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Icon Max 14 people
Icon 1 house
Icon 5 rooms
Icon Without animals
Icon We cook for you

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Location Poland, Beskid Mountains, Low Beskid Mountains, Hańczowa
The house is situated on the edge of the village, on a gentle slope. Above us is the Kiczerka mountain, 2 hectares of meadow below us and the Ropa river. Behind us is the complicated history of this land and its inhabitants - Lemkos, known as Ruthenians and Poles. It is an atmospheric old/new house. The Lemko cottage, built many years ago, connects the residential part, the stable and the barn. And all closed in a long barracks house. We bought a ruin, but we saw the efforts of previous generations in it and we respected it. We left everything that could be preserved: every piece of wall, a roof truss, a few old beams. Today, the stone stable is a dining room, the barn is a living room. There are also the most modern elements: rooms with bathrooms, showers, gas in the kitchen, heating. Lots of stone and wood. We have built terraces and built the rural water supply. We now have perfect water from the mountains.

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After 50 years of living in Warsaw, after another eight years in Krakow, after 30 years of journalism, I gladly handed over the keys of the company car, the keys to the office apartment, took a pile of papers from the desk and moved them to the trash, I said goodbye to the bosses in a kind and friendly way, fondly with colleagues and I ended up in the countryside. In the old, but completely restored "chyża" (it is a Lemko cottage), my wife and I started a new life, radically different than the previous ones. We run this agritourism quietly, without any tension. If we earn it well, when there is no one - we read, we listen to vinyl, we browse Netflix. Little Tosia once told her grandma that she was going with her parents to see Mr. Tomek (he means to me). - And who is Mr. Tomek? Grandma asked. "He's a cook from Hańczowa," replied Tosia resolutely. And this is a measure of the change in the life of the former editor-in-chief of a newspaper like this and that.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, German
We are on-site, we want to get to know our guests better (always ready to talk and participate)

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Eco Alert

Do not bring plastic bottles of water, we have treated tap water
We use eco-friendly detergents
We do not change towels every day (only if you ask)
We promote waste segregation by guests
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Our charms

We don't have air conditioning

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We care about you

We keep distance between tables in dinning room
We disinfect the rooms between reservations
We ozonise rooms between reservations
We use a steam cleaner for chemical-free disinfection
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Family friendly
Family friendly
We cook for guests
We cook for guests
Because of our pets - do not bring your own
Because of our pets - do not bring your own
Perfect place for cyclists
Perfect place for cyclists
Several kilometres to Magura Ski Park
Several kilometres to Magura Ski Park
Close to Lake Klimkówka
Close to Lake Klimkówka

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 2 houses
Icon 1 apartment
Icon 4 rooms

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We have 3 double rooms, two of them also accommodate (if necessary) extra beds for children. We also have one room for 4 people. It is large, about 40 sq m. Having parents with slightly larger children in mind, we have prepared a two-room set with a shared vestibule. Parents have their own room, children have theirs. Together and apart. All rooms are with bathrooms (shower, rain shower). We took care of the comfort of the beds. They are made to order, the mattresses too - rather hard, we tested them ourselves. There is a radio in each room, and there may be a TV (on request, no extra charge), and a kettle, although guests prefer to come for coffee and tea in the dining room and living room. We serve with pleasure. We rent rooms, we also rent the entire house without service. The hosts go to their hut. Then the guests rummage in the well-equipped kitchen, cook whatever they want, smoke in the fireplace, change the vinyls on the turntable. And they live ...

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Common space

Living room with couches (30 m2)
Dining room with tables (28 m2)
Terrace (60 m2)
Fireplace corner
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Barbecue area
Beach chairs
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Fast Internet/WiFi
Good cell phone reception
TVs in the rooms
Projector in the common area

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For your comfort

We clean before your arrival
Towels (changed on request)
Hair dryer

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What will I eat?

Hańczowa28 - What will I eat?
Hańczowa28 - What will I eat?
Hańczowa28 - What will I eat?
Hańczowa28 - What will I eat?

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We prepare the meals ourselves. We serve breakfast in the form of a buffet. You will find cold cuts of my own production, pates that we bake ourselves. Cheeses - excellent - are made by our neighbor. There will always be some paste - hummus, millet with dried tomatoes, Israeli with raisins, etc. Always some salads, always cereal with milk or porridge, always something warm (classic eggs - scrambled eggs with butter or cholesterolic version - bacon, sausages, pancakes, pancakes etc.). Meat eaters will eat, vegetarians will not cry, they will find something for themselves. If there is such a need - between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. we offer a soup for children. One day broth, the next tomato. These soups are eaten by all the children, so we don't do too much. The point is for them to eat, not to whine. At 5.00 p.m. we serve a hot dinner. It's one dish, sometimes veg, sometimes meat. We prepare meals according to the needs of our guests. If there are children - they set the tone. As a rule, we do not make the kitchen available to guests except for heating food for babies. We always offer breakfast. Dinners from June 15 to September 15 and on long weekends and weekends, winter holidays and when more than four people wish to use our kitchen.

