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Dworzec Cesarza Wilhelma

Poland, Warmia Region, Małdyty

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Do you have wine? Cup of tea? If so, sit back because we have a story for you. You may know the German Emperor, Wilhelm II, for two reasons. One is well known: he was the last emperor of the German Empire. The second reason is more secret - he loved hunting and was really good at it. What you may not know is that he loved to hunt in the areas of today's northern Poland. There are also stones on which, for example, the following memory is engraved: "His Majesty, Emperor Wilhelm II shot a deer here on September 24, 1900." The Emperor liked hunting in this place so much that he ordered to put up a railway station that would serve as a summer residence for him. And since he was a lover of the Nordic style, a wooden building with elements referring to the Viking culture was built according to his taste. The emperor eagerly spent his summer days there and enjoyed the beauty of nature, although one cannot be sure whether it was nature alone who seduced him. There were rumours that the romantic emperor not only loved hunting, but also the Count, who had his residence nearby, and they enjoyed each other's company. Nobody knows, but the proof of the Emperor's numerous visits has survived to our times, the "welcoming imperial pavilion", a witness to history. You could say that they all lived long (true) and happily (less true), but the most honest thing is to say that the imperial railway station lived the longest. Especially since it was moved from Prakwice to Budwity and the pavilion remained there. 128 years later, we stood in the Masurian countryside in front of a mysterious, falling into ruin and forgotten building in Budwity. Its story spoke to us and its lost grace, which we wanted to restore. Conservation and renovation works that lasted for 5 years have brought the desired effect. The old charm of imperial interiors has returned. A unique atmosphere has returned. Today, we invite you to a place that has not only a great history but also a wonderful "present". Cosy interiors soothe the senses, the intimate spa guarantees a bit of luxury, and the surrounding wild nature allows you to forget what year it is. We invite you to become part of this story.

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My husband Rafał and I are history and nature lovers. We have been involved in the conservation of monuments for twenty years. One day, a friend from the Monuments Protection Office called us and asked us to leave National road 7 and check whether "Budwity is still standing". That day, our journey ended on a non-existent platform and we knew that we had found our destination by accident.

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We speak these languages: Polish, English

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For up to 6 people
For up to 6 people
Fully equipped kitchen
Fully equipped kitchen
Small SPA on site: Finnish sauna and Russian bathtub
Small SPA on site: Finnish sauna and Russian bathtub
Great place to observe wildlife
Great place to observe wildlife
Let me know if you're bringing a pet when you book
Let me know if you're bringing a pet when you book

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Icon 100 m²
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In a different era. Seriously! 90% of the original façade, a decorative ceiling, a historic cash desk door, and a part of the original larch paneling have been preserved, thanks to which the station has retained the atmosphere of a bygone era. Inside you can feel the 19th century, restored, refreshed, but still 19th. The house consists of two bedrooms: Wilhelm's bedroom (here a large double bed) and the Ticket Office, where there are two double beds: one fold-out downstairs and the second, located on the mezzanine. The kitchen with the living area is located in the former Nastawnia. There is a wood-burning fireplace in the living room. From the couch you can enjoy beautiful countryside views from panoramic windows. Łaźnia Dworcowa invites you to a relaxing bath in a bathtub. Here you will definitely take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and escape from the crowds of people. We care about the environment, so we made sure that the building is powered only by energy derived from the earth and the sun.

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What will I eat?

Dworzec Cesarza Wilhelma - What will I eat?
Dworzec Cesarza Wilhelma - What will I eat?
Dworzec Cesarza Wilhelma - What will I eat?
Dworzec Cesarza Wilhelma - What will I eat?

