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Wygnanowice. Dom nad Źródłami.

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Location Polska, Lubelszczyzna, Rybczewice Drugie
The house is located in Wygnanowice, in the buffer zone of the Krzczonowski Landscape Park in the Lublin region. The springs are just below him, three of the forty-five in this area. They beat strongly and effectively, because they not only give the rhythm of life here, but also clean the waters of rivers, land and air. The Sources House looks up from above and inhales the deep smell of the forest mixed with the spring mist. This fragrance is later in the whole house. It is a concern that you will not want to explore the area, although there are the most beautiful bike paths that we have seen. With a high probability you will not want to see the old palaces from different periods, you will not even look in the direction of Kazimierz Dolny, Lublin and Nałęczów. You will be sewing here like a writer, creating a work of life, tired of being in New York, a model looking for "something else", a group of good friends who wants to drink coffee together in the forest and wine by the fireplace. Maybe you're going for a walk on the forest paths. Fielding in a hammock. Straight from the sauna you will run to sources that are just as cold regardless of the season. You will write a poem, paint a picture. And turn the phone off. We invite you to a place that is a beautiful hideout and creative asylum. Come for a few days. Disconnect yourself.

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Anna Zarzeczna
Dla architekta takie stare siedlisko wśród lasów, nad bijącymi źródłami to wyzwanie. Dlatego kiedy 17 lat temu w ręce rodziny architektów trafiło zupełnie niezwykłe gospodarstwo rolne, od razu było wiadomo, że stanie się z nim coś nadzwyczajnego. Autorem projektu jest Marek Zarzeczny, a dobrym duchem Anna Zarzeczna. Tak powstał Dom nad Źródłami, wierzymy, że jedno z najlepszych schronień od rzeczywistości na świecie.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English

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Eco Alert

Do not bring plastic bottles of water, we have treated tap water
We use eco-friendly detergents
We promote waste segregation by guests
We plant trees
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for 2-6 people
for 2-6 people
two bedrooms and a living room with sofas
two bedrooms and a living room with sofas
beating springs with a constant temperature of 13 degrees
beating springs with a constant temperature of 13 degrees
independent cooking
independent cooking
real slow - off the beaten track (yoga room)
real slow - off the beaten track (yoga room)
akceptujemy tylko małe psy
akceptujemy tylko małe psy

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We built the building on the basis of an old farm. We would like to effectively remove from reality 2 to 6 people and we have created the conditions. At your disposal are: - two bedrooms with large, double beds - a living room with comfortable sofas - a sauna and a relaxation room - a hall with mirrors for yoga or exercise - a terrace with forest and source views.

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What will I eat?

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There is a well-equipped kitchen and an organic vegetable garden on site. Both of these things can be used intensively. However, if you prefer to completely detach yourself from the practice of daily preparation of meals it is possible to order them directly to the house (let us know about this option untill 3 days before the day of arrival). Price for a meal (soup, main dish and desert) is 50 zł/person.

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In/at the edge of the forest

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Wygnanowice were to be reconciled with the concept of boredom. So in the intentions of "break away", "I need a reset" to help rather than disturb. That is why our guests stop using the car and stay at the House over the Springs without feeling the need to explore and learn. They can then: - eat breakfast until noon - drink coffee at the sources - take the chair out of the house and read Lee Child - take photos of details at home - promise yourself that after returning they will quit the job and write a novel - to discuss life decisions a bit deeper than usual - fathom the taste of red wine by the fireplace - practice yoga in isolation - think in the sauna - swim in cold springs - abandon snowballs in the forest Or not and do something completely different.

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What’s there for children?

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Children can see Narnian beards, fairytale passages between worlds and forests from Harry Potter in Wygnanowice. They are not bothered by the coolness of the springs, they soak their feet and imagine that they live in water fairies. We do it too. We do not have playgrounds, trampolines or sandboxes. We have a forest, meadows and water, and that's enough.

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How do I get there?

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Our address: Wygnanowice 72, Rybczewice Drugie, Lublin Region, Poland

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How much will I pay?

1 double bedroomj+at your dispodal kitchen, sauna, bathroom, living room and yoga room 890 zł
2 double bedrooms+at your dispodal kitchen, sauna, bathroom, living room and yoga room 1200 zł
2 double bedrooms+2 sleeping places in a living room +at your dispodal kitchen, sauna, bathroom and yoga room 1500 zł
Children under 3 sleep with us free of charge, children between 3 and 12 years costs PLN 150 per night

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Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Maximum number of guests: 6 people

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Standard minimum stay: 2 days

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Arrival from 16:00
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One of the most gorgeous places we have ever stayed. In the middle of nature with fantastic views. We were very thankful that we could use the fresh organic vegetables from the garden and drink the water from the spring. Amazing experience, definitely to be recommended. Anna was also a great host who made sure everything went smoothly.


Zdjęcia, opinie oraz wyobrażenia nie potrafią oddać uroku tego miejsca. To musicie doświadczyć samemu aby się przekonać jak wynieść odpoczynek na inny level. Unikat w PL, architektura domu oraz otoczenia robi niesamowite wrażenie, zbudowane bez kompromisów z dbałością o najmniejsze detale. Będąc na miejscu czujesz się jak milioner na emeryturze który już nic nie musi... może i robi dokładnie to na co ma ochotę. Olbrzymi, zamknięty teren, piękne i niespotykane widoki. Dom znakomicie wyposażony, jest wszystko o czym pomyślisz a nawet więcej. Właścicielka to przemiła osoba która zostawia Ci klucze od domu jak dobremu przyjacielowi i tak się czujesz :) Niesamowite!


Wyjątkowe miejsce. Proszę posiłkować się poniższymi komentarzami, gdyż sam nie umiem dobrać właściwych słów. Niech 'Cisza', którą tam odnaleźliśmy, dosięgnie i Was. 'Cisza' natury, ducha i umysłu, ale i ta podpisana nazwiskiem E. Kagge. Dziękujemy Wam Gospodarzom.

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