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Wilcza Ostoja - Szczwany Lis i Szlachetny Jeleń

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Wolves howl to the moon, and deer roar in rutting, that in the Drawskie Lake District a reserve of absolute rest was created. Amongst the pines on the Siecino Lake, Kasia and Mariusz - passionate wolves, lovers of dogs, sails and running - opened their dream Wilcza Ostoja. They also gave their hearts to the Sly Lis and the Noble Deer, or Scandinavian houses, which they arranged with great taste and cunning. Each for 4 people with a mezzanine and a terrace. You will not find here noise and big city noise. Everyday life is filled with peace and quiet, and houses with wood, beautiful fabrics and light. Look out for furniture created by Mariusz and books about wolf themes.

Glacial lakes spilled around the area, berries and mushrooms hidden in forests and walking and cycling routes make you forget about the mass of thoughts. City escapees, deviate from the road in the direction of Wilcza Ostoja in search of silence, the best smoked fish, wolf pack, deering deer, famous drahim honeys, adrenaline during off-road and amazing ornithological impressions. Everything you need is in place. Only you are missing.

Kasia i Mariusz Koseccy

Ahead of you a couple of enthusiasts - dancing with wolves, running with dogs and chasing happiness with turns over the headwaters. Kasia - a political scientist and dreamer by choice. In love with husky and adoption dogs, a runner, lover of the Bieszczady and Scandinavia. Mariusz is a wolf, but from the sea and lake. It feels best with the wind in the sails and with the camera in your hand. He likes to experiment in the kitchen, graphic design on a computer and make furniture for the homes of Wilcza Ostoja. They share their passion for northern countries, hosting newcomers from all over Poland and around the world, and unhurriedly drinking coffee on the terrace with their 4 dogs and a red cat. We invite you to our oasis of peace in the Drawsko Lakeland, where canoe is the best means of transport, and people and dogs live in symbiosis.
Dogs and all other pets very much like this
200 m to the post-glacial lake of Siecino
two 35m2 cottages "Noble Deer" and "Sly Fox" for 4 people each
you can hear the silence, silence and plenty of place to hunt for you and your pets
paradise for anglers, sea wolves and scuba divers
fully equipped kitchens and addresses of places with fresh fish


  • By the lake
  • In / At the edge of the forest
  • In the countryside

Type of accommodation

  • Entire place


  • Access to the kitchen


  • Nearby the water
  • Parking
  • Near the woods
  • Pet friendly
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Private bathroom
  • Flexible arrival / departure times
  • Animals on site
  • Double bed

Local food

  • Beer
  • Honey
  • Mushrooms

Where will I sleep?

Wolves howl that the Noble Deer and the Sly Fox are ready to receive guests. We hope that His Jeleniowatość and our Lisica will captivate you.
What can I say - there is no other place like that. Nowhere else will Lis and Deer fill you with the aura and energy needed to relax. No unnecessary glances from...
neighbors, loud sounds of the city and time, which rushes like crazy.

With a head full of ideas and a heart filled with love for the inhabitants of the forest, we created the younger siblings of Szary Wilcz. We present to you two climatic Scandinavian-style houses whose charm will surely enchant you. 35m2 4 person interiors are warm and cozy, filled with wood and the smell of cones. The inspiration for their device were forest animals: fox and deer. Even though their layout is similar, they differ in their character. The Sly Fox is the exact opposite of Jelenia. White interiors, bright colors, fox motifs and shades of blue. Deer is the king of the forest, so there is plenty of wood, and the kitchen is hidden in the crowns of trees. Beware of the omnipresent antlers, which is after all an attribute of its deeriness.

The interior of Noble Deer and Sly Fox consist of a fully equipped kitchenette with a small dining room and living room, which create an open living space. The cottages also have a cozy bedroom and mezzanine with two beds and a small but functional bathroom. There was, of course, a wooden terrace, from which you can admire the life in the crowns of green pines.

Everyone who visits us will find a lot of albums and books about wolves and nature, and thanks to the help of the Association for Nature "Wilk" an educational path will be created nearby.

What will I eat?

There is no way for you to starve. Each cottage has a fully equipped kitchen with a coffee machine, dishwasher, lake full of fish and barbecue. You can enjoy breakfast on the terrace and spend long evenings in the dining room with open terrace windows.

The famous drahim honeys are also our local good....
In addition to known flavors, such as multiflower, linden, rapeseed or buckwheat, among them is the king of all honeys: heather, which bees obtain from the largest in Europe Kłomińskie heaths located near Borne Sulinowo. It is a real feast for the senses.

If cooking is not on your list of vacation dreams, we recommend several delicious places in the near and a bit further afield.

There is a place where guests start to clap at the view of dumplings with meat, the duck makes tears of emotion, and guests from behind the Odra take home buckwheat as a souvenir from the trip. Folwark Karpno is also an agricultural farm, so poultry, pork and rabbits are simply eco.

FISH LIKES in Lubieszewo is an exceptionally ideal place, even idyllic. Throughout the year you can eat fried or stewed trout with garlic butter or fried vendace from Lake Lubie. The smell of smoked eels, trouts and vendace tempts tourists who travel through the countryside.

The tavern at Jermak in Drawsko is an interesting misz you have fish flavors and eastern influences. The chef from Nepal enchants the flavors of oriental cuisine and more.

