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Pałac Cieleśnica

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Location Poland, Podlasie Bug Gorge, Rokitno
The palace was built in 1835 according to the design of the outstanding architect Antonio Corrazi, but when we saw it for the first time, it was just another ruin in Podlasie. We decided to take care of it. But first, we decided to learn its story. The historical roots of our town date back to 1526, when the Cieleśnicki family founded a farm here. In the nineteenth century, the estate was bought by Andrzej Serwiński, who modernised the farm and built a classicist palace according to the design of Antonio Corazzi. In the 1920s, Stanisław Różyczka de Rosenwerth, the new owner and founder of the Podlasie Aircraft Factory, expanded the farm by equipping it with a distillery, steam mill, brickyard and power plant. The palace was then rebuilt and the interiors were modernised. After World War II, became state-owned like everywhere else, i.e. Dom Pracy Twórczych (Creative Work House), and then as part of the state collective farm, a cinema room, clubhouse and health centre were created. Cieleśnica's second life began after many years of renovation, close cooperation with the conservator and enormous commitment. It turned out beautiful: seasonal cuisine based on fresh ingredients from the palace garden, comfortable interiors, we even made a palace spa for lovers of physical well-being. Then Manufaktura Cieleśnica was created, where we create herbal mixtures, teas, jams and many other local flavours that can be bought in organic stores throughout Poland. We invite you to the surroundings of the Bug River for unique tastes, much-needed rest and a family-friendly atmosphere.

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The beautiful buildings of the Cieleśnica Palace require care and attention to be enjoyed by future generations. I am grateful that I could take part in restoring the splendour of this place. When we bought the Palace in 2007, it resembled a ruin rather than a beautiful nineteenth-century building. I wanted the Palace to be a place where the memory of previous owners is still alive and who, through hard work, contributed to the development of southern Podlasie. I am glad that the Cieleśnica Palace serves its guests by offering a luxurious holiday in peace, quiet and beautiful surroundings.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, Russian

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Family-friendly place
Family-friendly place
You are welcome to come with your dog
You are welcome to come with your dog
Delicious, healthy food, as well as preparations and liqueur
Delicious, healthy food, as well as preparations and liqueur
We have 8 rooms and 2 apartments – a total of 25 beds
We have 8 rooms and 2 apartments – a total of 25 beds
SPA zone with a Finnish sauna, massages and beauty treatments
SPA zone with a Finnish sauna, massages and beauty treatments
There’s plenty of fish in the palace pond, so cast a fishing rod
There’s plenty of fish in the palace pond, so cast a fishing rod

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In a beautiful, classicist palace from the 18th century, which was given a new life and is now a refuge of peace in southern Podlasie. On 9 hectares of beautiful green land with ponds, old trees and beautiful nooks stands a white palace with thick volumes of history in its collection. There are 8 rooms and 2 apartments at your disposal. A total of 25 beds. Types of rooms: - Twin Standard (double bed), - Twin Executive (double bed + possible extra bed), - Large Twin (double bed + sofa bed), and apartments: - Classic Apartment (two single beds + fold-out sofa + possible extra bed), - Deluxe Apartment (double bed + convertible sofa + possible extra bed). Room equipment: - air conditioning, - wi-fi, - Telephone, flat screen TV - a set for making coffee and tea, - mini bar, - safe, - mosquito net, - wardrobe, - desk, - table with chairs, - a bathroom with a shower, a hair dryer and a set of cosmetics, - towels, - dressing-gown, - slippers. Additionally, the common parts of the palace are at your disposal. An atmospheric bar room, restaurant, intimate cinema and multimedia room, conference room, a beautiful golden lounge and, of course, a garden. You can also use our SPA zone, where you can rest during therapeutic and relaxing massages, beauty treatments and sessions in the Finnish sauna and steam bath.

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Pond in the garden
Place for a bonfire
Beach chairs
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Fast Internet/WiFi
TVs in the rooms

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For your comfort

Hair dryer

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What will I eat?

