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Houses and cottages
Icon Max 4 people
Icon 3 houses
Icon With some animals
Icon Self catering

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Ublik Green & Wind

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Location Poland, Masuria Region, Ublik
On the shore of Buwełno Lake, on the edge of a Masurian village, among moraine hills. We invite you to a place where flora and fauna are respected and not tampered with. Nature, simplicity, minimalism and design are the principles of Ublik. No plastic and no excess of colour. In three houses overlooking the lake, 12 people will find shelter from the crowd. For us, rest is a different state of activity: swimming, fishing at sunrise, rafting on the trail of lakes in hot weather, cycling trips through the Masurian wilderness. So at your disposal is a private pier, kayaks, a boat, bicycles. We do not have televisions, because the best program airs live and you can see it through every window. In panorama and ultra HD. We have peace and quiet, no neighbours, unfenced space and total freedom. For children, there are books, building blocks, sand on the shore. For the weekend, for the holidays, in the off-season.

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Ublik means change for us—a change of pace, priorities, mood, perspective. We work and travel a lot every day, so here we reduce speed, slow down the rush, eliminate the number of stimuli. We are not the lounging types, so slowing down is more a transition into a different state of activity - the physical one, which allows you to sit down to dinner after a long day, without any remorse about excess calories, in a romantic mood by the fireplace with wine and music. Masuria is the best place for this, we know this because we have been doing it for many years. We would like to invite everyone to Masuria and encourage you to take short and longer trips in spring, summer and autumn. We invite you, Paweł and Monika.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, German
Sometimes we are on-site, sometimes we're not

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Eco Alert

We segregate garbage
We do not change towels every day (only if you ask)
We plant and care for trees
No natural leather, fur or hunting trophies in our interiors
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Our charms

We don't have televisions
Mosquitos on warm days
Access via the forest/gravel road
We don't have air conditioning
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We care about you

We are far away from other residences
Private houses / apartments with separate entrance
We disinfect the rooms between reservations

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3 houses blended in with nature, each for 4 people
3 houses blended in with nature, each for 4 people
No neighbours and a soothing Masurian microclimate
No neighbours and a soothing Masurian microclimate
Private jetty and intimate access to Lake Buwełno
Private jetty and intimate access to Lake Buwełno
We have 4 bikes for you and countless nature routes
We have 4 bikes for you and countless nature routes
Restaurants with tasty fish and clean lakes for fishing
Restaurants with tasty fish and clean lakes for fishing
4 kayaks and a rowing boat await you here
4 kayaks and a rowing boat await you here

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 3 houses

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On a large meadow, surrounded by nature, on the shores of a lake, in one of three houses that will satisfy every minimalist, esthete and ecology fan. In Ublik, you will be surprised by the silence, the lack of neighbors, the sounds of insects, deer approaching the windows and morning bird concerts. The evening noise of grass will soothe your nerves, and the splash of water will bring you to mind a carefree childhood holiday. In the tall grass, snow up to the knees and yellow autumn leaves, three new houses have found their place on the ground, which perfectly blend in with the landscape, combining the architectural traditions of Masuria with modernity and functionality. The striking features are a simple structure with a whitewashed façade, an old tile reminiscent of a Prussian school, gray boards and large modern windows overlooking the lake. As it used to be in front of houses, there are wooden benches for contemplating the landscape, boredom, socialization and deep reflection. Each house also has a pebble terrace. They all have a very similar layout of the rooms, each is equally nice and carefully finished. Their area is about 65 m2 with a mezzanine under slants. On the ground floor of each house there is a living room with a red-hot goat and a large window that serves a lake view in 4k, an open plan kitchen, a separate bedroom and a bathroom. Each house is designed for 4 people. At your request, we can arrange sleeping for 1 additional guest, although it is not very comfortable. To sleep: - a double bed (160 cm) in a separate bedroom - two single beds on the mezzanine (2x90cm), - in the living room there is a possibility of additional sleeping on the couch. You must know that we did not want to isolate ourselves from nature, so the houses do not have fences or fences. Here it is as it is and as it has always been - moraine hills covered with grass, trees by the lake. We have not interfered with the ideal nature. We planted only traditional apple trees near our houses, often found in old Masurian habitats. Dom Dolny, the interior of which was designed by Marta Tryczyńska from Home & amp; Garden Studio Whitepapper is situated only 100 meters from the shoreline. Earth colors, natural fabrics, wood, brick and steel create a coherent minimalist design. The loft-like additions and the warmth of the tiled goat are flavors that add character. You'll be fine here. The Middle House is a gray and white gentleman with a blue accent. A natural elegant, lined with linen, cotton and tied with a string. When you open the front door, you will be surrounded by natural cotton, bleached wood and seagrass. The house is located 120 meters from the shore, close to the green protection zone of the lake (in the area with direct access to the lake and its own beach). The Upper House is characterized by a simple form, minimalism, black, white and rust motifs. The invoices are old wood, linen. It is the closest to a gravel road and 160 meters from Lake Buwełno.

