like a mound of hay. The first floor opens onto a large terrace where you can eat a meal at a table or sit on comfortable seats. The house is built in strawbale technology, so it is ecological, healthy and warm. The interior design is also consistent with the idea of natural building. We combined upcycling with a hint of DIY. Recycled accessories, a sink made of a brass bowl and found with flush glass. I even designed the length of one of the walls for 3 cabinets that we sold (a bit of a reversal of furniture thinking to size). We made the shower and sink ourselves from tadelakt. A large part of the wooden elements is also recycled wood. Instead of throwing it away, we repaired and this is how we arranged the house in a simple and cozy way. When it comes to the achievements of civilization, there is light and a stove. That's basically it. We are very flexible in terms of arrival and departure times. If there are no other guests after you, it all depends on your needs. You can sleep longer and leave even in the late afternoon. Dogs are welcome with us, but please do not let pets on beds and sofas. Watch your pets because the area is not fenced.

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Medium speed Internet / WiFi
Good cell phone reception

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What will I eat?

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A small clay house has everything and even a little more to create savory dishes, or simple and rural, depending on your needs and preferences. There is a fully equipped kitchen, a large goat for drying mushrooms and baking fish, serving utensils, a fireplace and a large terrace for outdoor breakfasts. Within a radius of 10 km from the house you can buy cheese, bread, honey, preserves (mushrooms, fruit). We will guide you what, where and how. We can also order eggs for you, we will tell you where the chanterelles grow and breakfast and dinner are ready. In a year or two, we plan to offer you our own grape wines and raspberry and blackcurrant liquors. If the kitchen is not your kingdom or you just want to take a vacation from standing by the pots, we have some proven places for you: About 7 km away in Bondyrz there is a delicious Italian pizza - La Majella. We cannot forget about the wonderful Fisherman's Cottage in Bondyrz, next to the Roztoczański Trout breeding farm. The menu is rich in home-quality dishes made of smoked, fried and baked rainbow trout. It is undoubtedly the best Roztocze trout in the world. Confirmed info. Our favorite is smoked, warmed up in a goat house or bought raw and baked in foil on a goat. Zagroda Guciów in Zwierzyniec - homemade dinner and regional products. Zwierzogródek in Zwierzyniec - pampered, slow food burgers with great ingredients.

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Food on-site

Local products(eggs, cheese, meat and sausages, fish, wine, bread, honey, mushrooms)

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Dwie Morgi Roztocza - Domek z gliny i słomy - Will I not be bored?
Dwie Morgi Roztocza - Domek z gliny i słomy - Will I not be bored?
Dwie Morgi Roztocza - Domek z gliny i słomy - Will I not be bored?

