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Miętowy Anioł

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In the wooden house at the border 3 borders from the threshold you will smell the bread baked according to Grandma's recipe, proziaki, pickled sour soup with mushrooms from a nearby forest, smoked bacon or local marshmallow. This is where Bieszczady Angels, Kasia and Paweł, and Labrador Miętus found their peace.

We run a house where music can envelop you in warmth and give you joy of existence, while food spoils the palate. We don't spend time in the rooms, but interactively with other roommates. TV is only in the living room, but warmth and tolerance are ubiquitous. We want you to spend time together talking about the world, travels, even politics, everything and nothing.

We live with delicious food, sport and derive positive energy from people. You don't need much to be happy in the Bieszczady Mountains. The blue sky is there, the view of the pastures also. Silence, wonderful landscapes at any time of the year and time that you can spend on pleasures, hiking, bicycles and even skiing. Going out for morning coffee on the southern terrace, you admire the Żuków range, and in the evening, swaying in a rocking chair or heating in a Russian pumpkin, you look at the sky full of stars close at your fingertips.

Come all year round, because Bieszczady is a timeless hit.

Kasia i Paweł

We took seriously the recommendations from the saying, we threw the hustle and bustle of the city and went to the Bieszczady Mountains. In Równia
 near Ustrzyki Dolne, we have created a place where we welcome everyone who wants to spend their time away from everyday life with an open heart. Kasia has a lot of passion for sport and walking in the mountains. Once an avid marathon runner, after an injury forced to pause a little. Supporting all running and spilling hectoliters of sweat on mountain trails in ultramarathons. Passionate about cooking all that is good. Paweł is a graphic artist, painter and musician - guitarist and cajonist. Participant of music festivals creating together with nature a beautiful playing world. Together, we create a mix of patience and openness to everyone with a passion for life. We create a place where everyone can come and catch warmth for body and soul. Tourists come here as guests and leave as our friends ... and come back. This is the greatest joy for us.
us. more

We will accommodate 16 guests in 5 rooms
our Labrador Miętus invites companions to dog fun
relax in the sauna and sucks
delicious feeding is our passion - come with empty bellies
we are very accommodating to sportsmen and Bieszczady is a paradise for active people
you can also pitch a tent on a plot of more than 1 hectare


  • In the countryside
  • In the mountains

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Breakfast paid extra
  • Full board
  • Vegetarian, vegan, for allergics
  • Local products


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Close to attractions
  • Pet friendly
  • Bicycles
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Sauna, banya
  • Flexible arrival / departure times
  • No service
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window

Local food

  • Cheese
  • Meat and sausages
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Bread
  • Preserve
  • Honey
  • Goat cheese
  • Mushrooms
  • Cakes
  • Tinctures

Where will I sleep?

In a wooden house built from the so-called "Bala". At your disposal we offer double rooms or one family room for four people. Each of the rooms has a different atmosphere and refers to flowers and herbs. The beds are made of wood and have comfortable mattresses so that you can sleep up to noon. Good... and deep sleep is guaranteed.

We will accommodate 16 people in 5 rooms with extra beds. We invite you with pooches and kids. Unfortunately, we don't have cots or extra beds for your children. There is access to the WIFI network throughout the house, because it varies with cellular coverage.

We also offer a place to pitch tents on a plot of more than 1 hectare.

Peppermint Angel is also a place where we host motorized fans of two wheels. You will always find a place for a motorbike in the parking lot and a place to stay.

Typical family for 4 people with a terrace and a view of the Żuków range. With a double bed, separate sitting area with sofa bed and bathroom with shower.

Double with purple accents, double bed and bathroom.

Double with double bed and bathroom.

A bright, double room with two single beds and a shared bathroom with the Poppy Room.

Double with two single beds and shared bathroom with Sunflower Room.

We don't spend time in the rooms, but interactively with other roommates. The TV is only in the living room. We want you to spend time together talking about the world, travels, even politics, everything and nothing.
Going out for morning coffee on the southern terrace, you admire the view of the forest on the Żuków range, and in the evening swaying in a rocking chair, wrapped in a blanket, because the nights are cool in the Bieszczady Mountains, you look at the sky full of stars close at hand. You can also bask in a sauna and a Russian wood-burning pumpkin, because who will forbid you?

What will I eat?

With us, cooking is in full swing. As the food is only the best and tastiest. We run a kitchen like a mother's. Vegetables from our garden and trusted hosts are a guarantee of quality and taste. We will feed the most demanding users, from vegans and vegetarians to everything they eat. We make our own... milk cheeses from cows grazing stress-free in the Bieszczady meadows, sausages such as: ham, bacon, pates, sausages, we bake our sourdough bread, our own jams, plum jam and preserves.

