12 Diverse Glamping Experiences

Sleep under the stars in style

Leave your pop up tent, sleeping bag, and toilet paper at home. Prepare for an alternative camping experience. Perhaps you’ve heard of ‘glamping’ – a combo of ‘glamourous’ and ‘camping’; basically, it’s where stunning nature meets modern luxury. Unlike traditional camping, you don’t have to worry about sleeping in a cold, wet tent, failing to cook food over a fire, getting eaten alive by pesky mosquitoes or running away from wild animals.


If you’re a first-time glamper, you might be surprised with the services and amenities these tents and campgrounds offer – from small comforts such as real beds to more upscale packages including spa treatments and expertly prepared local dishes. Hop on this accommodation trend that has a lower environmental impact than standard hotels and enjoy all the benefits of camping – endless stargazing, soothing nature sounds, crackling campfires, and spending time offline.

Buttery lobster rolls, salty ocean air, quaint little coastal towns and iconic lighthouses. Nothing quite compares to Maine in the summertime. Now, we know it’s a popular camping destination because of its vast untouched wilderness, but we managed to find a glamping site where couples can retreat to child-free and comfortably enjoy nature. We’re talking about canvas glamping tents for two with zippable windows, king-sized bed, seating area, deck with seating, and access to a shared bathhouse. Rustic, bohemian, nautical or tribal accents and furnishings give each space a romantic/cosy vibe, even in the New England woods. Wander around the salt marsh, go for a swim in the heated saltwater pool, or just hang out on your private porch until the mosquitoes chase you inside. Be sure to rent bikes and take a leisurely ride down to Kennebunkport, known for its long sandy beaches, and pick up whatever produce is in season and straight-from-the-water seafood at the local stands and shops.

“Exceptionally friendly, clean, and private. My family loved visiting Sandy Pines so much. Our experience was terrific, and we will be back for sure. It’s one of the best camping and RV sites we have seen in Maine. If you’re looking and they have availability, don’t wait. Book it.

Slowhop's review: Keep an eye out for sneaky chipmunks and other curious critters that may crawl into the tents which are not completely sealed at the bottom edges. Even with bug screens and other lux touches, this is still camping after all!

(Photos: Sanding Pines Campground)

Need some much needed R&R but don’t want to travel way out in the boonies? Just one hour from London is a 200-acre family farm that’s stayed largely unchanged for the past one and a half centuries. The permanent residents include a small flock of sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, cats and dogs, but deer, fox, rabbits and birds regularly drop by. Among these friendly guests, you’re also invited to stay awhile at Colemans Farm in any of their four unique cabins. We particularly set our sights on The Trap, a two-person A-frame structure with a transparent perspex roof that makes you feel like you’re sleeping in a greenhouse. Watch fluffy clouds pass by from the comfort of a double bed or chill in the outdoor bathtub as you soak in the views of dozens of acres of farmland. Grill up a tasty dinner on the wood-fired BBQ on the deck, or whip up your favourite comfort food in the well-equipped kitchen next to the cabin. Brothers Time and Pete can show you the trails from your door that lead to towns Epping and Ongar, where you can do a bit of shopping and stop for a pint of traditional ale.

“This place was totally what I needed. The owners’ hospitality was second to none and not intrusive in the slightest. If you are looking to escape phone reception and reacquaint yourself with your loved ones, then this is the place. Don't forget your Wellingtons (like we did).

Slowhop's review: Tempting as it may be, please do not walk across the fields – this is still a working farm. You can still explore the over 200 acres of ancient farmland, including traditional hedgerows, notable trees and the little brook, by sticking to the tracks.

(Photos: Colemans Farm)


The glamping trend has reached the Black Sea shores of Ukraine in the most Instagram-able way. Lux canvas tents set up at the Mandra Bay location in the Odessa region give you all the benefits of camping on the beach, minus the hassle and unpleasantries that usually come with the old-school experience. Let the waves lull you to sleep in your cosy bed and blankets instead of the bumpy sand and polyester sleeping bag. Wake to the sound of nature waking up around you, walk barefoot on wood floors to the private bathroom instead of crawling over your tent-mate and heading to the smelly outhouse. Book the double suite for the ultimate glamping amenities: double bed, bedside tables, clothes rack, table, chairs, electric stove, kettle, dishes, refrigerator, electric heater, private bathroom. Opt-out of cooking for a night to try the seafood and salads at the site’s restaurant and then catch an open-air movie or play games in the recreation tent. Craving cheap thrills and greasy street food? Head over to the centre of Zatoka.

