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Not so long ago, in the land of windmills and tulips, all butterflies were extinct. There was not one. However, the lawns became even, without one ugly weed, and manicured bare feet did not find any unattractive plants. It took some time for the Dutch to understand that there are more important things than a nice grass look ...

In the Netherlands there are again butterflies imported from Poland. And here at the Ecorosarium we are richer for Dutch adventures, more aware of what this is all about. That's why we grow nettles, and the grass is not like on a football pitch. There is a lot of buzzing and buzzing, manicured feet can hit the hedgehog, we drink coffee with lizards, and we share the fruits with butterflies. We have here our tiny ecosystem, in which every creature feels good, and the evening mojito adds its own mint with a bush.

We are here for families with children and it is for them that we create a real-world reality and memories of holidays. For the youngest we have a fabulous garden, a real Baśniobór and almost certainly there are fairies here, because they like roses, and roses here quake. We have magical corners where you can hang in a hammock, giggle to drink a homemade liqueur, and in the evening tell funny stories, watching children looking for hedgehogs. Come to us for longer, this fairy tale is for children and parents, there are positive heroes and it always ends well.


We have always wanted to be close to nature and show her respect. I was looking for a place where there will be a lot of greenery and positive energy to pass on to others, people will be with each other, with family, with children. And finally I found total fallow, where on over two hectares ruled the thistle king on a partnership with prince feather. It took us a bit but we succeeded. I invite you to a place where you love people and nature, and butterflies sit on your hands.
3 wooden and 1 brick house (each for 4 people)
independent cooking in a summer kitchen
home pop-up shop from the farmer
far from being averse to chemistry and plastic
about 5-6 km to the sea
you can come with four paws


  • By the sea

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Breakfast paid extra
  • Access to the kitchen


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Close to attractions
  • Pet friendly
  • Bicycles
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Kayaks
  • Private bathroom
  • Children's corner
  • Playground
  • Horse Riding
  • Volleyball court
  • Bed for a child
  • Double bed
  • Massages

Local food

  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Bread
  • Cakes

Where will I sleep?

We are located on the outskirts of Kamień Pomorski in the climatic zone, i.e. without air and water pollution. We do not use any chemicals. Swallows and frogs of the croak know that, the inhabitants of our garden are already aware of this. It is green and fragrant.

We have three wooden houses in the...
style of "tiny house" and one brick house for guests. Each of them will sleep for four people.

Wooden house: on the ground floor a large room with a sofa bed, table, chairs and a kitchenette (with a fridge). To the right is the first bedroom with a sofa bed for two people. The stairs lead to the mezzanine - the favorite place for children to play. There are two mattresses spread there. The bathroom with shower is downstairs.

Brick house: bathroom with shower, kitchenette, sofa bed in a large room and a double bed in the bedroom. Everywhere smelling sheets and towels.

But no one really stays indoors. We have a lot of common space and secluded areas where you can hide from adults and children. In the Bachus corner is a soothing home-made tincture for tangible emotions. We sit in the summer kitchen, because it is there that the guests usually cook, despite the fact that there are annexes in the houses. And if you already make coffee, it will always be sweet somewhere and the evening will be made in the evening. We practice at the gym and swing in Różawa Zaułek.

What will I eat?

There is a simple matter with food. We do not cook guests every day. Therefore, the houses are kitchenettes, and for all guests integrating culinary, coffee and cookie - summer kitchen. But we have surprises in store for food products.

It is known that we feel disgust and contempt for chemistry and...
pesticides. That is why every morning, we collect what trusted nature has released to the nation. And even though it is not the latest version of the iPhone - if we had more houses here, surely the queues for tomatoes and eggs would be like the premiere in San Francisco, broadcast on Instagram.

So in order to simplify matters, we apply a retail procedure known from the capitals of big cities: our rural pop-up store. Such a store, where does the beetroot take to the notebook and writes that the house two took two kilos. We have in the shop mainly good from the farmer, but also our own products, because they are low-salt, jams and marmalades, and sometimes baked from the internal need of a cake. You can help yourself, buy and make breakfast. Sometimes we invite you for dinners, but consider that we will be reluctant to oblige - we do it when we manage. We plan to bake our own bread, everything is almost ready for debut, we tested the test versions on ourselves and went out. Use the herb garden, everything grows naturally there.

In a word: in the Ecorosarium you cook alone, but there is something that happens and we cook for you and for you and your company.

What will I do?

In Ecorosarium you are by the sea. It means a salty smell, a cool breeze and iodine, but also rubber glutes for children along with Sławomir's bits on the waffle promenade. For choice, for color, remember that you can always come back to our oasis.

