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Jagodowa Polana

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It is a simple wooden house on the Gorce hill. We invented it ourselves, we designed it and built it. And it was not easy, everyone who built a house above the clouds knows it. It is our fulfilled dream of life among the silence and beauty of the mountains. From the windows and from the terrace such a view of the entire Tatras, that breath takes away - every morning is different - it never gets boring ...
  How did we get here? Maybe by accident, or maybe everyone is attracted to what it is ..., it is not known. In life you visit many places, you meet different people and only sometimes everything will be arranged so perfectly that you have to come back and stay, no matter what - we stayed. Although we still live in a wide gap, standing with one foot in Mazovia and the other at the top, it is here in Gorce that we experience these deepest sighs ...

  We invite you to a place where you cook a lot, test and try, and share knowledge about life in harmony with the natural rhythm of nature. The kitchen smells of roasted Jerusalem artichoke with oyster mushrooms, real berries and bread on rye sourdough. Great plum jam is made here, meat, cheese and yoghurts from the milk of happy Gorce cows; wild salads from what will grow in a meadow and cook kitchen spells over a pot - means cooks according to the mysterious 5 changes, thanks to which your bellies and taste buds are happy and pampered. In the kitchen, the basis is health, but it is absolutely your pleasure! You sleep here in the mountain air and wooden cozy interiors, speak by your name - unless you do not like it - and sneak out on the terrace in the morning to practice yoga or drink a wonderfully aromatic coffee according to five changes, necessarily sweetened with real natural honey from senior family apiary.
   And if someone would like to start the adventure with baking homemade bread, he hit it well - he can start with us - we like to share knowledge and rye 9-year-old acid, it can be multiplied and multiplied without end ...

  Nobody disturbs here, although sometimes there are a lot of us, everyone is at home, because it is a real home and we have to feel at ease. And after a day on the trails and trips to the area, we meet at a long table, at a fragrant dinner with dessert, at home warming liqueurs, sometimes by the fireplace and we share our adventures. It is always nice and joyful and that's the way it should be, because many things can differ, but never love for good food and mountains ...

Marta Pawełek-Dukaczewska

Mieszkanka dużego miasta - najszczęśliwsza zawsze z dala od niego.
Z wykształcenia andragog, z pasji: wielbicielka slow-life i psychologii pozytywnej, zakręcona na punkcie gotowania, kuchni 5 przemian, ziół, pszczelarstwa, jogi, fotografii i gór.
Zamieniłam garnitur na fartuch, a laptopa na patelnię, żeby budzić się co rano z szerokim uśmiechem. Od zawsze lubiłam karmić, ale od kilku lat robię to wśród lasu, na szczycie gorczańskiego wzgórza. Smakuję życie, a najlepsze smaki są w Gorcach, więc gotowanie tu przychodzi mi z łatwością. Ale mój najlepszy przepis, to przepis na życie - znajdź coś, co pokochasz, a docenisz każdą chwilę. Ja, póki co znalazłam, więc każdego dnia doceniam - niesie mnie niesamowita energia miejsca i ludzi, którzy je odwiedzają, dzięki nim powstają wciąż nowe pomysły na kuchnię i życie.
Zapraszam Was w moje ukochane Gorce z widokiem na całe Tatry i na bloga kulinarnego, pełnego zdrowych pyszności regularnie "testowanych" na...
moich gorczańskich Jagodowych Gościach.:-) more

for families and friends
home-made products and cooking with passion
view of the Tatras
trails just below the house
summer pool in the garden
paradise for fans of mountain bike trips


  • In / At the edge of the forest
  • In the mountains

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Full board
  • Vegetarian, vegan, for allergics
  • Local products


  • Nearby the water
  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Close to attractions
  • Pet friendly
  • Pool
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Fireplace
  • Private bathroom
  • Flexible arrival / departure times
  • Children's corner
  • Playground
  • Bed for a child
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window
  • Massages

Local food

  • Cheese
  • Meat and sausages
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Bread
  • Honey

Where will I sleep?

We have prepared 16 beds for you, plus 5 extra beds

The first floor is:
2,3 and 4-person rooms
with a bathroom in a room or on the corridor, divided into two rooms.

Attic with the most beautiful view is:
- double and triple bedrooms
- two bathrooms, including one small in a 3-person room.
Rent them...
all or a selected part.

In each room you get a view of the entire Tatras, our forest and meadow, fresh linen, towels, and bathrooms are equipped with basic cosmetics and cleaning products.

The common time quickly passes in a cozy living room - dining room. There is a long wooden table, fireplace with the scent of the forest, TV and DVD for the evening screenings and a stereo tower. In the afternoons, we read books on the terrace, we have a lot of them, and on a hammock under a tree we like to take a nap. We spend the evenings by the campfire under the starry sky and in a cozy wooden gazebo, with a comfortable banquet table, conversation-prolonged dinners, or just falling into beds :)

What will I eat?

