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Pałac Poraj

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In the heart of a small village, 15 km from the sea shore stands a small palace from the end of the 19th century. It is surrounded by a huge park with three ponds and an island. There are no princesses living there, and instead of romantic history is the pedigree of science. The Peat Research Institute was located here, and the researchers studied the areas hidden in the forests and tall grass and passed on their knowledge to landowners, students and academics.

Enjoy the magical world where nature seems inviolable, old trees rustle on ancient history, and no one is going to change it. Nearly the farms are proud of Pomeranian forests with wild game grounds, meadow with wandering storks, fish rich in river Leba. Close to Leba, Rowy, Smołdzina, Kluk and Ustka. We invite you to the Central Pomerania, mysterious, undiscovered and full of interesting stories. Enjoy the peanut soup and the extraordinary hospitality at Poraj Palace.

Renata i Marcin Pęscy

To jest historia miłosna, która rozwija się z miotłą w ręku. Sprzątanie starego pałacu, potem kartka A4 ze spisanym menu, my za barem i śmiały plan karmienia i upijania Gości dobrym winem. I tak właśnie jest, miotła wciąż w ręku, a wieczorem leżenie na trawie z włosami mokrymi od rosy i słuchanie ciszy.

Poraj to nasze miejsce na ziemi, to nasz dom, gdzie Goście czują się jak w domu.
Nie kierują nami tabele, wyniki, rubryki i targety. Będziemy to robić przez resztę życia i z uśmiechem na ustach podejmować Gości, którzy wracają do
nas od 16 lat.. Jeszcze dużo pracy przed nami. Zapraszamy do naszego świata.
Family place
You can come with a dog
Accommodation in the palace from the end of the 19th century
15 km above the Baltic Sea
The kitchen we are proud of
Stud and tennis court next door


  • Tennis court

Where will I sleep?

With a view to the needs of our guests - we offer cozy rooms, which after some modernization, remember the past centuries.

The historic character of this house and the soul of the spell in old objects favor individual stays as well as business meetings. We have 20 beds for you in comfortable rooms.

endless green and eternal Zen. In the morning freshly ground coffee in the garden and the smell of the sea. more

What will I eat?

We have created a guest house here so that this place will become known among gourmets. And it probably is a bit like that, because the travelers come here especially for nut soup and not only. Leszek Kaźmierczak dominates the kitchen in absolute terms. His goal is to treat the guest so that his taste... buds want to come back. His second passion is the garden, where he prepares flower beds from early spring, in which summer enthusiasts of greenery

Our products are supplied by local suppliers. Jola with Rysiek from Poganic has the best trout, in Główczyce, the Makuchów family makes the best sausage, the neighbor Mariusz is the best supplier of eggs, and all green comes from our garden. We make jam, silage and pâtés ourselves.

We invite everyone to the restaurant, also without accommodation.

We work every day!
Breakfasts 7.00-10.30
Dishes from the card 12.00-21.00

What will I do?

If you feel reluctant to go outside the Palace, we offer:

Tennis Court;
kayaking on the river Leba;
Horse riding in the friendly horse stud Senny;

If you want to explore a bit, we suggest:
cycling tours;
hiking rallies;
Explore the most beautiful corners in our region with the care of the...

What are the nooks?
- Sea Park Sarbsk - the first theme park in Poland related to the fauna and flora of the seas and oceans, great fun for children
- Zagtry Śledziowa - the first in Poland and probably in the world herring museum, and with it tasting of the old recipes on herring and bread
- Lake Lebsko and Sarbsko, and with them windsurfing schools
- Slowinski National Park

What's for children?

Children have a huge jogging area in Poraj, a small but popular playground and a civilization in the form of a trampoline.

How much will I pay?

Economic Room 280 PLN / room
Standard Room 300 PLN / room
Superior Room 340 PLN / room
extra 90 PLN / room
Children under 12 50 PLN / room
Children up to 5 years old free

Place rules

Accepted animals:

big dogs, medium dogs, small dogs, cats
Payment and booking conditions

We do not charge prepayment for the reservation.

  • Poraj 5
  • 84-352 Wicko