We have here:
- Baltic sea with all the boon of inventory...
and fresh fish from the fishing boat (about 4.5 km to Dziwnówka, although from the beaches we recommend calm Łukęcin with a bonus in the form of a stud)
- Kamień Pomorski with the legend of the devil, what he threw at the stone and the spa (2 km to the center). Plus organ concerts and classical music at the Kamieńska Cathedral and the Organ Festival.
- waters of the Kamieński Lagoon with a yacht and motor port with an open access to the Baltic Sea and the waters of the Szczecinski Lagoon (1.5 km)
- 1 km to Dziwna River and to the wild beach on the bay
- super close to bicycles and walking paths
- Wolin and Jomsborg, or the former Viking nursery and medieval shopping center. Now a great open-air museum and festival of Slavs and Vikings in August.
- Trzesacz with the ruins of the church (who was not, let's go, because it's like with the Maldives, in a moment it will not be)

And at the Ecorosarium:
- Bachus' corner for something that is called a chillout zone in big cities
- Różana Zaułek, where you can read interesting reading or just swing in a hammock.
- our local fitness center, where you do not need to buy a membership, and it is also good
- volleyball and football grass court
- a former stable with a library
- lots of alleys and mysterious passages
- Butterfly Garden, where budleje blooms (butterflies shrubs, being a restaurant for butterflies, dragonflies and bumblebees).
- mass of alleys for children.
- apiary with 12 beehives and a demonstration / educational street. Honey can be purchased from your beekeeper
- all beach equipment at your disposal (you can take it to the beach).

You can do anything, but you can do nothing. And that is also at hand.

What's for children?

We are a place for children, according to the original assumption and daily practice. We are not going to withdraw from it, because what is there to talk about - it gives us a lot of joy.

It is a bit like in Narnia, a bit like in Baśnioborze, and most importantly that without negative characters. For...
everything here, it buzzes and buzzes wonderfully, flies, drepts and sings. That's how it was supposed to be and the kids disappear in the bushes for a long quarter of an hour, watching hedgehogs and lizards. Families are here together, as it should be, safe and interested in nature. We help you in this:
- we created the path of stimuli "Bosefootki", where children can discover the charms of contact with the natural ground.
- we have an outdoor playground
- we have a roof-room (with a wooden stove and wicker prams and cradles)
- we have hammocks
- we have butterflies.

And that's enough. We provide parents with a bit of comfort, because all this hand-held traps in the form of feeding chairs, cribs, and low steps - we have here on the spot.


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle

How much will I pay?

off season

wooden house 200 PLN / house
brick house 260 PLN / house

in the season

wooden house 280 PLN / house
brick house 340 PLN / house

Vegetables, fruits, eggs and other products in the "shop" at the prices of the hosts (we do not charge commissions)

Place rules

Accepted animals:

small dogs, medium dogs

Standard minimum period: 5 days

Payment and booking conditions

Advance payment by the SlowHop system (card payment and fast transfer)

  • Cash on the spot
  • Wieniawskiego 28
  • 72-400 Kamien Pomorski



Piękne miejsce, wspaniali gospodarze. Cisza, spokój, raj dla dzieciaków. "Dla każdego coś miłego". Bliskość morza to dodatkowa zaleta,


Wakacje spędzone idealnie. Miejsce bardzo przytulne, a również przepiękne pod względem designu, wszystko tak fajne do siebie pasuje i współgra. To, na co najbardziej chciałbym zwrócić uwagę to ogromny teren, który pod każdym względem jest pomysłowo zagospodarowany! Byliśmy tam tydzień, a byłoby co robić przez pewnie cały rok. Mnóstwo sprzętów do gier dla dorosłych i dla dzieci. Świetnie wyposażona kuchnia dla gości, gdzie wieczorem można posiedzieć i spędzić miło czas, bo jest strasznie klimatycznie. Szklarnia, boisko do siatkówki, pasieka, hamaki, place zabaw, mnóstwo zieleni... Osobiście polecam zapomnieć nawet o aucie i wsiąść na rower - jak my zrobiliśmy, bo do plaży jest to raptem 5-10 minut. Szczerze polecam każdemu, dawno na wakacjach nie czułem się tak swobodnie, a to z pewnością zasługa gospodarzy, którzy są niesamowicie mili i dbają, aby ich goście czuli się jak u siebie; aby nic im nie brakowało, a dodatkowo mieli tyle swobody i przestrzeni ile potrzebują. :) Świetnie wspomnienia, już planujemy kolejny wypad w przyszłe wakacje do tego miejsca!


Miejsce do którego warto wracać.... krótki pobyt pozostawia niedosyt. Miejsce urocze w którym można znaleźć fragment holenderskiej wsi, toskańskiej agroturystyki i wietrznego polskiego morza :) Bardzo polecam tym, którzy chcą pograć w piłkarzyki (zamiast w xboxa), poleżeć na hamaku, popatrzeć na motyle a w zaciszu pachnącej stodoły napisać się prawdziwie włoskiego wina :) Odległość od morza idealna - chroni przed zgiełkiem a jednocześnie w każdej chwili pozwala skoczyć na wieczorny zachód słońca.


Z dziećmi szukamy mieście w których możemy oderwać się od rzeczywistości, takiego trochę innego świata który będą wspominać długo. W ecorosarium było idealnie, dzieci znalazły tajemne przejścia, statek piracki czy bawialnie w której mogli odpocząć ale i bawić. Nam bardzo się podobało i miejsce będziemy napewno długo wspominać. A i jeszcze gospodarze to bardzo ciepło i mili ludzie .