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Gościniec Bocianowo

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Location Polska, Mazury, Stręgiel 2
Let's make it clear - storks are here in the minority, because they are dominated by alpacas and cats. Storks usually like the noise, and here silence rings in their ears, interrupted by concerts of cranes, and other sounds of wild animals living in a nearby forest. Our guest service standards differ slightly from the classics. Newcomers around the room, kitchen and dining room are guided by our alpacas, who like to lie in a goat living room, which is not alive anymore, but warms up like hell. You will find us outside the village of Stręgiel, just behind the Kalkie Nowiny, driving from Węgorzewo. It's easy, take a dirt road with the scent of herbs and a longing for a simple life. In addition to providing accommodation and peace, we initiate in the rope of healthy nutrition. We do it in two ways: feeding the wanderers with macrobiotic dishes cooked according to the 5-Changes and conducting workshops. What is it with? With chervil cream, Masurian kasha with shiitake mushrooms, spelled bread made from ground flour flour. Come to the clean lakes, summer at its best, cozy alpacas, healthy recipes and a strong resolution. We invite you to the land of eternal wonder from the end of April to the end of September - this is our season of open doors.

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Kornelia i Christian Westergaard
We prove that the Pole, Dane is also two nephews. For marriage and for creating a home that is open to people, animals and healthy nutrition. Our story is not littered with roses and life has shown us where pepper grows. But there are no cases in life. I used to work in a corporation and I thought it was a retirement. The fate, however, verified my plans, because I was sent to a free corporation pension. This coincided with the loss of my relatives, in total three breakups met me in three weeks. I stayed with a 100-year-old home in Masuria, which as a therapy I began to renovate and arrange for guests. I met a charming Dane who hurt me in Polish, I fell in love with alpacas and I drowned in the passion of macrobiotic cuisine. Now, together, we create our Masurian hygge. I am from everything, from cooking, to feeding small applause with milk from a bottle. Christian does other useful things and loves to spend time with guests. We try to stick to the level and pamper you in a good way. Welcome! We!

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3 rooms and 2 apartments for 13 people (open April to September)
3 rooms and 2 apartments for 13 people (open April to September)
5 transformation based microbiotic cuisine
5 transformation based microbiotic cuisine
the alpacas will accept well behaved pets
the alpacas will accept well behaved pets
vegan, vegetarian, gluten-allergic consumers friendly cuisine
vegan, vegetarian, gluten-allergic consumers friendly cuisine
Stręgiel lake with chillout area and Święcajty are just  2,5 km away
Stręgiel lake with chillout area and Święcajty are just 2,5 km away
loads of tracks for bikes to rent
loads of tracks for bikes to rent

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In an intimate over 100-year-old house with a house and buildings in Masurian style. This is a place where there is no time for dreams, and sleeps brilliantly. The head is applied to the pillow, covers the quilt with alpine wool and snores nicely. We will put together a maximum of 13 people looking for a rest and a healthy lifestyle, which is why it is intimate and not crowded. The house has 3 comfortable rooms with bathrooms: - 2-person "Smelling herbarium" located in the attic with a double bed, - 3-bed "Big Blue" located in the attic room with a double bed, one single bed and a fireplace, - 2-person "Bird paradise" bright and lighted room with two wide beds and 2 apartments: - 4-person "Rose garden" with two single beds and a double bed and a fireplace, a large terrace and a bathroom, - 4-bed "Sunny orchard" with two bedrooms, and in them two single beds and a double bed and a common bathing room. The rooms have different sizes, because our 100-year-old house had just such a layout of rooms. We have decorated them climate-wise with attention to detail. There will be fragrant wood and a Prussian wall, a dining room, a large living room with a pre-war sideboard. We have a TV, wifi and a large lobby with a stylish fireplace - this is where new friendships are made, laughs, stays the most and the nicest.

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What will I eat?

Gościniec Bocianowo - What will I eat?
Gościniec Bocianowo - What will I eat?
Gościniec Bocianowo - What will I eat?
Gościniec Bocianowo - What will I eat?

