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Stacja Ruda

Poland, Podlasie Province, Ruda Rzeczka

1 house

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Life moves slowly in Ruda Rzeczka. Next to the railway track, along the road, with the forest behind, with milk from the cow for breakfast and water from the well to quench your thirst. You will find us in Puszcza Knyszynska, where Catholics and Orthodox live side by side, potatoes, pork rinds and sauerkraut are an inseparable part of dinner, and herring-making becomes a habit after a week. Drive carefully and watch out for bison. We will see you in Rudy Rzeczka around the bend. Our house is my husband's fatherland and has been in the hands of the Siniło family for centuries. In recent years, it has deteriorated, decayed and languished. Two years ago, during a trip to Estonia (I think we got a holiday vibe), we thought it didn't have to be like that and that the old man should get a decent pension. One with a renovated roof, rich interior and beautiful exterior with decorations made by a local carpenter. The renovation was a journey full of misunderstandings, but also smiles and joy, crazy ideas and being calmed down by the realistic husband. What was and what wasn't is not written in the register, so we have long forgotten about the stress because here is our Stacja Ruda. Peace and quiet, relaxation, country living, relaxing in a larger group and walking along dirt roads. We have a house with 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a large kitchen with a tiled oven, a living room with a fireplace, and access to the terrace. The terrace shutters are old barn doors, the wooden beds remember the previous century, and we restored the furniture ourselves. Everything is for you so that you can relax on the terrace or in a hammock, get to know the Knyszyńska Forest in a canoe, taste the famous potato soup in Supraśl, drink delicious bread cider and sweeten your life with an anthill pastry. And in the evenings, we will make your time pleasant with sessions in a sauna or a hot tub. Come back to us for more delicacies. After all, Podlasie is not distant Egypt. We and our 100-year-old house are not going anywhere. We are waiting for you in the really slow Ruda Rzeczka.

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My name is Basia, a native of Podlasie. I was born here, and I have spent most of my life here, studying and working in Białystok. If not Podlasie, then for sure Scandinavian countries, which are my secret dream. A working woman who is not afraid to get her hands dirty, roll up her sleeves and change jobs several times a day. From tourism, through marketing and sales, to automotive. I am family-oriented and sociable, but I also like to spend time with myself, indulging in my favourite hobbies. Cycling, books, running, skiing and watching interesting programmes about travel, food and the world. I know my neighbourhood like the back of my hand, and I will gladly guide you to its most interesting corners.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English
We are not on-site, but you can always contact us

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Our charms

We don't walk around the house in shoes
We don't have air conditioning
Creaky floors

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Knyszyn Forest on the Folk Handicraft Trail, Supraśl and Kruszyniany
Knyszyn Forest on the Folk Handicraft Trail, Supraśl and Kruszyniany
Large, fully equipped kitchen and a tiled stove
Large, fully equipped kitchen and a tiled stove
Herbs and vegetables in the garden, fresh milk & eggs to buy
Herbs and vegetables in the garden, fresh milk & eggs to buy
Garden with hammocks, water from the well, terrace with view
Garden with hammocks, water from the well, terrace with view
Place for a bonfire
Place for a bonfire
Private tub and dry sauna
Private tub and dry sauna

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Where will I relax?

Icon 1 house
Icon for up to 14 people
Icon 300 m²
Icon bathroom: 5
Icon shared bathroom: 1
Icon large king bed : 1
Icon single bed : 4
Icon sofa bed: 1
Icon king bed : 2
Icon baby cot: 1
Icon queen bed : 2
Icon We accept small dogs, cats, medium dogs