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Barbecue area
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Fast Internet/WiFi
We don't have TVs

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For your comfort

Towels (complete set per stay)
Hair dryer

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What will I eat?

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We celebrate every moment, slow meals, coffee mornings and wine evenings. We know that tasty food is as important in a holiday as a comfortable bed and a killer view. In each cottage you can prepare an intimate breakfast, a sumptuous dinner and a simple lunch. At your disposal is a kitchenette with an electric cooker (2 burners), a dishwasher, a small under-counter refrigerator, a coffee machine, a kettle, pots and dishes. If cooking is the last thing you think about during your holiday, we will recommend you places appreciated by gourmets and culinary experts. The list includes only those restaurants that we know and often visit ourselves. * some of the restaurants are open only in high season.

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Kitchen access

Private kitchen in homes / rooms
Capsule coffee maker
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We recommend nearby restaurants

Karczma Stara Kuźnia (9 km)
Gospoda pod Czarnym Łabędziem - Rydzewo (16 km)
Oberża pod Psem - Kadzidłowo (39 km)
Barka w Prażmowie (25 km)
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You can buy eco products nearby

Luz Kuz Mikolajki Park - sery kozie, jogurty (18 km)
Stars Szkola w Ubliku - sery, mleko (4 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the countryside
Icon With a shoreline

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Ublik is a place on earth where doing nothing is at number one on the charts. When you win the fight with sleep early enough, you will be welcomed on the pier by an unusual play of lights and colors during the sunrise. Claude Monet himself would have been delighted with such an impression. Later, it's time for a bicycle trip around the lakes, along small asphalt, gravel and dirt roads - discovering virgin, tourist and historical places. We have 4 big bikes for you and we will recommend routes suitable for all conditions - close, about 8.5 km, to the great, atmospheric restaurant Stara Kuźnia, the port in Rydzewo, on Śniardwy and further to Mikołajki. The golden hour in Ublik is a time of unique, sunny illuminations. Then it is worth finding a quiet haven. Immerse yourself in the blazing sun reflected in the glass and the meadow shimmering with warm colors. Let your mind run out into space, sipping wine and fully relaxing. You can also lie on the private beach and contemplate on your own pier. Swim alone in the lake, canoe on the long Buwełno lake and row a boat. We have for you: 4 kayaks a rowing boat Autumn without fire-baked potatoes is a big oversight. On the premises of Ublik Green & amp; Wind, we have prepared a fireplace and grill. Under the starry sky with your best friends in silence and bliss. It could not be better. We calm the sea wolves - in many places you can rent cabin and cabinless sailboats. You will find the most opportunities to catch the wind in your sails in nearby Mikołajki and Giżycko. We praise the bloodless hunting and hunting with binoculars, why do we recommend you Bagna Nietlickie, an ideal place for lovers of birds and nature. To watch the game: deer, elk, wild boar, foxes, we recommend the surrounding forests and the Pisz Forest. The immediate surroundings are wild, and hiking is the best way to discover moraine hills, forests, meadows and lakes. Nearby there is the Natura 2000 area and the Nietlickie Marshes reserve - the largest and the only so well-preserved peat bog in the Masurian Lake District. It is also worth going for walks in the nearby villages, i.e. to Cierzpiętki, Paprotki, Przykop. On meadows, wilderness, fields, forests and the lakes Buwełno, Wojnowskie, Ublik Mały and Ublik Wielki. For fans of holidays in the saddle, we recommend our favorite Ferenstain Horse Stud in Gałków. It is professional, from scratch, for advanced, young and old. You can experience galloping across the river, trot in the meadows, and gallop in the paddock.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths (0 km)
Beach (0 km)

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For hedonists

Beach chairs

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For sports enthusiasts

Bicycles for rent
Life jackets on-site

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For those craving art

Manufaktura Górecka - Ublik (0,2 km)

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What’s there for children?