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Food on-site

Local products(eggs, meat and sausages)

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Kitchen access

No access to the kitchen
Espresso machine
Capsule coffee maker
Filter coffee maker

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We recommend nearby restaurants

Gościnna Chata (5 km)
Stary Dom Zdrojowy (5 km)

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Grocery stores nearby

HitPol (5 km)
Delikatesy Centrum (6 km)
Wiejski sklepik (1 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the countryside
Icon In the mountains

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Boredom is a form of brain reset. We are not against it. As part of it, you can sit with a coffee on the terrace in the morning and look at the mountains mindlessly. I do this often. Does not matter. But the Beskid Niski is above all a challenge for active people - a walking and cycling trail runs next to the house. Because hiking is a sign of this place. You can walk along the route of the churches, cemeteries from World War I (there are several hundred of them), and climb Lackowa or Kozie Żebro. Or simply on Rysielec, which was discovered, named and marked by our guests, and also wrote a beautiful legend about Rysielec, which we read to children in the evenings. You can go to nearby Bardejov in Slovakia (35 minutes by car) and visit the charming old town with a unique basilica. It is worth dropping by the Zdrojowa Wysowa - with a spa park, swimming pool and waters as healthy as hideous. There is a nice road leading through the forest. On foot - about an hour's walk. By bike 25 minutes. Cross-country skiing - it depends. Horse attractions are provided by the Hucul horse stud in Regietów (5 km). In winter, the ski lift in Smerekowiec (4 km), ideal for learning to ski for small children, or the Magura Małastowska lift for the more demanding (18 km). And when weary guests come back in the afternoon, the attractions are the contents of the drinks cooler, books, music. We buy and read new publications, we often advise and suggest something to read. And if someone fails to read during their stay (now the items are thick), they can take the book home. There is one condition: he should bring her back. Oh, such a cultural loyalty program.

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For those who want relaxation

Mountain trail
Board games

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For hedonists

Massages (on request)
Beach chairs

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For sports enthusiasts

Ski lift
Cross-country ski trail
Horse riding (4 km)
Cross-country trails (0 km)
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Our pets


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Pełno cerkwi wokół (1 km)
Cmentarze z I wojny światowej - Rotunda (7 km)

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What’s there for children?

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For children, we have patience above all. As an experienced grandmother with an experienced grandfather, we already know that children do not sit nicely at the table with their hands folded nicely. And apart from patience, we have boxes of toys, dozens of books, hammocks, and so-called "Mud kitchen", a slide and a sandpit, 2 hectares of meadows to play with, a film about that bedtime story. And apple pancakes. And in the vicinity there is a nice swimming pool in Wysowa, friendly Hutsul horses in Regietów, building stone dams on the Ropa river.

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Attractions for children

Children's playground
Children's corner
Children's toys and books
Inflatable children's pool
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Additionally available

Crib for babies
Bath tub for babies
High chair
Children's crockery and cutlery
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Attractions for children in the area

Rzeka Ropa (0 km)

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Hańczowa 28, Hańczowa, Beskid Mountains, Low Beskid Mountains, Poland

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How much will I pay?

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Did you know that our hosts agreed to keep their prices on Slowhop the same or lower than anywhere else? If you feel otherwise, let us know at
Vacation 2022 (Saturday, June 25 - Saturday, September 3)
3-6 days 7 days (from Saturday)
two-person room 190 PLN / day 1260 PLN / week
quadruple room PLN 295 / day 1960 PLN / week
double room + extra bed 199 PLN / day 1295 PLN / week
two-room set with a common vestibule 380 PLN / day 2450 PLN / week
whole house - 14 people 100 PLN / person at least PLN 1,000 minus 10 percent
house on a meadow (4-5 people) PLN 500 / day 3300 PLN / stay
High season (May weekend, Corpus Christi, November 11
April 29 - May 3 Corpus Christi - min. Three days
two-person room 205 PLN / day 205 PLN / day
double room with extra bed 215 PLN / day 215 PLN / day
four-person room 320 PLN / day 320PLN / day
two-room set with a common vestibule PLN 399 / night PLN 399 per day
whole house - up to 14 people 1600 PLN / day 1600 PLN / day
Other dates (not including holidays and New Year's Eve)
minimum 2 nights stay 7 days
two-person room 170 PLN / day 1085 PLN / stay
a double room with an extra bed 180 PLN / day 1200 PLN / stay
four-person room 260 PLN / day 1700 PLN / stay
two-room set 330 PLN / day 2120 PLN / stay
whole house PLN 1050 / day 6500 PLN/room
Prices for one night (only off holiday, high season)
two-person room 210 PLN
room double room with an extra bed PLN 230
four-person room 330 PLN
two-room set PLN 420
Food - breakfast 33 PLN / person, Hot dinner - 42 PLN / person. Children up to 3 years old free of charge, children from 3 to 6 years old -50% prices.

