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Icon Max 8 people
Icon 1 house
Icon Without animals
Icon Self catering

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Okno na spokój

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Location Poland, Masuria Region, Warmia Region, Śniadowo (gmina Mrągowo)
There was no plan at the beginning. It was a bicycle trip around Lake Juksty. Roads winding among moraine hills, grass waving in the wind to the rhythm of nature. Such pictures should be saved in the album of memories. On our way back home, we saw an "I am selling a plot" sign, which stood in Śniadowo outside of Mrągowo and did not arouse any enthusiasm. But the plot itself - yes. So the cycling trip ended with a spontaneous purchase of the land. And then the enthusiasm waned. The glade started to be overgrown by small birches, and other things occupied our minds. The more our plot resembled an untamed meadow, and with time a young forest, the more often we said we had to do something about it. And that is when we met Karolina and Mikołaj, young passionate architects from Giżycko. It was them who thought that a Masurian barn with its shape cut in half would suit our glade best. And thanks to the "cut" with a magic terrace. If you cannot find it, ask in the village for a house like a church. In fact, from the access road, on the northern side, the black block has almost no windows and looks peculiar. However, it fascinates from the south-west and opens up with large windows with a view of the forest. Hares, hoopoes, jays and wagtails. Peace and quiet. On three sides, the house is surrounded by forest and meadow; on the fourth side, we have neighbours. The shape of the house may surprise some. Outside there is a black wooden façade. Inside, nature: seagrass carpets on the wooden floors, light wooden furniture, a spacious double-height living room, a fireplace and a mezzanine with a large collection of the best board games. And a kitchen so bright and sunny that we happened to be brewing coffee while wearing sunglasses. There's a chance you'll be bored here, napping and lounging or catching up on literature. After breakfast, set off on cycling tours on the gravel roads that host the Kormoran Rally. Warm your bones in the sauna, cook with passion or do not cook at all, eat the best pike-perch from a fryer a dozen or so kilometres away in a caravan and make rankings of Mragowo ice-cream parlours. Civilisation is 7 km away if you want it. We invite you to a house where peace and quiet are celebrated, but the surroundings constantly tempt you to stay active.

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Agnieszka i Marcin
A runner who has already crossed more than one lake here and knows the best paths around Mrągowo (he has set up quite a few segments and will be happy to tell you where to practice running uphill and where to do intervals) and a walker who watches birds and wild animals from her terrace in the forest and glades. For a long time, Masuria meant for us the wind in our sails, the splash of water against the side and a night at the pier. Then we became enchanted with a quiet lake Juksty and a secluded glade, where birds treble and the clangour of cranes (until they fly away) are the background music. And in this clearing, we built Okno na spokój (Window on Peace).

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, German
We are not on-site, but you can always contact us

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Eco Alert

We do not change towels every day (only if you ask)
We promote waste segregation by guests
There are no natural skins and furs in our interiors
We segregate garbage

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Our charms

Mosquitos on warm days
Steep stairs
We don't have air conditioning
Attic - it can get hot in the summer
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For up to 8 people, for a family or two, a group of friends
For up to 8 people, for a family or two, a group of friends
300 meters from Lake Juksty (public entrance and pier for another 400 meters)
300 meters from Lake Juksty (public entrance and pier for another 400 meters)
Finnish sauna to warm up
Finnish sauna to warm up
Welcome without pets
Welcome without pets
We'll tell you where to get the best ice cream & tasty fish
We'll tell you where to get the best ice cream & tasty fish
Bird radio in a pine and birch grove right behind the house
Bird radio in a pine and birch grove right behind the house

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 1 house
Icon for up to 8 people
Icon 110 m²
Icon bathroom: 2
Icon queen bed : 1
Icon sofa bed: 1
Icon king bed (or 2 single beds): 1
Icon single bed : 2
Icon Without pets

