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Złotopolska Dolina

Poland, Mazovia Province, Trębki Nowe

Hotel / Spa 1 apartment

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With some animals

We accept small dogs


We cook for you

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In the 1990s, after Sunday lunch, the whole family would sit down in front of the TV to follow the lives of the Złotopolski family, accompanied by cold cheesecake and coffee. We were magically transported from the blocks of flats to the idyllic lives of the characters. A few decades later, on the outskirts of those film Złotopolice, we found 3 hectares of land that were perfect for creating a holiday idyll. We changed our corporate existence to a wonderful life among trees, singing birds, croaking frogs and the sound of a stream winding through the plot. We built Złotopolska Dolina close enough to Warsaw to be a break from city life, but not too far away to be able to pop out here on Friday after work. Head northwest towards Płońsk. Between Złotopolice and Trębki Nowe, among fields, in the middle of birches standing at attention, you will find our manor house. Our neighbours are rabbits, fish, birds, a stream flowing behind our back and the blissful sounds of boredom. After crossing the stone gate of Złotopolska Valley, the time of idleness begins. The autoresponder sets itself, books are waiting to be read, waffles to be chomped, and the pool to be jumped in. In addition to all these suburban luxuries, we serve great food, massages, a ballroom under the stars, bikes ready for a trip and a map of rural Mazovian attractions. We love life, laughter and people, and hygge is our favourite word. This is the atmosphere we create in the Złotopolska Valley. It is cosy, slow, relaxing and warm. We invite you to our suburban oasis, where after closing the stone gate, the world begins to have a different, more pleasant dimension. PS We would like to inform you that there is a wedding hall located next door, so you can hear the music. Most events take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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Jakub i Izabela
Perhaps cliché, but here's our story. We love travelling, it is our family passion. Many years ago, when looking for an idea to change our corporate existence, we decided to look for an escape. We did not find shelter in Asia, or even on a paradise island. It found its way to the Masovian countryside. The plan was simple. To create a wonderfully friendly place among birches and singing birds, but close enough to Warsaw to be a springboard for city life. Within a few years, we accelerated a bit, because we created Złotopolska Dolina - a family villa and Miętowe Wzgórza - a residence like in an American movie. Every detail of the houses was thought out and individually selected by us. When our two large projects went out into the world and gained the approval of our guests, it was time for mini holiday homes - Domek Ogrodnika and Miętowy Zakątek. This is our response to the current needs of our minds. Calmness, good coffee in the hammock and doing nothing. While we look after the decor and quality in the kitchen, our children chase the cats here, splash water and splash in the Russian sump. We invite you to our oasis, where, after closing the stone gate, the world begins to have a different - more pleasant dimension.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English
Our reception desk and team will look after you

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Our charms

Mosquitos on warm days

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We care about you

Breakfast basket / takeaway

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Family-run guesthouse with double and quadruple rooms
Family-run guesthouse with double and quadruple rooms
Immerse yourself in the outdoor heated pool
Immerse yourself in the outdoor heated pool
Hearty breakfasts, sweet snacks, and a 3-course dinner
Hearty breakfasts, sweet snacks, and a 3-course dinner
Only 30 minutes from the centre of Warsaw
Only 30 minutes from the centre of Warsaw
Dry sauna and Russian bathtub in the garden (extra fee)
Dry sauna and Russian bathtub in the garden (extra fee)

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Where will I relax?

Icon 1 apartment
Icon for up to 20 people
Icon bathroom: 10
Icon large king bed : 1
Icon king bed (or 2 single beds): 10
Icon Without pets

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In the Manor House, which is surrounded by the rustle of trees, a veranda on which you can read books like the best TV series, and you can swim in the pool from dusk to dawn. After crossing the stone gate, you enter a world where we will take care of you holistically. We will feed you well, massage you, give you ideas on how to deal with boredom, show you a place to take a nap and heat the water in the pool. In autumn and winter, we invite you to our winter mini SPA in the garden. We offer 3 hectares of green area full of trees, bushes and singing birds. In the middle of this forest clearing stands our villa with terraces and spacious verandas, perfect for relaxation. In the manor there are double and quadruple rooms with bathrooms: - Standard double room, - Deluxe Double Room, - Standard quadruple room. We can arrange an extra bed for children in some rooms.

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Common space

Dining room with tables
Fireplace corner
TV room

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Barbecue area
Beach chairs
Private forest

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Slow speed Internet / WiFi
Good cell phone reception
TVs in the rooms
We organise film screenings

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What will I eat?

