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Ublik Green & Wind

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Location Polska, Mazury, Ublik
On a small gravel road on the edge of two Masurian villages, the trees of the size of Black Hawks and three houses for wanderers attached to tradition and modern minimalism reflect the surface of Lake Buwełno. On the bench, just like a few generations ago, contemplatives of reality sit and sip a local beer, talk about life. Mornings begin with a bicycle trip and the evenings end at the pier. The rhythm is provided by crickets and cranes and is as it should be. We invite you to a place where flora and fauna are respected and not to enter the parade. The foundation in Ublik was to be nature, simplicity, minimalism, design. Without plastic and excess colors - this is our protest against fencing and intrusive interference in space. That's why the grass grew a little bit, it was slightly wild, it was not trimmed to the even, in some places it was a meadow as it was before we came here, a sea of ​​flowers, many weeds. In three houses with a view of the lake shelter will find 12 people before the momentum. For us, relaxation is a different state of activity; swimming, fishing at the east, rafting along the lake route on hot days, cycling trips on Masurian wilderness. So at your disposal is a private jetty, canoes, boat, bicycles. We do not have televisions, because the best program flies live and you can see it through every window. In the panorama and ultra HD. We have peace of mind, lack of neighbors, unlimited space and total freedom. For children, books, blocks, sand on the banks. For the weekend, for holidays, out of season.

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Paweł Kaczmarek
Ublik is a change for us. Change of pace, priorities, mood, perspectives. We work a lot and travel every day, so here we reduce speed, slow down the race, we eliminate the number of stimuli. We are not aging, so slowing it down transition to a different state of activity - the physical one that allows after a whole day to sit down to dinner, without remorse for excess calories, moody by the fireplace with wine and music. Masuria is best for this, we know it because we have been testing it for many years. We would like to infect everyone with Masuria, persuade you to make short and long trips in the spring, summer and autumn. We invite you, Paweł and Monika.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, German, Russian

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Eco Alert

We segregate garbage

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Our charms

We don't have televisions
Access via the forest/gravel road

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We care about you

We are far away from other residences
Private houses/apartments with separate entrance
We disinfect the rooms between reservations

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3 houses integrated into the nature, each for 4 people
3 houses integrated into the nature, each for 4 people
silence, peace, lack of neighbors and soothing Masurian microclimate
silence, peace, lack of neighbors and soothing Masurian microclimate
private jetty and intimate access to Lake Buwełno
private jetty and intimate access to Lake Buwełno
we have 4 bikes for you and countless forest and country routesh
we have 4 bikes for you and countless forest and country routesh
checked addresses of restaurants with good fish and clean lakes for fishing
checked addresses of restaurants with good fish and clean lakes for fishing
4 kayaks and a rowing boat are waiting on the spot
4 kayaks and a rowing boat are waiting on the spot

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A simple construction with a whitewashed facade, an old tile referring to the Prussian school, gray boards and modern large windows looking at the lake are cast in the eyes. As it used to be, there are wooden benches in front of the houses to contemplate the landscape, socialize and deep thoughts. Each house also has a terrace covered with pebbles. All houses have a very similar layout of rooms, each is just as nice and carefully finished. Their area is about 65 m2 with a mezzanine under slants. On the ground floor of each house there is a living room with a goat and a large window (view of the lake), open kitchen, separate bedroom and bathroom. Each house is designed for 4 people. To sleep: - a double bed in a separate bedroom - two single beds on the mezzanine - in the living room there is the possibility of additional sleeping on the couch. We did not want to separate ourselves from nature, so the houses do not have fences or fences. Here is how it is and as it always has been - moraine hills overgrown with grass, trees by the lake. We did not interfere with the ideal nature. At home, we planted only traditional apple trees, often found in old Masurian habitats.   Lower House, whose interior was designed by Marta Tryczyńska from Home & amp; amp; Garden Studio Whitepapper, is located only 100 meters from the shore line. The colors of the earth, natural fabrics, wood, brick and steel create a minimalist atmosphere. Central House is a gray-white gentleman with a blue accent. A natural elegant padded with linen, cotton and girded with a string. After opening the entrance door you will be surrounded by natural cotton, bleached wood and seagrass. The house is located 120 meters from the shore. The Upper House is characterized by a simple form, minimalism, black, white and rust motifs. Invoices are old wood, flax. It is closest to the gravel road and is 160 meters away from the lake.