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The 112 m2 barn hides exceptionally bright interiors, the whiteness and colors of Masurian landscapes: the blue of the lake, the straw-colored grasses, the lush green of the pine forest, which flows through giant windows into a two-storey high living room. In the house, 8 people can rest comfortably in 3 bedrooms and a living room. On the ground floor there is a bedroom with a double bed 180 X 200 which can be divided into two separate beds, a living room with a large sofa bed, a kitchen with a large table where life goes on, bathroom with shower and sauna. Upstairs there is a bedroom with a double bed: 140 x 200, a bedroom with two beds 90 x 200, a bathroom with shower and a mezzanine. The living room is ruled by a fireplace. The living room can be viewed from the mezzanine, which has a lot of space and a library of board games. Traditionally, the mezzanine is occupied by kids. Same as the swing upstairs. We have a dishwasher, washing machine, hair dryer. It is meant to be a place for a digital detox. However, as the home has to become a work or school sometimes, there is also WiFi. The cellular range, on the other hand, depends on the operator (perfect with the exception of Plus). The price includes bed linen, towels, sauna, wood for the fireplace. Bring towels with you to take to the lake. We invite you without pets.

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Common space

Living room with couches
Terrace (15 m2)
Fireplace corner
Playroom / children's corner
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Barbecue area

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Medium speed Internet / WiFi
Good cell phone reception
We don't have TVs

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For your comfort

Towels (complete set per stay)
Hair dryer

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What will I eat?

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You can cook, because our kitchen is equipped as befits a family home. If you want to take a break from the kitchen, we'll tell you how. In Masuria, we mainly look for fish on our plates. Good fresh fish. If so, we would send you to the parking lot in Zełwągi, Smażalnia Muranka first. If you don't have enough zander, you must: Kurka Wodna w Zgon w Stanica Wodna. How far from us: 30 km. And if you finish your kayaking trip on the Krutynia River in Ukta, you must go to Słowiczówka for a meal there. And what else: Gościniec Ryński Młyn and fried smelt. How far from us: 20 km The question about the best ice cream in Mrągowo contributes to a family quarrel: 50% of votes were cast for Cafe Małgosia at 10 Ratuszowa Street, the rest of the family is behind the Ice Cream Shop - Igloo Cafe. The solution is simple: Igloo is on the same street, which is Ratuszowa at number 2, so one taste in Małgosia, one in Igloo.

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Kitchen access

Private kitchen in homes / rooms
Filter coffee maker
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Grocery stores nearby

Lidl, Biedronka, Kaufland (Mrągowo) (7 km)
mały sklep w Kosewie (podstawowe produkty) (4 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon By the lake
Icon In / at the edge of the forest
Icon In the countryside

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It is impossible to be bored in the city, there is still something to be done. Here in the countryside you can expect a breath. Such a full breast, clean air and nothingness. You can listen to the most beautiful sound - the crane clangor, and watch hares breakfast on the grass. In winter, you can bask in the sauna, light the fireplace and increase the readership statistics in Poland. Plus, go skiing on the Mountain of Winds or cross-country skiing. 300 meters from Lake Juksty, three steps from the benches with a barbecue area, several steps from the hammocks between pine trees. If you don't want to go further, choose Juksty Lake, which has a small but gentle descent, and a little further, a public pier to deep water. Juksty is also a pleasure for anglers. The clear waters and the remote countryside location allow for peaceful fishing. A large, sandy city beach is waiting for you in Mrągowo. There you can also rent a sailboat, motorboat, supa or windsurfing board. If you do not recognize the holiday without moving, we have some suggestions for you: - Castles: Reszel, Nidzica, Kętrzyn, Ryn, Olsztyn, Lidzbark Warmiński, Szczytno, - "Hindenburg Line" - fortifications from the times of the first and second wars, - The Dajna River trail, which is not as popular as the Krutyn one, which bodes smaller crowds in the summer in the summer. This does not mean that it differs from its competitor with its beauty. The canoe route is 36 km long and starts in Piecki. It leads through the lakes Czos, Czarne, Kot and Juno. Then Dajna to Lake Kiersztanowskie, and from there to Lakes Śpigiel and Dejnowskie. Once you get there, it is only a step away from visiting the Marian Sanctuary in Święta Lipka. - Krutyń - old forge and nature museum. - Near the village of Krutyń - Zakręt Reserve. It is worth visiting it, if only to see the floating islands with your own eyes. Look closely and look for the insectivorous sundew among the grasses. - Polish Gorge in the vicinity of Polska Wieś - it is located among arable fields, so it may be difficult to pass through tall crops in the summer. It is worth planning a trip to the gorge in spring or early autumn. - Peninsula and Mantis Bay on Lake Tałty. - And the classics of the genre, i.e. the Wild Animal Park in Kadzidłów with the iconic Oberża pod Psem: dumplings with plums, dumplings with groats and cottage cheese, beautiful green areas, animals, and this interior! In summer, there are crowds of families with children here, so we recommend going to Kadzidłowo in the off-season. We recommend cyclists - take two wheels with you and go on tour. And for runners - remember about water for the road, because it is not flat and easy at all.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths (0 km)
Board games

