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Jagodowa Polana

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Location Poland, Podhale Region, Gorce Mountains, Ochotnica Górna
It is a simple, wooden house on the Gorce hill. We invented it, designed and built it ourselves. And it was not easy, everyone who built a house above the clouds knows it. It is our dream come true about living among the silence and beauty of the mountains. From the windows and from the terrace, the view of the entire Tatra Mountains is breathtaking - every morning is different - you never get bored... How did we get here? Maybe by accident, or maybe everyone is attracted to something...we don't know. In your life, you visit many places, meet different people and only sometimes everything will turn out so perfectly that you have to come back and stay, no matter what - and we stayed. Although we still live wide apart, standing with one foot in Mazovia and the other on the summit, it is here in Gorce that we experience the deepest sighs... We invite you to a place where you can cook, test and try a lot, and share your knowledge about living in accordance with the natural rhythm of nature. The kitchen smells like baked Jerusalem artichoke with oyster mushrooms, real blueberries and rye leaven bread. Wonderful jams, meats, cheeses and yoghurts are made here from the milk of happy cows from Gorce; wild salads are made from what grows in the meadow and we cultivate kitchen spells over the pot - that is, we cook according to mysterious 5 transformations, thanks to which your bellies and taste buds are happy and satisfied. In the kitchen, health is the key, but it is your pleasure! Here you sleep in the mountain air and cosy wooden interiors, you speak to yourself - unless you don't like it - and sneak out on the terrace in the morning to practice yoga or drink a wonderfully aromatic coffee in five alternations, necessarily sweetened with real natural honey from apiaries of the family. And if someone would like to start the adventure with baking homemade bread, they have come to the right place - maybe start with us - we like to share knowledge and 9-year-old rye leaven, you can multiply it and multiply it endlessly ... Nobody bothers us here, although sometimes there are a lot of us, everyone is at home, because it is a real home and we are to feel at ease here. And after a whole day of hiking and field trips, we meet at a long table, over a fragrant dinner with dessert, with homemade tinctures, sometimes by the fireplace and share our adventures. It is always nice and joyful and it should be so, because many things may differ from us, but never love for good food and mountains...

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A resident of a big city - the happiest always away from him. An andragogue by education, manual therapist, holistic dietitian, admirer of slow-life, positive psychology and total biology, crazy about cooking, cuisine, herbs, beekeeping, yoga, photography, people and mountains. I swapped my suit for an apron and swapped my laptop for a frying pan to wake up each morning with a broad smile. I have always liked to feed, but for several years I have been doing it in the forest, at the top of the Gorce hill. I taste life, and the best flavors are in Gorce, so cooking here is easy for me. But my best recipe is a recipe for life - find something you love and you will appreciate every moment. I have found it so far, so I appreciate it every day - I am carried by the amazing energy of the place and the people who visit it, thanks to them, new ideas for food, health and life are constantly created. I invite you to my beloved Gorce with a view of the whole Tatra Mountains and to the culinary blog, full of useful lifestyle and healthy delicacies regularly "tested" on my Gorce Blueberry Guests

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, Russian
We are on-site, we want to get to know our guests better (always ready to talk and participate)

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Eco Alert

Do not bring plastic bottles of water, we have treated tap water
To limit our carbon footprint, we do not iron bedding
We use eco-friendly detergents
House made of natural materials (clay, straw, hemp, etc.)
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Our charms

Creaky floors
Steep stairs
We don't walk around the house in shoes
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We care about you

We are far away from other residences
We disinfect the rooms between reservations
We ozonise rooms between reservations
We use a steam cleaner for chemical-free disinfection
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For families and friends
For families and friends
Homemade products and cooking with passion
Homemade products and cooking with passion
View of the Tatra Mountains
View of the Tatra Mountains
Trails right in front of the house
Trails right in front of the house
Paradise for fans of mountain bike tours
Paradise for fans of mountain bike tours
We invite small and medium-sized dogs and cats
We invite small and medium-sized dogs and cats

