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Historical places

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Zamek w Tykocinie

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Location Polska, Podlasie podregion, Tykocin
On the silver tray, we serve you a return to the past, holidays with Podlasie ghosts and a supper with a richly set table. A charming town awaits you in the Biebrza Valley, which is full of tales from ancient times. In Tykocin, Jewish, court and knight fates intertwine. Here is also the history of celebrycka, because its long market and wooden huts are fond of film writers. As if that was not enough, the city lies on the Narew River. Its backwaters are called here the Podlasie game. This is not the end of the adventure, because a bit further nature bursts Biebrza backwaters, creating the Biebrza National Park. In such circumstances, the refuge of the monarchs of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Tykocin castle, emerges. It is more than brick walls, towers and cross vaults raised from the ashes. Crossing the gate of the fortress, it is impossible to resist the impression that we have passed through a space-time portal. In every corner you can feel the atmosphere of old times and the majesty of power that accompanies this place. Throw in the court kitchen - Podlasie wonders on the plate, interesting Jewish delicacies and Tatar delicacies, and you'll get a royal effect. We invite everyone who wants to move to the world of castles, chambers and tables that are swaying from delicacies. The company of still wild and virgin nature is gratisie.

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Łukasz Nazarko
The history of this place is intertwined with the Polish kings' post and is absorbed from cover to cover. During these five hundred years, a lot has happened here. The castle was visited by kings and guests from distant countries, it was also a witness to wars, disputes between rich families and great treason. Several times he had his five minutes in the history of the Commonwealth. In the walls of the Tykocin castle King August II Mocny established the most important decoration of the Republic of Poland - the Order of the White Eagle, Janusz Radziwił spent time here and died. Polish kings were at the castle court, including Władysław III Waza and foreign rulers - among them Russian tsar Peter I. Both great figures and wars did not bypass our Castle: from the Swedish Deluge, through the war for Polish succession, to the January Uprising. Twice destroyed - twice made of ruins. Fortunately, thanks to the long and arduous scientific research and the reconstruction works that began at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, it became the pride of the owners and people who work in it. We all invite you to Tykocin. We will do everything to make you well with us.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English

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take the round stairs to our 7 rooms
take the round stairs to our 7 rooms
high spec inner restaurant with breakfast included in the stay
high spec inner restaurant with breakfast included in the stay
no pets please
no pets please
on the Narew river with many joints all around
on the Narew river with many joints all around
the guide will share a lot of local stories
the guide will share a lot of local stories
events like the assault on the castle, tatar day or the story of Order Orła Białego and the royal feast
events like the assault on the castle, tatar day or the story of Order Orła Białego and the royal feast

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The castle is large, but rooms for guests only seven pieces. We sleep in the Tykocin chambers with access to the dungeons, the royal restaurant, the ballroom and the courtyard. Without ghosts and cold walls, without a television, although electricity and all the conveniences of the modern world are already in place. Comfortable royal beds, elegant bathrooms and even air conditioning. All rooms are located in the attic and the road leads to them through the winding stairs of the castle tower. We do not have a lift, so older people and those with physical disabilities may have difficulty entering the room with a suitcase. The hearty panic and vital virgins will not feel the effects of this walk, and after a dense dinner it will be a therapeutic march. The decor of all rooms is designed in a warm and gentle tone, without a museum embouchure. You will not find dusty tapestries, creaking armor at night, royal throne and ornate coffers. It is simple, without glamor and comfortable. In each of the rooms there is: a desk for work, a bathroom with a shower (in the apartment a bathtub), free internet access. You can also count on cleaning every day. In each bathroom you will find a hair dryer. The windows offer a view of the Narew river valley, stork's nest, nearby forests and meadows. We offer 7 rooms in the following configuration: - 1 two-bedded apartment with a double bed (with the possibility of an extra bed for children), - 2 double rooms with single beds (with an extra bed for children), - 3 double rooms with single beds, - 1 family room, 4 beds with single beds. You can find mosquitoes and other winged monsters as well. For this reason, mosquito nets are located in the windows of the rooms. The price of the room is waiting for you breakfast and a guided tour of the castle, who knows everything about history, curiosities and legends related to the fate of Tykocin.

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What will I eat?

Zamek w Tykocinie - What will I eat?
Zamek w Tykocinie - What will I eat?

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We treat you with Podlasie, Jewish and Tatar specialties in a truly royal edition: goose dumplings served with marinated ginger, chulent, Narwia Pipki goats (stomachs) in a butter sauce, veal roasted in French pastry, Korycian cheese in crispy batter or Podlaska potato cake in shaped cupcakes. In addition, great Masurian and Lithuanian beers as well as a wine card precisely composed in cooperation with a fellow Sommelier. Breakfasts that are included in the price of the accommodation and are served from 8:00 to 10:00. One of the secrets of the castle kitchen is its own herb and vegetable garden and trusted suppliers. You can not miss out on the feasts from the series "Gęsina na Św. Marcin", where the tables bend over delicious, Old Polish dishes of goose and venison. There will also be dances, revelry and frolics. The castle also hosts the Tastes of the Renaissance, or dinners from the era. During these feasts, you will find out what flavors reigned over the renaissance German court, what the Tartars ate, what the Italians liked and what was served on the tables in the time of rebirth. Tykocin can boast of delectable delicacies of regional cuisine. Choose to: - Villa Regent restaurant for chulent, fried dumplings or kugel, - Tejsza restaurant for chicken in honey sauce with raisins, as well as Christmas cymes, - taverns. Tales from the Narew River after a sensational pike on spinach and korycino cheese.

