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Location Polska, Kaszuby, Borzęcino
It is the only school in the world that has its own cottages on trees and forest huts. Only one with modern kitchen, aspiring to good restaurants. Certainly one of the few schools in the world where traditional brick architecture is associated with design. There is a sauna in this school. And two pools. And hammocks and a barn for parties. Two lakes and the sea at hand. You can climb freely. And now the best: at this school no one has to learn anything. Well, unless he wants to. We invite you to a place by the sea and lakes, of which few but the coolest people know. We will be here waiting for you.

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Patryk Laskowski
The playhouse started at Allegro, which I dreamed at night. An old school in a region that I had nothing to do with. Behind the school was a true story, because the building was built in 1928, and one of the most famous 20th-century painters - Ullrich Bewersdorf - was raised there. I clicked "Buy now". After months of ideas and renovations, in May 2017 Figlarnia was born. I invite you!

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We speak these languages: Polish, English, German

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Doggy place
Doggy place
If you like good cuisine - it's with us
If you like good cuisine - it's with us
Accommodation in tree houses, forest cottages and old school
Accommodation in tree houses, forest cottages and old school
Two lakes in the area, the sea 40 km
Two lakes in the area, the sea 40 km
Slupsk surroundings
Slupsk surroundings
Two heated swimming pools
Two heated swimming pools

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We have some interesting sleeping areas for you, also for glamping lovers. All the rooms, also on the trees we decorated modern and equipped with the necessary in the 21st century convenience. Here are the options - the choice is yours: 1. Treehouses With large bed, bathroom and terrace. You have to climb it. We recommend couples, although sometimes children also live there. 2. Forest huts With a large double bed and one with a width of 80 cm. They usually choose couples with children. 3. House, or old school, and in it:  - studio A two-storey loft apartment (there is a small bedroom where the children usually sleep) and a lounge downstairs (with a possibility to sleep). Each room has a spacious bathroom)  - family studio The studio area of ​​60m2 consists of two levels with five sleeping areas, a living room (with sofa and bed) and a bathroom with bathtub. - former teacher's apartment 100 m2 space, bathroom with shower, three TVs and unique interior design. We preserved the original setting of the rooms, though we gave it a bit of a modern touch. At home there is also a common place for meals where we serve breakfast and dinner.

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What will I eat?

Figlarnia - What will I eat?
Figlarnia - What will I eat?
Figlarnia - What will I eat?

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In the topic of the kitchen we are quite basic, which is why we come to the meal really seriously. No way, it's just what we would like to eat ourselves. And we like to eat well, healthy and do not recognize the geographical boundaries. We respect culinary differences - if you do not eat meat, gluten, etc. - let me know. We have for you: - breakfasts - dinner on request

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the countryside

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We have prepared a lot of things in place that bore you out or allow you to experience it in a unique way. So we have: - Two heated swimming pools - sauna Hammock zone - we organize campfires - we eat cool stuff - We lie on the ground, hanging and climbing We also have an interesting region because: - near Slupsk and you can for example take civil marriage with President Biedronia Slupsk Museum is close to Słupsk, and there are excellent tasting sessions - in the second near Kaszuby - brilliant bike trails - fantastic lakes - Leba with beach 40 km from us

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What’s there for children?

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The name itself was supposed to be a promise. Children in Playgrounds usually feel a bit like monkeys in the jungle and cats in the forest. Not only are there trees for climbing, tree houses to make bases, then we have two more pools for taplating. It will be good for them.

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How do I get there?

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Our address: Borzęcino 1, Borzęcino, Kashubia, Poland

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A tree house 370 PLN/house
Forest Cottage 270 PLN/house
Studio 270 PLN/house
Family studio 300 PLN/house
Given prices for 2-3 people. Additional payment 25 PLN for an extra person. Half board (only for guests of the facility) PLN 30 / person

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Najlepsze miejsce w jakim byliśmy od kiedy zostaliśmy rodzicami :) Jest w 100% prorodzinne. Jest to myślę coś niespotykanego i rzadkiego, że na wakacjach z dwójką małych dzieci udało nam się w Figlarni wspaniale wypocząć. Czuliśmy się tam zaopiekowani na każdym kroku - począwszy od powitania nas przez panią Dianę, po przepyszne posiłki, a skończywszy na wielkiej porcji drożdżówki, którą dostaliśmy przy wyjeździe. Jest to miejsce bardzo zadbane, przemyślane na każdym kroku. Nasz pokój w stodole był czyściutki, co dla nas jest niezwykle ważne, podobał nam się też jego minimalistyczny wystrój, dzięki któremu nie musieliśmy się martwić, że dzieciaki mogłyby coś zepsuć. Dotychczas niejednokrotnie nasz wypoczynek zaczynał się od pochowania niektórych elementów wystroju ;) Plus dawno nie zdarzyło nam się spać na tak wygodnym łóżku! Jesteśmy zachwyceni i planujemy już powrót w przyszłym roku, bo zakochaliśmy się w Figlarni po uszy :)


Kiedy gospodarze witają Cię na podjeździe i oprowadzają po okolicy to musi być dobrze. Trochę się tam czuliśmy jak na wakacjach u cioci na wsi :) Domki raczej z kategorii letniskowych także wielbiciele pięciogwiazdkowych hoteli na pewno powinni omijać to miejsce szerokim łukiem, ale jak ktoś lubi siedzieć na dworze, wdychać świeże powietrze i zajadać drożdżowcem ze śliwkami POLECAM! A jeszcze jak Wam się trafi ekipa fajnych rodziców z genialnymi dzieciakami to idealne wakacje murowane :)


Znakomite miejsce dla rodzin z dziećmi. Znakomite jedzenie, przestrzeń do zabawy, dobra atmosfera.

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