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Houses and cottages
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Manichatki - Chatka Mani

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Location Poland, Beskid Mountains, Wysowa Zdrój
A Lemko village once stood here, full of beautiful cottages. Around it are green areas, the beech forests of the Low Beskids, the mass of mountain springs and streams, views that are a bit hard to believe. The village is gone, but there are Manichatki, houses of dreams, with turquoise shutters that wink to hikers surprised by the natural beauty, because these mountain springs, streams and views are still here. Fall in love with these beech forests, which swell with green in spring, and in autumn they go crazy with colours, completely without hesitation, as if they were showing off their prom dresses. Shout softly at the sight of passing deer and roe deer, which enjoy this paradise. Be silent at the sight of a wolf and quietly admire the bear. Yes, he is here sometimes. Get to know the mixture of cultures, because these places were shaped by the Lemkos, Pogórzans and Boykos. Admire the old Lemko cottages, roadside crosses and chapels, Orthodox churches and magical cemeteries hidden among trees. We are here and, if necessary, we will show what we have not been able to describe. We invite you.

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My 12-year-old daughter motivated me to find a lonely place on earth. Manuela is a born artist - sculptor, painter, dancer and horse whisperer. When looking for a farm for us, I was guided by my longing for a carefree vacation spent in my nanny's home village - Florynka. I found a place for our new home just a few kilometres away, in Ropki, an old Lemko settlement. Everything was a struggle uphill, as befits the Low Beskids. However, I managed to buy an old hut and create two houses from its old boards - for me and Mańka, and for guests. Only the question of the name remained. After a lengthy thought process, finally came the revelation. After all, it was all created by and for my Mania. This is how the Manichatki were born.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, French

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Eco Alert

We promote waste segregation by guests

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Our charms

We don't have televisions
Access via the forest/gravel road
We don't walk around the house in shoes
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Total of 13 beds
Total of 13 beds
You can take your pooch
You can take your pooch
For those who love nature, peace and muddy children :)
For those who love nature, peace and muddy children :)
Kitchen for cooking
Kitchen for cooking
We also have internet ...
We also have internet ...
3 apartments (triple and two for five)
3 apartments (triple and two for five)

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 1 house
Icon 3 apartments

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In a wooden guest house, which I tried to create with love and attention to detail. The hero of the decade and my master was Mr. Edek - a builder, carpenter, artist-carpenter. Together, we fulfilled the dream of creating a comfortable, cozy and functional country cottage. There are no crazy technologies and glossy furniture here, but there is 100-year-old wood, brick and a mental detox. At your disposal are three apartments that can accommodate a total of 13 people. A triple room is located on the ground floor, and upstairs there are two five-bed rooms, all with independent bathrooms. Plant Room (ground floor) Everyone knows that torn nerves should be treated with lemon balm infusion, and stress is greatly relieved by passion flower and ginseng. So in this room we went to the herb, a place of total relaxation arranged in a country style. The omnipresent wood is combined here with old bricks and ropes made of natural string. The walls are decorated with pictures of Polish herbs, and the bathroom is decorated with a mirror made of an old window. In detail: - Triple apartment with one double and one single bed. It is not possible to add extra beds in the room. - The room has a south-facing terrace. - The equipment includes a table with three chairs, a large wardrobe, a stool and an independent bathroom with shower. Those who like walking in the clouds, the wind in their hair and total freedom are invited to our rooms on the first floor. The Butterfly Room is located on the south side, and the Bird Room on the north side. The view from the windows is breathtaking. It will be hard for you to spot people from them, but you can easily catch a herd of deer and our stray cat Janusz. - These are two large comfortable five-bed rooms with mezzanines. - Each apartment has: one double and one single bed, plus a double mattress on the mezzanine. It is not possible to add extra beds in the room. - The equipment of both rooms includes a large wardrobe, bedside tables, a stool and an independent bathroom with shower. We made sure that the common space, i.e. the kitchen, as in every home, was a cozy meeting place, integration and drooling smells. Located on the ground floor, it allows you to cook both scrambled eggs and scallops in white wine. It is functional and equipped with modern appliances and a wood-burning stove. The kitchen is connected to the living room and dining room, where you spend an impossibly pleasant time by the fireplace, mulled or cool wine and sweet cocoa.

