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Pałac Rząsiny

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Location Poland, Lower Silesia Province, Gryfów Śląski
The Polish Loire Valley boasts an impressive number of castles and palaces. They are bought and restored by madmen, history enthusiasts, the bravest of the brave. One of them is me, an architect, who fell in love at first sight with the beautiful Renaissance Rząsiny Palace from 1451. When entering Rząsiny, between the family houses, you see huge, truly monumental farm buildings ruined by time, and in the middle of them, protected like strong arms, is a palace, or a castle rather. Located in a picturesque old park, it hides a bit of nostalgia, a longing for the once bustling life here and lots of secrets, including secret research of the Luftwaffe during World War II. Thick volumes of the story, heavy steel doors, murals of aeroplanes on the walls and a remarkable historic wine cellar create a secret atmosphere in a beautiful Baroque and Renaissance interior. Apart from the unusual surroundings, time passes normally here, only slower. Mornings spent sipping coffee on the terrace with a bird concert with a view of the beautiful old trees, evenings are for listening to music by the fireplace, dessert on the balcony, sessions in the sauna and swimming pool in the garden. You can explore the museum part and read about the history of the palace, watch a movie on the large screen of the projector. I will give you my own blackberries, goldenrod infusion and tinctures, bedding in palace bedrooms and give you space to calm down. It will be special.

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There are voices that say I bit off more than I can chew, and there are also those who congratulate me on my courage and cheer me on. I myself am delighted that I discover treasures in my own palace every now and then. And these are Chrysler headlights, bottles, binoculars, there is also a recess with aeroplanes painted probably during World War II. I bought Rząsiny's estate in 2007 and it was love at first sight. When I entered the hall it was February, the sun was shining strong and low and it gave such amazing light that I fell in love with this ruin and to this day nothing has changed. This is my place on earth. For the first few years, I mainly conducted historical and archaeological research. Only in the last few years have I started the renovation of the facility, which continues to this day. It is a task for several generations. I am an architect, so far I have worked in Wrocław (I run my own design office). This year I decided to move to Rząsiny and devote my time mainly to the palace. I am that kind of a lady from an old Lower Silesian castle.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English

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Buy local products from us - herbs,  tinctures,  jams
Buy local products from us - herbs, tinctures, jams
Wonderful place to practice yoga and meditation
Wonderful place to practice yoga and meditation
Get to know Lower Silesia on bikes (available on-site)
Get to know Lower Silesia on bikes (available on-site)
2 bedrooms and a living room for 6-10 people
2 bedrooms and a living room for 6-10 people
Hectares of farm grass for your animals
Hectares of farm grass for your animals
I will tell you about the secrets, legends and stories of Rząsin and surrounding castles
I will tell you about the secrets, legends and stories of Rząsin and surrounding castles

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You have to see it with your own eyes, because the palace walls are far from hotel standards. There is an atmosphere, it is mysterious, extraordinary and magical. Although the history of this place dates back to the 15th century and many elements remind us of the past, the interiors are kept in a rustic style. There are also minimalist decorations and period elements. Slowly, step by step, I bring the rooms, cellars and other rooms of the palace back to life, but it is a painstaking job. Now I can boast of available 3 large rooms 50 and 60 meters high on the first floor and on the ground floor, a large hall and sauna, terrace with barbecue. In the rooms you will find 5 large double beds, and during the holiday season a summer room is available for IIp Spartan conditions, but it is very popular. I will successively renovate more rooms and in some time the number of available bedrooms will increase. On the ground floor, at your disposal is a banquet hall (possibility of additional sleeping for 2 people on a fold-out corner), a museum hall and a terrace. On the first floor there is a kitchen and a bathroom with shower, sink, toilet and washing machine. All rooms are heated, so cold walls are not afraid of us. 10-12 adults can stay in the palace. In the 8 hectares of the palace park you have unlimited possibilities of rest. An outdoor swimming pool is available in the summer season. There is a mystery and an amazing historical winery in the cellars. Four-legged friends are welcome.

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What will I eat?

