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Hotel Quadrille

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Baśniowa Kraina Dziwów is located in Gdynia Orłowo. Well, maybe on the border of Orłowo, Redłowa and Mały Kack. The entrance is not inconvenient at all, although a walk through the old park with a fountain can be treated as a promise. You do not need to knock, just push the gate and do not be surprised by what you find there, because you enter the Rabbit Nora, and the other side of the mirror is only a few steps away.

We invite you to the place of a mad math's dream. We follow the White Rabbit straight to unusual interiors, we sleep in beds where strange and interesting dreams are dreaming, we eat in a restaurant where the waiter tells fairy tales with the best ending, enjoy the spa, which is art and believe - nothing here is accidental . This is a fairy tale for very adults and a story told in half-sleep. Welcome.

Anna i Martyna Górskie

Two sisters. One energetic like the Red Queen, the other delicate like Alice. Both shaped by literature, art and travel, so different from each other, but at the same time so similar, understanding each other without words and complement each other perfectly. Often in our relationships sparks, but it is more creative than disturbing at work. The more that at the end it turns out that in essence we want the same ...
When we first saw the old palace of the eighteenth century in the middle of the Gdynia-Orłowo district, it became obvious to us that this is an absolutely unique place that does not deserve to be forgotten, and its history is impressive and inspiring. The palace and park complex in Orłowo was once the property of the noble family of Krock family, then it belonged to Gdańsk landrat baron Wilhelm von Brauchitsch, and then to the senator of the Free City of Gdańsk - Juliusz Jewelowski. The history of the object is a real lesson in Polish history, which even touches on the cavalry...
of general Józef Haller. After the war, the palace was taken over by the Polish Teachers' Union for years, and Gdynia Film School began its activity here. In such a building, it is simply impossible to put identical beds, rugs and wardrobes and invite guests. Everything is unique here. more

Unique flavors in the Biały Królik restaurant
SPA: swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi
Unusual, designer interiors
20 min to the beach
Parties, hen parties and special occasions
Only for adults


  • By the sea
  • In the city

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Breakfast included
  • Local products


  • Nearby the water
  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Close to attractions
  • No pets
  • Pool
  • Sauna, banya
  • Private bathroom
  • Spa
  • Jacuzzi
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window
  • Massages

Local food

  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits

Where will I sleep?

The most ancient stones in the Hotel Quadrille come from the fourteenth century, when the noble residence was established here. Centuries have passed and everything has changed, including the inhabitants. Who was not here! Senator of the Free City of Gdańsk, general Haller's cavalry, high school students,... and even a film school. Now Alice and her guests live here.

We have prepared 12 magical Double Deluxe rooms for you:

- Vladimir Nabokov's room combines modern colors with the classics of French interiors,
- Gustav Flaubert's room is a royal bedroom in sapphire and burgundy colors, like a French boudoir,
- Leo Tolstoy's room as from an old bourgeois tenement house, in subdued colors and with an originally preserved fireplace,
- Basho Matuso room is a real Zen modeled after the Japanese design, full of peace and harmony,
- Sheherezada room is a oriental atmosphere straight from Marrakech,
- Emily and Charlotte Bronte's rooms in a rustic style, where one sleeps on a "cow" and pears grow on the walls,
- Lewis Carroll's room is a combination of modernism and vintage style, modeled on the film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

Single rooms:
- Francis Scott Fitzgerald's room is a classic interior smelling of wood, with elements of New York modernity,
- Jane Austen and Charles Dickens' rooms in a fabulous aura, full of rustic delicacy.

For those who value other - classic interiors or are looking for asylum for work or rest, we have prepared 19 Double rooms and one Apartment in the Oficyna building right next to our manor house. The buildings are connected by an underground tunnel of red brick and walls resembling books full of books. This tunnel is just like in "Alice in Wonderland", a promise of adventure, detachment from reality. And in fact, the guests come back to us and ask for another room, with a slightly different view, with a completely different decor.

Each room has a fabulous view of the park or the kindergarten. You can sit on wide windows and write further strings of any story.

What will I eat?

Marcin Popielarz leads the kitchen and he does it well. A visit to Biały Królik restaurant is not consumption - it is an experience and an adventure.

We start with breakfast, which is worth waking up.

In the afternoon we will have a slow ceremony of tasting and we invite you to it. Dinners include...
8-10 tasting dishes. They are like a novel with the atmosphere, written with a heart by the chef, told with a feeling by our waiters. We hope that these stories will be with you forever.

Expect traditional flavors of Kociewie, Żuławy and Kashubia. The products you taste come from local farms. We have fish grown in thermal waters, and herbs and vegetables grow in the garden of the chef.

To extend the evening and after a good ending invites also bar / cafe 10/9. Miracles are also happening there.

What will I do?

We invite you to the frame. Usually it ends with a gallop and a dummy, although not necessarily with us ...

You can hide, take a breath and relax in one of the dozen or so hotel nooks and crannies. On sunny days, walk around the park, read Marcel Proust at the pond or Remigiusz Mroz at the blanket and...
do not worry about anyone noticing.

In the evening there is a ballroom. You do not have to dance, we have comfortable couches and a mood for talks. From the sofa, we pass lazily where they know how to make spells with a shaker. The café / bar 10/6 is located in the palace foundations. Coffee tastes like Africa, tea is India, and Friday evenings are jazz.

For more sleepy sensations, go to the SPA area, because there are nurturing ghosts and lead to: sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool and extraordinary massages. We take care of the guest holistically - not only about the condition of his skin, but also about relaxation, tranquility and inner peace. Therefore, the treatments on the highest quality high-tech equipment are accompanied by manual therapies
and non-standard solutions such as sound massage on Tibetan basins and gongs or Shiatsu massage. A * quadrille is a swimming pool, dry and steam sauna, jacuzzi and sunny meadow - everything is available for hotel guests in the price of stay.

There are also concerts of Tibetan bowls and gongs and various kinds of coaching and therapies.

In summer, take a walk to the sea - the nearest beach is 20 minutes from the palace. We are located in Gdynia, hence it is close to everywhere.

What's for children?

We have created our palace for those who like to commune with art, appreciate the unique architecture and value intimacy and peace. Therefore, despite the sympathy for children and a fairy-tale world, we invite only adult guests.


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • Dryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Tv set
  • Cosmetics
  • Bath


How much will I pay?

Double Deluxe Double Rooms

price from
Double Deluxe room Vladimira Nabokova 490 PLN / room
Double Deluxe Room by Gustav Flaubert 490 PLN / room
Double Deluxe Room Le Tolstoy 490 PLN / room
Double Deluxe Basho Matuso 490 PLN / room
Lewis Carroll's double Deluxe room 490 PLN / room
Double Deluxe Scheherazade 490 PLN / room
Double Deluxe Emily Bronte 490 PLN / room
Double Deluxe Charlotte Bronte 490 PLN / room

Single rooms Single Deluxe

price from
Single Deluxe Room by Francis Scott Fitzgerald 320 PLN / room
Single Deluxe Jane Austen 320 PLN / room
Charles Dickens Single Deluxe Room 320 PLN / room

Rooms in Oficyna

price from
Two-person room 290 PLN / room

Place rules

Guest minimum age: 16 year(s)

Payment and booking conditions

Payment 100% for the whole value of reservation.

  • Card payment
  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:15:00
  • Check out till:12:00
  • Folwarczna 2
  • 81-547 Gdynia