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Place for a bonfire
Barbecue area (with barbecue equipment)
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Fast Internet/WiFi
We don't have TVs

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What will I eat?

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At your disposal is a kitchenette with an electric cooker (2 burner), a dishwasher, a small under-counter fridge, a coffee maker, a kettle, pots and dishes. If during the holiday, cooking is the last thing you think about, we will recommend places that we know and often visit. On request, we prepare a breakfast package with local products.   - on the other side of the lake in the village of Przykop you will find one of our favorite restaurants - the "Stara Kuźnia" tavern. It's a place where you come to dinner for dessert. Waiters are not feeders, but people from flesh and blood who do not forget about the customer. Everything from the way of delivery to the precise implementation delights. - On the Trail of the Great Masurian Lakes in Rydzew there is Gospoda Pod Czarnym Łabędziem. This is an interesting combination of restaurant and museum, where among old fishing nets you will be able to enjoy chanterelle soup, excellent vendace, sweet caramelised ribs, pork loin in mushroom sauce with potato dumplings. - The barge in Prażmowo is distinguished by Gault & amp; amp; Milleau pub, which from afar gives the impression of an abandoned barge, which rust treated with the tooth of time. A combination of Polish and Asian cuisine awaits you, foie gras with black lilac, octopus carpaccio, zander in mango-chili sauce, crab ravioli in lemon butter and several other items. And many others!

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We cook for you

Lokalne produkty (Fish, Mushrooms)

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We recommend nearby restaurants

Karczma Stara Kuźnia (9 km)
Gospoda pod Czarnym Łabędziem - Rydzewo (16 km)
Oberża pod Psem - Kadzidłowo (39 km)
Barka w Prażmowie (25 km)
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You can buy eco products nearby

Luz Kuz Mikolajki Park - sery kozie, jogurty (18 km)
Stars Szkola w Ubliku - sery, mleko (4 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon By the lake
Icon In the countryside

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Ublik is such a place on earth where doing nothing is on the first place in the charts. When you win the fight with sleep early enough, you will be greeted by an unusual play of lights and colors during the sunrise. Claude Monet himself would be delighted with such an impression. Later it's time for a bike trip around lakes, small asphalt roads, gravel roads and fields - discovering virgin, tourist and historical places. We have 4 large bikes for you and we recommend routes suitable for every condition. Nearby, about 8.5 km, to a great atmospheric restaurant Stara Kuźnia, the port of Rydzewo, over Śniardwy and further to Mikołajki. The golden hour in Ublik is a time of exceptional, solar illumination. It is worth to find a quiet haven then. Drown your eyes in the glowing sun reflecting in the surface and the meadow glistening with warm colors. Let thoughts run into space, sipping wine and relaxing fully. You can also lie on the private beach and contemplate on your own pier. Bathe alone in the lake, swim in a canoe on the Buwełno lake and paddle a boat. We have for you: - 4 kayaks - a rowing boat. Autumn without potatoes baked in a bonfire is a big oversight. At Ublik Green & amp; Wind we have prepared a fireplace and a grill. Under the starry sky with the best friends in peace and bliss. It could not be better. We calm the sea voyages - in many places you can rent cabin and uncoated sailboats. You will find the most opportunities to catch wind in sails in nearby Mikołajki and Giżycko. We praise the bloodless hunting and hunting with the use of binoculars, why we recommend you the Nietlickie Marsh, a place ideal for lovers of birds and nature. To observe animals: deer, elk, wild boar, fox, we recommend surrounding forests and Pisz Forest. The immediate surroundings are enchanting with wild areas, and hiking is the best way to discover moraine hills, forests, meadows and lakes. Not far away is the Natura 2000 area and the Nietlickie Bagno reserve - the largest and only well-preserved peat bog in the Masurian Lake District. It is also worth taking a walk in the surrounding villages, ie to Cierzpięt, Paprotek, Przykop. Through meadows, wilderness, fields, forests and lakes Buwełno, Wojnowskie, Ublik Mały and Ublik Wielki. We recommend our favorite Ferenstein Horse Stud in Gałków to fans of holidays in the saddle. It is professionally, from scratch, for advanced, small and large. You can experience a gallop through the river, a meadow trot and a gallop in the paddock.

