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Pałac na Wzgórzu (Azyl dla Dorosłych)

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Location Polska, Dolny Śląsk, Piszkowice
Pałac Piszkowice is a refuge of classical beauty, resurrected by us-two architecture enthusiasts from Canada. We discovered the building in 2015 when it was in a dire state. It stood neglected and abandoned for over 20 years and it became a ruin with no doors, windows full of rot and rubble. It took us 4 difficult years to open first guest bedrooms, and while the work still presses on, in August we put away hammers and paintbrushes and welcome Guests. We have created a space where timeless design meets hundreds of years of history. All with modern improvements and necessary outfits. Perhaps a stay at our home will tempt someone else to save a one of many beautiful old manors in the area? We do ask for your understanding of the renovation process. The house is comfortable and clean but the signs of ongoing work will be visible during your stay. It is not a 100% finished Guest House but for some this in itself is the attraction. We invite you to join in on the process if you so desire, we can always use a helping hand in the garden as all heavy work has halted for the arrival of Guests. There are only 4 bedrooms in the Castle so it will never feel crowded, especially with common rooms and gardens around. One can say this is an oasis for mature travelers looking for the french Chateau feel in southern Poland.

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An enthusiast of architecture, classic interiors, gardens and everything that is beautiful. I live surrounded by dogs, nature and trees on all sides and will remain so. I like to admire the beauty of my Kłodzko Valley from a bicycle, especially while riding for dessert in a neighboring palace.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English

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a paradise for cyclists from MTB to strollers
a paradise for cyclists from MTB to strollers
each of the 4 rooms has a King Size Bed, because a good sleep is the key
each of the 4 rooms has a King Size Bed, because a good sleep is the key
birds perform with us every day - we live in a park
birds perform with us every day - we live in a park
the best place in Poland for mountain hiking
the best place in Poland for mountain hiking
two lakes in the area - including one guarded beach
two lakes in the area - including one guarded beach
wypoczynek na leżakach w ogrodzie
wypoczynek na leżakach w ogrodzie

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Where will I sleep?

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The renovation work is put on hold whenever guests are in the house (all of August). Rooms not yet finished are not accessible but we are happy to do a guided tour through the "ruin". The bedrooms are truly luxurious. We are aiming for the 5 star, updated Loire Valley chateau feel. Rooms are 40 square meters or bigger giving our guests considerable comfort. All bathrooms feature top of the line materials including glass showers, moroccan tiles with heated floors. Rooms are furnished with 18-19 century antiques mixed with modern designer chairs and sofas. King size beds with high quality mattresses will ensure a perfect sleep. We are very passionate about our gardens. Once a jungle of overgrown trees and weeds, now they are our pride and joy with lawns, flowers, cozy sitting areas, lawn chairs and perfect spots for a summer glass of wine or a long book reading session. Each year the garden matures and we add plants. Our unique Garden is located on steep terraced hill, similar to one at the Książ castle. The partially preserved 18c formal garden is on a hill above the castle flanked by the ruins of a baroque teahouse, currently being restored. We gladly guide our guests through the many corridors and dungeons of the building. The palace was built on medieval and renaissance structures and the remains of those are still visible, some featuring walls of 1.5 meters thick! While older kids are welcome, please remember that our property is a relaxing oasis and our steep gardens are not suitable for younger guests (suggested 10 years or more)

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What will I eat?

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We don't have a full kitchen yet and probably won't be there. Therefore, breakfast is the only meal our guests can count on. We go to auxiliary minimalism, but maximum quality. Breakfasts mostly from bio products, local honey, jams, imported ripening meats and cheeses, and of course a huge amount of good coffee from a coffee machine or machine. Omelettes, scrambled eggs and other rarities. It is worth going to neighboring Kłodzko for lunches and dinners. There fish straight from the fishery, dairy bars, pizzerias, Greek, Italian and home-made. You will definitely find something for yourself.

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Lokalne produkty (Eggs, Cheese, Meat and sausages, Preserves, Honey, Goat cheese, Cakes)

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Will I not be bored?

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Time goes by really slowly round here, but "boredom" is not the word. Perhaps we are also attracted to people who never get bored, and call peace and quiet relaxation. For those who want experiences, we have endless ideas for cycling trips or car rides. To Szczeliniec, Kudowa, Bystrzyca, Lądek or Wałbrzych - it is impossible to count the options for day trips. The Kłodzko Basin is created for tourism. After settling in and settling in the living room we will tell you what, how and where.

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What’s there for children?

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Children could come over if they`re 11 and up, because smaller babies can hurt themselves on steep terraces and often conflict with the character of our oasis. There are a few infinite corners of the palace and we cannot host younger guests at the moment.

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How do I get there?

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Our address: Piszkowice 56, Piszkowice, Lower Silesia, Poland

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Weekendy Jesień
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Pokój Poranny 439zł/noc
Apartament Lipowy 489zł/noc
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Apartament Niebieski 489zł/noc
Pokòj Akacjowy 439zł/noc

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Przeszukałem całego Slowhopa i znalazłem Pałac na Wzgórzu jako pierwszy przystanek naszej podróży poślubnej. Nasze oczekiwania zostały spełnione. Piękne, stylowe wnętrza. Cisza i spokój. Bardzo sympatyczna i troszcząca się obsługa. Duży plus za smaczne śniadania. Z pewnością tu kiedyś wrócimy! Natalia i Błażej


Mistrzostwo świata to właśnie ta myśl która przychodzi nam do głowy jako pierwsza:) Piękne, kameralne miejsce, cudowni gospodarze którzy stworzyli miejsce niezwykłe. Mieszkając w Pałacu czuliśmy się jak w domu, nieskrępowani korzystaniem z odnowionej (w doskonałym stylu) przestrzeni wspólnej czy przestronnego, bardzo komfortowego pokoju (mieliśmy przyjemność gościć w błękitnym). Cisza, piękny widok za oknem, dopieszczony w każdym szczególe ogród (czuliśmy się w nim jak w Toskani). Z resztą w całym pałacu mamy wrażenie, nic nie jest przypadkowe, każdy detal dopracowany. Ciepła i przytulna atmosfera, kominek, muzyka w tle. Świetna baza wypadowa do wielu atrakcji kotliny kłodzkiej. Bez zadęcia, bez tandety, doskonale miejsce na oderwanie się od szaleństwa codzienności i wyciszenie:) Będąc gośćmi pałacu wspieracie jego rewitalizację. z pewnością wrócimy! robicie świetną robotę, keep it going :) Pozdrawiamy, Pat & Kam


Jest cicho i spokojnie. Pałac wyremontowany, ale na szczęście zachowany został ząb czasu, który nadaje niesamowitej autentyczności tego miejsca i sprawia, że poprostu jest pięknie, przytulnie i trochę jak u siebie. Można godzinami siedzieć w "pałacowym salonie" i obserwować, co chwile oko zawiesza się na czymś nowym, wartm uwagi. Widać, że ludzie tworzyli to miejsce z pasją, dbają o to żeby ogień w kominku nie wygasał, żeby w tle leciała nastrojowa muzyka. Dzięki temu jest przytulnie, mimo surowych scian. Polecamy każdemu, kto potrzebuje na chwilę się zatrzymać, odpocząć, pozbierać myśli. Super, że są ludzie, którzy potrafią wykorzystać potencjał takich miejsc. Jutro wyjeżdżamy, ale na pewno wrócimy, bo jest nam tutaj poprostu dobrze:)

5.0 16 opinii