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Siedlisko Błominko

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Błominko is a legendary land of children's memory, where everyone is happy, is beautiful around and has a good word for each other. There is also a lake shore, plenty of pure nature, programmable reset and a refined asylum for people and animals.

We managed to accomplish this here, in Rzecko, surrounded by forests and fields, by the lake, whose coastline belongs to the Siedlisko. We made a paradise in an old house, friendly dogs, horses and cats, because they have the same rights as the people.

Come to us for peace, respect, details in the old house. Talk to someone friendly, after stroking the cat and running with the dog, after a total reset and new friendships. People who love animals come to us. So you can count on the best company. Welcome.

Agata Tyszkiewicz

Z zawodu dyplomata i konsultant komunikacji strategicznej. Z wyboru – absolutny i bezgraniczny “zwierzolub”. Zwierzaki, a zwłaszcza bezdomne i najbardziej potrzebujące są zawsze na pierwszym miejscu. Bez miłości dla mniejszych braci i bez empatii nie uczynimy świata lepszym, ani dla nas samych, ani tym bardziej dla innych. Błominko, miejsce ze wspomnień mojej mamy, przeniosłam tutaj i urządziłam tak, by przyjmowało ludzi, zwierzęta, a najlepiej ludzi kochających zwierzęta. Dlatego tak dobrze się tu żyje, a uratowane konie, psy i koty tworzą niepowtarzalny klimat Błominka. Zapraszam.
ultra-friendly place for animals
self cooking and the possibility of transport to the habitat
own shoreline of the lake
6 rooms in a hundred-year house / 16 beds
great bike routes
Slopes not worse than those in the mountains


  • By the lake
  • In the countryside

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments
  • Entire place


  • Access to the kitchen


  • Nearby the water
  • Parking
  • Near the woods
  • Close to attractions
  • Pet friendly
  • No neighbors
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Private bathroom
  • Flexible arrival / departure times
  • Animals on site
  • Bed for a child
  • Double bed

Where will I sleep?

The building is old and charming as if we were in the south of Italy and not among the Masurian forests. Each room is our pearl, different from all others. We invite you to 6 rooms in which we can find a place for 16, sometimes even 22 people.

At your disposal we have rooms in Chata Warminska and Nad...
Stajnia. A total of 16 beds.
SIELSKA ROOM: for 2 people, with double bed, bath / shower, separate shower, washing machine, towels, tv, dvd. Additional floor heating
BLUE BLUE ROOM: for 2 people, with double bed, bathroom / shower, towels /, tv, dvd, air conditioning
NIGHT ROOM: for 4 people, with the possibility of using fewer guests:
- two bedrooms: larger with double bed, bathroom with shower, washing machine, towels and smaller - with two single beds (possibility of connecting beds). Both rooms have tv and dvd. Additional floor heating.
DIVING ROOM: for 4 people, with the possibility of using fewer guests. Room with four single beds / possibility of connecting beds, bathroom / shower, towels / tv, dvd and air conditioning
EQUIPMENT, COMMON KITCHEN WITH DINNER: dishwasher, fridge, kettle, induction hob, oven, glass, cutlery, pots, pans, coffee and tea maker

2. "STYLE":
MALINI ROOM: for 2 people, with double bed, bathroom next to room / bath, towels / tv and dvd
SINGLE ROOM: for 4 people, with the possibility of using fewer guests. Consisting of a living area with a double bed and a bedroom / separated by a door / with a double bed. Also private bathroom and tv

We spend the time together in a common living room with a kitchenette and an outstanding mood for long conversations.

What will I eat?

We do not serve meals in Błominek. We have a few secret addresses that we share with only our guests. The nearest place to consider and taste the kitchen is less than 5 km from Siedliska.

It is possible to order full board with breakfast to Siedliska.

We also have a cozy communal kitchen or kitchenettes...
if you like to snack. What is there - around which there are farms where food grows and ripens at its own, unadorned pace. more

What will I do?

