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Manichatki - Chatka Mani Sowy

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What the Manichatki radio station broadcast is an important message. A message for those who in the everyday rush and run after a better tomorrow while concerned about yesterday, they tend to forget that everyday life can take place at a natural pace, and the "dolce far niente" (just do nothing) is not an oxymoron, it`s a way of life instead, dears!

Imagine the endless expanse of greenery, the beech forests of the Low Beskids, numerous mountain springs and streams, and among them cottages looking at the world with turquoise eyes. In the place of the historical Lemko village, I created Manichatki. Unique, cut off the intrusive civilization area, and huts from over 100 years old logs built on top of it. In one, we live with Mania, and we give two to you. This year, our new acquisition - Manichatka Sowa, or Mana Sowa's hut, officially accepts wanderers lost in the city. It has space for 6 people willing to talk, long wanderings, cooking, reading books and observing what is squeaking in the grass.

Along the way, birds cast shadow spots on forest paths, clouds like cotton candy suspended in the sky meadows swaying in the wind, concerts for two or more crickets, stars that indicate the direction of belated wanderers, the smell of freshly cut grass. Here you will encounter the miracle of nature and see with your own eyes how the present intertwines with history. Ropki is a mix of cultures: Łemkowie, Pogórzanie, Bojkowie. The villages still bear traces of old Lemko highways, roadside crosses, chapels, the church and cemeteries hidden among the trees.

I can not promise you eternity, but I can provide a few respite moments. Manichatki are waiting.


The motivation to find a secluded place on earth was my 12-year-old daughter. Manuela is a born artist - sculptor, painter, dancer and horse charmer. Looking for a farm for us, I was longing for the carefree holidays spent in my nanny's home village - Florynka. I found a place for our new home just a few kilometers away, in Ropki, an old Lemko settlement.
Everything went uphill, it was good for the Beskid Niski. I managed, however, to buy the old swap and from its old boards create two houses - for me and Mańka, and for guests. Only the question of the name remained. After a lengthy thought process, there was finally a revelation. After all, all this was created by and for my Mana. That's how Manichatki was born.
a total of 6 places for a family, a group of friends, but also for a couple
bring your dog along
for those who love nature, peace, long wanderings and muddy children
self-cooking, but you can also order meals next door
internet in the wild - there is such option
terrace for lounging overlooking the green hills


  • In the mountains

Type of accommodation

  • Entire place


  • Access to the kitchen


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Close to attractions
  • Pet friendly
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Private bathroom
  • Unique view from the window

Local food

  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Goat cheese

Where will I sleep?

In a wooden house for guests, which I tried to create with love and attention to detail. Mr. Edek, as usual, was the top-man builder on top of it - of course. There would have been nothing created and made without him round here. The roof was built by Jurek - aka Elvis. With the help of these top ladz,... I fulfilled the dream of creating a comfortable, cozy and functional sister for the first Mana Hut. In Manichatka Owl you will not find crazy technologies and high-gloss furniture. The place has its soul, old wood, the roof is covered by old tiles, awry walls, some bricks, old stones and almost 100-year-old boards. You can find peace in it, the most beautiful sunrises for which it is definitely worth getting up, quieting and returning to nature. At your disposal is a house for a total of 6 people, but a romantic weekend for a couple will be a breathtaking idea. For a family, a group of friends, acquaintances of friends, friends and sisters and brothers.

At the bottom you will find an open space, and there a kitchen, dining room and living room with a goat and a view of the blue one in one. Next to the bathroom with shower. At the top in the space of Morpheus there is also an open space and 6 sleeping places. 2 double and 2 single beds, a little slants and a view of grassiness, softness of moss, waving trees and swallows flying over the fields.

The house wraps around a wooden terrace like a ribbon, which in the summer is a favorite place to read books, dry mushrooms, tan pale faces and eat fruit from nearby orchards.

Come and feel good, fill this house with joy, happiness, laughter, peace and all the good that you have in yourself.

Take your pets with you, they'll be fine here.

What will I eat?

We give you loads of freedom because you can eat whatever you want. In the house, on the ground floor there is a shared kitchen with a dining room, a living room and a fireplace that you do not want to leave. Everyone knows well that the best parties run in the kitchen until the morning, so we have created... a space for you to meet, cook together, integrate and talk about life. We are here for our and your convenience:
- hotplate and oven
- kettle
- a fridge, sink, pots and pans, and all the dishes needed for sacking.
Provision for filling the kitchen you can find:
- in a village shop in Hańczowa, about 3 km away,
- shops, delicatessens and supermarkets in Wysów - Zdrój and Uście Gorlicki, about 5 km away.
If you adhere to the principle that you do not cook on holiday, you can order food in a neighboring guesthouse.
In nearby Wysowa you will find a large selection of restaurants. We recommend it in the Old Spa House - pride.

Our earth gives ideal conditions for the production of delicious food. All interested organic products, such as eggs, milk, cow and sheep cheese, can be recommended for farms in Roky specializing in their production.

What will I do?

Ripky, because this is the Lemko name of our village is a former settlement of łemków located in the western part of the Low Beskids, in the Hańczowskie Mountains. Boredom combats the desire to learn about our interesting historical and natural terrain. You can go Nordic Walking along the trail of old... cemeteries, which are located on the slopes of the mountains. Hidden among forests are places of really quiet rest.

