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Krakowska Cichosza

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Location Poland, Lesser Poland, Kraków
What if during the day you visit the city and its nooks and crannies, but wake up in the countryside and drink coffee on a terrace surrounded by meadows? One day to stay in the silence and spend the evening with the pleasant accompaniment of crickets, the second to go to the river, and the third to discover the less obvious sides of the royal city? Who likes such a vision, will like our hut - a bit hidden among the grass, by a side road, yet located within the borders of Krakow. We live in a house adjacent to the cottage and we have known the advantages of the rural face of this town for a long time. We go for walks with our dogs to the ruins of the Bodzów fortress, where we can see the distant and beautiful Wawel from a hill, in summer we catch the sun by the Vistula, and in the evenings we sit on the terrace with a cup of hot tea and enjoy the peace. The streets are quiet, because the stree