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Nasza Polana

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Location Polska, Beskidy, Ropa
A place that came out of love. First to each other, then to the old house from 1928. We did not calculate or worth it. We shot blind love for the old man in the clearing, it was like a thunderbolt from the clear sky and followed him realization of the wild dream of life close to nature. We have created a place for good sleep, relaxation, reading, writing, composing. Artistic souls come here, people are so active, they do not take off shoes from sports shoes, there are nice families with children, there are lonely. Everyone comes back to us. They say that they are good at that they like to eat with us, that they love the little details of the decor and the idea of ​​a healthy life. They are not surprised that they do not have a TV, enjoy the silence and respect it, sense the need to talk, appreciate the lack of it. They are surprised that our house is wood, clay, straw. Everything from the immediate area. Healthy, natural, unprocessed, pleasing to the eye, healthy for the body, nutritious for the soul. We invite you to a place with constant exchange of energy. Visitors come here after SOM, leaving a bit of themselves. We owe hospitality, cuisine and curiosity to the people. We are waiting for you in the wildest Polish mountains. By the lake.

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Marlena Moździńska
Marlena - adventure lover, caring for good food, loving books, singing, theater and animals and strolls in the Beskid forests. Our clearing was created out of love for nature, for rural life, also because it was a dream that simply had to be realized. Formerly two and now only Marlena leads this unique place, where she tries to put a lot of affection and love for people. He eagerly listens to the stories of others and sometimes also serves an interesting story about life, about the Lemkos and Lemkos, of which he became a part.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, German, Russian

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family place
family place
We serve healthy wege with local ingredients
We serve healthy wege with local ingredients
Lake Klimkowskie 15 min walk
Lake Klimkowskie 15 min walk
great bike routes
great bike routes
three rooms for guests
three rooms for guests

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Where will I sleep?

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Guests of our Glade have at their disposal three cozy rooms, which are located in the attic of the house. All partition walls are made with the clay-straw method based on hazelnuts. The presence of clay plasters provides ideal air humidity and affects a peaceful sleep. Gray room - a room with a bathroom, four beds, which is normally used as a room for two. Perfectly suited as a family room in a 2 + 2 layout. The windows look south-east. Blue room - a room with a bathroom, with three beds. Also perfect for two but family 2 + 1 also great in it relax. The windows look west. Swallow called hollow or fishermen :-) - tiny room with access to the bathroom downstairs, has a double bed. The room is perfect for one person, but many couples praise sleep in this room. The view from the windows overlooks an old apple tree after which the birds are raging in the summer. The rooms are equipped with towels.

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What will I eat?

Nasza Polana - What will I eat?
Nasza Polana - What will I eat?

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In our home, meals are an important part of the day. Every day we serve vegetarian food, vegetarian. However, after prior and prior information we also prepare vegan and gluten-free meals.  We try to make the dishes are made of local and unprocessed products. Cheese and eggs are homemade. Vegetables come from our garden. We also make the most varied products, which we also serve during meals. These are: jams, silage, marinades. We also make vinegar and tinctures. An essential ingredient in the kitchen are herbs. Their aroma is a must have during any cooking. We appreciate their presence on our meadows and beds. For years, we have been friends with nettle, mint, dandelion kurdybankiem, dandelion, thyme and oregano. Sharing food is one of the advantages We serve herbal tea.

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Food on-site

Lokalne produkty (eggs, cheese, vegetables, cider, bread)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the countryside
Icon In the mountains

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Our Polana is a wild Low Beskid. Just his heart. For walkers and cyclists there are no shortages and difficult and easier. Our house is on the black trail. Just put on your shoes, pack and go. For the short-haulers there are paths in the woods and there the game, herbs and mushrooms in the season. In winter, the Beskid Niski can be crossed on skis or skitours. In the area (10-15 km) there are also ski lifts. We want a sleigh? It can also be organized. Beskid Niski is also Lemko. So beautiful wooden churches, open-air museum and Mazury Farm. Visiting these places moves to other times, allows you to familiarize yourself with the history of the region, talk to people who care the Lemko tradition until today. The ideal destination for lazing is the Klimkówka Lagoon, also called Cold Hawaii because you can surf here and even try to force on kitesurfing. There are kayaks and boats or a guarded swimming pool. Anglers with a valid card can also try their hand in this discipline. After returning to our Polana you can give yourself a reading - we have a library available for guests, you can take a hammock, lie in the meadow, in the evening admire the starry sky.

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What’s there for children?

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Our Polana is open to children, although we do not have specially prepared for them attractions. Experience shows that the youngest is attracted to the possibility of living in close contact with nature. They are happy to see chickens in the yard, get to know the plants or take a simple stone or stick and decide for themselves what these two simple items are. The neighborhood is safe. The area of ​​our Glade is not fenced but the traffic on the country road is minimal.

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Our address: Klimkówka 142, Ropa, Beskid Mountains, Poland

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En-suite room - price for 1 pers. with breakfast 70 pln Swallow (room without bathroom) - price for 1 pers. with breakfast 60 pln Children up to 3 years - 50% discount Charge for dog or cat stay 7 pln per night. Please inform us about your stay with the pet.

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Babski wypad bardziej niż udany! Cudne miejsce! Błogi spokój, przepyszne jedzenie i niesamowita właścicielka! :) Do tego wszystkiego przyjazne i super kochane czworonogi. Tu chce się wracać!! :)) Dziękuję za gościnę!

Host: Marlena Moździńska

ach, dziękuję :-) wracajcie mimo słabej pogody chyba nie było tak źle ;)


Cudowne miejsce, spokojne, z dala od zgiełku miasteczka. Sielski klimat spowodował, że nie chciało się wyjeżdzać 😊 jedzonko pyszne, zwierzątka kochane, a właścicielka przemiła 😊 Ps. Dźwięk traktora uspokajający 😃😎😃


Tak jak sobie wyobrażaliśmy tak właśnie było. Cudowna atmosfera, spokój i cisza. Gospodyni i goście niesamowicie uprzejmi i mili! Pyszne jedzenie, które było dobrym podkładem na dalekie spacery. Należy tez wspomnieć o zwierzakach, których nie mało, a które towarzyszyły nam przy ogniskach, spacerach i grach planszowych. Żal było wyjeżdżać, ale jesteśmy pewni, że jeszcze tu wrócimy :)

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