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Walks, bicycles, canoes, mushrooms. Roztocze offers so many attractions that you can stay here for a long time and explore National Parks, Primeval Forests, villages with wooden buildings and numerous roadside shrines. But actually, the Two Morgas is a place for doing nothing and relaxing. Sometimes a neighbor will drive a tractor or a dog will chase away geese. Peace and quiet, nothing is happening ... When you get bored by the fire goat, you get to know the whole area for a walk, read all the books and light a fire to the sky, we recommend getting to know the area. Winter madness in the Lublin region is only in Roztocze. Sleigh rides, cross-country skiing and 2 slopes, one 3 km, the other 7 km from us. In Zwierzyniec: - Canoeing trips are a must-see in the summer. - Church on the Water. - Plenipotent Palace. - Zwierzyniec Brewery - in May, June and September you can visit the brewery from Friday to Sunday. In the months of July and August, sightseeing is possible from Wednesday to Sunday. - Summer Film Academy. It is a cultural feast for cinema fans and those who like good movies. In July, one of the most interesting folk festivals in Europe - Folkowisko - takes place in Gorajec. It's 40 minutes from the Miners. The Cieszanów Rock Festival takes place in Cieszanów (about 40 minutes away). Echo Ponds - a complex of four ponds, located in the Roztocze National Park, is an ideal place for swimming. - Bondyrz (16 km), a village of 2 mills. In the inconspicuous village of Bondyrz on the Vistula River, there are as many as two mills, as if straight from the stories told by Iwaszkiewicz. One, along with the entire milling farm, has been restored and looks amazing, especially its undershoot, which is now an absolute rarity. It is a pity that a stone building of a village bathhouse from 1928 is decaying right next to it - perhaps even more rare. Piekiełko na Wzgórzu Kamień - according to the legend, the devil decided to bet with one of the local peasants that he would build a hell on the hill overnight. If he could do so, then the peasant would give him his soul. Hell was almost finished, but as the devil carried the last boulder, the hens crowed, announcing dawn. The rocks left on the hill are therefore the remains of the devil's building. Within a distance of 16 km: - Refuge of Konik Polski and its breeding in the stables of the farm in Florianka (14 km). - Jacnia ski slope (16 km). Within 28 km: - The Capital of Polish Language Festival in Szczebrzeszyn - an event during which both the author and the reader soak their feet in the same river. We highly recommend going on this literary festival. Within 50 km - the Tanew River: - Canoeing. - Noises (cascades) at Tanwia. What does Roztocze have to do with the Flintstones? Maybe Fred Flinston worked in a quarry, of which we have quite a lot in Roztocze. Although there are few inselbergs here, numerous quarries are definitely worth visiting. Józefów, Krasnobród, Nowiny and Bruśno are the leaders here.

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What’s there for children?

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The kids have two acres of fields to show off here, which is a real holiday in the countryside. They look for wind in the field, chase away geese, ape mooing cows and persuade their neighbors to help on the farm. We have a large house for children with a wooden kitchen and sandbox. For the convenience of parents and toddlers, we have two fold-out cots, a feeding chair, a bathtub and toys on site. For the slightly older ones, there are a few board games, and of course looking for a needle in the hay sheets.

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Our address: Górniki 121A, Górniki 121A, Lublin Province, Roztocze, Poland

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Piękny wystrój! Wygląd domku trafił idealnie w nasze gusta. Idealne miejsce do wypoczynku i odcięcia się od cywilizacji. Dla chcących pojeździć po okolicznych atrakcjach, dobra baza wypadowa leżąca dokładnie pośrodku. Właściciel miły i bezproblemowy. Mały minusik to mrówki w kuchni chodzące po całym blacie, ale to pewnie za chwile zostanie rozwiązane. Bardzo polecamy to miejsce! :D

Host: Mateusz i Agnieszka

Dzień dobry. Bardzo się cieszymy że udalo się Państwu wypocząć. Bitwa z mrówkami już wygrana ! :)


Cudowny czas i miejsce. Odpoczęliśmy, byliśmy tu i teraz i za to dziękujemy. To był nasz pierwszy raz na Roztoczu i przepadliśmy całkowicie. Chcemy więcej i na pewno wrócimy, bo domek nas zachwycił. Bardzo dziękujemy też pani Zosi i panu Jackowi za miłe pogawędki i życzliwość. Emilia, Marcin, Mania i Miłosz.


Strzał w dziesiątkę dla osób, które chcą spędzić czas z bliskimi - wsłuchać się w siebie nawzajem i zatopić się w otaczający domek naturę. Przyjazne, swojskie wnętrze, przestronna przestrzeń, kuchnia idealnie wyposażona, dla tych, co lubią gotować (to ja!), wygodne łóżko, miękka kanapa - idealnie! Pobliskie lasy, łąki i pola w sam raz na krótszy lub dłuższy spacer. No i kajaki - my skorzystaliśmy z oferty Spływów Kajakowych Natura w Obroczu - polecam. Jeżeli już lubisz albo chcesz się polubić z Roztoczem, to warto zatrzymać się właśnie tu

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