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In the cozy kitchen connected with the living room you will find everything you need to prepare a lunch for friends or a dinner for two. It is therefore equipped with an induction hob, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, as well as a coffee machine, toaster, blender, mixer and kitchenware. Meals can be eaten at a folding table for 6 people. There is also a place for a bonfire outside - an alternative for a summer or spring evening. There are several restaurants in the area that we can recommend: - Pod Kłobukiem Restaurant in Małdyty. They serve regional dishes, there is also a shop with local products - Okoń Fish Frying Plant in Zielony Grąd, on the route towards Gdańsk - Restaurant Dwór Drulity in Drulity - Sand Valley restaurant on the golf course in Pasłęk - Tawerna Restaurant in Ostróda ... and the best artisan ice cream in Masuria can be found at U Smoleja in Łukta.

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Will I not be bored?

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Icon In the countryside

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You will not, unless this is what you dream about - then it is the way to go. From the level of the couch, in any weather, you can watch a lively spectacle of the local nature, which is provided by panoramic windows overlooking the garden and meadows. The exteriors are conducive to doing nothing on the hanging sofa or laying on a deckchair in the garden (provided). The best relaxation is provided by a Russian bathtub (water temperature 36 degrees) in the garden and a Finnish sauna. In the evening you can light a fire. We also encourage you to discover the area. In the vicinity of the station, there is the Buczyniec ramp, which is part of the Elbląg Canal. There are also many palaces and manors nearby, and in the house you will find the book "Palaces and manors of former East Prussia", thanks to which you can create your own sightseeing route. Nature lovers will feel like a fish in water here - the nearby disused peat bogs are an ideal place to observe and photograph wild animals. The bog plays the role of a deer rut, a mating area for deer and fallow deer, as well as a bird feeding ground. There are also 6 bicycles at your disposal. For slightly further trips (maximum 30 minutes by car), you can go to the Jeziorak lake or the Vistula Lagoon, as well as to Ostróda or Elbląg.

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What’s there for children?

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We have created this place with adults in mind. For them, the time spent here will be a great opportunity to truly calm your head, enjoy your eyes and pamper your body.

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How do I get there?

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Our address: Gumniska Małe 2, Małdyty, Warmia Region, Poland

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Remaining months 1080 PLN 2 days
Christmas, Easter PLN 1300 4 days
Price list for 6 people
Price per house per night Minimum number of days
School holidays / Winter holidays PLN 1410 4 days
May weekend, Long Weekend, PLN 1590 3 days
Remaining months PLN 1380 2 days
Christmas, Easter PLN 1700 4 days
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Domek bardzo ładny, dobrze wyposażony, nawet ładniejszy niż na zdjęciach! Ogródek jest przestronny, zadbany a okolica spokojna. Może jedynie sąsiedzi raz czy dwa zakłócili nasz wypoczynek. Jedyne czego zabrało to wcześniejszej informacji o braku łódki, na której bardzo nam zależało oraz braku 6 rowerów dla osób dorosłych, dwa z nich były bardzo małe, raczej dla nastolatków lub dzieci.


Można tylko powtórzyć wszystkie wcześniejsze opinie - wymarzone miejsce na odpoczynek od zgiełku miasta. Piękne i gustowne wnętrze, winyle, atrakcje w ogrodzie, miejsce na ognisko, w pełni wyposażona kuchnia. Duży plus za ogrodzony teren, co było dla nas ważne, ze względu na podróżowanie z czworonogiem i ryzyko ucieczki. Ocena 6/5 :)

Host: Magda

Bardzo dziękujemy :) Zapraszamy ponownie !


Wymarzone miejsce na odpoczynek w ciszy, wśród zachwycającej przyrody. Niezwykle klimatyczny obiekt, super wyposażony we wszystko co potrzebne, pedantyczna czystość, gustowny wystrój zadbany o najmniejsze szczegóły. W pełni podzielamy wszystkie pozytywne, wcześniejsze opinie, dołączamy się zwłaszcza do opinii Pana Mariusza, naprawdę fantastyczne miejsce ! Sympatyczni właściciele, przemiła Pani Magda gotowa zawsze służyć pomocą, rewelacyjny kontakt, serdecznie dziękujemy, na pewno jeszcze wrócimy :)

4.9 7 opinii