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Location Polska, Beskidy, Hańczowa
The house is on the edge of the village, on a gentle slope. Above us, Mount Kiczerka, below us are 2 hectares of meadow and the Ropa river. Behind us is a complicated story of this land and its inhabitants - Lemkos called Ruthenians and Poles, and we have only about 5 km to the Eurozone. This is an atmospheric old-fashioned house. Built many years ago Lemko bend linking the residential part, stable and barn. And all closed in a long, barrack house. We bought a ruin, but we saw in it the effort of previous generations and we respected it. We left everything that could be kept: every piece of the wall, a roof truss, a pair of old beams. The stone stable is what today became a dining room, the barn was turned into a living room. There are also the most contemporary elements: rooms with bathrooms, showers, gas in the kitchen, heating. A lot of stone and wood. We added terraces, we pulled a rural water supply. We now have excellent water from the mountains.

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Tomasz Lachowicz
After 50 years of living in Warsaw, after another eight years spent in Krakow, after 30 years of journalism, I was happy to give away the keys of the company car, the keys to the company apartment, grabbed a stack of papers from the desk and moved them to the bin, politely and friendly goodbye to the bosses, lovingly with colleagues and I ended up in the countryside. In the old, but thoroughly restored "chyża" (it is a Lemko cottage), my wife and I started a new life, radically different than the previous ones. We run this agritourism quietly, without any tension. When we earn it well, when there is no one - we read, listen to vinyls, browse Netflix. Little Tosia once told her grandmother that she was going with her parents to Mr. Tomek (means to me). - And who is Mr. Tomek? Grandma asked. - He is a cook from Hańczowa - Tosia replied resolutely. And this is a measure of the change in the life of the former editor-in-chief of a newspaper like this and that.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, German
We are on-site, we want to get to know our guests better (always ready to talk and participate)

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Eco Alert

Do not bring plastic bottles of water, we have treated tap water
We use eco-friendly detergents
We do not change towels every day (only if you ask)
We promote waste segregation by guests
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Our charms

We don't have air conditioning

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We care about you

We keep distance between tables in dinning room
We disinfect the rooms between reservations
We ozonise rooms between reservations
We use a steam cleaner for chemical-free disinfection
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Friendly to families
Friendly to families
We cook for guests
We cook for guests
Because of our pets - do not bring yours
Because of our pets - do not bring yours
Ideal here for cyclists
Ideal here for cyclists
A dozen kilometers to Magura Ski
A dozen kilometers to Magura Ski
Close to the Klimkowskie Lake
Close to the Klimkowskie Lake

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 1 house
Icon 5 rooms (for 1-4 people)

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We have 4 double rooms, two of them also have (if necessary) extra beds for children. We also have one room for 4 people. It is large, about 40 sq m. All rooms are with bathrooms (shower, rain shower). We have applied ourselves to the comfort of beds. They are made for our order, mattresses too - rather hard, we tested them ourselves. In each room there is a radio, there may be a TV (on request, no extra charge), and a kettle, although guests prefer to come for coffee and tea in the dining room and living room. We serve with pleasure. We rent rooms, we also rent the whole house without service. The hosts stand up to their hut. Then the guests rummage in a well-equipped kitchen, they cook whatever they want, they smoke in a fireplace, they change vinyl records on a turntable. And they live ...

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What will I eat?

Hańczowa28 - What will I eat?
Hańczowa28 - What will I eat?
Hańczowa28 - What will I eat?
Hańczowa28 - What will I eat?

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Meals we prepare ourselves. We serve breakfast in the form of a buffet. You will find sausages of your own (my) product, pies, which we bake. Cheese - perfect - our neighbor makes. There will always be some pasta - and this is hummus, and this is millet groats with dried tomatoes, and this is Israeli with raisins, etc. Always some salads, always cereal with milk or porridge, always something hot (eggs in the classic version - scrambled eggs in butter or in cholesterol version - on bacon, sausages, sausages, pancakes, pancakes etc.). Meat eaters will eat, vegetarians will not cry, they will find something for themselves. The dinners consist of soup, main course, dessert and compote. Meals are prepared for guests' needs. If there are children - they impose a tone. Rulers with pasta (we make), broth and cucumber. And besides, nuggets, mince, pasta, amazingly! - pork chops. No inventions. "Inventions" we try to serve and non-children. We combine a bit. Lots of lentils, lots of vegetables, handfuls of spices. More ethnic flavors. As a rule, we cook soup in the vega version. On request, we also serve lunches - usually Italian pastas, dumplings, lazy or gnochi, etc., etc. As a rule, we do not provide the kitchen to guests except for heating food for babies

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Food on-site

Lokalne produkty (eggs, meat and sausages)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the countryside
Icon In the mountains

