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Złoty Jar

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With Golden Jarem is so that it is not known where to begin. Perhaps from the beginning of the 16th century, when the gold ore was mined here or since the nineteenth century, the mustache men in cylinder watches on the chain, arriving here stagecoach. Various things have happened since then, there was a gazebo at the entrance to the jar, later a restaurant, Polish colonists in the Polish People's Republic, and finally us. And you.

We invite you to Golden Jute, a German guest house in the Golden Mountains, where something is going on, and if for unknown reasons it does not happen, we will surely invented something.

Gosia i Maciek Dziczkowscy

Couple of people with serious creativity surpluses. If we did not run the Golden Jubilee and a few other things, we would probably go to Mount Rushmore to hewp more presidents, we'd have an unconventional mandala visible from outer space, or hell they know what else.

As we run the guest house, we carry guests to the old gold mine, close them in the escape rooms, visit their worlds, and for the dessert Gosia writes novels and reports. For now, you can not see the signs of fatigue, for each guest we are happy like a fool, so fall into the golden mountains, and we will show you how it is. Welcome!
Gosia and Maciek
Plenty to explore and experience in the Golden Mountains
Rooms and suites even up to a dozen people in the room
Fridge and annex for guests, but also delicious breakfasts
Great for organized groups and integration
Original weddings and special events
We like dogs!


  • In the mountains

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments
  • Entire place


  • Breakfast included
  • Full board
  • Vegetarian, vegan, for allergics


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Close to attractions
  • Pet friendly
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Sauna, banya
  • Fireplace
  • No service
  • Children's corner
  • Playground
  • Double bed

Local food

  • Beer

Where will I sleep?

The Golden Jara bed is a choice and a color. We have prepared for the arrival of solo artists and Hun raids.

Single room - with one bed and shared bathroom.

4 double rooms
Rooms 1 and 2 have a private bathroom in the room, 4 and 14 shared bathrooms. There is a possibility of an extra bed for room #...

2 Apartments
This for 5-6 people has a queen bed, a bathroom and a veranda.
This one for 7 people has single beds and a shared bathroom with one room)

Triple rooms
No. 3 - with bathroom, large bed and sofa bed
No. 12 - with three single beds

Shared rooms for 4-6 people
They have single beds.

In every room there is WiFi, outdoor parking and we really like motorcyclists.
Quadrupeds are equally welcome to us as twins!

What will I eat?

Every day we serve a rich breakfast in the form of a Swedish table, trying to make small changes every day, so as not to bore guests. We ourselves do not like to be bored with food.

There is also a kitchenette and fridge in Złot Jary - all for guests who like to warm up in interesting interiors. Coffee...
and tea is available 24/7, but we also have kraft beer ...

We are the kingdom of dumplings - with carrot and tomato sauce? With dried plum? With groats? Traditional? We have, and if we do not have it we will make up! We always have fresh soup with seasonal vegetables, second dish in wege and meat option. Hungry from us will not go away!

How will I be entertained?

The Golden Journey comes to adventure. The area is so diverse that sitting on the spot would be an unreasonable whim. We have some interesting things to do and see:

1. The old gold mine "Złoty Stok"
Much is happening here. Underground waterfalls and boat trips flooded with sidewalks - a combination...
of education and entertainment. Even at night!

2. Paintball and lasertag
For lovers of this type of events or those who would like to try.

3. Medieval Technical Park
The Old Iron Mine, the Labyrinth of Fear and the Chata Kata are waiting for those who want to see how it was done in the dark ages ...

4. Escape Room
A little fun with getting out of a locked room. For smart, brave, brave.

5. Gorge at Złoty Jarze
For mushroom, berry and lover hunters looking lost in the woods. (For mushroom pickers we have a mushroom dryer!)

6. Inn of the "Old Kuźnia"
For the gourmets of Polish cuisine.

7. Treasures of Lower Silesia
Abandoned palaces and castles, golden train secrets, flooded corridors and white ladies. One of the most interesting Polish regions.

What's for children?

Golden Jar is Grimm Brothers fairy tale, Wild West tales and Bolt and Lolk adventure in one. And there is no coverage ...
For the youngest, we also have bathtubs, cribs and cots - you do not have to push it all in the trunk!


  • Bedding
  • No TV set
  • Iron

How much will I pay?

Valuable standard with breakfast

Double rooms 85 PLN / person
single room 65 PLN / person
Apartments (5-7 people) 85 PLN / person
Triple rooms with private bathroom 85 PLN / person
Triple rooms with shared bathroom 65 PLN / person
Dorm rooms 65 PLN / person

Place rules

Payment and booking conditions

We accept payment by card.

  • Card payment
  • Cash on the spot
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:14:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Złota 24
  • 57-250 Złoty Stok

How to get there?

GPS will lead you bad, because under the Gold Mine, when you are in the Golden Slope, follow the Market Square to Staszica and then dirt road into the forest ... as you will hope it will be 300 meters will be waiting Golden Jar



Miejsce rzeczywiście piękne - sprawia wrażenie takiego "na końcu świata". Las, skały, atrakcje turystyczne w pobliżu, serdeczna obsługa, przepyszne śniadania i - co bardzo ważne - możliwość zjedzenia ciepłego posiłku w zasadzie o każdej porze. Ale... widać też ślady zaniedbania. Z okien łuszczy się farba, a łazienka (!) dramatycznie wymaga remontu. Niby to "drobiazgi", jednak psują przyjemność. Szkoda.


Wspaniałe miejsce i ludzie! Jeśli szukasz zacisznego miejsca w pięknym otoczeniu rezerwuj od razu! Dodatkowo przesympatyczna obsługa sprawia, że każdy czuje się jak wyczekiwany gość, a nie tylko przyjezdny klient. Dziękujemy bardzo za cudowny weekend, domowe ciasto po całym dniu wędrówek i pyszne śniadania ;)


Idealne miejsce, żeby się wyciszyć i odpocząć od zgiełku. W pokojach nie ma telewizora, telefon nie dzwoni... można w spokoju porozmawiać. Jedzenie smaczne, a ruskie pierogi - pycha!


Absolutnie wspaniałe miejsce z niesamowitym klimatem. Pyszne śniadanie i przemiła obsługa. Mam nadzieję, że jeszcze kiedyś wrócimy :)


Jestem wymagającym klientem. Rzadko zdarza mi się tak wysoko oceniać jakość świadczonych usług. Jednak nie mam wątpliwości, że Złoty Jar zasługuje na najwyższą ocenę. Byliśmy z żoną wniebowzięci. Dom, okolica, jedzenie, obsługa, wystrój, klimat... wszystko naprawdę dopracowane. Polecam to miejsce.


Piękne, ciche miejsce tuż przy pieszym szlaku. Pyszne jedzenie, sympatyczna obsługa. Polecam wszystkim :)


Idealne miejsce na weekend lub całe wakacje. Osoby prowadzące to miejsce, idealnie pasują do klimatu. Doskonale jedzenie. Polecam.


Cudowne miejsce i wspaniali ludzie którzy je tworzą! Polecam wszystkim którzy cenią piękno natury, ciszę i spokój. W Złotym Jarze czuliśmy się jak w domu;)