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In a house from the 19th century, which we have restored in Podlasie style, but with modern comforts. It has an area of about 300 m2, ground floor and first floor and space for up to 14 people. When renovating the old house, we had idealized ideas. However, there was much more work than building a house from scratch. We do not regret any planed board, because the effect is beautiful. And this old soul, it cannot be faked. We raised the house a bit to create an additional floor, i.e. the attic, and demolished the walls connecting it to the stable. There was a lot of old stuff that we brought back to life. For example, old crates, the so-called the sunduki that we painted green and blue and now are used for storage, we have kept some old doors with golden handles, paintings and pictures of ancestors. On the other hand, the wooden floor, which is over 100 years old and after sandblasting, found its way onto the walls, decorates bathrooms and room finishing elements, is a sensation. We also inherit two beautiful wooden beds in which our ancestors slept, and now they are serving you. These age-old beds are much shorter than they are now because people used to be shorter, so our antiquities are not suitable for basketball players. We have a table with a history since my mother, we have personally restored the chairs in the kitchen, as well as the tiled stove where you can cook. House layout: On the first floor there are 3 rooms with bathrooms: - room no.1 has two double beds and one single bed, - room no.2 has one double bed and one single bed, - room no. 3 has one double bed and two single beds. On the ground floor there are: - room no.4, with one double bed and private bathroom, - shared kitchen (fully equipped with dishes, cutlery, oven, induction hob, dishwasher, coffee machine and fridge) - dining room with access to a charming porch, - a living room with a fireplace, a large table, a lounge suite and a TV set, - exit to the terrace. - bathroom with toilet, washing machine There is also a Russian bathtub and a sauna waiting for guests, also on cool evenings you will be able to relax in the warmth.

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Common space

Living room with couches (16 m2)
Dining room with tables (15 m2)
Fireplace corner
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Barbecue area
Beach chairs
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Fast Internet/WiFi
Good cell phone reception
TV only in the common area

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For your comfort

We clean before your arrival
We clean during your stay on request (extra fee)
Towels (complete set per stay)
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What will I eat?

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At your disposal is a kitchen equipped with everything you need for cooking. It's best to do your shopping locally, so I recommend going to your neighbor's for milk, and to the neighbor's village for eggs. The vegetables come from your own garden. In Ruda Rzeczka, a neighbor makes homemade lard and dried vegetables. However, delicious bread and cinnamon sticks are baked by a neighbor from the next village. You can also buy honey. If you want to eat something delicious without having to cook, I recommend going to: Białystok (20 km) - Esperanto Cafe, where you can buy the BUZA drink. This is the only such drink in Białystok made from fermented millet. In addition, it contains yeast, lemons and raisins. - Social Pavilion - absolutely impeccable kitchen. Modern, artistic, fresh. - 3 km from the house in Czarna Białostocka there is Bar Maxa and their famous pork knuckle. - Also in Czarna there is Karczma za Płotem, a homely place with regional dishes and good "home-made" pizza. - 17 km from the house in Supraśl, start at the Jarzębinka bar, where you can eat plantain, kartacze or potato kiszka, drink podpiwek and compote worth sinning for. - In Sokółka there is the unrivaled Karczma Pod Sokołem. Cold soup, steak tartare, pelmeni, chanterelle soup, you will be delighted. And after lunch, go to the Stara Szkoła cafe. Outstanding cakes and ice cream made by the owners. Sea buckthorn, whiskey, clementine, yogurt with black currant. It will be delicious.

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Food on-site

Free coffee

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Kitchen access

Private kitchen in homes / rooms
Coffee percolator
Filter coffee maker
Masonry stove
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We recommend nearby restaurants

Bar Max (3 km)
Karczma za Płotem (4 km)
Zajazd Leśny (2 km)

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You can buy eco products nearby

jajka (1 km)
chlebek (4 km)
biały ser typu korycińskiego (6 km)
smalczyk i pasztet (0,5 km)
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Grocery stores nearby

Tesco (4 km)
Biedronka (4 km)
zwykłe spożywczaki;) (4 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the countryside

