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Leśne Apartamenty Strażnica

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What we have here is a cheerful team of forest people, a really old building, where from 1930 soldiers were based, mountains and rivers all over the place. We go to the city only in case of urgent needs, as somehow we`re better off playing in the mountains and having laid back chats with the guests.

Everything here is old, containing a local legend and climate. We came here as soon as the soldiers left. We have restored this and that and we got rid of the military spirit by making our own beer. Instead of a rifle we have books, from field exercises we prefer climbing and we welcome families with kids. We invite you to Zielenca, where there is a climate for many things, and we know exactly what to do.

Ewa Chopkowicz

Our dream of a home in the mountains appeared even in the student days, when we wandered the mountains and made plans for the future. After many years, we found an abandoned watchtower in the Orlicke Mountains and found courage to follow our hearts.
A few minutes on foot to the ski slope / building
Orlicky Mountains, Bystrzyckie, nature reserve
You can come with a pet (10 zł charge)
Come home!
Super bike routes
In summer children's creative workshops!


  • In / At the edge of the forest
  • In the mountains

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments
  • Entire place


  • Access to the kitchen


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Close to attractions
  • Pet friendly
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Skis
  • Children's corner
  • Playground
  • Animations for children
  • Volleyball court
  • Bed for a child
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window

Where will I sleep?

For almost a Century, the army was stationed here, as the building served as a guard for border guards. Since the warriors left - we are warming up this place. All apartments and rooms have either their own kitchenette or easy access to the common dining room with annex. You can book from 1-7 days).... We spend time together in the dining room, children in the living room, reading in the library, playing in the games room, and drinking wine in the fireplace room.

We have for you:

1. Apartment Spruce (10 people)
(3 rooms with bathrooms, dining room with kitchenette)

2. Modrzewiowy Apartment (8 people)
(2 bedrooms with bathrooms, dining room with kitchenette, on the first floor.)

3. Apartment Sosnowy (5 people)
(Studio with bedroom, bathroom and dining room with annex)

4. Apartment Maple (2-4 people)
(Room with bathroom and annex)

5. Room Hollow (2 people)

6. Bright Room (4 people)
(bathroom available from the corridor)

7. Berry Room (2-3 persons)
(with bathroom)

8. Bobra Bronka Apartment (2-3 persons)
(attic - bathroom and kitchenette)

9. Jeżierz Kazimierza Apartment (4-5 people)
(attic - bathroom and kitchenette)

10. Dzika Tadzika Apartment (2-3 persons)
(attic - bathroom and kitchenette)

11. Popielica Zosi Apartment (3-5 people)
(attic - bathroom and kitchenette)

What are we proud of is...
- our two terraces on the lower side overlooking the larch it tastes delicious morning coffee, on the new at the Black Chatka we want to organize evening dances
- from the renovated Black Chatka in the garden, which was a stable for horses before the war, then the army kept snow scooters in it, and now it is the perfect additional space for workshops, meetings in a closed circle, and in the attic when it rains well practiced yoga: )
- From our secret place - Forest Strumyków, we trampled the path to him and on hot days the kids can safely wade in the shallow but wide spill streams, build dams, muddy each other and practice balance on the walkway.
- we also have a barbecue if someone would prefer a barbecue from the fire

We are in love with nice things and therefore we asked Berlin illustrator Nadia Linek to create a special collection of Forest Zodiacs for us. Forest Zodiac is the Zodiac Popielica, Hedgehog Kazimierz, Bóbr Bronek, Dzik Tadzik and Borsuk Stefan. We moved them to shirts, tobyes and cups and everyone can take their favorite pet home with them.

And Zoodaki has also become the patrons of our 4 attic apartments.

What will I eat?

We do not cook for guests, but each of our apartments has its own kitchenette, which includes a refrigerator, an electric kettle, a microwave, a set of dishes and cutlery. The apartments have kitchenettes for families with young children - we have allergy sufferers very much appreciate it.

In the two...
smallest apartments we do not have an induction hob, but for guests using these apartments and for guests who live in rooms we have an additional kitchen and dining room in the Watchtower Cellars. It is equipped with a gas stove with oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, coffee maker, electric kettle and dishes, pots and cutlery.

In the winter season, there are many bars in Zieleniec and skiers are happy to use them. In summer, when the Orlicky Mountains and Bystrzyckie Mountains are deserted, the offer is smaller, but some good places are available. Our guests usually prepare for us breakfasts and dinners, and dinners eat somewhere during the tour.

What will I do?

If you are coming to Zielenca, you probably already know the answer ...

In summer...

- we ride bikes, because the area is a paradise for cyclists. Sometimes flat, sometimes up, fortunately sometimes also down ...
- we walk the mountains, we breathe, we stare and relax with views
- we visit the Peat...
bog near Zieleniec, unique nature reserve of 8000 years on the neck. It reminds the Siberian taiga. Supposedly...
- Swim with the pontoon on Nysa Kłodzka, using the waterfalls in Bard.


- Zieleniec has an alpine microclimate. Red blood cells buzz, pull the person out of depression in a few hours, and children from the Cathars as fast.
- He also has a Green Stations Station, and in it nearly 30 lifts, such services as heated couches, is almost like in Aspen. There is always snow!
- Crossings! Prepared routes for beginners and advanced.

