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Historical places

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Pałac Warlity

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Location Polska, Warmia, Warlity Małe
The palace was born in the mid-nineteenth century. It was put in an exceptional place - on the very Platinum Lake, the park was planted and it was considered a beautiful residence. He was so long, he lost his historical immobility. He gave up, he was not given any chance. We had a different opinion. We gave him a new life and invited guests here. We have reasons to believe that you will like it & nbsp; We promise a lack of palace decorations, baroque and rococo. There will be comfortable beds, beautiful interiors and an amazing cinema in the basement. It will be beautifully served food, wonderful breakfast, swinging in swings, swimming in Platinum, then sauna and massages. We invite you to an unusual guesthouse, some two hundred kilometers from Warsaw. We will be waiting for you here.

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Edyta Kostrzewa
The renovation of the historic ruin lasted 12 years. All eternity. In July 2018, the palace was finally filled with the first guests. This is not a hotel, but a boutique guest house with soul, interesting events and great plans for the future. Welcome.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English

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12 rooms
12 rooms
our own made cuisine based on local goodies
our own made cuisine based on local goodies
100 metres to the lake
100 metres to the lake
therapeutic massages
therapeutic massages
 2,5hr away from Warsaw, 1,5hr from Gdańsk.
2,5hr away from Warsaw, 1,5hr from Gdańsk.

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Where will I sleep?

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Our guests enjoy 12 comfortable rooms in a beautifully restored 19th-century palace. During restaurant work we were guided by two principles: we wanted to maintain respect for history and meet the requirements of contemporary tourists and travelers. The rooms are so stylish and modern at the same time. We have for you: Standard rooms Two smaller, standard rooms of the Warlity Palace. In the middle of individually designed furniture, a welcome set, full equipment and a very comfortable double bed. Rooms In the Attic Romantic, quiet, with a roof window. Designed with the maintenance of high attic beams and additional skylight windows. Full equipment with a welcome kit and a very comfortable bed. Premium rooms Absolute bestseller: 6 great Premium rooms with an extra high standard. Large space, rich equipment, welcome set. A large apartment For the most demanding. The apartment has a separate lounge with a fireplace - here you can relax or organize an intimate business meeting. You can spend the common time in the living room in front of the fireplace, in our cozy restaurant or in the basement, where there is an almost professional cinema for watching movies, TV series from Netflix, or a youth session at the play station. We encourage you to go outside, because you also feel that you are on vacation: a pavilion at the lake, a jetty, palace games (traditional) and an elegant world with a smokehouse and grill.

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Common space

Cinema room
Fireplace corner

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Pond in the garden
Corner with garden seats
Beach chairs

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What will I eat?

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We wanted it to be beautiful and delicious. Therefore, we invite you to: 1. Gourmet evening meals You can order fantastic dishes from the author's always-current, seasonal Chef's card. 2. Regional products We use organic fruit and vegetables provided by local producers. 3. Own bread and meats A unique outdoor oven: we bake our own bread, we offer excellent smoked meats and fish. 4. Outdoor dinners Weekend meetings at the campfire or at the outdoor oven. Great atmosphere and relaxation. 5. Individual cooking and tasting with the Chef 6. Breakfasts that you want to get up.

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Food on-site

Lokalne produkty (preserves, meat and sausages, fish, bread)

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Kitchen access

No access to the kitchen

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Will I not be bored?

Icon By the lake

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We provide you with a unique space: a large green park with walking paths, bujawkami, a bridge over the lake, a playing field, lots of nooks and crannies for lying on the grass, sunbathing and hiding with a book. You can rent water equipment (pedal boats, kayaks). There are plenty of bicycle and walking paths around. Attractions in the area include Glassworks and Skansen in Olsztynek, Ostróda - Elbląg Canal, Teutonic Castle in Nidzica, Dylewska Góra Ski Slope, Forestry Arboretum of Warmia and Mazury, Stud farms. But you can also do nothing at all and it usually happens ... :)

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For hedonists

Massages (on request)
Dry sauna
Beach chairs

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For sports enthusiasts

Ski lift
Kayaks (0 km)
Cross-country trails (0 km)
Cross bicycle routes
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What’s there for children?

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We are not a place for adults, but we would like to give our guests as much peace and quiet as they can carry. That's why we do not have special attractions for children, no animations or special offers. We have prepared two rooms for families with children and we invite them to them. We invite you to spend time together with kids and teenagers during traditional games (we have garden dominoes), at the lake and in the part with barbecue.

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How do I get there?

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Our address: Warlity Małe 8, Warlity Małe , Warmia Region, Poland

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Polecam Pałac Warlity w 100%. Przepiękne miejsce, w którym można całkowicie się zresetować. W szczególności polecam pakiet romantyczny dla dwojga. Niesamowita obsługa, przepyszne jedzenie, wspaniałe widoki, a przede wszystkim wszechogarniający spokój i cisza. Tego przeżycia nie da się opisać słowami.


Cudowne miejsce z duszą i luksusem, nad brzegiem jeziora. Przepyszna kuchnia i przemiły personel. Polecam serdecznie!


Bardzo klimatyczne miejsce, utrzymane definitywnie w tematyce SLOW. Czas płynie tam wolniej, a dobra ksiazka przy kominku w chłodny jesienny dzień to najlepszy pomysł. Wpadliśmy na romantyczny weekend ale na pewno wrócimy jeszcze zimą, żeby poczuć ten klimat i wiosną, by rozłożyć się na kei i napić kawy nad jeziorem. PS: przepyszna kuchnia i przyjemna obsługa! Polecam gorąco!

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