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Children have a good lesson in freedom and freedom with us. They catch butterflies in nets, look for crickets in the tall grass, and race to the lakeside. Keep an eye on your little ones, because the area of Ublikowe houses is not fenced and the space around is unlimited. Children learn to play in nature, get to know classic games and bury secrets by securing them with slides. They build sandcastles on the very shore and form a harmonious crew with dad - the captain, sailing the boat to the other side of the lake. In the evening they fall asleep with a smile on their lips, and in the rain they read books from cover to cover, arrange cities from blocks and huge garages made of Lego. For your convenience, we have prepared - eating chair, - a crib, - bicycle seat.

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Additionally available

Crib for babies
High chair

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Ublik 17, Ublik, Masuria Region, Poland

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How much will I pay?

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price per night min. the number of days
4 adults 570 PLN/house 6 PLN/house
3 adults 520 PLN/house 6 PLN/house
2 adults 470 PLN/house 6 PLN/house
Children 2-16 years old 25 PLN/house
Children <2 years old For free
Price per day working days Price per night - weekend
4 people 490 PLN/house 520 PLN/house
3 persons 450 PLN/house 500 PLN/house
2 people 400 PLN/house 440 PLN/house
Children <3 years old For free
Price per day working days Price per night, weekend (Fri-Sun)
4 people 420 PLN/house 490 PLN/house
3 persons 400 PLN/house 450 PLN/house
2 people 380 PLN/house 410 PLN/house
Children <3 years old For free
Additional pricing information
ATTENTION! - children up to 2 years - FREE (the discount will be added separately from the price calculated automatically) - minimum period of 2 days in low and medium season, 6 days - during school holidays - cleaning fee PLN 50 - PETS - only after agreement. Additional one-time fee of PLN 70 - EQUIPMENT (bikes, kayaks, boats, SUP) - included in the price - WOOD for the fireplace - included in the price We charge a refundable deposit of PLN 400 Smoking and tobacco products are strictly prohibited in the cottages.

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Place rules

Icon We accept: small dogs
Icon Maximum number of guests: 4 people

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Icon Minimum stay period
Standard minimum stay: 2 days

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
Remaining amount payable 7 days before your arrival (cash on the spot, card on the spot, money transfer)
We issue invoices without VAT

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 15:30 to 22:00
Departure from 10:30 to 11:00
If possible we will allow earlier checkin / later checkout (please contact us just before arrival)

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Icon Other rules
The reservation is confirmed after the advance payment of 40% of the stay amount is made by the Slowhop system. The remaining amount is payable for the entire period of stay in advance, at the latest upon arrival - card, transfer or cash (the settlement includes the payment of the deposit).

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Rewelacyjne miejsce na prawdziwy odpoczynek. Piękna okolica i świetne domki... Aż nie chce się wyjeżdżać 🥹


Piękne miejsce. Cisza, łąki, lasy, tuż obok domków jezioro z pomostem. 3 klimatyczne domki, oddalone od siebie tak, że nikt nikomu nie wchodzi w drogę :) w środku pięknie urządzone, czyste, bogato wyposażone. Perfekcyjne miejsce żeby odpocząć zarówno aktywnie, jak i biernie :) na pewno jeszcze tu wrócimy ❤️


Pytacie jak było? Było wspaniale! Miejsce, które mnie totalnie oczarowało. Cisza i spokój. Tylko przyroda: żurawie, łosie i jelenie :) Miejsce wspaniałe na totalny reset. Domek przytulny i urządzony z pomysłem i smakiem. Można bez problemu ugotować posiłek a chłodniejsze wieczory spędzić przed kominkiem z kieliszkiem wina. Dookoła pełno miejsc na wycieczki rowerowe i spacery. Skorzystaliśmy również z porad właściciela i w drodze powrotnej zwiedziliśmy bunkry w Mamerkach i śluzę w Leśniewie :) naprawdę warto! Wróciliśmy zachwyceni i myślę, że jeszcze wrócimy do Ublika :)

5.0 52 opinii