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Villa Sielanka

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We serve chill in large quantities. Like flavors, fragrances and bodily sensations. We prepared ourselves solidly. Dorotka, the secret weapon of Villa Sielanka, the world masterclass, is responsible for the flavors and smells. For the sensations of a physical swimming pool, jacuzzi and garden sauna. And for the sensation of a visual concept of a boutique guest house, where every room has a different face and very comfortable beds.

We invite you to a place that exists so that you do not have to move from it. Put your feet on a deck chair, eat something delicious, in the bathrobe go out to the pool, and in the evening drink foam from the beer at sunset. Welcome.

Magda i Marcin

We are travelers with flesh and blood. No part of the world is alien to us. Jamaica, Bali, India, Spain, Italy, Africa, North America - every trip was inspiring, but Mazury has become the fulfillment of our dreams. Our passion for traveling can be seen in the interiors of Villa Sielanka. The arrangement of the apartments triggered our crazy creative thought and let us use the scenography. We bought furniture and accessories during long trips, so that each apartment had its own individual character.

We dreamed about creating a place where we would like to spend every free moment. Our uplifting fantasy and momentum led to the creation of a villa, which is now a home open to our guests longing for an idyllic life.
Pets are welcome - extra charge
Mazuria slowfood by Dorotka
Stone drop away from the most amazing lakes
Jacuzzi under the stars
Indoor pool with garden view
8 amazing apartments


  • By the lake
  • In the countryside


  • Breakfast included
  • Full board
  • Local products


  • Nearby the water
  • Parking
  • Pet friendly
  • Pool
  • Bicycles
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Sauna, banya
  • Private bathroom
  • Children's corner
  • Playground
  • Jacuzzi
  • Animations for children
  • Bed for a child
  • Double bed

Local food

  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Meat and sausages
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits

Where will I sleep?

What you need to know right away: Sielanka is located near Węgorzewo, among fields and meadows. In the neighborhood there are some farms and summer houses, and you have to get to the lake by bicycle.

In each of our apartments is: bathroom, plasma TV, radio player.

Pastel, Royal, Traveler, Glamor and...
Słoneczny apartments have a fully equipped kitchenette, the other apartments: an electric kettle, a refrigerator, dishes and cutlery. All our apartments have underfloor heating friendly to frozen feet. For the kids, we have a travel cot with a set of bedding.

- A 2-person French Suite with a living room and a free-standing bathtub is the perfect place for a romantic weekend.
- You will discover unfamiliar lands in the 2-passenger Passenger Suite. It consists of two rooms. In one you will find a cabin, in the other - railway tracks.
- If you like living on a level you will definitely find yourself in the 2-room Royal Suite. The living room and bedroom are worthy of guests from the highest spheres. The apartment has its own terrace overlooking the garden.
- Diamonds are the best friend of a woman, but right behind them is a 3-bed Glamor Suite. A fuchsia, quilted bedroom from everyone can do Marylin Monroe. And there is a fireplace :)
- Pastel Apartment is for those who like the scandi interior. There is a living room, two bedrooms and a colorful bathroom with a multi-person shower. The room is designed for three people, but it is possible to use the 2 + 2 option.
- An exotic island in the land of Masurian lakes is located in a 3-seater Balinese apartment. Here, every piece of furniture has its own history that came with us from Bali. Pack the bath salts into the suitcase, because you will definitely use the copper tub.
- A family or group of friends will definitely choose a 4-person Sunny Suite. From the bedroom there is a beautiful view of the Masurian forests. Spacious living room with fireplace, kitchenette, TV, bathroom with shower, or full grazing. And at the bottom of the pool ...
- Vintage style and home climate is Siódemka room. Something for a couple. Patterned wallpaper, old radio, two-door wardrobe and a comfortable bathroom.

In the off-season, we will host a large group of friends in the 180-square-meter Sunny House with a swimming pool. You have at your disposal comfortable accommodation for 6 people. Double bed and 2 fold-out double beds. The house has a fully equipped kitchen and all crazy things.

What will I eat?

Mazurski slowfood serves Dorothy hot and cold. Legend has it that even the largest omnivores shake their ears from eating, and dinner is already dreaming of breakfast.

There will be an inn with regional food, commanded by the master with passion.

We offer full board, including: breakfast, two-course...
dinners to your full, and even three-course, because it would be a sin not to mention the divine desserts; romantic dinners for two, room service and dishes made to order. If you are planning an active holiday and would like to enjoy the unique taste of Masurian dishes, you can order takeaway dishes from us. In our rich offer you will also find fresh eggs, smoked and fresh fish, honey and homemade preserves.