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Not as recognizable in the world as Białowieska, not as popular as Augustowska. The Knyszyńska Forest, close to us, is a place where phones lose reception and you find a common language with nature. You can stay in the Knyszyńska Forest for a few days (which we do not recommend), but you can return to it many times (which we definitely recommend). You can walk along the paths, explore it by bike or on horseback. The kayaking trail runs along the Supraśla River, starts in Gródek and ends opposite the village of Złotoria (right next to us) at the mouth of the Narew River. The hiking trail starts in Tykocin, the horse trail in Folwarki Tylwickie, and the bicycle trail in Krynki. The "Folk handicraft trail" begins in the neighboring village. It includes the following towns: Czarna Białostocka – Czarna Wieś Kościelna – Łapczyn – Zamczysk – Janów – Sokółka. This is an extraordinary tour of old craft workshops, such as forges, pottery workshops, folk sculpture workshops and many others. Two-warp weaving workshops: - Teresa Pryzmont, Wasilówka 19, tel. 721 63 64 - Alicja Kochanowska, Janów, tel. 721 60 36 - Filomena Krupowicz, Janów, tel. 721 61 28 - Ludgarda Sieńko, Janów, tel. 721 61 74 - Helena Malewicka, Nowokolno, tel. 721 60 62 Sculpture studio: - Piotr Szałkowski, Sokółka, tel. 711 53 32 Spoon making workshop: - Mieczysław Baranowski, Zamczysk 10, tel. 710 93 21 Most of the studios are located in Czarna Wieś Kościelna - the "ceramics basin". Nature has generously provided this land with clay, the deposits of which are located just below the surface. The villagers also used to produce ceramic roof tiles here. Pottery studios: - Bolesław, Mirosław Piechowski, ul. Piękna 27 and 27a, tel. 7109074, 7109134 - Adam and Paweł Piechowski, ul. Piekna 29 - Jan Kudrewicz, ul. Sosnowa 19, tel. 710 90 85 - Stanisław Mosiej, ul. Piękna 69, tel. 71 09 080 There is also a blacksmith's forge here, owned by Mieczysław Hulewicz, which will delight everyone who visits it - ul. Sosnowa 4a, tel. 710 90 89. If this is your first time in these parts, we will be happy to advise you where to go to see the crème de la crème of Podlasie. - On your way out of Białystok, stop at the Podlaskie Museum of Folk Culture. Throughout the summer, events related to the region are held here, e.g. Tastes of Podlasie, Tatar Culture Festival, Podlasie Fragrant Herbs, etc. - Tykocin (approx. 50 km), a fairy-tale town with the only castle in Podlasie. - You cannot miss the tiny Supraśl (17 km) located in the clearing of the Knyszyńska Forest. Here you can sunbathe, start a kayaking trip, admire architectural gems or the iconic Museum of Icons. It is also worth buying a ticket for the performance of the Wierszalin Theater. The theater building and its avant-garde repertoire attract theater experts from all over Poland. The legendary Supraśl scene takes a break during the summer holidays (July-August). - Bohoniki (31 km) and Kruszyniany (56 km) - the only Tatar villages in Poland where Polish Tatars still live and where Muslim traditions are cultivated.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths
Beach (3 km)

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For hedonists

Outdoor hot tub
Dry Sauna

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For sports enthusiasts

Kayaks (20 km)
Cross-country trails (0,5 km)
Road bicycle routes (2 km)
Cross bicycle routes (14 km)
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For those craving art

muzeum ikon (18 km)

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Meczet w Kruszyninach (50 km)
Klasztor w Supraślu (20 km)
Pałac Buchholtzów (20 km)
Zamek w Tykocinie (30 km)
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What’s there for children?

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Currently, we have a large fenced estate for you, where children can run, draw on the sidewalk with chalk, ride a bike, play in the garden, and swing on a hammock. There is a swing, a house and a sandbox for the little ones. You can play football or badminton. You can go to the forest, take a few steps to admire the trains (there are railway tracks running about 1 km behind the house), you can go to the cows, you can see how the bees are doing in the hive. A few steps behind the gate, in the village there is a large fenced playground and a hill where you can go sledding in winter. 2 km from the Ruda Station, in Wólka Ratowiecka, there is a farm called Wólka Dyniowa. It's a real paradise for kids. You can come there (it's best to ask the hosts in advance if you can) and pet the cows, go for a walk with alpacas on a leash, hold a bunny, admire a domesticated badger or experience real digging. In winter, take part in a sleigh ride with horses, in autumn, drink pumpkin juice and eat baked potatoes. It's going to be awesome.