We start the day with coffee according to five changes. If someone does not know what it smells, it's time to try it! And the smell actually spreads throughout the house.
 Later on a regional table and our sausages, jams and homemade jams enter the long table. Cakes fragrant with berries and seasonal...
fruits, washed down with fresh milk. Bread baked with sourdough, home-made cottage cheese, yoghurts and obligatory real honey from our apiary. We cook only from local products and what we have grown ourselves, which is why we do not fear vegetarian, non-dairy and gluten-free diets.

In summer, sometimes we eat breakfast in the yard, because there is no way to start the day with the sun and a beautiful view. In the afternoons we grill, in the evenings we light a bonfire, because not only children enjoy it.
Dinner in the dining room is soup in a vase, second dish, dessert, tea and compote. Generally, you eat as much as you want, no one will leave here hungry :)

We also prepared a small kitchen at the disposal of our guests. You will find there a fridge, sink, electric kettle, coffee maker, bottle warmer and basic crockery and cutlery.
Do you want to heat something in the microwave? Although we do not use it ourselves, we'll be happy to share it with you.

We invite you for breakfast between 8.30 and 10.00, and dinner is served at 18:30 on time. If you're going on a long mountain trip - plan your route well and let us know at the latest until 6pm - we can move your meal by 9pm. And then we go to sleep :)

What will I do?

Gorce is the picturesque, less frequented mountains, vis a vis the Tatras, where there is still no crowds on the trails, but to see it is so much that it is difficult to describe. Do not worry, we will help you find your way :)

- Studzionki is a hamlet in our immediate vicinity where you can admire...
the Tatras in all its splendor, you will find there the highest local peak Majcherek, open-air museum, you will meet many a highlander.
- a few steps from Jagodowa Polana there are mountain hiking and cycling trails leading to Lubań, Turbacz and Gorc, and climbing even higher, to the lookout towers, you will undoubtedly count the sigh of admiration for the majesty of nature.
- in the village of Łopuszna you will find a sixteenth-century noble Manor Muzemum, and next to a stud horse.
- fishing enthusiasts will find themselves here, nomen omen, fish in the water - you can fish in the Dunajec, and near Ostrowisko there is a professional angling fishing ground.
- Pieniny National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the area. Be sure to take a walk through the hills of Three Crowns and Sokolnica, and pass the 13th century Pieniny Castle along the way.
- in spring and summer, take a rafting trip on rafts, and with this hungry experience, we recommend mountain rafting, kayaking or SUP-a by the Lagoon.
- be sure to visit the Little Pieniny and Gorole Homole, and there are the Stone Books on the clearing, climb a bit higher on Wysoka, to admire the beautiful views, from there close to the Szczawnica Spa - enjoy the spa waters.
- hungry for historical places, we invite you to the wooden architecture trail, Czorsztyn Castle and Niedzica on the Czorsztyn Lake, and if you feel like going to the old one - you will find an Amusement Park nearby or a guarded bathing beach where you can spend a sunny day with kids - water and all the attractions there a lot, adults will not disdain.
- on the Slovak side, be sure to visit the Red Monastery, from where you look at the Three Crowns in all its glory
- in the mountains you can not do without ski slopes in winter - Czorsztyński-SKI and the Kotelnica ski resort - 30-40 minutes away by car from Jagodowa Polana, but ATTENTION: we will only accept real tough guys with off-road cars and four-wheel chains.
- for a treat after a day on the snow, visit the hot springs - Szaflary, Białka or Gorący Potok, about 25 km from our house.

And we can endlessly ...

But if you want to slow down a little and spend the day with a book in hand, we have blankets, deckchairs, hammocks ... You can also lie on the grass under a tree, or sit comfortably in an armchair. Forests for morning walks are also, in addition around Polana - ours, private. During the season you will find berries, raspberries, blackberries and a lot of mushrooms - beetles, goats and cock. Mushrooms, of course, we can help you dry, if you need it, or pick them up for morning scrambled eggs - we love!
For longer walks we have Nordic walking poles and we are happy to lend them, so do not worry about anything, but you must have bikes;)

What's for children?

For the younger we have, above all, mountain air, a lot of play ground, forest, meadow and hills for slogging and rolling. On sunny days, a large swimming pool and a playground with a sandpit, a slide and a rocker await the kids. There are also hammocks, where even parents like to swim away for a few... moments. There will be plenty of balls, sun loungers and badminton racket. In the event of bad weather, we have a whole stock of board games, puzzles, table football, art supplies and toys for toddlers.