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Seasonal, healthy, colorful. To rest and gain energy is one thing, but to maintain this state you have to try. That is why we share with you the secret healing knowledge and tips that are difficult to let go despite the ears. In our guesthouse, we promote healthy eating, using a macrobiotic cuisine, combining it with traditional Chinese medicine and cooking according to the Five Transitions. The ingredients we use are organic, mostly collected from our backyard garden. We are what we eat and it depends on our health, that's why we attach great importance to the quality of served food in the corner so that the deliciousness goes hand in hand with food and health! We live like our ancestors, on silage, mushrooms, groats, vegetables and fruits. We also eat meat a little, because our body does not need a daily dose of a cutlet. We want to give you heaven and share knowledge, therefore, apart from serving healthy meals for those willing, we conduct workshops on healthy nutrition or cleansing the body. We will tell you about macrobiotics and cooking according to five changes. You will take this knowledge home and be healthier. Breakfast is served at 9:00 and half board at 17:00. Dinner is a hot meal cooked according to 5 changes, consisting of soup, second dish, hot vegetables and salads from the "backyard garden". Your dietary preferences, or exclusions, please report before arrival. We need time to gather the right ingredients.

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Will I not be bored?

Gościniec Bocianowo - Will I not be bored?
Gościniec Bocianowo - Will I not be bored?
Gościniec Bocianowo - Will I not be bored?
Gościniec Bocianowo - Will I not be bored?

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Undoubtedly, our biggest attraction and joy is the alpacas, that is, the perfect animals. They are calm, gentle, clean and mega independent. Our herd is growing all the time, so alpaca babies are born every now and then. Sometimes malki must be fed a bottle 8 times a day, so your help will be appreciated. The milk is heated in our home, in the kitchen, so do not be surprised that our "self-propelled knives" are lying on the carpet and waiting for a meal. When you are sewing our pets, you will spend a nice time in an old barn, a small tavern with a fireplace, a goat and a large table for a dozen or so people. It is a great place to have fun, wild dances and frolics or on the contrary - for workshops or serious conversations. The rustic interior combined with delicious, rustic food and home-made liqueurs is a party sure bet. Next to the inn you will find a covered grill, which will perfectly integrate guests from different parts of Poland and the world. Certainly there are fans here, not only in the sun. It is for them that we have prepared a sauna, which will help to cleanse the body and strengthen vitality! Sitting in front of the TV or playing computer games is in such a beautiful place as a crime. We advise you to take a break from the madness of everyday life and use electronic detox. This land is rich in lakes, rivers, beautiful forests, hills and fragrant meadows. Everyone will find something interesting here. The main attractions of the area are: - sailing and all other water sports in the Port of Węgorzewo (about 5 km) - bicycle trips, - hiking in the field, - Horse Riding, - fishing, - mushrooming, - observation of wild animals and birds. At your disposal are 2 mountain bikes, Danish tandem and 2 sets of Nordic Walking poles. To be in Masuria and not to take a bath in the lake is like not eating ice cream in the summer - I will love it a little. The body closest to you is in the Stręgiel lake, covered by a zone of silence about 2.5 km away or in the Święcajty lake, from us by bike straight to the fishing grounds to Kolonia Rybacka about 2.5 km or on the Kal Peninsula (about 9 km). Another is the picturesque Stręgielek lake distant by 5 km or the Mamry lake accessible from the city swimming pool in Węgorzewo (about 8 km). For amateurs of canoeing, we recommend rafting on the charming river Sapina. This "wild" sailing route on Sapina from Lake Święcajty to Lake Gołdopiwo is 29 km long, and the canoe trail goes further to Lake Kruklin and is 34 km long. And finally bicycle routes. Here are a few of them: - trail to the Seven Islands Reserve, - the route around Mamry Lake with the former headquarters of the German Land Forces in Mamerki, the Mazurski Canal, the palace in Sztynort, - Sapina - Węgorzewo - Kalskie Nowiny - Stręgiel - Stręgielek - Ogonki - Zielona Góra - Węgorzewo. There are also many places for connoisseurs of history in the area, among others about 32 km away Wilczy Szaniec, Viaducts in Stańczyki (about 64 km) or Pirami

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What’s there for children?