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 5 rooms

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We have prepared 16 beds for you plus 5 extra beds The first floor is: rooms for 2, 3 and 4 persons with a bathroom in the room or in the corridor, divided into two rooms. The attic with the most beautiful view is: - bedrooms: double and triple - two bathrooms, including one small in a triple room. Rent them all or a selected part. In each room you get a view of the whole Tatra Mountains, our forest and meadow, fresh linen, towels, and the bathrooms are equipped with basic cosmetics and cleaning agents. Time spent together quickly passes in the cozy living room - dining room. There is a long wooden table, a wood-scented fireplace, TV and DVD for evening screenings, and a stereo. In the afternoons we read books on the terrace, we have a lot of them, and we like to take naps in a hammock under a tree. We spend our evenings by the fire under the starry sky and in a cozy wooden gazebo, with a comfortable banquet table, at dinners prolonged by conversation, or simply fall into bed :)

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Common space

Living room with couches
Dining room with tables (50 m2)
Fireplace corner
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Barbecue area
Beach chairs
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Slow speed Internet / WiFi
Poor cell phone reception
TV only in the common area

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For your comfort

We clean before your arrival
Towels (complete set per stay)
Towels (changed on request)
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What will I eat?

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We start the day with coffee following five changes. If you don't know what it smells like, it's time to try it! And its scent actually spreads throughout the house. Later, regional and our sausages, jam and home-made jams enter the long table. Cakes fragrant with berries and seasonal fruit, washed down with fresh milk. Sourdough bread, home-made cottage cheese, yoghurts and real honey from our apiary. We only cook from local products and what we have grown ourselves, so we are not afraid of vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free diets. In summer, we sometimes eat breakfast in the backyard, because there is no way to start the day with the sun and a beautiful view. In the afternoons, we sometimes grill, in the evenings we light a fire, because not only children enjoy it. Dinner in the dining room is a soup in a vase, a main course, dessert, tea and compote. In general, you eat as much as you want, no one will leave here hungry :) We have also prepared a small kitchen at the disposal of our guests. There you will find a fridge, sink, electric kettle, coffee maker, bottle warmer and basic crockery and cutlery. Do you want to heat something in the microwave? Although we do not use it ourselves, we will gladly share it with you. We invite you for breakfast from 8.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m., and dinner is served punctually at 6:30 p.m. If you are going on a long mountain trip - plan your route well and let us know by 4 p.m. at the latest - we can postpone your meal until 8:30 p.m. and then clean up and go to sleep :)

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Food on-site

Half board for an extra fee (100 PLN)
Free coffee
Free fruit compote, water
Please inform us about your food preferences before arrival
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Kitchen access

Shared kitchenette
Espresso machine
Coffee percolator
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Will I not be bored?

Icon In / at the edge of the forest
Icon In the countryside
Icon In the mountains