- Fans of mountain expeditions are encouraged to choose the red Beskid trail, ie the longest tourist route in Poland, running from Ustroń to Wołosate in the Bieszczady Mountains. The route is about 496 km long, so it is not recommended to take all the peaks and mountain passages, but it is definitely worth taking a hiking course to Hańczowa, where there is an antique wooden Orthodox church, belonging to the Małopolska wooden architecture route. For fans of mountain bikes, the route on Kozie Żebro, which is approximately 30 km long, There are many ways to calm down and reach inside yourself. You can, for example, take part in meditations organized in the Buddhist Retreat Center. It is one of several dozens of meditative centers of the Buddhist Diamond Connection Line of the Karma Kagyu Line operating in our country. Personality and mind training is here at your fingertips.
- In both summer and winter you can enjoy the benefits of the Hutsul Horse Stud "Gładyszów" in Regietów. It is here in the Beskid Niski that this small horse with a huge heart can develop its wings. If you want to try your hand at the saddle, you can sign up for horse riding. For skeptics of trips on the ridge, carriage rides will be ideal. In winter you can not miss the Hutsul sleigh. The breeding shows and equestrian competitions will also be very interesting, which take place in the stud at the end of May (Majówka in Regietów) and in September (Hutsul Days).
- We can not omit all the mountain attractions that await you in the vicinity of Ropki. Just 13 kilometers from here is Krynica Zdrój, whose famous Spa Park and Pijalnia with healing mineral waters are known throughout the country. Both in summer and winter, Jaworzyna Krynica and Słotwiny enjoy great interest. Well-prepared ski slopes.
- Book a moment for a visit to the highlander hut in Zdynia. The whole summer season, highlanders graze sheep, you can see there also a real "chicken" hut. We recommend trying Żętnika, Buncu and oscypek.
If that was not enough, you can also be tempted by:
- visiting wooden historic sacral buildings - Wooden Architecture Route,
- a trip to the reservoir in Klimkówka, where you can break your screen on the beach and rent water bikes,
- bee-keeping science in Sądecki Bartnik, or bee-keeping museum,
- ski games on Smerkowiec or Magura Małastowska,
- a trip to our Slovak neighbors to visit one of the oldest spas in the world - Bardejovské Kúpele.

What's for children?

Children in Manichatka will forget about the existence of smartphones, tablets and television. They will move in time and appreciate nature. They will run freely around the meadow, dip their hands in the stream and play in the mud. Observe grazing cows, look for black storks and bury secrets made of... slides, stones and flowers on the farm.
In summer, they can also:
- learn horse riding on the wonderful Hucul horses in the Hucul Horse Stud
"Gładyszów" in Regietów, and take part in workshops on which they will learn how to be
do not be afraid of a horse? Do horses really like sugar? Where does the horse have a front, where is the back?
- Enlist your parents in a rope park in Krynica.
- Splash in the Water Park in Wysów - Zdrój.
- Take the queue to Jaworzyna, where there are the best fries with ketchup in the world.
- Try if the health is tasty by tasting the healing waters in nearby spas.
- Bake the potatoes in the campfire.
- Get to know the culture of the region in the open-air museum


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • No TV set

How much will I pay?

Sezon niski

cena bez wyżywienia
dla 1 - 2 osób 300 zł/doba
każda kolejna osoba 100 zł/doba

Sezon wysoki - Boże Narodzenie, Sylwester, ferie zimowe, weekend majowy, weekend Bożego Ciała

cena bez wyżywienia
dla 1 - 2 osób 350 zł/doba
każda kolejna osoba 125 zł/doba

cennik od 23 lutego do końca marca - promocja!

cena bez wyżywienia
1-2 osoby 200 zł/doba
każda kolejna osoba 50 zł/doba

W okresie wakacji letnich rezerwacje minimum tygodniowe czyli od soboty do soboty.

Dzieci do 10 lat - 50% zniżki.
Psy i inne zwierzęta domowe bezpłatnie, po wcześniejszym zgłoszeniu.

Od dnia 01.01.2016 uchwała Rady Gminy zobowiązuje nas do pobierania od naszych gości opłatę uzdrowiskową w wysokości:

- Osoba dorosła: 2,00 zł za dobę pobytu.
- Uczniowie studenci pomiędzy 15 a 24 rokiem życia: 1,50 zł za dobę pobytu.
- Dzieci do 15 roku życia oraz osoby powyżej 75 roku życia: 0,50 zł za dobę pobytu.

Place rules

Accepted animals:

big dogs, medium dogs, small dogs, cats
Minimal rental period

2 dni

Payment and booking conditions

Rezerwacja zostaje potwierdzona po wpłacie bezzwrotnej zaliczki przez system Slowhop w wysokości 20% planowanej należności za cały pobyt.

  • Cash on the spot
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:15:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Ropki 24
  • 38-316 Wysowa Zdrój



Przepięknie położona chatka urządzona z niesamowitym gustem, dopracowana w najmniejszym detalu. Polecamy!!


Miejsce o niesamowitym klimacie, z zapachem drewna, z widokami z okien tak pięknymi, że czasem nie chce się nawet nigdzie wychodzić. Natura na wyciągnięcie ręki, nogi i oka ;) Polecam serdecznie!


Było cudownie! Miejsce iście bajkowe, przepiękne widoki na rozpościerające się krajobrazy nie tknięte przez człowieka. Idealne miejsce na odpoczynek, przemyślenia, wyciszenie się. Nie sposób nie wspomnieć o gospodyni tego miejsca. Osoba bardzo serdeczna, pomocna, taka która uwielbia ludzi. I uwielbia ich gościć. To po prostu widać. Zdecydowanie polecam to miejsce, na pewno wrócimy kiedy zrobi się zielono...


Bardzo przyjemne, cudnie położone miejsce :) Pani Gospodyni bardzo miła, dopełnia klimat tego miejsca. Polecam :)