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Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Maximum number of guests: 14 people

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 3 days

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
(cash on the spot, money transfer)
Additional fees paid on the spot are not included in the price:
Local tourism fee 0 PLN person / day
We do not issue invoices

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Icon Other rules
We collect a deposit of 40 percent. Payment of the rest on the spot - in cash or by bank transfer.

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R.E.W.E.L.A.C.J.A Indira i Tomek stworzyli wlasne miejsce na ziemi a dokładniej w Beskidach, ktòrym się dziela ze swoimi gośćmi. Jest kameralnie i cicho. Widoki przepiękne tak samo jak okolica zapraszajaca do poznawania lub chodzenia. Jesteś rozpieszczony kulinarnie, nawet wyjeżdżajac rano gospodarze dopinuja abyś zjadł śniadanie. Jak masz ochotę także intelektualnie w trakcie około posiłkowych biesiad i rozmów o życiu oraz jego kolorach. Czujesz się jak w domu u bardzo dobrych przyjaciół. Wrócimy tam. Rydze jesienia czekaja. Wanda i Michał


Pobyt u Pana Tomka wspominam bardzo bardzo pozytywnie. Posiłki były przepyszne, wszystko robione na miejscu, przyprawy z własnego ogrodu, mięsa wędzone przez gospodarza, lokalne produkty. Gospodarze służą zawsze pomocą i są bardzo ciepli, serdeczni, czuliśmy się zaopiekowani, a jednocześnie jest przestrzeń na bycie sama ze sobą. Dom jest przyjazny, ciepły, czysty, dopracowany w detalach. Bardzo trafił w moje gusta. Taras z widokiem na góry, gdzie można się zaszyć w hamaku, poczytać książkę lub poprostu pokontemplować życie. A wieczorem oglądać gwiazdy. Dla osób, które na codzień otoczone są zabudową miejską i miejskim hałasem, powietrzem, taka przestrzeń jest bardzo regenerująca. A przestrzeni jest bardzo dużo, wokół lasy, góry, nawet jest jezioro w pobliżu! Dużym plusem jest też to, że do Hańczowej można dojechać autobusem. Polecam!


Pobyt w Hańczowa28 najlepiej oddaje słowo slow. Wszyscy w tym miejscu żyją swoim rytmem: gospodarze, goście, kot, świnki morskie, przyroda (nawet sarny na przydomowych polach zwalniają, żeby spojrzeć na cudne widoki dookoła) i pogoda (mimo zapowiadanego deszczu, słońce świeciło leniwie, a deszcz szedł powoli i tak naprawdę nie zdążył dojść). Nikomu się tu nie śpieszy. Jest bez presji, pośpiechu. Duszą domu jest zdecydowanie muzyka, która wypełnia wnętrza i zapachy z kuchni serwowanej przez właścicieli. A posiłki to podróż przez kulinarne (zawsze udane w 100%) eksperymenty właścicieli. I tak można przez chwilę być we włoskiej Toskanii, czy na gorących hiszpańskich plażach. Hańczowa28 to cudowne miejsce spotkań z innymi osobami podczas wspólnych posiłków z przepięknym widokiem na góry. Miejsce z którego nie chce się wyjeżdżać i miejsce do którego chce się wracać. A gdyby ktoś jednak odważył się wyruszyć z tego beskidzkiego raju - właścicielka z chęcią podpowie trasę wycieczki, zawsze w punkt. Wielkie serducho od nas dla gospodarzy za wyrozumiałość dla niesfornego malucha zakochanego w kąciku dla dzieci, świnkach, kocie, kuchni błotnej i przydomowym "pociągu" :) oraz za otwartość do rozmów o wszystkim ważnym i niczym istotnym oraz za to, że każdy w tym miejscu czuje się jak u siebie.

4.9 18 opinii