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Gorce are those picturesque, little frequented mountains, vis a vis the Tatra Mountains, where there are still no crowds on the trails, but there are so many things to see that it's hard to describe. Don't worry, we'll help you find your way :) - Studzionki is a hamlet in our immediate vicinity, from where you can admire the Tatra Mountains in all its glory, you will find the highest local peak Majcherek, an open-air museum, and you will meet many highlanders. - a few steps from Jagodowa Polana, mountain hiking and biking trails start leading to Lubań, Turbacz and Gorc, and climbing even higher, to the observation towers, you will undoubtedly enjoy a sigh of admiration for the majesty of nature. - in the village of Łopuszna you will find the 16th century noble Manor Muzemum, and right next to a horse stud. - fishing enthusiasts will find themselves here like, nomen omen, fish in the water - you can fish in the Dunajec, and there is a professional fishing ground nearby in Ostrowisko. - The Pieniny National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the area. Be sure to take a walk along the hills of Trzy Korony and Sokolnica, and on your way pass the 13th century Pieniny Castle. - in spring and summer, go rafting on rafts, and for those who are hungry for experience, we offer mountain rafting, kayaks or SUP on the Lagoon. - be sure to visit the Small Pieniny Mountains and the Homole Gorge, and there are Stone Books in the clearing, climb a little higher to Wysoka to admire the beautiful views, from there it is close to the Szczawnica Health Resort - enjoy the spa waters. - hungry for historical places, we invite you to the trail of wooden architecture, Czorsztyn Castle and Niedzica on the Czorsztyn Lagoon, and if you want to go a bit old - right next to it you will find an Amusement Park or a guarded swimming pool, where you can spend a sunny day with children - water and all attractions there plenty, adults will not despise either. - on the Slovak side, be sure to visit the Red Monastery, from where you will see the Three Crowns in all its glory - in the mountains in winter, there are ski slopes - Czorsztyński-SKI and the Kotelnica ski resort - they are 30-40 minutes away by car from Jagodowa Polana, but NOTE: we will only accept real tough guys, with off-road cars and four-wheel chains. - after a day in the snow, be sure to visit the hot springs - Termy Szaflary, Białka or Gorący Potok, about 25 km from our house. And we can do it endlessly ... But if you want to slow down a bit and spend the day with a book in your hand, we have blankets, deckchairs, hammocks ... You can also lie on the grass under a tree, or sit comfortably in an armchair. Forests for morning walks are also, in addition around Polana - ours, private. During the season you will find blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and a lot of mushrooms - wild mushrooms, goats and chanterelles. Of course, we will help you dry the mushrooms if you need to, or pick them up for scrambled eggs in the morning - we love them! We have Nordic walking poles for longer walks and we gladly lend them, so don't worry about anything, but you must have your own bikes;)

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths (0 km)
Mountain trail (0 km)
Yoga classes (book in advance)
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For hedonists

Outdoor pool
Massages (on request)
Beach blankets
Beach chairs

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For sports enthusiasts

Cross-country ski trail (0 km)
Horse riding (10 km)
Cross-country trails (0 km)
Road bicycle routes (10 km)
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Our pets


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Dwór w Łopusznej (8 km)
Zamek Czorsztyn
Zamek Niedzica
Kościół w Dębnie
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What’s there for children?

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For the youngest, we have mountain air, lots of play area, forest, meadow and hills for romping and rolling. On sunny days, a large swimming pool and a playground with a sandpit, slide and rocker await the kids. There are also hammocks that even parents like to float on for a few moments. There will be balls, deckchairs and badminton rackets. In case of bad weather, we have a stock of board games, puzzles, table football, art supplies and toys for children. We have also prepared amenities for the youngest: -play for games, -feeding seats, - travel cots, - a bathtub, a potty, a toilet seat, - bottle heater, Due to the wooden structure of the house, there is a curfew on the sleeping levels from 23:00 - 6:00. Night owls can use the living room or gazebo in the meadow to the stop, they just need to remember to go to sleep quietly. Smoking and candles are strictly forbidden in the house, but we have a smoker's corner;)

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Attractions for children

Children's corner
Cooking together
Large safe running space
Mushroom picking
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Additionally available

Portable / travel bed for children
Bath tub for babies
High chair

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Osada Studzionki , Ochotnica Górna, Podhale Region, Gorce Mountains, Poland

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From the direction of Nowy Targ, go towards Szczawnica. Turn onto Knurów. Cross the entire Knurowska Pass. in Ochotnica Górna enter the bridge with a small signpost Osada Studzionki. Sharp uphill in first gear. after about 2 km, after leaving the forest, turn left at the T-cross. Follow the asphalt road to the end and turn right after the figure. Jagodowa Polana will appear in about 200 m, on the right side, near the forest. Parking is on the premises.

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Icon Public transportation

Nearest stops

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Bus: Ustrzyk (5 km)

Train: Nowy Targ (18 km)

By bus or taxi from Nowy Targ

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How much will I pay?