- We are looking at the Czech Republic, we have Czech specialties and we are looking for new Czech beers that we like the most in the world.
- We discover the secrets of history. Apparently, the wreckage found in the forests of Poland is the one that escaped from Festung Breslau Hans Frank. Worth checking out.
- Peat bog near Zieleniec is extremely deep. There are voices that this is where the Amber Room is located ...

At location...

- In the garden we relax, swing on hammocks, play in the net and look at the children
In the middle we sit in the library and the fireplace room.

What's for children?

We are crazy for kids of all ages, we are parents ourselves, so we think of families in a special way.

- We provide free of charge baby cot, bath, high chair and electronic baby bath.
Free use of the washing machine
- babies sleeping in the room with their parents or in their own cot and needless bedding...
can leave their savings for something else (they are free)
- we have additional bedding for babies - pay 15 zł one time.

Of course children have it all in their noses, so information for them: we have a playground inside and out, and parents in our climate are exceptionally laid back. And the thing that we are really proud of is our small Bullerbyn - 3 colorful little cottages (they love to play in them) and creative children's workshops (this year we will test Klanza's scarf). We also organize muddy days for kids.


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Dryer


How much will I pay?


Apartament Bobra Bronka 260 zł/doba
Apartament Dzika Tadzika 260 zł/doba
Apartament Klonowy 360 zł/doba
Apartament Popielicy Zosi 470 zł/doba
Apartament Jeża Kazimierza 470zl/doba
Apartament Sosnowy 470 zł/doba
Apartament Modrzewiowy 750 zł/doba
Apartament Świerkowy 900 zł/doba
Pokój Dziupla 190 zł/doba
Pokój Jagodowy 230 zl/doba
Pokój Jasny 350 zł/doba


Apartament Bobra Bronka 160 zł/doba
Apartament Dzika Tadzika 160 zł/doba
Apartament Klonowy 200 zł/doba
Apartament Sosnowy 250 zł/doba
Apartament Popielicy Zosi 230 zł/doba/
Apartament Jeża Kazimierza 230 zł/doba
Apartament Modrzewiowy 450 zł/doba
Apartament Świerkowy 500 zł/doba
Pokój Dziupla 120 zł/doba
Pokój Jagodowy 140 zł/doba
Pokój Jasny 180 zł/doba

ZIMA NISKI SEZON (do 21.12 od 9.03)

Apartament Bobra Bronka 220 zł
Apartament Dzika Tadzika 220 zł
Apartament Klonowy 320 zł
Apartament Sosnowy 400 zł
Apartament Popielicy Zosi 400 zł
Apartament Jeża Kazimierza 400 zł
Aparatment Modrzewiowy 660 zł
Apartament Świerkowy 780 zł
Pokój Jagodowy 180 zł
Pokój Jasny 300 zł
Pokój Dziupla 160 zł

* stay from 4 to 7 days
* we offer discounts for longer stays
* prices include bed linen
* towels only on prior request of guests
* the hotel day starts at 17.00 and ends at 11.00

Place rules

Accepted animals:

big dogs, medium dogs, small dogs, cats
Minimal rental period

W okresie ferii zimowych i Sylwestra - 7 dni, w pozostałym okresie - min. 2 dni.

Payment and booking conditions

Confirmation of reservation is payment of the deposit (40% of the total amount of stay) to your account. At the same time we inform that the deposit is non-refundable and the remaining amount is payable on arrival.
Payment must be made within 3 days of booking. Failure to pay within this deadline will result in cancellation of the initial reservation.

There are no towels available in the Forest Rooms.
There is free wireless internet throughout the building.
Possible forms of payment are cash or transfer, we do not support payment cards.
For every person is charged 3.5 zł local fee according to the Resolution of the City Council Duszniki Zdrój, for a stay longer than 1 day. The fee is charged in cash at check-in.
One-time pet fee - 10 PLN / pet / day.

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:17:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Zieleniec 43
  • 57-340 Zieleniec

How to get here?

For non-motorized people - you can get to us without a car! Just reach the railway station in Duszniki Zdroj. And we will organize a special forest transport here :)



Bardzo gorąco polecam! Bardzo czyste, ładne, przytulne miejsce z masą możliwości spędzania czasu. Świetnie przystosowane dla Maluszków, Nasz 1,5 roczny Synek czuł się świetnie i miał bardzo dużo aktywności a my chwilkę na pyszną kawę z ekspresu:) Gospodarze bardzo pomocni i życzliwi. Naprawdę bardzo polecamy. Okolica daje mnóstwo możliwości do spędzania czasu i przebywania w pięknych miejscach a Leśne Apartamenty są tego idealnym dopełnieniem.


Witam piękna klimatyczna miejscówka w lesie. Zapamiętamy ją na długo, Wieczorem ogniska, rozgrywki w gry planszowe w podziemnych pokojach. Raj dla dzieci od rana rozbiegały się po terenie, jedni młodsi wchodzili do małych kolorowych domków, inni grali w siatkówkę, badmingtona, jeszcze inni bujali się na hamakach. Świetna lekcja przyrody. Bezcenne zabawy w pobliskim strumyku, robienie tam, obserwowanie traszek i kijanek w pobliskich kałużach. Fajne miejsca do potuptania blisko lokalizacji. No i zawodowa Pani Sabinka, ogarniająca od rana kuchnię i teren i służąca pomocą a przy tym świetny towarzysz do rozmów. Pozdrawiamy ze Śląska Edyta i reszta.