Leisure is a state of <em>mind</em>.

Leisure is a state of mind.

We help you switch off. Truly.

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Poland, Podlasie Province
2 houses

Into The LAS

A micro village in the village of Sojczynek, in old sea containers. There is a hot tub in each house.
Poland, Warmia and Masuria
Cottage up to 4 persons

Wiatrak Zyndaki

Have you ever slept in a windmill? We invite you. We built it using techniques from 200 years ago. It stands between 3 lakes, has beautiful views from the hill and a fabulous bathtub in the basement.
Poland, Mazovia Province
Cottage for 12 persons

W Kamieńczyku nad Bugiem

In Kamieńczyk on the Bug River, 80 km from the capital, there is an escape house for larger groups. It has harmonious interiors, a fireplace, a large terrace, and in the garden there is a swimming pool, a playground and a relaxation zone.

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Poland, Mazovia Province
Glamping / camping

Glamping Projekt Alpaka

In the buffer zone of the Kozienicka Forest, 100 km from Warsaw, you will release endorphins while sleeping soundly in two comfortable tents, jumping into a hot tub, being in nature and meeting alpacas.
Czech Republic, South Moravian Region
Cottage for 6 persons

Přibická pohoda 

Spacious and comfortable house in the wine region for up to 6 people. Close to the bike path, monuments and wine cellars. We accept children from 10 years old.
Poland, Lublin Province


6 apartments with private saunas at the end of a dirt road. We make breakfast and invite you to work on the farm together. We have a lot of Art and a heart for animals.