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Away from the center of Wisła, promenade, soap and jam of colorful stalls. Hen from the main road and even a piece from the side. Somewhere near the forest, on the slope of Mount Kiczera, next to the stream and a stone's throw from the lift, there are two architectural wonders with beds to the world.

Cottages composed of drawers disheveled in disorder, and instead of cutlery, two and four-person apartments with suspended bedrooms. Each has its own glass plasma screen with a 24-hour natural program. The greatest impression is made in the morning, when the landscape envelops the quilt of fog, slightly floating with the rising sun. In the evening, in the warm bedding you can observe the constellations and deer sneaking around raspberries. In the summer, the scent of lavender rises above Szuflandia and together with the ticking crickets magically puts you to sleep. The kids do not have to get up early, but they do it anyway, so that they can run to the pool with all their strength. Mommies and dads want to laze on the terrace blissfully and sometimes they succeed. In the winter, sus on the slope in the ski boots in the morning, to warm up the atmosphere in the sauna later. Then it's time for board games, books and no worries. TV is also missing and this is positive. Szuflandia simply favors staying with you, not side by side.

Ewelina Legierska-Drewniak

Szuflandia was born from the need of the heart. We wanted to spend more time together and we came to the conclusion that to achieve this we must work together. We are both very open, sociable, with a head full of ideas and we have a lot of experience in the hotel industry, construction - this cocktail guided us towards tourism. That's how Szuflandia was born. We chose Vistula for the realization of our dream. There were several reasons: our love for mountains and forests, beautiful landscapes are the main ones. We knew from the very beginning that what we want to build can not be a copy of other innovative ideas, nor did we want traditional highlander houses. From this rebellion, there were drawers on the hillside filled with beds overlooking the mountains. We invite you to do nothing, stare at the fabulous landscape and recharge the battery in silence.
3 apartments for 4 and 2-beds with views
outdoor heaten pool in the Summer
right by the Kiczera slope - put on your ski and go for it
located by Kiczera is a perfect spot for exploration of Beskid Śląski
though animal lovers, we cannot host them
wet and dry saunas all year round


  • In / At the edge of the forest
  • In the mountains

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Access to the kitchen


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Close to attractions
  • No pets
  • Pool
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Sauna, banya
  • Private bathroom
  • Skis
  • Playground
  • Bed for a child
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window

Where will I sleep?

In a place where you need to remember about winter tires and in the summer with a tanning cream. Drawers are made entirely of wood. We have also decorated the interiors organically. It's simple, raw and climatically. It does not make sense to improve the miracle of nature. After entering the apartment... you will notice that it is padded with birch plywood. Kitchen furniture and tables were designed by Joanna Brandys from the BrandysDesign studio. Inner lamps, hand-woven, were made by me, while the external ones by my husband - such of us are gold handles and DIY enthusiasts. The most important place in the rooms - a suspended bed, makes the impression that it's best to put yourself in it right away and make an admission to rest. Through the huge window you can see the forest, and when the sun sets, you can see the stars lying down.

Families are invited to three 4-person FUN apartments with two bedrooms in drawers with double beds (160cm200cm) and a kitchenette, bathroom, air conditioning and a spacious terrace. Bedrooms with windows to the world and large glazed walls allow you to enjoy mountain landscapes virtually without interruption. A small extra bed for one person is also possible. We recommend them especially to families with children. A 2 + 2 or 2 + 3 system is ideal in this configuration.

For small excursions for two, we recommend 2-bed apartments JOY with one bedroom (in drawer), air conditioning, kitchenette and bathroom. Some apartments have terraces and some have direct access to the garden. There are 5 of them and the most comfortable are for 2 adults and a small child up to 6 years old - sleeping with their parents on the bed. In this type of apartments there is no possibility to put a cot or an extra bed.

In the bathrooms you will find hand soap and, of course, a set of towels. The rooms shine with purity, because shoemaker is obliged to change footwear. So take with you slippers, slippers or slippers, or warm socks, because after the apartments we do not walk in shoes (guests are asked not to go to the rooms in footwear, which we really like). There is also air conditioning and wireless Internet.

Outside you will find a heated swimming pool (seasonal), saunas (wet and dry), a fireplace, barbecue, children's playground, pitch and lots of greenery. Szuflandia is directly adjacent to the ski lift, just put on your skis and you are on the slopes.

There is also a public ski area available to you.

What will I eat?

Intimate, intimate apartments with a fully equipped kitchen. There is a fridge, a hob, a sink. At your disposal we also provide a set of plates, cutlery and everything necessary to prepare a meal. In the kitchen you will find a kettle and tea, coffee and coffee, of course too.

We have a fire place for...
you and a bonfire fireplace for you. The nearest store is about 300 meters away.