Come to us with your pet. We have special needs for them and:
- plenty of space / 25 ha /
- proximity to the lake
- secure area, partly fenced / only from the lake side is open space /
- On request we offer our veterinary service on site
- We offer professional photo shoots with their owners and workshops...
with an animal behaviorist

Come to us with a group:
- You can rent an entire place
- We have a lot of attractions here: sails, kayaks, boats, bicycles, jet motorways, balloon flights, horse riding, etc.
- we are just above the lake
- we can arrange full board
- we have WiFi and a meeting place for 30 people

Come with your family:
- visit Mrągowo, Mikolajki
- take a walk
- ski jump (Kartasiówka is a slope located in Ruś, 47 km from Siedliska), 3 slopes and 3 downhill slopes of up to 260 m. They are artificially snowed and snowed. The second interesting place is Krzyżowa Góra, located in Lidzbark Warminski, 60 km from us, and there are 5 ski slopes: from the dock to the trails for advanced skiers.)
- By the lake - The shoreline is a habitat
- jump out to fish in the nearby Lake Dadaj.

What's for children?

In fact, children in Błominko contact with animals. We have rescued horses for stroking and cuddling, the most beloved dogs in the world and cats.

There is also a trampoline and cool things to do in the area, a huge play area in the Indian and a lake. But the animals always win :)


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Air conditioning
  • Tv set
  • Bath

Last minute

How much will I pay?

max. number of people price
4 beds room 4 PLN / room 400 PLN / room
Double room with kitchenette 2 PLN / room 200 PLN / room
4 beds (2 bedrooms) with washing machine 4 PLN / room 440 PLN / room
4 beds (4 separate beds) 4 PLN / room 400 PLN / room
Pokój 2 osobowy Malinowy nad stajnią (prywatna łazienka z wanną, z wejściem obok pokoju) 2 240
Pokój 2-4 osobowy Na Sianie nad stajnią (2 pomieszczenia oddzielone drzwiami + łazienka z wanną) 4 260-360


maks. liczba osób cena za pokój
Pokój 2 osobowy Sielski w Chacie (na parterze łazienka z wanną i prysznicem, pralka) 2 240
Pokój 2 osobowy Blue Blue w Chacie (na piętrze, łazienka z prysznicem, klimatyzacja) 2 220
Pokój 2-4 osobowy Orzechowy w Chacie ( na parterze (2 pomieszczenia + łazienka z prysznicem, pralka) 4 260-360
Pokój 2-4 osobowy Różany w Chacie ( na piętrze , 2 pomieszczenia oddzielone kotarą + łazienka z prysznicem, klimatyzacja, 4 osobne łóżka) 4 240-340
Pokój 2 osobowy Malinowy nad stajnią (prywatna łazienka z wanną, z wejściem obok pokoju) 2 200
Pokój 2-4 osobowy Na Sianie nad stajnią (2 pomieszczenia oddzielone drzwiami + łazienka z wanną) 4 220-320

Staramy się, żeby nasze Siedlisko było dostępne dla każdego a ceny uszyte na miarę, dlatego bierzemy pod uwagę długość Twojego pobytu, ilości osób, ale też to, czy kochasz zwierzaki i czy jesteś fajnym człowiekiem :-)
Więc jeśli masz pytania odnośnie otrzymanej oferty, cen, albo jakiekolwiek inne, napisz do nas, albo zadzwoń - ustalimy szczegóły.

Place rules

Accepted animals:

big dogs, medium dogs, small dogs, cats
Payment and booking conditions

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:16:00
  • Check out till:12:00
  • Rzeck 71
  • 11-300 Rzeck

How to get here?

Just before you arrive ask us in the message on the Slowhop. We will send you the exact guidelines.



Cudowne miejsce! Schowane w lesie, z dala od zgiełku codzienności. Absolutnie psiolubne, z przyjazną atmosferą dla ich właścicieli. Dla mnie wymarzone na wakacje i odpoczynek.


Niezwykłe miejsce z ogromną przestrzenią, cudowni czworonożni mieszkańcy, przemili gospodarze. Polecam każdemu kto chce odpocząć od pędu miasta.