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Common space

Living room with couches
Dining room with tables
Fireplace corner
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Medium speed Internet / WiFi
Moderate cell phone reception
We don't have TVs

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For your comfort


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What will I eat?

Manichatki - Chatka Mani - What will I eat?
Manichatki - Chatka Mani - What will I eat?

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We give you great freedom, because you can eat whatever you want. In the house, on the ground floor, there is a shared kitchen with dining area, wood stove and fireplace, which you do not want to leave. Everyone knows very well that the best parties until the morning take place in the kitchen, so we have created a space for you to meet, cook together, integrate and talk about life. We have here for our and your convenience: -gas stove with oven, - wood-fired stove with a plate, - fridge, dishwasher, sink, pots and - frying pans and all utensils needed for eating. You can find provisions to fill the kitchen: - in a village shop in Hańczowa, approx. 3 km away, - shops, delicatessen and supermarkets in Wysowie-Zdrój and Uście Gorlickie, approx. 5 km away. If you adhere to the principle that you do not cook on vacation, you can order meals in a neighboring guesthouse. In nearby Wysowa you will find a large selection of restaurants. We recommend the one in the Old Spa House - pride. Our land provides ideal conditions for the production of delicious food. We can recommend Roky farms specializing in their production to all interested in ecological products such as eggs, milk, cow and sheep cheeses.

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Food on-site

Local products(eggs, cheese, vegetables, fruits, goat cheese)

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Kitchen access

Private kitchen in homes / rooms
Masonry stove
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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the mountains

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- Fans of mountain expeditions, we encourage you to choose the red Beskid trail, i.e. the longest tourist trail in Poland, running from Ustroń to Wołosate in the Bieszczady Mountains. The route is about 496 km long, so we do not recommend climbing all the peaks and meadows, but it is definitely worth taking a walking course to Hańczowa, where there is a historic wooden Orthodox church, belonging to the Lesser Poland wooden architecture trail. For fans of mountain bikes, the route on Kozie Żebro, which is about 30 km long, will be attractive. Apparently, the original name was given to this peak by Austrian cartographers who found a deer skeleton on it, commonly known as a goat. - There are many ways to calm down and explore yourself in Ropki. For example, you can take part in meditations organized at the Buddhist Retreat Center. It is one of the several dozen Karma Kagyu Diamond Way Buddhist Meditation centers operating in our country. Personality and mind training is here at your fingertips. - Both in summer and winter, you can enjoy the benefits of the Gładyszów Hucul Horse Stable in Regietów. It is here in the Low Beskids that this small horse with a huge heart can spread its wings. If you want to try your hand at the saddle, you can sign up for horse riding. For skeptics of ridge trips, carriage rides are ideal. In winter, you cannot miss the Hutsul sleigh ride. The breeding shows and equestrian competitions that take place at the stud at the end of May (Majówka in Regietów) and in September (Hutsul Days) will also be extremely interesting. - We cannot omit all the mountain attractions that await you in the vicinity of Ropki. Only 13 kilometers from here is Krynica Zdrój, whose famous Spa Park and Pump Room with healing mineral waters are known throughout the country. Both in summer and in winter, Jaworzyna Krynica and Słotwiny enjoy great popularity. Perfectly prepared ski slopes will attract enthusiasts of winter sports, mulled wine and beautiful views. - Book a moment to visit the highlander hut in Zdynia. The highlanders graze sheep throughout the summer season, you can also see a real "hen" hut there. We recommend trying żętyca, buncu and oscypek. If that was not enough, you can also try: - visiting wooden historic sacred buildings - Wooden Architecture Trail, - a trip to the lagoon in Klimkówka, where you will set up your screen on the beach and rent pedal boats, - beekeeping education in Sądecki Bartnik, i.e. the beekeeping museum, - ski fun in Smerkowiec or Magura Małastowska, - a trip to our Slovak neighbors to visit one of the oldest spas in the world - Bardejovské Kúpele. The first mention of Bardejov sources comes from 1247.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths
Mountain trail

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For sports enthusiasts

Ski lift
Horse riding
Mountain bike routes

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What’s there for children?