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The kitchen is the apple of our eye, so we recommend ourselves to every meal. In our forest residence you can dine from morning to evening, locally, seasonally and deliciously. Breakfast is prepared with local products. Fruit crumbles, pancakes with jam, yoghurt with fruit, sweet rolls, porridge, chocolate coffee or yeast cake will be sweet. The whole palette of possibilities. From quality cold cuts, home-made pate, through Korycin cheese, egg paste from green legs, to fish pastes, vegetables and silage. In the afternoon, it's time for a 3-course dinner (soup, main course, dessert, water and compote). Always in the meat and veg options. The whole family should be happy. The menu changes depending on the season, e.g. homemade vegetable soup with garden fennel, slow-cooked pork loin with horseradish puree, baked cauliflower and salsa verde, paste with tomato sauce and herbs, puff with cream and chocolate. We can also prepare your meals in picnic baskets for you to eat outdoors. When you feel unexpectedly hungry during the day, you can use our "Snack Station", where, as the name suggests, we serve tasty treats. Pancakes, waffles and soups. Meals (except breakfast) are charged extra. We are located in the region of farmers, so we have suppliers of vegetables and fruit on site.

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Food on-site

Breakfast included
Please inform us about your food preferences before arrival
We mainly cook using local products
Seasonally, vegetables from our own garden

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Kitchen access

No access to the kitchen

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the countryside
Icon In / at the edge of the forest

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This is where we run away from the city to regenerate our strength, relax our body and refresh our mind. After all, you don't have to go all the way to Masuria from Warsaw. It is enough to delve into Mazovia. Only half an hour from Warsaw, in the Złotopolski forest, where rabbits hatch, picnics and swims in the pool. You can take a drink and lie down on a deckchair, hide from the sun under a tree, spread out on the porch and feel like in an American movie. Regardless of whether you are looking for a rest, coming to work in the green, or planning an intimate party, we want you to feel calm and at ease with us. When it comes to relaxation, we can offer you massages. Professional masseurs will take care of your well-being, you only need to choose the appropriate treatment (prior reservation required): - royal massage, - full body peeling, ⁠ - body mask, ⁠ - hot candle massage, - honey massage with cereal wrap, - whiskey massage, - a ritual for two, - foot and hand massage, - massage on a Balinese bed⁠. ⁠ In autumn or winter - forest, walk, silence, peace and relaxing bath. Jump into the Russian banya and spend a quiet morning or evening here under a canopy of stars. There is a glass-walled dry sauna in the garden. At your disposal is 3 hectares of land with both old trees and a trimmed lawn, an outdoor heated swimming pool, silence and ideal conditions for a siesta. You can slip into your bathing suits and use the heated swimming pool (8am - 8pm) or put on sports clothes, rent bikes and go for a ride around the area. After resting in a rocking chair, go to the volleyball court or try your hand at badminton. In the evening, it's time for a bonfire, counting the stars and the soothing sounds of the Masovian countryside. It was already there for the body, and for the spirit too. In the summer season, in the residence, we can organize evening film screenings or an open-air cinema, as well as bread baking workshops with higher occupancy. In addition, for an additional fee, we can organize for you (attractions must be booked at least 7 days in advance): - guided tours of the Zakroczym region, - visiting the Modlin Fortress with a guide, - visiting the historic monastery in Czerwińsk, - landscape flights with a motor-glider over the area, - landscape flights by plane over the vicinity of Warsaw, - Wkra canoeing trip, We have provided you with ideal conditions for relaxation, give yourself a chance to relax, we invite you to the Złotopolski forest.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths

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For hedonists

Outdoor pool
Massages (on request)
Dry Sauna

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For sports enthusiasts

Kayaks (25 km)
Bicycles for rent

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What’s there for children?

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After all these attractions for adults, it's time for something for kids, and these have wide perspectives for going crazy. Hectares of lawns, forest, pond and surrounding fields perfect for cycling trips. You can look for hopping grays, which you can later feed, pamper, hungry petting cats, swing in hammocks and swim in the pool. The pink flamingo floating on the surface is waiting. From the morning they occupy the playground, look for ladybugs among the grasses, when it rains they spread board games on the table, and when it brightens up, they sit in the garden for the best entertainment in the world - an evening cinema in the open air. When the little ones get hungry, it's time for waffles with whipped cream, pancakes with homemade jam and soup. With higher occupancy, we organize workshops and animations for the youngest.