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Attractions for children

Children's toys and books
Potter's workshop
Large safe running space
Picking vegetables and fruits
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Additionally available

Portable / travel bed for children
Bath tub for babies
High chair
Safety barriers

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Attractions for children in the area

Jurajski Park Dinozaurów (8 km)
Park Linowy Jeroniki (8 km)
Basen kryty w Sokółce (20 km)
Arboretum w Kopnej Górze (27 km)
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For employees?

Icon For remote solo work, For working groups and workshops

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When reading the description of our house, you may sometimes wonder if it was copied from some open-air museum, but nothing could be more wrong. Our internet is as fast as the 21st century, and the working conditions are equally delightful. The house has 5 rooms and a common living room with tables, coffee tables, sofas and armchairs. Outside you will also find deckchairs and hammocks. You decide whether you prefer to work from the common part at the table today or stay in the room and do your tasks at the table.

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Fast Internet/WiFi
Download: 100 Mb/s
Upload: 20 Mb/s
Optical fiber Internet
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Common workspace
Work space in rooms
Common work table
Tables in all rooms
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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Ruda Rzeczka 3, Ruda Rzeczka, Podlasie Province, Poland

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How much will I pay?

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Number of guests
Additional pricing information
Children 0-3 years old - free of charge *Holidays, New Year's Eve and long weekends - prices are determined individually (min. 3 days) *At no additional charge we provide: Wood for the fireplace, kindling to start Wood for the fire Three bikes Football and badminton pitch Portable grill Towels in rooms (set per person) * In case of renting the entire house, we add the cost of cleaning service PLN 150-250 one time depending on the number of people * Pet - PLN 50/day * lighting the jacuzzi tub: PLN 200 * lighting the sauna PLN 150 For longer stays, it is possible to negotiate prices for the banya and sauna. * using the pump without warming it up, e.g. in summer PLN 100

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Place rules

Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Maximum number of guests: 14 people

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 16:00 to 20:00
Departure to 10:00
If possible we will allow earlier checkin / later checkout (please contact us just before arrival)

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Icon Other rules
During the holiday season stays for a minimum of 3 days The reservation is confirmed after the advance payment is made by the Slowhop system - the advance payment is 30% of the amount (minimum value of the first day). For stays of 2 days, the deposit is 50% of the amount of the stay. For stays for 1 day, the deposit is 100% of the amount of the stay. The fee for the stay is forfeited if guests do not show up on the time agreed upon when booking. The deposit is not forfeited and is postponed to another convenient date (validity of 1 year), in the event of cancellation up to 30 days before the planned arrival If the reservation is canceled later than 30 days before the date of arrival, a deposit is required.

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Fantastyczne miejsce! Świetnie wyposażone, i do tego śliczne. Bardzo dużo miejsca - idealne dla większej grupy. Jacuzzi i sauna to hit, korzystałyśmy z nich w środku zimy z puchatymi warstwami śniegu dookoła, bajkowo. Piękne lasy dookoła, duży aktywności w Supraślu. 100% polecam i na zimę i na lato!


Świetne miejsce. Pięknie, stylowo urządzone, wyposażone we wszystko co może się przydać, żeby komfortowo spędzić czas. Gospodarze przychylali nieba i załatwili pyszne lokalne produkty. Chleb, bułeczki cynamonowe, ciasta to pozycje obowiązkowe! Sauna i bania w zaśnieżonej rzeczywistości dopełnily szczęścia. Dzisiaj wróciliśmy i już chcemy wrócić. Spędziliśmy tam piękny czas.


Rewelacyjne miejsce. Byliśmy w 13 osób i każdy bez problemu miał dla siebie miejsce. Przestronne 4 sypialnie każda z własną łazienką dają duży komfort. Dom na żywo wygląda jeszcze lepiej niż na zdjęciach, widać że właściciele włożyli serce w jego urządzenie. Piękna okolica. Niestety nie udało nam się poznać właścicieli ale mam nadzieję, że nie byliśmy tam ostatni raz😀 POLECAM

Host: Basia

Pani Agnieszko, dziękuje za opinie:) Ja też mam nadzieję, że jeszcze się spotkamy:) Basia

5.0 21 opinii