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In Bocianów children will learn delicacy, empathy and how best to treat animals. It is learning to care and responsibility through play. Thanks to this our alpacas have great care. They are fed by all small guests, even boys are great as a nurse. There are also two studs in the area offering horse riding lessons and field trips. Holidays in the countryside are never associated with boredom, and being among animals is the greatest fun for children. For further nature tours, go to: - Borecka Forest with bison stronghold in Wolisko (about 25 km), - bird sanctuary at the Lake of Seven Islands - Lake Oświn (about 30 km), - Refuges of the Polish horse in the village of Zielony Ostrów (German: Bergenthal) north of Lake Oświn (about 34 km). In the garden, children have a hanging tent, a trampoline and a sandpit for children, and a small play corner and many games at home. In addition, children sleep with us like sousliks, eat vegetables with taste and collect beautiful memories.

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Our address: , Stręgiel 2, Masuria Region, Poland

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Ceny zaweirają śniadania. W sezonie wysokim od soboty 27.06 do soboty 29.08.20 r. obowiązują pobyty 7-dniowe z pełnym wyżywieniem: śniadaniem i obiadokolacją. Ceny nie zawierają opłaty klimatycznej w wysokości 2,31 zł za dobę/os. dorosłej oraz dziecka. Cena śniadania bez noclegu - 35 zł. Dieta bezglutenowa w oparciu o certyfikowane produkty bezglutenowe i ekologiczne - dopłata do obiadokolacji - 5 zł. Istnieje możliwość rozdzielenia obiadokolacji i podania wcześniej zupy o godz. 14-tej za dopłatą 5 zł / osoba dorosła i 3 zł / dziecko do lat 12-tu. Drugie śniadanie na wynos - kanapki z np. bezglutenowego pieczywa, pasty, dodatki lub gotowane śniadanie - 10 zł / osoba.

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Standard minimum stay: 2 days
Wakacje: 2020-06-27 - 2020-08-29, from saturday to saturday

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Prepayment charged: 50%
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Świetne, kameralne miejsce na wyciszenie się, ale też dobra baza wypadowa na aktywny wypoczynek (w naszym wypadku malownicze trasy rowerowe i jeszcze bardziej malownicze spływy kajakiem). Pyszne jedzenie, serwowane przy wspólnym stole- jak u babci na wsi :) Alpaki cudowne- puchate, stworzone do głaskania i fotografowania, chętnie schrupią listek z dłoni malucha. Nasz 3-latek był wniebowzięty! Fantastyczne miejsce, z dopracowanym każdym szczegółem- od mebli po kubki, wszystko ma swój niepowtarzalny styl i historię. Pani B. zajęła się nami jak najlepsza ciocia :) stworzyła rodzinną atmosferę i na pewno długo nie zapomnimy tych wakacji :)


Jeśli chcesz odpocząć, to idealne miejsce dla Ciebie. Zagubiony pośród mazurskich jezior Gosciniec Bocianowo to idealne miejsce pełne ciszy, zieleni dosmaczone pyszną i zdrowa kuchnią pani Kornelii, pełną życzliwości, witamin i ciekawych smaków. Każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie, i zmęczeni miastem, i rodziny z dziećmi. Piękne i ciekawe okolice gwarantują aktywny wypoczynek a alpaki i reszta ferajny to mili towarzysze chwil w ogrodzie. Pani Kornelia i Pan Christian to dobre duchy tego miejsca. To dzięki nim spędziliśmy tam wspanialy wakacyjny czas. Polecamy serdecznie!


Piękne miejsce z dala od zgiełku miasta. Przemiła właścicielka, pyszne jedzenie, polecam z całego serca.

5.0 6 opinii