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Attractions for children

Children's playground
Large safe running space
Children's corner
Children's toys and books

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Trębki Nowe 89, Trębki Nowe, Mazovia Province, Poland

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How much will I pay?

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Additional pricing information
Extra bed to the room for 1 person over 14 years old with breakfast - PLN 130 Extra bed in the room for 1 child aged 5-13 with breakfast - PLN 100 Children up to 4 years old stay in the room for free. Dinner (3 courses) - PLN 85/person Use of the swimming pool - included in the price. Use of the sauna and Russian banya is charged additionally PLN 199 - 2 people - 1 hour. Prices include VAT and breakfast. The accommodation price includes: parking and use of the outdoor outdoor swimming pool.

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Place rules

Icon We accept: small dogs
Icon Maximum number of guests: 20 people

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 16:00
Departure to 11:00
We will stick to defined checkin / checkout times

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Icon Other rules
Please be advised that there is a wedding hall next to it, so you can hear music. Most often the parties are held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The amount of the deposit is 50% of the value of the stay. In the event of cancellation of the reservation, the guest receives a voucher for the value of the advance payment to be used at a different date by the end of the year. The remaining amount:

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Jakkolwiek miejsce ładne i ciekawe, a pobyt udany, to nie mogę nie napisać o pewnym dysonansie poznawczym pomiędzy całością ogłoszenia na Slowhopie (w tym opiniami gości, choć fakt, że ostatnia z 2022) a rzeczywistością. Slowhop prezentuje pensjonat dla rodzin, a na miejscu jest dom weselny. Przemiła obsługa, która była tam tylko dla nas (byliśmy jedynymi gośćmi, swoją drogą zastanawiająca jest ekonomika zagadnienia) na każdym kroku i przy każdym pytaniu typu "gdzie są miejsca wymienione w ogłoszeniu" (kącik dla dzieci, biblioteczka itp) odpowiadała "nie ma, to jest przecież typowy dom weselny". No i fajnie. Niech sobie będzie. Tylko co on robi na Slowhopie, w dodatku pod takim a nie innym ogłoszeniem? Z rzeczy namacalnych - apartament z dwoma sypialniami jest chyba w trakcie wesel siedliskiem wyjątkowo rozrywkowych wujków. Nie ma tam nic, co trzymało by się kupy (nawet miska sedesowa była pęknięta i poklejona), W jednej sypialni 3 z 4 lamp naściennych i sufitowych nie działało, jedyna lampka nocna na 2 sypialnie takoż. A łóżka (tudzież prycze z materacami) mocno sugerują, że aby tam komfortowo spać, trzeba być w stanie jak na koniec wesela ;) Dziękuję raz jeszcze obsłudze za gościnność, doświadczenie mieszkania w puściutkim domu weselnym było pouczające i pozostaję bez pretensji. Właścicieli i serwis Slowhop prosiłbym jednak o więcej prawdy w ogłoszeniach, lub chociaż w korespondencji przy rezerwacji.


Wspaniałe miejsce z przemiła i ogromnie pomocna obsługą. Pani Ewa przeogromnie miła i zawsze chętna do pomocy. idealne miejsce dla rodzin z dziećmi i ogólnie dla osób którzy chcą odpocząć. My akurat wynajęliśmy domek, nie jest to duży domek, ale przytulny i dobrze wyposażony. Ośrodek i domek znajdują się w otoczeniu drzew, obok sauna z lezakami, stawik z plumkajaca woda. Na terenie jest tez plac zabaw dla dzieci i basen. Piękne ciche spokojne miejsce na ognisko. Obok we wsi są sklepy spożywcze które były czynne nawet w niedziele. Dużym udogodnieniem jest stały dostęp do ciepłych napojów i państwo byli tak mili ze dostaliśmy nawet do kawki niespodziankę w postaci pysznych ciast. Śniadania są bardzo ok (obłędną jajecznica, warzywa, pieczywo, wędliny, sery, twarożek i deserek). Nie było tez problemu o przygotowanie naleśnikow dla młodego. Urocze wiejskie klimaty naokoło. Ogólnie ogromnie polecamy.


Miejsce urocze i bardzo klimatyczne, pozwala odciąć się od codzienności. Obsługa przemiła a jedzenie pyszne. Różnorodność posiłków i ilość zaskoczyła nas pozytywnie. Szczerze polecamy to miejsce

4.3 3 opinii