Dorotka makes sure that you eat healthy and seasonally, that is why in the summer on the table fresh cocks land, autumn pumpkin, and in winter our preparations. Tell us about your nutritional needs and flavors when booking, and we will match the dishes to your tastes.

You do not have to use the offer of our Inn and choose a room with a kitchenette, you can cook by yourself.

What will I do?

It can be lazy Zen or active hyperactivity.

The relaxation zone & amp; wellness, which consists of: an indoor swimming pool with an open terrace, a warming steam sauna and a bubble jacuzzi under the stars.

In the summer, we spend time on the garden shed. We organize a summer cinema here, which integrates...
and provokes to the conservative talks. Morning coffee, afternoon naps and evening talks by candlelight and a glass of wine, as well as a corner of games and activities for children. In our garden there is also a barbecue and bread oven for guests.

For active people we have:
- guided bicycle tours,
- Aqua Aerobics and Zumba with an instructor,
- romantic boat trip on the lakes,
- a boat trip - Węgorzewo - Giżycko - Węgorzewo,
- Guided hiking tours
- canoeing on the Sapina River.
- motor boat and yacht rental
- flyboard

Vacation is also a time that should be used for self-development and acquiring new skills. Especially for those who like, when the head works even on vacation, we have prepared:
- culinary workshops (baking pizza, bread, pastries),
- smoking the Masurian fish,
- pottery workshops,
- fishing trip (fishing from a boat on Lake Mamry with an instructor).
* when booking a stay, please let us know that you want to take advantage of these attractions, they are additionally payable and require prior reservation.

For swimming, we recommend the wild beach Zwierzyniecki Rog, 2.5 km away from our Villa.
The city beach and the pier are located at the mouth of Węgorapa to Mamr - all sailors who want to enter Węgorzewo flow through here. The water is extremely clean, which makes the view of divers very frequent here.

If you want to take a sightseeing tour, to get to know our area more closely, we can offer you some interesting places:
Observation deck on Święcajty Lake - 6 km from Villa Sielanka.
Museum of Railway Tradition in Węgorzewo - 1 km from Villa Sielanka.
Museum of Folk Culture in Węgorzewo - 4 km from Villa Sielanka. A unique event is the Folklore Fair organized by the Museum, which has been held for many years at the beginning of July. It is worth going there for the original handicrafts and flavors of Masuria.

What's for children?

Kids discover that there is life outside of Minecraft, fidget spinners and your favorite YouTubers. After breakfast, they jump into the pool, feed rabbits and pull their parents out to the lake, looking for Kraken. In the afternoon, they enjoy spending time on our playground by climbing climbing walls,... training on the trampoline or creating interesting buildings made of sand.

If you get bored with exploring the area around the Villa, you can offer them a trip to:

- Rope park on the lock in Leśniewo.

- Mazurolandi

- Borecka Forest for observations of the bison herd.

- to the Republika Ściborska, where there is an ecological settlement called Bieganie Wilkiem. In the center of the settlement stands a two-hundred-year-old wooden house, and in its vicinity two villages were created: Indian and Eskimo, depicting how indigenous Americans lived.

- to the Wild Animals Park in Kadzidłowo, where you can see, among others tarpans, fallow deer, Scandinavian wolves, elks, deer. The park i


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Tv set
  • Bath

Last minute

How much will I pay?

Sezon ciepły

cena ze śniadaniem
Apartament francuski 2-osobowy 490 PLN / apartment
Apartament podróżny 2-osobowy 490 PLN / apartment
Apartament royal 2-osobowy 490 PLN / apartment
Apartament glamour 3-osobowy lub 2+2 580 PLN / apartment
Apartament pastelowy 3-osobowy lub 2+2 620 PLN / apartment
Apartament balijski 3-osobowy 580 PLN / apartment
Apartament słoneczny 4-osobowy 720 PLN / apartment
Siódemka 2-osobowy 360 PLN / apartment

Sezon zimny

cena ze śniadaniem
Apartament francuski 2-osobowy 420 PLN / apartment
Apartament podróżny 2-osobowy 420 PLN / apartment
Apartament royal 2-osobowy 420 PLN / apartment
Apartament glamour 3-osobowy lub 2+2 520 PLN / apartment
Apartament pastelowy 3-osobowy lub 2+2 560 PLN / apartment
Apartament balijski 3-osobowy 520 PLN / apartment
Apartament słoneczny 4-osobowy 680 PLN / apartment
Siódemka 2-osobowy 300 PLN / apartment

Poza sezonem istnieje możliwość zarezerwowania Słonecznego domu z basenem dla 6 osób.
Cena domu za dobę: 1500zł

Psy ugościmy za dodatkową opłatą: 50zł/dobę

Cena apartamentów zarówno w sezonie jak i poza sezonem zawiera śniadania.

