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Sielanka dom na Mazurach

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Go to the south of Mrągowo. The road through fields and forests reaches the Cierzpięt. There is a new home in the meadow. Debutant. Of course, lakes, forests, deer on rut, hares and everything else associated with holidays outside the city. Come here for a contrast between the minimalist interior and the baroque nature, the sky with a million stars fulfilling dreams and relaxation in the all-inclusive edition.

Twelve cool people will get an exclusive home from us. We are waiting for you in the place where the guys from Krutynia are stationed, that is, the Polish gondoliers in the old-style style, the dinner is stuck in dzyndzałki, and the nature is known - Masurian.

Paulina i Jarosław

We consider ourselves a harmonious duo who walks through life with passion and great dreams to fulfill. We come from Masuria, which is a paradise for us on earth. For many years we have been discovering their magic and charm, which we now want to present to a wider audience. It began so that the clearing surrounded by the Masurian National Park found us, and then it went downhill. We used the life experience of an architect and interior designer and metalwork specialists to create a modern home in a forest glade with a stone's throw from Lake Mokre. In Sielanka you will find peace, hear jazz notes and feel bliss. Welcome.
perfect for couples with children
pets welcome
kayak and boat streaming
2 minutes walk from Mokre lake
comfort and luxury for even up to 12
Sauna i Jacuzzi zewnętrzna czynna cały rok


  • By the lake
  • In / At the edge of the forest

Type of accommodation

  • Entire place


  • Access to the kitchen


  • Nearby the water
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Pet friendly
  • No neighbors
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Sauna, banya
  • Fireplace
  • Children's corner
  • Playground
  • Jacuzzi
  • Unique view from the window

Local food

  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits

Where will I sleep?

In a house that has just opened and has bright, cozy interiors. On three sides, it is surrounded by the Masurian Landscape Park. Through the balcony windows, leading to the terrace. A beautiful diner for a herd of cows.

The house favors intimate rest and integration in the best of people. For family...
and friends, a total of 12-person parcels we have 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a comfortable living room with a fireplace and a modern kitchen. Breakfasts are served on the terrace, in a hammock, and you can play a table.

The decor will satisfy every fan of minimalism, white and wood. We focused on simplicity and natural materials, loft, metal structures and the highest quality equipment. We invite you to:
- a bedroom with 1 single bed and 1 large double bed
- a bedroom with 2 single beds and 1 large double bed
- a bedroom with 1 single bed and 1 large double bed
- a bedroom with 1 single bed and 1 large double bed
- a living room with a dining area, a fireplace, a comfortable sofa and a view of the beautiful valley,
- a kitchen that has simply luxurious furnishings
- three bathrooms with a shower and a bathtub

It is often said that it should be better. There are towels and crisp white sheets, TV set and lightning-like rain. Pets are always welcome. In order to make them permanent idyll - Gustav's pussy.

The house is created for families with children. For your comfort, footstool, toilet seat cover, feeding chair, play corner, playground, plenty of space for running.

What will I eat?

We give you the kitchen, just like home, at your disposal. You will find in it a dishwasher, refrigerator, electric kitchen, oven, kettle, coffee maker, pots, dishes, toaster, waffle maker and cutlery. Everything brand new, clean and professional.
You will buy ingredients for all meals in a store located...
3 km away.

If you want to learn about our area from the historical and culinary side, you need to know a few things. In regional cuisine from 100 years ago, the host prepared dzyndzałki (dumplings) with a ham (buckwheat groats) and cracklings (bacon) for dinner. Warmian vodkas could also be served with raw beef meat stuffing. For an afternoon snack, a piece of Masurian cake or Mazury cobblestone, or hard cookies similar to gingerbread cakes and cereal coffee. For dinner - sweet millet cereal with cherry syrup. Such delicacies could be found in the area.

For local delicacies go to:
"Pod Kogutem" inns in Cierzpiet (open seasonally),
"Staśkowa Chata" in Mojty (open all year).

Ingenious, tastiest, fragrant and sometimes well-off goat and cow cheeses you buy in the irreplaceable Rancho Frontiera. You will get happy eggs from the hostess in the village, and vegetables and fruits in the village bazaar.

What will I do?

Beautiful, wild bicycle routes, picturesque walking routes, discovering forest, still wild lakes, fishing, sailing and hammocking. This is just the beginning of the list of attractions.

- After breakfast on the terrace, it's time to go with all the equipment or only with a towel under your armpit to...
the Mokre Lake. We're sipping the obvious, but it's just that. After a 2-minute walk along the forest path you will reach the forest reflected in the mirror surface. You can confuse it by jumping, submerging, sailing or kayaking. You can also stare for hours on the clouds flowing on the surface of the water.

- The house is surrounded on three sides by the forests of the Masurian Landscape Park. In the autumn, we usually stumble over mushrooms, and in the winter they are good for cross-country skiing. Thirsty mountain climate in Masuria is directed to the ski slope located in Mragowo and Mikolajki.

- In the evening time for integration and a feast in the Masurian edition. Hot fireplace and grill to support the home. For this baked potatoes, grilled fish, singing till the morning and chirping of crickets. Everyone will find a place for themselves. Whether at the table, on a lounger or in a hammock-swing

- Apart from Lake Mokre, Łabędek and Kołowin are recommended for immersion and fishing.

- Everyone knows kayaking, but few have heard about rafting trips in the Masurian Landscape Park. You will meet there the only of its kind Masurian gondoliers, or stewards from Krutynia. It's a great alternative to canoeing, you just get into a flat-bottomed boat and admire the views, and the crew is leading the boat in a lazy current of the river. Interestingly, the beginning of rafting trips around Krutynia dates back to the interwar period. The river on the stretch is particularly shallow and extremely picturesque. You can see many unusual specimens, such as the kingfisher or black stork.

What else is worth seeing?

- Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński's Museum in Prague,
- Defensive position of Masurian lakes - Ruciane defensive node,
- A Source of Love in Mragowo,
- Mragowo, or former Sensburg, with its old town and the atmosphere of the East Prussian, pre-war town.

What's for children?

The kids discover here the beauty of nature, they gush with good humor and energy, they are interested in every blade of grass and every cone. They mum together with the cows grazing in a meadow near the house, they stand with their heads tied to the sky watching the birds of prey and play hide and seek... among the trees. They love to bounce wet feet on the platform and create patterns that dry too fast. Water in the lake is never too cold for them, and a portion of ice cream too large.

After returning from numerous escapades at home, a play area awaits them, and in the garden a playground, a ping-pong table and hammocks.

We recommend taking a trip to the Research Station of the Institute of Parasitology at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kosewo Górny.


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • Tv set
  • Bath

How much will I pay?


cena liczba osób
Poza sezonem 1100 zł 12 osób
Czerwiec, lipiec, sierpień 2019 1300 zł 12 osób
01.05.2020-03.05.2020 1300 zł 12 osób
24.12.2019-02.01.2020 1500 zł 12 osób
10.04.2020-13.04.2020 1300 zł 12 osób

Kwiecień 2020 min 30 dni

W okresie czerwiec - sierpień pobierana dodatkowo opłata klimatyczna

Place rules

Accepted animals:

big dogs, medium dogs, small dogs, cats
Minimal rental period

lipiec-sierpień - 5 doby, wrzesień-czerwiec - 2 doby, Boże Narodzenie , Sylwester - 4 doby

Payment and booking conditions

Zaliczka 30% w dniu rezerwacji przez system Slowhop. Pozostała część wpłacana gotówką lub przelewem w dniu przyjazdu.

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:16:00
  • Check out till:10:00
  • 11-710 Cierzpięty 51



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