We serve breakfast and dinner, and the menu changes like a kaleidoscope. Every day we surprise guests, and sometimes even ourselves. It happens that we go crazy in a grill hut and combine the flavors of Podkarpacie in the form of sour rye soup with smoked potatoes and Siewiersko-Zawierciańskie notes, i.e. baked goods. Believe the word, it's delicious.

Come without dietary decisions and with a firm decision to try and discover. Cheese, cheese and even more cheese are waiting for you. Homemade bunc and ricotta with great eco milk.

We're crazy with desserts, because you can always burn in Połonin or by bike on the wavy roads. So croissants with raspberry filling and plum jam, sprinkled with almonds, homemade ice cream, all kinds of meringues, fruit cheesecakes and pies.

You won't leave us hungry.

What will I do?

Bieszczady are not from bored. Time passes here more slowly, so there is a moment for walking, hiking, running, learning, reading, skiing, looking for bear tracks, talking at a shared table and a bicycle. Active recreation above all, but the moment for an afternoon nap or relaxation with a book on a... hammock will also be found.

If you feel like and need to talk and organize your own matters in mind and soul, I will gladly conduct coaching sessions with you as a certified ICF coach.

You don't even know how many talents you have, like cooking and singing, painting, making masterpieces from clay, wood or wicker. That's how you rest in the Mint Angel.

If, in addition to lazing around, exploring and walking in the mountains, you want to cook with us, then we invite you to a culinary workshop. It will definitely be tasty, and by the way we will teach you how to cook regional delicacies and more. In summer, we invite you to the summer kitchen in the garden. We will prepare and then eat the best of our garage. During the season of preserves, we make jars, jars and veils of the world's best jams, plum jam, pickled cucumbers and salads. We collect mushrooms and pickle ourselves. Sauerkraut also takes place here - maybe there will be someone brave to change their feet in a barrel? The flavors of cooking "for now" are: sour rye soup, devil stew, cabbage rolls, kartacze, proziaki, maczanka and many, many other delicacies, until drool drips. We will also teach you baking bread and yeast cakes.

What's around:

- One of the most beautiful churches in the Polish Bieszczady is located in Równia. It is from the first half 18th century affiliate church of the Protection of the Holy Mother, currently adapted for the church.
- Entering the blue trail through our garden after 12 km you will reach Solina, visiting the famous Solina Dam and its green hills covered with a mantle of fog.
- We can go to Lviv for a day trip, it is only 140 km from us.
- For enthusiasts of downhill skiing, the slopes of Laworta (7 km) and Gromadzyń (4 km) with 5 ski slopes of varying difficulty are located nearby, and for ski enthusiasts just 2 km from nearby Ustianowa there are 2 ski trails - competitive (5 km) and recreational (20 km).

Also in the summer there are many attractions here. Ustrzyki is surrounded by a network of beautiful hiking trails (red, blue, green and yellow) with a total length of 25 km and numerous mountain bike routes.

If you are lovers of mountain tours, you've come to the perfect place. Heading for Ustrzyki Górne you will come out on most of the high Bieszczady routes: both Połoniny Caryńska and Wetlińska, the trail to Rafki, Tarnica - the highest peak of the Bieszczady, Sine Wiry, and Duszatyńskie Lakes.

For runners, we have checked places for training in mountain terrain. There are also many trails in the area that prepare for the most crowded "Butcher's Run" and very close to Podkarpackie Ultamaraton.

What's for children?

We have not prepared special attractions for kids. There is no playground, sandpit or swings. There is a lot of running grass, a dog to cuddle and treats from the kitchen. Parents of children who need entertainment will have to devote some time to them. We don't have televisions or consoles. There is... a homely atmosphere, mushrooms behind the fence, Bieszczady attractions around, traces of bears on the path, and in winter ideal conditions for a sled marathon. more


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Balcony, terrace
  • No TV set
  • Iron


How much will I pay?