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Boredom is a form of brain reset. We are not against it. As part of it, you can sit with coffee on the terrace in the morning and look at the mountains without thinking. I often do it. Does not matter. But Beskid Niski is above all a challenge for active people - there is a walking and cycling trail next to the house. Because wandering is a sign of this place. You can follow the path of the church, cemeteries from the First World War (there are several hundred of them), go to Lackowa or Kozie Żebro. Or just to Rysielca, which was discovered by mountain, named and marked by our guests, and also wrote a beautiful legend about Rysielce, which in the evenings we read to children. You can go to the nearby Bardejov in Slovakia (35 minutes by car) and visit the charming old town with its unique basilica. It is worth visiting the spa Wysowa - with a spa park, swimming pool and waters as healthy as hideous. It leads there a nice way through the forest. On foot - about an hour's walk. By bicycle, 25 minutes. On the cross-country - it depends. Horse riding is provided by the Hutsul horse stud in Regietów (5 km). In winter, the lift in Smerekowcu (4 km), ideal for learning to ski for young children, or the lift on Magura Małastowska for more demanding (18 km). And when the weary guests come back this afternoon, the attraction is the contents of the drink cooler, books, music. We buy and read new publications, often advise and give something to read. And when someone does not manage to read during the stay (now the items are thick) maybe take the book home. There is one condition: he should bring her back. Oh, such a cultural loyalty program.

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What’s there for children?

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For children, we have patience in the first place. As an experienced grandma with an experienced grandfather, we already know that children do not sit politely at the table with nicely folded hands. And besides being patient, we have boxes of toys, dozens of books, hammocks, and play-room games. "Mud kitchen", a slide and a sand pit, 2 ha of meadow for slogging, a film about a bedtime story. And pancakes with apples. And in the area a nice swimming pool in Wysowa, friendly Hutsul ponies in Regietów, building stone there on the river Ropa.

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Hańczowa 28, Hańczowa, Beskid Mountains, Poland

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How much will I pay?

Jedzenie - śniadania 25 zł/osoba, Obiadokolacja - 45 zł/osoba. Dzieci do 2 lat bez opłat, dzieci od 3 do 6 lat -50 proc. ceny.

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Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Maximum number of guests: 14 people

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Standard minimum stay: 3 days

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Pobieramy zadatek w wys. 40 proc. Płatność pozostałej części na miejscu - gotówką lub przelewem.

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Pierwsze miejsce, w jakim byłam (nie tylko ze Slowhopem, w ogóle), które na żywo wygląda znacznie lepiej niż na reklamujących je zdjęciach. A już zdjęcia są spektakularne. Fan-tas-tycz-ny pobyt. Przepiękne widoki, bajeczny wielki taras z kanapami, stołami, hamakami, leżakami. Bardzo ciekawa okolica zapewniająca atrakcje wszystkim - miłośnikom natury, kultury, historii. Ale powiedzmy to wprost - tym, co naprawdę wyróżnia to miejsce, jest kuchnia gospodarzy. Z prostych śniadań można zrobić ucztę. A obiadokolacje.... słowo "pyszne" nie oddaje im sprawiedliwości. Na początku trochę nas stresowało, że konieczność powrotu na konkretną godzinę na kolację ogranicza nam planowanie dnia. Ale jak spróbowaliśmy pierwszej, byliśmy gotowy tak organizować wszystkie dni, żeby tylko nie spóźnić się ani minuty na kolejne. Pan Tomasz podkreśla, że stawia na świeże, lokalne produkty - pierwszorzędna jakość składników i prawdziwy talent kucharzy dają rezultat w postaci dań lepszych niż w niejednej snobującej się na fine dining restauracji w dużym mieście - za ułamek restauracyjnej ceny. Już planujemy, kiedy wrócić!


Byłam z chłopakiem i synkiem (niesfornym) niestety tylko 3 noce, to zdecydowanie za mało! Było tak cudownie. Cisza,spokój,piękne widoki,odpoczynek na hamakach,obserwowanie kicających królików i bawiących sie na placu zabaw dzieci. Śniadania - majstersztyk! Regionalne smakołyki to wlasnie coś, na co czekaliśmy. A codziennie jakiś dodatkowy, zaskakujący i ciekawy smakołyk. Obiad - pycha! Niestety mogliśmy skorzystać tylko z dwóch,a chciałoby się zdecydowanie więcej! Pan Tomasz z żoną są mistrzami kuchni! Synek czuł się jak w domu,my w sumie też. Gospodarze zadbali o cudowną atmosferę i dzięki temu poznaliśmy super ludzi,którzy też wypoczywali w Hańczowej. A w sobotę zorganizowali nam ognisko, dzięki czemu czuliśmy się jeszcze bardziej sielsko. Do niczego nie można się przyczepić,każdy aspekt jest na 5 (a nawet 6!). Zdecydowanie polecamy Hańczową 28, a my na pewno tam wrócimy. Bo nigdzie nie odpoczeliśmy tak, jak u Pana Tomka!


Już przy rezerwacji Hańczowa28 wygląda świetnie, a na miejscu okazuje się, że dostaje się jeszcze więcej. Nasza grupka (2 rodziny z małymi dzieciakami) czuła się tu bardzo dobrze. Lokalizacja jest rewelacyjna (widoki, blisko szlaków). Wszystko jest przemyślane, funkcjonalne i bezpieczne, co jest zasługą fantastycznych gospodarzy. Miejsce z duszą!

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