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Food on-site

Lokalne produkty (eggs, cheese, meat and sausages, vegetables, fruits, beer, wine, honey, mushrooms, cakes)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the countryside

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Zamek w Tykocinie - Will I not be bored?
Zamek w Tykocinie - Will I not be bored?
Zamek w Tykocinie - Will I not be bored?
Zamek w Tykocinie - Will I not be bored?

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See you, discoveries and exploration are extraordinary areas, castle walls, wild rivers and old temples. It is not worth counting clouds in the sky and listening to the wind noise. In return, we recommend visiting the Tykocin castle with a guide. For you, we have opened the castle's basement, the prison tower and the Glass Hall (original name: Sala Szklana) with the reconstructed second-tier tiled stove of the pre-partition Republic, called the Great Modra (from the blue-and-white tiles). The furnace was built for 10 years and is currently the second largest furnace of this type in Poland. The Narew river flowing nearby is famous in Europe for its microclimate, which attracts birds and insects of all kinds. It is a paradise not only for photographers and ornithologists, but also for tourists who want to enjoy the captivating beauty of nature. We recommend getting to know the river from the boat. Cruises for the whole family are organized by the Tykocin FlisakPark. The route leads along the historic part of the city, and then through the ecologically rich, full of birds section of the Narew River. During the cruise, a qualified guide discusses the passing monuments and places. Cruises starting at sunset are also popular, which is a good chance to see beavers in nature. On the map, the Biebrza River and its picturesque backwaters are no less interesting. A short ride divides Tykocin from the Tsar's Road, a historical route that runs through the heart of Biebrza forests and swamps where you can meet elks, soak up untouched nature and make a stop along a walking path: for example Długa Luka, which bites up to the horizon with a narrow bridge in kępiaste, Przybiebrzańskie meadows. Tykocin sights that are worth seeing: - The church p.w. Holy Trinity in Tykocin built thanks to Jan Klemens Branicki in 1740 - 1750. - The Great Synagogue was erected on the site of an old wooden synagogue in 1642. Currently it is a branch of the Podlasie Museum in Białystok. - Small Synagogue - The Talmudic House is located in the vicinity of the Large Synagogue. Originally, the building housed a religious school and was a Talmudic house. - The Tykocin market is a unique urban monument of the city. Since the founding of Tykocin, it has existed from the 18th century. The center of the square is decorated with a two-meter monument of Stefan Czarniecki. The memorial monument dates back to 1763. It is probably the second oldest secular monument in Poland after Zygmunt's Column. You can not miss the events organized in the castle: - Podlasie Auto Cafe, a meeting that is a mix of interesting motoring, noble coffee and a unique place. - Assault of the Castle in Tykocin, historical reconstruction taking place every winter. - Concerts as part of the Moniuszko Four Seasons Festival. - Theater performances as part of the "Teatr Polska" project.

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What’s there for children?

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Children feel like the heroes of fairy tales about a knight in shining armor or a dragon trainer. They are fascinated by stories about battles, wars, kings and brave knights. Our guides, like no other, can introduce children to the magical world of medieval brave warriors, princesses, queens and spectacular assaults. With unconcealed fascination and wide open eyes, they discover towers, halls and galleries, where rulers, dark undergrounds, costumes and replicas of historical objects walked. They will feel a thrill in the prison tower. This is the highest viewing point in the area, which also allows you to observe from a short distance the life of a stork's nest in which chickens appear every spring. An unforgettable experience is taking part in the castle assault, which takes place in February each year. It is the only historical winter staging in the country, showing events from the Deluge period. Guns, horses, knights, warriors and a general battlefield make a big impression.

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Our address: Puchalskiego 3, Tykocin, Podlasie Region, Poland

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Miejsce super historyczne i to nadaje mu charakteru :) Pokój przestronny ale urządzony bardzo skromnie. W te wakacyjne upały na poddaszu noc bardzo ciężka, jakikolwiek mały wentylator byłby naprawdę wskazany a klimatyzacja spełnieniem marzeń !!! Śniadania syte i bardzo smaczne. Dobrze że zauważyliśmy jak są wielkie i zrezygnowaliśmy z jednego. Trzy porcje na cztery osoby w zupełności wystarczyły. Świetnie poprowadzona wycieczka po zamku z przewodnikiem. Polecamy.


Wyjątkowe, klimatyczne miejsce, fajnie było zwiedzić zamek z przewodnikiem, widok bocianiego gniazda z jego mieszkańcami z góry- bezcenny, pokój rodzinny bardzo przestronny, ale wystrój mógłby być bardziej dopracowany, moskitiera w oknie lub preparat przeciwko komarom do kontaktu byłoby wielkim udogodnieniem. Śniadania bardzo smaczne, a ciepłe danie wręcz za duże- np jajka sadzone są 4! , a omlet ogromny- nie dało się wszystkiego zjeść, a bardzo nie lubię marnowania jedzenia i wolałabym powiedzieć, że wystarczy mi 1 czy 2 jajka, a nie spodziewaliśmy się takich ilości. Inne dania z restauracji dające poznać miejscowa kuchnię. I wielki podziw dla Pani kelnerki, która była jednocześnie barmanką i recepcjonistką, uwijała się jak w ukropie i to wszystko z uśmiechem na ustach i miłym słowem! 1 osoba na te wszystkie funkcje to zdecydowanie za mało.


Fajne miejsce w ciekawej okolicy. Szacunek za projekt odbudowy zamku i udostepnienie go do zwiedzania.

4.7 6 opinii