Możliwe jest również zarezerwowanie pokoi z opcją śniadania i obiadokolacji. Ceny te różnią się w zależności od sezonu. W razie zainteresowania tym wariantem, prosimy o wysłanie zapytania z prośbą o podanie cen z dodatkowym posiłkiem.

Place rules

Accepted animals:

small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs
Payment and booking conditions

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Nie zwracamy opłat za skrócenie pobytu.

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:16:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Ruska Wieś 5B
  • 11-600 Węgorzewo



Wspaniałe miejsce do odwiedzenia nawet zimą, bardzo miła obsługa i właściciele. Pyszna domowa kuchnia. Niepowtarzalny klimat! Można się tu oderwać od wszystkiego innego


Wyborne miejsce, które prawdę mówiąc przerosło nasze oczekiwania :) Kuchnia Pani Krysi domowa i po prostu przepyszna. Pobyt w zimie przy zapalonym kominku i poprawiony posiadówką w ruskiej bani, nareszcie pozwolił się wyłączyć i odpocząć. Miejsce, do którego na pewno wrócimy, ale tym razem w lecie :)


Miejsce zdecydowanie godne polecenia, dla osób ceniących spokój, dobre jedzenie i niebanalny odpoczynek. Miejsce, które... rozpieszcza po prostu.. Wreszcie udało się przystopować, zatrzymać, przeczytać zaległą książkę.. Świetna baza wypadowa, po całym dniu jazdy na rowerze czy pływania wracało się domu... Po kolacji jazzuzi, sauna, basen i lampka wina w ogrodzie. Wady? Za krotko😊


Fantastyczne miejsce do odpoczynku. Można zupełnie odciąć się od reszty świata i zanurzyć się w pięknym otoczeniu - klimatycznym i pełnym spokoju. Komu za gorąco może schłodzić się w basenie. A komu za zimno ma do dyspozycji saunę oraz jacuzzi. Pokoje czyste i wspaniale urządzone. Atmosfera jest naprawdę sielankowa. Wszyscy są bardzo uprzejmi i życzliwi. To były wspaniałe 3 dni odpoczynku. Polecam wszystkim, którzy chcą odpocząć od zgiełku i hałasu miasta. :)


Mistrzostwo świata to chyba nawet niedopowiedzenie :) Bajeczne miejsce, wspaniali ludzie, przecudowna atmosfera, a jedzenie.... obłędne! Jesteśmy zachwyceni, zauroczeni Sielanką :) byliśmy z małym dzieckiem i psem. Pan Krzysiu, który o nas dbał, wstawił nawet przed przyjazdem grzejniczek do pokoju jakby dziecku było w nocy chłodno <3 Dorotka w karczmie, która swoją osobowością i daniami zachwyca i uprzyjemnia pobyt. Niesamowita kobieta! Atmosfera bardzo domowa, ludzie 'z sercem na talerzu'. Ciężko o lepsze miejsce na spędzenie urlopu. Bardzo dziękujemy, odwiedzimy Was jeszcze na pewno nie raz i wszystkim polecimy Wasze miejsce :) <3


absolutnie genialne miejsce na odpoczynek w pięknych okolicznościach przyrody i wnętrz, z pysznym jedzeniem i wspaniałymi ludźmi, którzy tworzą to miejsce z najwyższą dbałością o szczegóły. zdecydowanie miejsce godne polecenia.


Zacznę tak - to pierwsze miejsce z tysiąca, które odwiedziliśmy, i do którego wracamy... a później było już tylko lepiej :) może to efekt nalewek, może pogody, może wiatru we włosach na łódce, może ... a może po prostu energia miejsca, które jest efektem energii właścicieli... a może magiczny mix wszystkiego co dobre i tylko dobre nas spotkało tam gdzie sielankowy urlop się wydarzył... mimo, że smierć w Wenecji była na wyciągnięcie ręki...