Notification icon
Did you know that our hosts agreed to keep their prices on Slowhop the same or lower than anywhere else? If you feel otherwise, let us know at
SUMMER 2022 May-September
FAMILY ATTIC (two rooms - 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms - large in the corridor and small in three): Double room attic PLN 130 / day Smaller triple room in the attic (with a small bathroom inside) 190 PLN / day
Double rooms, bathroom next to the room 130 PLN / day A three-person hunter's bedroom with a bathroom PLN 240 / day Quadruple Family Bedroom with bathroom 240 PLN / day
Additional pricing information
FOOD: 8:30 - 10:30 buffet of hot and cold dishes, drinks At 18:30 dinner: two courses with dessert, compote. You eat as much as you want. Ask about the option of leaving the soup for a toddler. In emergency situations, you can postpone the time of the meal max. by 20:30 - info required. until 4 p.m. - otherwise the meal will be lost. Hot drinks, sugar, coffee milk and water - permanent access - free of charge. PRICE LIST: WE SELL HOLIDAYS WITH FOOD for each accommodation we offer meals twice a day: axis. adult 100 PLN All DIETS for adults - PLN 130 FOOD DISCOUNTS: - children up to 1 year - PLN 0 - children 1-3 years old - PLN 50 - children 3-5 years old - 60 PLN - children 5-8 years old - PLN 70 EXTRA BED is calculated for each additional person in the room, regardless of age, always with bedding - PLN 40 / day dogs up to 15 kg - PLN 50 / day The minimum number of nights in the holiday season - 7 (unless there are shorter gaps - ask) Stays in May, September - min 3, preferably - 5 Groups and events - individual arrangements possible - ask

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Icon We accept: small dogs, medium dogs, cats
Icon Maximum number of guests: 20 people
Icon Quiet hours from 05:00 to 23:00

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 7 days

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
Prepayment charged: 30%
We do not return prepayments
Remaining amount paid on arrival (cash on the spot, money transfer)
We do not issue invoices

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 15:00 to 20:30
Departure from 07:00 to 11:00
We will stick to defined checkin / checkout times

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Icon Other rules
Advance payment payable by the Slowhop payment system (possibility of card payment and quick transfer). The rest of the amount is payable on the spot in cash.

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Było rewelacyjnie! Super miejsce, wspaniała atmosfera, przeurocza gospodyni. Marta wkłada duszę w to co robi. Wszystko mega smaczne, zdrowe i wspaniale podane, a do tego zawsze uśmiechnięta Marta stwarza wspaniałą domową atmosferę , zaszczepia w ludziach radość i pozytywną energię. Nie da się tego wszystkiego ocenić , brakuje skali. Na pewno wrócimy. DZIĘKUJEMY!!! Zosia i Wojtek


Polecam. Dla mnie 6*. Podpisuję się obiema rękami pod wcześniejszymi bardzo dobrymi opiniami. Posiłki, lokalizacja, właściciele - na medal. Ze swojej strony pragnę dodać, iż łóżka bardzo wygodne, pokoje starannie przygotowane.

Host: Marta

Łaaał! Dziękujemy!!😁❤️


Brakuje nam skali na właściwą ocenę pobytu na Jagodowej Polanie. 5* to zdecydowanie za mało :D. To jest niesamowite miejsce - na szczycie, oddalone od zgiełku, z pięknymi widokami na majestatyczne Tatry, prawie na gorczańskim szlaku. I z cudowną Gospodynią - Martą, która tworzy atmosferę tego miejsca, pysznie i zdrowo gotuje, wkłada w to miejsce całe serce. Czuliśmy się dopieszczeni totalnie:-). Miejsce wyjątkowe, z duszą i dobrą energią, w oddaleniu od codzienności. Rzadko wracamy w miejsca, w których już byliśmy, bo warto odkrywać nowe, ale już wiemy, ze tu zrobimy wyjątek, przyjedziemy jeszcze raz, ale w innej porze roku :-)

Host: Marta

😁❤️ Ach wspaniale! Dziękuję! I widzimy się kiedyś tam😁😘

5.0 5 opinii