It often happens that rest and cooking do not go hand in hand. Maybe it's time to take a break from preparing meals and visit nearby restaurants. We recommend you these checked by us.
 - Karczma u Karolola - highland food, always tasty and reasonably priced.
- U Fojta - homemade food with delivery, very close to Szehland. Tasty, very much and at a good price.
- Malinówka - a restaurant after the revolution of M. Gessler. Regional food in new scenes. Tasty, though a bit expensive.
- Koliba Czarcie Kopyto (Ustroń, Równica 23) - a charming restaurant consisting of the "economic" and "exclusive" parts. It is worth visiting, even for purely tourist reasons.
- Lunch at the PTTK Shelter at Skrzyczne, because nothing tastes like a soup served in a shelter. The soup can be dumplings with fruit.

For a bit of sweets, visit:
- Confectionery "U Janeczki" - we recommend literally everything: cakes, ice cream, coffee.
- Confectionery "Na Blejchu" (Ustroń, Daszyńskiego 7).
- Wislański kołacze - you can buy these traditional sweets almost anywhere.

What will I do?

In Szuflandia, it's best to do nothing, it's the whole truth about us. Most of our guests come just to bother. Even children like this unhurried time spent on skiing, sledding, swimming or mountain walks. Overworked parents come and get enough sleep - the condition is left to the grandparents. Once they... make up for the lack of sleep (surprisingly one day of blissful sleep and laziness is enough), they lie on a deck chair, sip coffee, then go out for dinner and laziness again. Two days of "bullring" fly extremely quickly, but regeneration is 100%. This ensures ubiquitous silence and greenery around. Sure, you can grill, focus, and swim in the pool in the summer, but these are just extras. First of all, and the most important thing is that when you come to us, be tempted by wonderful boredom.

In Szehland there is also a swimming pool, which in itself is a great attraction. On a hot day, after all, nothing is needed for happiness. Warm up in a wet and dry sauna all year long.

The important information is that we do not have TVs and so far no one complains about this lack. Instead of information from the world and colorful telenowel are books and board games. The items are different and different. For children, parents, for the spirit and body - for everyone.

In the vicinity of Szehland there are many hiking routes, among others to Przełęcz Błękitek, Wielka Czantoria or Soszów. To get on the road you do not even have to get in the car, because you live near the trail.
Be sure to go to Barania Góra (1220 m above sea level) where the queen of our rivers, the Vistula River, starts. Personally, we recommend the trail that begins in: Wisła Czarne Fojtula - we like him the most. Remember that the weather in the mountains is very changeable. It's worth getting ready for almost everything (wind, rain, sun). One more valuable note: the color of the route does not indicate its difficulty.

In winter, lovers of white madness have a ski slope under the nose. The Kiczera ski lift is located next to the Szuflandia apartments. It is a 4-seater sofa, launched in December 2016. The ski runs are 1000 meters long and 800 meters long. The entrance to the ski route is directly from Szehland.
Another winter sports base - the Soszów and Skolnity ski stations.
We also recommend routes on Nowa Osada, Cieńków and Stożek. Visits to the Vistula can not be done without seeing Adam Malysz's hill and his museum with a crazy number of prizes.

There are many places worth visiting in the Vistula. We focused mainly on those that make the most impression on us and our children.
- Rodła's cascades. A beautiful route along the charming waterfalls located on the Biała Wisełka. We especially recommend it for a longer walk (the route runs on Barania).
- Railway viaduct in Łabajów. Considering its height (25 m), length (120 m) and time of creation (1931-1933) and the charming location, there is nothing else but to see it.
- The Beskid Museum, the Castle of the President of the Republic o

What's for children?

Children feel cheerful and carefree in Szuflandia, and there are good reasons for that. In summer, they jump on a bomb to the pool and inflate huge wheels for swimming, play on the playground, swing to the sky and discover forest trails. In the morning and at dusk, it is worth arranging the silence zone... and observing. The most common are deer, hares and pheasants. It happens that a stately deer will also fall to bite raspberries.

If you want to meet in a wider group of forest creatures, visit the Forest Park of Surprises in Ustroń. There are deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boars and many more at your fingertips.
You can also go to Dream Park Ochaby (about 20 km). There you will meet the "ancestors" of deer or wild boars. This is a family theme park, with a park of miniatures, a park of dinosaurs and lots of attractions for the whole family. It's worth planning one day to go there.

In winter time for sledding, skiing, snowboarding and snowball fight.


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • Air conditioning
  • No TV set


How much will I pay?