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For those who want peace

Forest paths (0 km)
Beach (0 km)

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What’s there for children?

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Children have a good lesson of freedom and freedom with us. They catch butterflies in the net, look for crickets in the high grass and do races to the shore of the lake. Keep an eye on the children because the area of ​​Ublikowych houses is not fenced and the space around is unlimited. Children learn to play in nature, learn about classic games and bury secrets by securing them with slides. They build sand castles on the very shore and form a well-coordinated crew with dad - captain sailing a boat to the other side of the lake. In the evening, they fall asleep with a smile on their lips, and during the rain they read books from cover to cover, arrange cities of blocks and huge garages made of Lego. We have prepared for your convenience - a child seat, - cot - bicycle seat.

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Ublik 17, Ublik, Masuria, Poland

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How much will I pay?

Complete House - 4 PERSONS
summer holidays 6 nights
May, weekend June 3 nights
May, June, Septembereekendami) 2 nights
March, April, October, November 2 nights
cena za dobę min. ilość dni
wakacje szkolne, majówka, weekend czerwcowy 450zł 6 noce
majówka weekend czerwcowy 460zł 3 noce
maj, czerwiec, wrzesień 390 PLN/house 2 noce
marzec, kwiecień, październik, listopad 380 PLN/house 2 noce
cena za dobę min. ilość dni
wakacje szkolne 430zł 6 nocy
majówka, weekend czerwcowy 440 PLN/house 3 noce
maj, czerwiec, wrzesień 370 PLN/house 2 noce
marzec, kwiecień, październik, listopad 350 PLN/house 2 noce
UWAGA! - DZIECI do lat 2 za darmo - ZWIERZAKI - tylko po uzgodnieniu. Dodatkowa opłata - 150 zł - SPRZĘT (rowery, kajaki, łódka) - w cenie - DREWNO do kominka - w cenie Pobieramy kaucję zwrotną 400 PLN W domkach obowiązuje całkowity zakaz palenia papierosów i wyrobów tytoniowych.

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Absolutnie najpiękniejsze miejsce, w którym dotychczas byliśmy: cudowne widoki z domków, błoga cisza, same dźwięki natury (zwłaszcza we wrześniu, kiedy słychać żurawie i jelenie na rykowisku - coś niesamowitego). Miejsce świetnie urządzone i rozplanowane, w domkach niczego nie brakuje i mają świetny wystrój. Idealne miejsce, żeby odpocząć albo popracować z dala od miasta.


Wspaniałe miejsce , przygotowane sielankowo, swojsko ale i nowocześnie. Nie chce się wyjeżdżać . Już planujemy dłuższy pobyt w przyszłym sezonie 😉 Gospodarz zadbał o dobre rowery i kajaki do użytku gości , drewna do kominka czy na ognisko Ci tam nie zabraknie . Piękny pomost , architektura budynków również bardzo interesująca i prawdziwa - drewno i ceramiczna dachóweczka. Ocena 6 z plusem.


Świetne miejsce dla osób poszukujących maksymalnego odpoczynku. Cudownie urządzone domki :) na miejscu nowe rowery, kajaki i łódka Pomost na którym w towarzystwie wina można podziwiać niesamowity zachód słońca <3 Polecam z całego serca :)

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