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Children's dreams of a snowball can become a reality. You are heroes, there is no snow or glitter inside, but it is certainly equally magical.

There is a bed under the canopy of stars in Poland in which you watch the sun rise without moving from the bedding. A dozen or so kilometers from Łódź in the Łódź Hills Landscape Park, far from the roads, for the benefit of the respiratory tract is glamping out of this world. It looks like a home for astronauts, and in fact is a romantic tent for two. Minimalism prevails under the dome - a bed, an armchair, a table and a telescope, which seems to be very special here. The perspective of a garden with a pond, Nimbostratus, Cirrus, Ursa Major and Hounds gives you respite, let you immerse yourself in reading and dreams of blue almonds. Adds charm to a wild tenant skating around the area.

Instead of a five-star hotel, choose a bed with five million stars above your head.


A computer scientist by education, a traveler by passion. At 32, he has 69 countries visited. I have been traveling in the spirit of slow travel for several years and I wanted to create such a place in my hometown of Łódź. I wanted to show that to spend time in a unique place, you don't have to go far beyond Łódź. The Łódź Hills Park is ideal for getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relaxing in the midst of beautiful nature. Bubbles are a complement to this concept, because nature and stars can be observed lying in a transparent tent that blends in perfectly with nature.
romantyczny nocleg pod gwiazdami w bańce tylko dla dorosłych
w dużym ogrodzie duży staw
jacuzzi pod gwiazdami i grill gazowy
dostęp do kuchni i prywatnej łazienki dla każdej z baniek
teleskop do obserwacji gwiazd i natura na wyciągnięcie ręki
ze względów bezpieczeństwa zapraszamy bez pupili


  • In / At the edge of the forest
  • In the countryside

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Access to the kitchen


  • Nearby the water
  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • No pets
  • No neighbors
  • Beach
  • Sauna, banya
  • Private bathroom
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window

Where will I sleep?

Certainly it is not an option for a 2-week vacation, but rather for short unusual trips. Sometimes it is worth cutting off from the gray reality and live in a transparent ball with a view of the clouds flowing in the sky, birds flying blue and constellations. What do you have to consider? If you need... to get out of the bubble and go a few steps to the bathroom in a wooden house.

Each double room with comfortable double beds, swing - cocoon, picnic basket, welcome wine and telescope:
• Bitcoin Bubble (partly transparent),
• Zen Bubble (completely transparent).

Due to the fact that we offer camping at the highest level, at your disposal are private bathrooms with shower and a shared, fully equipped kitchenette in a wooden house next to bubbles. In addition, we serve a relaxation zone in our green area:
- outdoor jacuzzi
- hammock
- pond
- private beach
- gas grill,
- wooden house with terrace.

What and how?

- only for people 18+,
- Your pets stay at home,
- we try to meet your special wishes,
- WIFI for free.

What will I eat?

At your disposal is a fully equipped kitchen, located in the house next to the bubble. There is a fridge, kettle, hob and microwave. You can prepare small things and eat on the terrace or in the bubble.

We do not offer food, so we advise you to equip yourself with provisions or buy something on site....
The nearest shops are in the village and are about 2 km away from glamping. more

What will I do?

We do everything in life not to be bored. Boredom has become the number one enemy - in private life, at work, in free time, during holidays and in a relationship. Indeed boredom is not included. We can't just be. We focus on doing nothing. It is when lying down and staring at the clouds that the best... ideas come to mind.

You can download the app explaining the constellations on your phone and keep an eye on the stars all night. Take this book that has long been dusty on the shelf and pull it from cover to cover.

Soak your feet in the pond, have breakfast on the grass, talk about anything and anything, spend time together really. In the evening, open the wine and jump into the jacuzzi, make a barbecue and enjoy the silence.

You can also get bored on the move, so we recommend the Lodz Hills Landscape Park that surrounds us. You can walk at will watching green fields, skimming forests and golden dirt roads and blue rivers crossing them. The Bzura, Moszczenica, Mrożyca, Mrogiej and Miazga waters flow through the park. There are also peat bogs and lush meadows that are teeming with life. There are also many monuments here and this is the main reason for visiting this place. It is worth looking into the manor in Byszewice, the monastery and park complex in Łagiewniki, or to enter several nearby churches and look for wooden chapels from the 17th century.

What's for children?

It is a place for romantic dinners, cozy nights and lazy mornings. Silence in the ether, time for a book and counting falling stars in the package. Leave the children with grandmother, sister, uncle, nanny. You can figure something out to reserve this time just for yourself.


  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • No TV set

How much will I pay?

Bańka dla 2 osób

cena za noc
Weekend (pt, sb) od 499 zł do 599
od 399 zł

Place rules

Guest minimum age: 18 year(s)

Payment and booking conditions

Rezerwacja jest potwierdzona po wpłacie 100% kwoty przez system Slowhop.

  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:16:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Dąbrowa 22
  • 92-701 Dąbrowa



Wspaniałe miejsce! W niedalekiej odległości od Warszawy. Wokół natura, spokój i tylko śpiew ptaków, dealne na wyciszenie. Miejsce zrobione ze smakiem i komfortem. W chatce niczego nam nie brakowało. Ale najlepsze to sa poranki w Bańce. Bardzo polecam!


Banka Zen :) w ustronnym miejscu miedzy drzewami... cos wspanialego :) cisza, spokoj, zielen ! Mocno polecam !!! Czysto schludnie swietna kuchnia i bardzo przyjazny kocur w pakiecie :)


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