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Children in Manichatka are to experience partial amnesia and forget about the existence of smartphones and tablets. They will travel in time and appreciate nature. They will run freely in the meadow, dip their hands in the stream and play in the mud. Watch grazing cows, look for black storks and bury secrets made of glass, stones and flowers on the farm. In summer, they can also: - learn horse riding on wonderful Hucul horses at the "Gładyszów" Hucul Horse Stud in Regietów, and take part in workshops where they will learn how not to be afraid of a horse, how it is with sugar and where the horse has a front and a back. - Take the parents to the rope park in Krynica. - Splash in the Water Park in Wysowo - Zdrój. - Take the cable car to Jaworzyna, where there are the best fries with ketchup in the world. - Try whether your health is tasty by tasting the healing waters in nearby spas. - Bake the potatoes on the fire. - Get to know the culture of the region in the open-air museum in Szymbark.

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Attractions for children

Horse riding
Sleeping in a tent in the garden
Bridge jumping into water
Mushroom picking
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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Ropki 24, Wysowa Zdrój, Beskid Mountains, Poland

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How much will I pay?

Notification icon
Did you know that our hosts agreed to keep their prices on Slowhop the same or lower than anywhere else? If you feel otherwise, let us know at
Low season
number of people in the apartment price
price per person (without meals) 1 person 180 PLN / day
price per person (without meals) 2 people and more 150 PLN / day
price for the whole house 13 people 1000 PLN / house
High season - Christmas, New Year's Eve, winter holidays, May weekend, Corpus Christi weekend
number of people in the apartment price
price per person (without meals) 1 person PLN 200 / day
price per person (without meals) 2 people and more 175 PLN / day
price for the whole house 13 people 1200 PLN / house
The prices are approximate ... they depend on the number of guests, the season, the weather, the hostess' mood, the size of the snowflakes of the previous winter, the distance to the full moon, the intensity of the lilac smell in spring, the color of the smoke rising from the chimney ... During the summer holidays, minimum weekly reservations, i.e. from Saturday to Saturday. Children up to 10 years old - 50% discount. Dogs and other pets free of charge, upon prior notification. From 01/01/2016, the resolution of the Commune Council obliges us to charge our guests a spa fee in the amount of: Adult: PLN 2.00 per night Students, students between 15 and 24 years of age: PLN 1.50 per night of stay Children up to 15 years of age and persons over 75 years of age: PLN 0.50 per night

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Place rules

Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Maximum number of guests: 13 people
Icon Quiet hours from 22:00 to 08:00

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 3 days
Prázdniny: 2021-06-26 - 2021-08-28, From Saturday to Saturday

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
Prepayment charged: 20%
We do not return prepayments
(cash on the spot, money transfer)

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 15:00
Departure to 11:00
We will stick to defined checkin / checkout times

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Icon Other rules
The reservation is confirmed after the non-returnable advance payment is made by the Slowhop system in the amount of 20% of the planned payment for the entire stay.

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5 gwiazdek zasłużone w 100% :) dużo można pisać, ale nie warto! Lepiej przyjechać i przekonać się własne oczy!


Miejsce, do którego się wraca. Kiedyś wybuduję własną chatkę na działce obok i będziemy sąsiadami :-)


Taki wypoczynek to ja rozumiem! Wszystko co lubię było: przestrzeń, przyroda, komfort, swoboda, cisza i nie dająca się nie lubić Dominika. Koty też fajne :-) Warto wracać i wspominać.

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