Wiosna do 25 czerwca 2020 - min. 2 noce

cena w tygodniu cena w weekend
Apartament JOY dla 2 osób 300 zł 350 zł
Apartament FUN dla 4 osób 400 zł 450 zł

Wakacje od 26 czerwca do 31 sierpnia 2020 - min. 3 noce

cena w tygodniu cena w weekend
Apartament JOY dla 2 osób 350 zł 350 zł

Jesień od 1 września do 22 grudnia 2020 - min. 2 noce

cena w tygodniu cena w weekend
Apartament JOY dla 2 osób 300 zł 350 zł
Apartament FUN dla 4 osób 400 zł 450 zł

Ferie od 3 stycznia do 28 lutego 2021 - min. 3 noce

cena w tygodniu cena w weekend
Apartament JOY dla 2 osób 350 zł 350 zł

Cena podana jest za dobę.
Doba rozpoczyna się o godzinie 16.00 i kończy o godzinie 11.00 - jeżeli jest oczywiście możliwość z wielką przyjemnością gościmy Was dłużej:)
Oczywiście długie weekendy, święta rządzą się swoimi prawami - ceny trochę wyższe.

Jak się już do nas wybierzecie na miejscu będzie czekać:
- apartament z szufladą sypialnianą,
- ręczniki, szlafroki, zestawy do saun, przybory kuchenne,
- sauny (są bezpłatne). Możecie się wygrzać w fińskiej i tureckiej:)
- w sezonie letnim basen,
- grill, ognisko, plac zabaw z grami plenerowymi.
Jednym słowem nudzić się na pewno nie będziecie:)

Place rules

Accepted animals:

big dogs, medium dogs, small dogs, cats
Payment and booking conditions

Zadatek płatny przez system Slowhop wynosi: 50% wartości pobytu.
Przy rezerwacjach w terminie wiosny, jesieni - okres bezkosztowej anulacji wynosi 14 dni.
W okresach wysokiego obłożenia: wakacje, ferie, długie weekendy - 30 dni.

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:16:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Wańkowska 15
  • 43-460 Wisła

How to get here?

Kieruj się do Wisły. Przed wjazdem do miasta, po lewej stronie stacja paliw Orlen i skręt na Jawornik - SKRĘĆ W PRAWO DO JAWORNIKA. Kieruj się na hotel Stok. Tuż przed hotelem skręt w prawo w ulicę Wańkowska-Kiczera. Po przejechaniu ok. 600 metrów dotrzesz do celu :)



Wszystko naprawdę super. Gorąco polecamy to miejsce wszystkim chcącym spędzić ze sobą ulotne chwile. Mały mankament i w zasadzie jedyny (początek podjazdu - można zostawić elementy karoserii samochodu) :) Pozdrawiamy Robert


Jesteście super! Właściciele mili i rozgadani, bardo pozytywne podejście:) Jest to odejście od standardowego hotelarstwa i naprawdę godne polecenia^^ Miejsce oddalone od miasta, ale jednocześnie bliskie do wszystkich udogodnień takich jak sklepy/restauracje:) Naprawdę super klimat panuje w tych apartamentach, wypoczynek jak dla ciała, tak i dla duszy^^ przyjedziemy jeszcze!


Wspaniałe miejsce, jeśli jechać w polskie góry to w takie miejsce, przepiękny widok, ciepły basen, apartament super ładnie i funkcjonalnie urządzony, widoki z szuflad do spania boskie, komfortowy taras, na którym można się zrelaksować na słońcu, brak śniadań nie przeszkadza apartament ma w pełni wyposażoną kuchnię i bardzo niedaleko jest sklep, nawet książki do poczytania są :)))) szczerze polecam również na pobyt z dziećmi w Szuflandii poza basenem jest trampolina, placyk zabaw. To też świetne miejsce wypadowe na krótsze i dłuższe wycieczki w góry, na pewno tam wrócimy


Przepiękne miejsce, pięknie położne, zbudowane i wyposażone ze smakiem. Właściciele niezwykle mili i pomocni. Jest to miejsce dla każdego - dla rodzin, dla singli, dla par. Jedynym minusem był wolny internet, więc gdy było trzeba popracować niestety był to dość męczący proces. Trzeba tez uważać przy gotowaniu, ponieważ nie ma okapu kuchennego i łatwo jest o włączenie alarmu przeciwpożarowego. Niemniej jednak wróciłabym w to miejsce i każdemu bym je poleciła!


Urokliwe miejsce , oaza spokoju i dużo przyjemność z przebywania w tak przyjemnych dla oka i ucha okolicznościach, obcowanie z przyrodą, podświetlany basen nocą, sauna i potok tuż obok wpływają na to ze czujemy się tu świetnie i chcemy wracac !!!! Ps. zadziwiający brak komarów przez 3 dni ani jednego ukąszenia bzyczenia 😉


Cudowne miejsce! Estetyka i dbałość o każdy szczegół:) Spokój cisza pełna swoboda.... i te szufladki z widokiem na naturę... jesteśmy oczarowani i już tęsknimy :):):)


Bardzo przytulne miejsce z pomysłem. Idealne na relaksujący weekend . Duży plus za sauny. W samym apartamencie było nam na początku trochę zimno, ale gospodarze od razu rozwiązali problem. Super miejsce, do którego na pewno wrócimy latem, żeby wypróbować basen.