About us

Good morning!

Welcome to Slowhop, where instead of leaving everything behind and going to some really remote places to live there, we show those who really dared to do it...

About Slowhop
What does Slowhop mean?

It's a trip to a unique hidaway with soul, a short break from reality, finding and experiencing your passion. Slowhop.com is an online platform with unique addresses and themed expeditions, courses, workshops organized by passionate people.

How are we different?

We have only addresses that meet our criteria: beautiful interior, local food, passion of the hosts. We describe it in our own language. We are convinced, that it is worth showing some other forms of spending free time. And we're really committed to find the best spots out there.

We created Slowhop for ourselves and for people like us. We travel to places where there are no big hotels chains, we eat where they feed us the local products, we go for adventures with those, who are passionate about it.
Slowhop's team


Senior age. Almost. Early youth in corporations, late youth in the largest international Internet companies and startups. He recently renovated an old barn and decided to buy a goat. When the goat is still in the planning phase, Martin uses his professional experience as head of Slowhop.


Her age is almost senior as well, but she's still doing well. She's a PR person with passion of writing and creating stories. Spends free time in Poland, Masuria, where she tries to write a crime novel. Slowhop's originator, because she needed to find interesting hosts without spending hours on browsing the Internet.


Young, brisk, decisive. National Geographic should feature her as the youngest woman in the world who was (almost) everywhere and did (almost) everything. Amongst others she planned to open the guesthouse in the south of France . Good cook and wine expert. Recently headed the international team of DaWanda.

Pawel & Maciek

Code creators, masters of programming, wizards of technology. In order not to go crazy Paul is preparing for the triathlon, and Maciek is a gym lover.


Former proffessional in laying out sanitary installations. She knows everything about designing the pipies and how the water flows and, so why shouldn't she deal with user experience in Slowhop.