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For hedonists

Dry Sauna
Beach chairs
Massages (on request)
Winter swimming
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For sports enthusiasts

Kayaks (23 km)
Cross-country trails (0 km)
Windsurfing (7 km)
Ski lift (6 km)
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What’s there for children?

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We do not distract the TV, we provide a warm space in a clearing next to the forest, we direct it to the Juksty Lake and the best ice cream to Mrągowo. In the season, we send water sports enthusiasts to the Czos Lake in Mrągowo and to the "On the Wave" equipment rental shop. Teenagers for whom isolation is the basis, appreciate the mezzanine with board games and ostentatiously occupy the windowsill under the large window with a book on their laps or with music in their headphones. For entertainment entertainment, we have a table with foosball. When it comes to the little ones who are still hitting the walls, we once wrote that our house is not designed like a non-spill cup, because there are steep stairs, a high mezzanine and no barriers. And it's still true, but it turned out that the stairs are a nice attraction and the little ones love (much to their parents' annoyance) to slide down them on their bottom. If you need, we can prepare a travel cot and a feeding chair. We invite you with children of all ages - it is up to you to decide whether this arrangement of the house will suit your kids.

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Attractions for children

Bridge jumping into water
Large safe running space
Mushroom picking
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Additionally available

Portable / travel bed for children
High chair

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Attractions for children in the area

Stacja Badawcza Instytutu PAN w Kosewie Górnym Ferma Jeleniowatych (5 km)
Park Dzikich Zwierząt Kadzidłowo (24 km)
Miasteczko Westernowe Mrongoville (7 km)
Park Linowy Lemur Park w Mrągowie (7 km)
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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Śniadowo 34, Śniadowo (gmina Mrągowo), Masuria Region, Warmia Region, Poland

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Access via Mrągowo / Muntowo (from the north) or through Kosewo (from the south) by a gravel road along the Juksty Lake.

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How much will I pay?

Notification icon
Did you know that our hosts agreed to keep their prices on Slowhop the same or lower than anywhere else? If you feel otherwise, let us know at
Price list in high season: school holidays June 25 - August 27, 2022
per day minimum stay
for the whole house 1000 PLN 7 days (from Saturday to Saturday)
Price list in the middle season: May, June and September 2022
per day minimum stay
for the whole house PLN 800 2 days
for the whole house for 2 people - during the week 650 PLN/house 2 days
Price list in the low season: October - December 2022
per day minimum stay
for the whole house - on weekends PLN 800 2 days
for the whole house - a week 700 PLN 2 days
for the whole house for 2 people - during the week 550 PLN / house Two days
Holidays and long weekends - length of stay and price individually negotiated. The price includes the exclusive rent of the whole house (comfortable for 8 people (e.g. two families). Final cleaning - included. Finnish sauna - included. Wood for the fireplace / grill - included.

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Place rules

Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Maximum number of guests: 8 people
Icon Quiet hours from 22:00 to 07:00

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 2 days
Sezon wysoki (wakacje szkolne): 2022-06-25 - 2022-08-27, From Saturday to Saturday
Sezon średni: 2022-08-27 - 2022-09-30, minimum 3 days
Sezon niski: 2022-10-01 - 2022-12-31, minimum 2 days
Sezon średni: 2022-04-29 - 2022-06-24, minimum 3 days
Sezon niski: 2022-01-02 - 2022-04-28, minimum 2 days

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
Prepayment charged: 50%
If you cancel up to 30 days before your arrival, we will refund the prepayment amount
Remaining amount payable 3 days before your arrival (money transfer)
Deposit amount: 500 PLN (money transfer)
We issue VAT invoices

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 16:00
Departure to 11:00

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Icon Other rules
Advance payment of 50% of the amount payable by the Slowhop system. The remaining amount is payable by bank transfer at least 3 days before arrival. The deposit is refundable only in the case of cancellation of the arrival at least 30 days before arrival. The payment of the deposit is tantamount to accepting the regulations of renting and staying in the Window for peace of mind - detailed regulations are sent in the email confirming the reservation. Holidays and long weekends - length of stay and price individually negotiated.