We have also prepared facilities for the youngest:
- play ball,
-fot feeding,
- a tourist bed,
- a cutlery, a potty, a toilet seat,
- bottle warmer,
Due to the wooden construction of the house, there is a quiet night at the sleeping levels in the chair. 23:00 - 6:00. Night brands can use the living room or gazebo on the meadow to the resistance, they just need to remember to quietly settle down to sleep.
The house is strictly forbidden to smoke cigarettes and candles, but we have a smoker's corner;)


  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • Tv set
  • Cosmetics

How much will I pay?

LATO 2020 / maj-wrzesien/

Pokoj 2 os z łazienką dzieloną z drugą dwójką 100zł/doba Duży pokój 3 os z łazienką 200zł/doba
Pokój 3 os z małą łazienką 150zl/doba Duży pokój 4 os z łazienką 200zł/doba Duża 2ka z łazienką dzieloną z 3ką 100zł

Długi weekend czerwcowy 10-14.06 - rezerwacja w całości z pełnym wyżywieniem


8:30 - 10:00 buffet cold and hot dishes, drinks
18:30 half board: two dishes with dessert, compote.
The possibility of establishing a steady evening meal - a declaration on the 1st day of your stay.
In urgent situations, you can move the meal time to max. until 21:00 - required info. until 16:00 - otherwise the meal is lost.
Hot drinks and water - permanent access - for free.


meals 2 x per day:
os.dorosła PLN 60

1x meal a day:
axis. adult PLN 40

ELIMINATION DIETS for adults - PLN 70/50, respectively - upon agreement

DISCOUNTS (valid throughout the season):
- children up to 8l - 50% discount
- children up to 10l - 10% discount
- babies up to 2l on delivery - 0 PLN
- extra 20 PLN

We do not rent rooms without food.

Small dogs agreed upon - 10 PLN / day fee

In season, the minimum number of nights - 2, but we reserve such short stays on a regular basis. Preferred minimum stay of 5 nights.

Groups and events - individual arrangements

Place rules

Accepted animals:

big dogs, medium dogs, small dogs, cats
Payment and booking conditions

The deposit payable by the Slowhop payment system (card payment and fast transfer). The rest of the amount paid on the spot.

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:15:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Osada Studzionki
  • 34-453 Ochotnica Górna

How to get here?

Best from the side of Knurowska and Ochotnica Górna Pass. Go to Knurów - the road is asphalt, only the last 200m whipped. The pass is quite long, you will defeat it in about a quarter.  In Ochotnica Górna head right and uphill, through a new bridge over the stream. It is easy to get past it, but you will recognize it by silver solid railings, at night with decent reflections. There is also a small signpost "os.Studzionki", unfortunately you will see the inscription going only from the other side :( Moments are quite steep and narrow, but there are passages on the route and everyone will be able to do so calmly. already upstairs - maximum on the 2nd run, on the hill itself, pass the settlement of several cottages on the right and cross the T-shaped crossroads, turn left onto the asphalt uphill.The road at the top, behind the clump of trees, turns sharply to the right and leads 200m ridge, then down, straight to our house, which stands as the last buildings on the right in front of the forest.  If someone likes faster and shorter - he can get through the forest, along a gravel road from the side of Szlembarek. The road is wider, but it is not recommended for long low cars due to numerous bumps. However, some of our guests prefer it because it is less winding. You'll defeat her mostly in first gear. Watch out for bumps. Note - navigation usually chooses the second option! If you decide on it, turn behind the church to the left and all the time uphill, to the top, where you will see Jagodowa Polana and all the Tatras. Take care of a good route recognition before you set off, your GPS signal will be lost in Gorce. But do not worry! No one has managed to get lost so far ;-)



Trudno dodac cos jeszcze bardziej trafnego do tego, co pisze o sobie i Jagodowej Polanie Marta..jest poprostu fantastyczne, ma niesamowita energie gor i calej otaczajacej je natury, ktora mozna godzinami obserwowac i fotografowac i wciaz jest inna i wciaz sie nie nudzi.. ale to tylko polowa tej energii bo Marta wypelnia je swoja cudowna osoba,wspaniala kuchnia, w ktorej absolutnie wszystko jest domowe, ekologiczne, zdrowe i poprostu pyszne a tych co potrzebuja i duchowo stanac na nogi,potrafi jak czarodziejka wesprzec tym, czego akurat potrzebuja. Dziekujemy za pysznosci, za cudowne cieplo domowego ogniska, za nauke o ziolach i jedzeniu, za piekne rozmowy i pyszne ciasta na deser, za chleb i stosowne do pogody sniadanko, za zaczarowana, zdrowa kawe, ktora cudownie rozgrzewa i stawia na nogi, za mile wieczory i ogromny zapas pozytywnej energii, z jaka stamtad wyjechalismy. Na pewno wrocimy bo czastka nas juz tam pozostala na gorze, na Jagodowej Polanie..❤️ Magdalena z rodzina