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Serving and feeding in due time, so far I offer a fully equipped kitchen - just like home. There is an induction hob, oven, fridge, hob, flour, basic spices, coffee, tea. At your disposal is our herbal garden, terrace with barbecue and a fireplace. Let me know and I'll prepare an evening feast with roasted lamb and draft beer or a bonfire with sausages. In the area, I recommend you: - “Pasja” restaurant in Gryfów Śląski (9 km) - a small town and a decent restaurant. Better to order homemade items than pizza. - Restaurant "Kuźnia" in Lwówek Śląski (9 km) - you can order a good thin crust pizza and tasty home-made dinner suggestions. - "Zielony Piec" Restaurant, Lechów 9 (20 km) - seasonal short menu, exquisite food, delicious fish, although they also know each other about meat and desserts. - The restaurant in the Lenno Palace in Wleń (25 km) knows about cheesecakes, homemade dumplings and soups. You can also buy palace organic vegetables here. It is also worth going to Siedlęcin, about 35 km away, for "Górskie Smaki". Shopping from a farmer takes place under the Siedlce tower. Most of the exhibitors are local real food producers. You will be able to taste and buy from them: cow, sheep and goat dairy, sourdough bread, flour, groats, homemade preserves, eggs, honey, cakes, spreads for bread, cold meats, vegetables, fruits, ready-made vegan and gluten-free dishes, herbs. It takes place every Saturday (except public holidays) from 10am to 1pm.

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Food on-site

Local products(meat and sausages, fruits, beer, preserves, tinctures)

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Let's start with our own yard, i.e. a palace, park and farm buildings. I will show you around, tell you about the legends, secrets and history of Rząsin. I am at your disposal, as is the sauna, swimming pool in the summer season, fireplace, 3 viewing terraces with grill, 8 ha park, library, board games, small fitness room, ping pong table, music listening equipment, turntable , projector and screen for watching movies - HBO Go and Netflix available. The historically richest region of Lower Silesia will delight probably every tourist. In the immediate vicinity, you can visit the land of Extinct Volcanoes, and just a dozen or so kilometers away you will find the Polish Hogwarts, i.e. Czocha Castle. We have a nice collection of old walls and medieval stories here. Go to: - castle in Grodziec, - the palace in Płakowice - the same owner as Rząsiny palace, - palace in Brunów, - the medieval knight's tower in Siedlęcin - the Agricultural Market takes place here every Saturday, - Rajsko Palace in Leśna, - Lenno Palace in Wleń, - the palace complex in Łomnica, - the charming town of Lubomierz from the movie "Sami swoi", - palace in Brunów, - the historic railway bridge over Lake Plichowickie. To Świeradów for skis with a chairlift for skiers, and in the summer season to Lwówek Śląski for the "Lwóweckie Summer Agatta", which is the largest mineralogical event in Poland, where stone collectors from all over Europe come. The calendar of events also includes the Days of Bolesławiec - a great annual event lasting several days with bazaars, concerts and parties until dawn, canoeing on the Bóbr river, bicycle routes, landscape parks and hiking trails. I recommend a place like from a movie to your attention. The wooden PTTK shelter "Perła Zachodu" is located just above the edge of a steep cliff, which is also the shoreline of Lake Modre. Near Jelenia Góra, in the town of Siedlęcin, it has been invariably delighting generations of tourists for over sixty years. Built on the site of the pre-war Turmsteinbaud inn from 1927. From here you can admire the beautiful views, eat tasty food in the hostel restaurant and cross the steel bridge to the other side of the lake.

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Our pets


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What’s there for children?

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All our children are ours. Princesses and princes in particular, because they will feel at home here. Take crayons and notebooks with you, because there are plenty of inspirations for drawing. I have stories at my fingertips that will inspire you to create a book, comic book and bedtime story. In autumn, we collect leaves for herbarium and chestnuts for men. In winter, we have several decent sledge hills, and in summer, there is a swimming pool, plenty of space to romp and a set of games and activities.

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Our address: Rząsiny 73a, Gryfów Śląski, Lower Silesia Province, Poland

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The price for the palace for 10-14 people
for 10-14 people
price per night PLN 1300
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10-14 people
price per night 4000 PLN/house
New Year 2000
Three Kings
weekend stays in the summer season from May-September
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1500 PLN/house
10-14 adults can stay in the palace

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Miejsce z charakterem, wyjątkowe w skali kraju - pełne fascynujących zakamarków, pięknie położone, jest świadectwem wielkiej pasji i determinacji właścicielki przywracającej do życia ten piękny pałac. To nie jest miejsce dla spragnionych luksusów i wygód rodem z pięciogwiazdkowych hoteli - i całe szczęście! Między innymi dlatego to miejsce zostanie w pamięci na długo. <3


Świetne miejsce z wyjątkowym klimatem. Spędziliśmy w Rząsinach z rodziną i znajomymi bardzo miły czas. Polecam!

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