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Cudowne miejsce, piękny dom, wspaniale urządzony, komfortowy i funkcjonalny, natura dookoła zachwyca, wiele pięknych miejsc na spacery po lesie, można wypatrzyć sarny, żurawie i dzikie ptactwo. Spokój, cisza i śpiew ptaków. Taras to idealne miejsce na poranną jogę czy gimnastykę.

Host: Agnieszka i Marcin

Bardzo dziękujemy. Cieszymy się z Państwa odpoczynku majówkowego. Wschodzące słońce, mata, asana... Słyszymy od gości, że warto, może kiedyś spróbujemy.


To będzie kolejna bardzo pozytywna opinia! :) Po zapracowanym początku roku potrzebowaliśmy spędzić ostantnie dni ferii w ciszy i spokoju - i to wszystko znaleźliśmy w Oknie na spokój. Dom zachwyci miłośników nowoczesnych stodół i skandynawskich wnętrz. Wielkość w sam raz żeby czuła się tu komfortowo 4 osobowa rodzina. Duża, świetnie wyposażona kuchnia (jest kawa, herbata, przyprawy!) - wszystko co potrzebne do gotowania. Trzy sypialnie, salon z sufitem aż po dach, z oknem na las i kominkiem, w kuchni wielki stół do grania w planszówki i jedzenia śniadań w słońcu. Dwie łazienki - pięknie urządzone i wyposażone - w dolnej sauna! To był nasz hit :) Na górze antresola, na której prawie ciągle przesiadowały dzieci grając w piłkarzyki, rzutki magnetyczne lub wylegując się na sofie. Okolica pełna wzgórz i lasów świetnych na spacery i tropienie śladów zwierząt na śniegu :) Właściciele bardzo przyjaźni i uczynni - czuliśmy się naprawdę mile ugoszczeni. Dziękujemy!

Host: Agnieszka i Marcin

Pani Agnieszko, dziękujemy za ten balsam na nasze serce gospodarzy. Cieszymy się, że znaleźliście u nas wytchnienie i spokój. Zapraszamy na wiosenne poszukiwanie śladów zwierząt, tym razem trudniej, bo nie a śniegu.


Wspaniałe miejsce! Piękny domek, doskonale wyposażony, wygodny, w którym niczego nie brakuje. Wybraliśmy się z paczką przyjaciół na Sylwestra w lesie i to był najlepszy wybór! Żal było żegnać to miejsce. Odpoczęliśmy, zresetowaliśmy głowy i w końcu mogliśmy śpiewać karaoke do 5 rano, grać w planszówki, śmiać się do łez i relaksować! Telewizor i inne elektroniczne gadżety nie były nam potrzebne! Dziękujemy! Z pewnością odwiedzimy to miejsce w sezonie letnim. Właścicielom również należą się podziękowania i szacunek, za przygotowanie takiej miejscówki, dzięki której człowiek może poczuć, że przenosi się w inny wymiar. Wszyscy zgodnie stwierdziliśmy, że oceniamy to miejsce i ten wyjazd 11/10. Pani Agnieszko i Panie Marcinie dziękujemy za życzliwość i udostępnienie nam Okna Na Spokój. Już teraz możemy zaśpiewać: "Lubię wracać tam gdzie byłem" - bo wrócimy na pewno! :)

Host: Agnieszka i Marcin

Pani Marleno, Dziękujemy. I wróćcie w ciepłej porze, bo trzeba: skoczyć na bombę do jeziora Juksty, powalczyć na supie na jeziorze Czos, przepłynąć kajakiem rzekę Dajnę no i ...nadal trenować karaoke :-)

5.0 39 opinii