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If you want, our cook will feed you in Podlasie, healthy, exquisite and seasonal. We prepare dishes from products from the palace garden and we obtain them from local suppliers. We bake our own bread, make vegetable soups from our vegetable garden, and serve regional cheeses. You and the chef will set the menu in advance, and then he - the master of palace flavors - will conjure up breakfasts and dinners for you. If you don't want someone to bustle around your kitchen, you can of course cook yourself. Our kitchen is equipped with a restaurant, there is everything and more for preparing meals and even feasts. Of course, great products from our Manufacture are waiting for you there. You can buy delicious tea and herbal mixtures, honey-based syrups made with traditional methods, preserves with unusual flavor combinations and refreshing lemonades that we produce ourselves. Manufaktura Cieleśnica has approximately 60 products in its permanent offer, supplemented with limited and seasonal series. Soon we will expand our production with BIO products. Our offer also includes fruit vodkas, which we make ourselves, based on natural juices. Alkohols - Cieleśnica 1835 refers to the tradition of the Factory of Species Vodka in Cieleśnica. All this to refer to the tradition from the 1920s, when baron Stanisław Różyczka de Rosenwerth established a distillery in Cieleśnica and produced liqueurs and vodka here. After the war, the vodka bottling plant was turned into a winery, which produced mainly fruit wines with "stick written". Even rum, pure liquors, but also quality vodkas, for example rowanberry, were produced here. We want to recreate old recipes, brew meads and produce quality fruit wines.

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Food on-site

Local products(eggs, cheese, meat and sausages, fish, vegetables, fruits, wine, bread, preserves, honey, mushrooms, Tinctures)

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Will I not be bored?

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Boredom has a positive effect on creativity and helps you truly relax, so we do not cancel it out. You can enjoy the greenery and silence, you can lie on a deckchair with a book in your hand, walk along the alleys and not do too much. On rainy days, you can hide in a lounge with a library and taste our liqueurs, take advantage of treatments in the palace SPA and warm up in a dry or steam sauna with aromatic oils. The palace is surrounded by a beautiful 9ha park where you can relax by the pond, go boating, catch fish, exercise in the fresh air. For enthusiasts of active recreation, we provide bicycles and Nordic walking poles. For those seeking attractions, we can organize: - wine and liqueur tasting, - sleigh rides, bonfires, grill, - concerts, dance shows, - language, sommelier and handicraft workshops, - tours incl. to the famous Arabian Horse Stud in Janów Podlaski, - horse riding lessons, - canoeing trips in the area, - hunting or fishing, - field games, - balloon or motor-glider flights.

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What’s there for children?

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The palace does not seem like a natural environment for children. However, we note that the youngest guests feel great in Cieleśnica. They have plenty of space for jogging and hide-and-seek, a sandbox, and a pond where you can fish. There is a herbarium where they learn the taste and appearance of herbs used in the kitchen, and they snack on tomatoes from the vegetable garden, choose the most beautiful courgettes for dinner and check if the raspberries are ready for jam. There are nooks and crannies for walks, an old orangery with secrets and squirrels in the treetops.

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How do I get there?

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Our address: Cieleśnica PGR 22, Rokitno, Podlasie Bug Gorge, Poland

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How much will I pay?

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Price list
exclusive palace from 01/11 to 31/03 per night exclusive palace from April 1 to October 31 per day
for a group of up to 10 people / 20 people PLN 2200 PLN 3370
for each additional person (max. 25 people) 100 zloty 100 zloty
Price on long weekends and holidays: PLN 3370
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rooms apartments
Twin Standard 240 PLN / day
Twin Executive 280 PLN / day
Large Twin 380 PLN / day
Classic Suite 450 PLN / day
Deluxe Suite PLN 500 / day
Additionally, paid meals in the form of a buffet (for volunteers): - breakfast 40 PLN / person - dinner 60 PLN / person

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