What will I do?

You can be bored, you can sleep until noon, you can paddle and pedal, swim, walk and explore. We have such luxuries in this Lake District.

Drawsko Lake District is a pearl in the crown of Polish geographical regions. The combination of the captivating nature with the historical cultural heritage is...
an ideal base for all kinds of rest. There will be attractions for both nature lovers and amateurs of active leisure. The magic of Drawskie Lake District lies in post-glacial lakes scattered all over the area. We especially fell in love with the Siecino Lake, on which the Wilcza Ostoja is located. It is crystal clear and transparent, and the water can be drunk without boiling.

The local network of connected rivers is a real paradise for canoeists. One of them (Drawa), by its beauty and wild nature, was captivated by Pope John Paul II himself, whose name has been called the flow of its waters since 2005. Rowing Drava is fatigue, but also satisfaction, contemplation of nature and, above all, wonderfully spent time.

When planning a vacation in Wilcza Ostoja, it is worth to pack bikes or rent equipment on site. Beautiful views, long routes, undisturbed calm of the meadows and finding hidden lakes among the forests are ideal conditions for cycling explorers. Our areas are covered by a dense network of bicycle routes that lead you through the most picturesque areas.
Active recreation is obviously not only bicycles.

As avid sailors, we can praise the Drawskie Lakeland to heaven, because it is a paradise for sea wolves, anglers and scuba divers. There is a zone of silence on lakes located within the Drawski Landscape Park, so you can also try to meditate. This land of forests and lakes also has a lot to offer mushroom pickers and horse riding enthusiasts. No one will complain about boredom here.

In the area we highly recommend:

- Jelenino, or Poland's largest deer farm, which is located in Jeleniewo, just outside Ostrowice,
hiking along forest trails,
- cycling, canoeing and hiking routes,
- picking mushrooms, raspberries and berries,
- the possibility of buying regional products (honey, preserves, tinctures),
- extremely picturesque photographic openings,
- "Poland Trophy" competition taking place in the Drawskiego field,
- horse riding in the open air,
- winter time: sleds, cross-country skis, sleigh rides.

What's for children?

Peace and quiet, the smell of forest, mushrooms, singing of birds and the chirping of insects. Children respect this silence and dance with wolves, look for foxes between trees and branch antlers, drink water from the lake (you can really drink it!), Play Indian and cowboys and run without shoes. We... are heard that you can relax even if you have two preschoolers on the cottage. They discover what a holiday without animation, swimming pool and playroom. They have a piece of forest to learn about, pine cones, hares, beetles and rowing accompanied by their parents. The parents turn their heads off and rest in full swing. During the rain, the little ones get to know wolf stories hidden in interesting books and observe the world from the level of the ceiling on the mezzanine. more


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • No TV set

How much will I pay?


Do 4 osób 390zł

Domek pomieści maksymalnie 4 osoby ( w tym dzieci w każdym wieku, osoby dorosłe).
Maksymalna liczba osób w domku nie podlega negocjacji.

W cenie wynajmu wliczone są: woda, prąd, pościel, ręczniki.

Opłata jednorazowa za psa - 100zł/każde zwierzę. Max. 2 psiaki.

Place rules

Accepted animals:

small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs
Payment and booking conditions

Rezerwacja jest ostatecznie wiążąca po wpłaceniu zadatku w wysokości 30% przez system Slowhop. W momencie nie pojawienia się Gościa pierwszego dnia zarezerwowanego terminu - rezerwacja wraz z zadatkiem przepada. W przypadku wcześniejszego wyjazdu, niż w rezerwowanym terminie, należność za całość pobytu nie ulega zmianie.

  • Cash on the spot
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:16:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Dobrosław 7
  • 78-506 Ostrowice

How to get here?

Najłatwiej do Wilczej Ostoi dojechać samochodem. Z Warszawy jest to około 5,5 h drogi – nie jest to krótka przejażdżka, ale warta odbycia.



Bardzo dobre miejsce na odpoczynek. Byliśmy w czerwcu gdy wszystko dopiero „odmrażało się” więc w okolicy było tylko jedno miejsce gdzie można było coś zjeść, ale wyposażona we wszystko co potrzebne kuchnia pozwalała uniezależnić się od wyjazdów. W domku dużo przestrzeni i piękna aranżacja pomieszczeń. Polecamy szczególnie mieszczuchom spragnionym ciszy i bliskości natury. .


Piękne miejsce, cisza, spokoj, zapach lasu. W domku czysto i urokliwie. Dzieci zachwycone domkiem w wersji mikro. Polecamy!


Polecamy!!! Wspaniałe miejsce, do którego chce się wracać, a już na pewno nie chce z niego wyjeżdżać. Domki piękne, wygodne, wszystko przemyślane i do tego bardzo klimatyczne. Raj dla psów! Okolica: cisza, spokój, ale o to chodziło! Jezioro bardzo czyste, pomost tylko dla Wilczej Ostoji.


Wspaniale miejsce. Cisza, błogi spokój. Dla nas pełen relax, a psy wybawione i wybiegane :) Domek ma wszystko to co potrzeba dla komfortowego odpoczynku. Najbliższa okolica - raj - las, łąki, jezioro. Zdecydowanie miejsce do naładowania baterii i zapomnienia o codziennych zmartwieniach.