Cennik 2019

cena za dobę
Pokój Makowy 75 zł/os
Pokój Słonecznik 75 zł/os
Pokój Lawendowy 85 zł/os
Pokój Niezapominajkowy 85 zł/os
Pokój Miętowy 90 zł/os

Cennik 2020

cena za dobę
Pokój Makowy 80 zł/os
Pokój Słonecznik 80 zł/os
Pokój Lawendowy 90 zł/os
Pokój Niezapominajkowy 90 zł/os
Pokój Miętowy 100 zł/os

Dodatkowe koszty (fakultatywnie):
- śniadanie: 30 zł/os
- obiadokolacja: 49 zł/os
- ruska bania (od rozpalenia) dla 6 max os: 60 zł
- sauna sucha (od rozpalenia) dla 6 max os: 60 zł

- opłata klimatyczna: 1 zł/os/doba

Jesteśmy bardzo przychylni sportowcom, szczególnie maratończykom. Dla tych którzy pochwalą się nr startowym z minimum półmaratonu oraz medalem oferujmy zniżki na pobyt w Miętowym Aniele.

Place rules

Accepted animals:

big dogs, medium dogs, small dogs, cats
Minimal rental period

Zapraszamy na min 2 doby pobytu.

Payment and booking conditions

Nie pobieramy zaliczek. Całość kwoty za pobyt płacisz na miejscu gotówką lub przelewem.

Pozostała kwota:

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:14:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Równia 10
  • 38-700 Ustrzyki Dolne

How to get here?

Drogą do Miętowego Anioła jest oznakowana od drogi gównej Ustrzyki Dolne - Hoszów



Gorąco polecam wypoczynek w Miętowym Aniele:) Właściciel z Charyzmą ! Wspaniałe miejsce do wypoczynku i wypadu w góry. Pies Miętus uwielbia dzieci :) Dziękujemy :)


Miejsce z wyjątkowym klimatem, jakiego nie spotkaliśmy nigdzie indziej. Dzięki Kasi i Pawłowi (którzy sami są bardzo ciekawymi partnerami do rozmowy) nawiązaliśmy kontakt z pozostałymi lokatorami i spędziliśmy świetnie czas. Jedzenie więcej niż pyszne. Nasza grupa składała się z osób jedzących mięso i wegetarian i wszyscy znaleźli coś dla siebie. Na pewno wrócimy. Paulina


Miejsce jakich mało. Cisza, spokój i otwarte umysły domowników. Każdy w tym przepięknym miejscu poczuje się wyjątkowo. Jedzenie najlepsze na świecie -co dzień nowe niespodzianki. Miejsce dla pasjonatów ucieczek od zgiełku wielkich miast, lubiących ostre podjazdy na górskich drogach. Co najważniejsze - każdego psa od progu kocha się tam miłością wielką - śmiało można zabrać swojego pupila - najkochańszy na świecie Miętus obroni was przed wszystkimi lokalnymi zaczepiaczami, da sobie wejść niemal na głowe ale przy tym zapewnić możemy (zarówno ja jak i Piorun), że drugiego takiego kochanego przytulasa nie było nam dane poznać. Jedźcie i bawcie się równie wspaniale.


Fantastyczne miejsce polecam każdemu !! Ludzie którzy tworzą to miejsce są wspaniali 🙂 żal wyjeżdżać! Pokoje łazienka super . Jedzenie najlepsze jakie jadłam . Rodzinny klimat. Ich motto które wisi " Do Nas przyjeżdżają goście a wyjeżdżają jako nasi przyjaciele " w 100% się zgadza 😘


Agroturystyka z klimatem... ehhh. Ale opinia to konkrety:) Wieś, cisza, spokój, dom drewniany, kominek, taras, hamaki, pokoje czyste, łóżka wygodne. Ok. 40-50km do Wetliny czy Ustrzyk skąd na bieszczadzkie szlaki można wyjść. Jedzenie? Smaczne. Domowe. Pachnące. Świeże. Każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie. Chleby, sery, wędliny, pasztety, sosy, dżemy, mięsa, nalewki i pyszna malina do herbaty - efekt "pracy rąk ludzkich" Kasi, Pawła i Pani Doroty. Tu nie ma "na porcje", nie zjesz to kanapki na szlak karzą Ci robić ;) A obiadokolacje? To raczej biesiadowanie jest :) Zupa, drugie danie na półmiskach (bo u nich nikt głodny nie chodzi;)) , ciasto ....ale "prawdziwy deser" to rozmowy, anegdoty, opowiesci, przy wspólnym stole i kieliszeczku nalewki ;) I tak sobie myśle, ze takie miejsce, taką atmosferę, taki klimat to tylko pozytywni ludzie z pasja i otwartością do ludzi mogą stworzyć. Są takie miejsca, które odwiedzasz ale są też takie, do których będziesz wracać. I tak właśnie uczynie w tym przypadku. Do zobaczenia w lutym :)