“It's great that such a location for outdoor recreation has appeared in Ukraine! The idea is great, and the implementation is excellent. You can tell that professionals created it and thought out various little things for comfort. Special thanks to Renat, who took care of us like family.

Slowhop's review: The campground does not organise excursions, so you’re on your own with planning day trips and fun activities. You can still ask the staff about renting kayaks and other recommendations for what to do in the area.

(Photos: Glamping Mandra)


Do not hit ‘snooze’ on your alarm here – you don’t want to miss this dreamy pink-to-orange sunrise right in front of your sleepy eyes through diamond-shaped windows seen 180 ° from your bed. Doze off for a bit and awaken once more to the sound of birds and gentle breeze from the open window. Crawl out of your cocoon to grab your breakfast basket waiting for you outside the door and enjoy it under the lime tree or the covers, as you wish. Nestled among trees in the corner of Marion and Benoit’s vast green property in Spa, Belgium, is this geometric dream of an accommodation for two people. Snuggle up like a squirrel in this acorn-shaped glass and wood dome with a private bathroom with a shower and bathtub facing the view. Opt for the lunch basket, which includes a soup or salad, cheese and tapenade board and a homemade dessert. By nightfall, build a campfire and relive childhood memories or create new ones while toasting marshmallows and craning your neck upwards to catch a glimpse of a shooting star. Perhaps you’ll be in luck. This place is called the “Song of the Stars” in French, after all.

“Unique experience under the stars. Very beautiful setting, total immersion in nature with the added bonus of a very warm welcome!

Slowhop's review: Make a dinner reservation at Grand Maur, an old bourgeois house that’s now a gourmet Belgian restaurant, where you can undoubtedly delight your taste buds. The sample menu includes half a grilled lobster in citrus butter, Spanish bouchot mussels and sage gnocchi.

(Photos: Le chant des étoiles)


Flying over the Kuyavia Region in Poland, you may be puzzled to see what appear to be giant white mushrooms cropping up from the grass by the lake. These aren’t eatable fungi; they’re actually spherical luxury tents. N-Glamping campground has five of these cosmic-looking globes for couples and families who want to experience camping without the hassle. Each glamp (tent) has a kitchen and bathroom, real beds (no sleeping on the ground) and most importantly – AC. No two tents are the same, so you can soak in the bathtub overlooking the lake in the ‘Love’ tent for two, read crime novels in the ‘Alcatraz’ themed tent or play foosball in the ‘Sports’ tent. On cloudless summer days, swim, fish and row on the lake, then collapse on a log in front of the campfire while you roast wieners until the mosquitos force you to retreat for the night. As parents themselves, the hosts opted out of providing WiFi to force kids outside and into the wild. This is camping, after all.

“This is a great place for a blissful rest with friends, family or just the two of you. The lake’s proximity is good for relaxation, and you can also go crazy in (or on) the water. The tents are equipped with everything you need, and there is plenty of space. The friendly owners also create a great atmosphere. This is real glamping.

Slowhop's review: If you’re staying here during the harvest season, seeing the combine harvesters at work may be an attraction, or it may be a distraction. If peace and quiet are what you’re after, come before/after this time of year.

(Photos: N-Glamping)


Hop over from Melbourne to Philip Island just off Australia’s southern coast for a kangaroo burger straight off the barbie and a sky full of stars at a fairly new campground started by a young couple. Take your partner on a romantic stay for two under the stars in these cosy cotton canvas tents set up under a cypress tree, overlooking the ocean, or right by a creek. No prior camping experience is required; just draw back the flap, throw down your bags and let yourself unwind. Basics you’ll find inside: ambient lighting, USB charging port, blankets, coffee & tea, woodfired heater. We love the bespoke furniture made on the island and the rustic details that turn these tents into homes. Randall, a straight shooter, oozing a genuine passion for hosting, can tell you all about the breathtaking nature surrounding the site and where to catch the biggest waves. Take a short stroll down to Berrys Beach or drive over to the winery for drinks and then watch the Penguin Parade at sunset.

“Randall was amazing and really helpful. We had a private campsite with an amazing lake view, and the bed was super comfortable. The place believes in sustainable living, which I really admire. It’s secluded, so it’s a great getaway.

Slowhop's review: Friendly reminder that this is Australia after all, and being close to nature means more than mosquitoes and birds. We’re talking wallabies, bull ants, copperhead snakes and other wild inhabitants.

(Photos: Sheltered Glamping)


Remember that classic Windows desktop background with the turquoise water and palm trees on a tiny island? If you ever daydreamed about jumping into that picture, immediately book a stay at one of the most picturesque beach resorts in the Maldives. In translation, Finolhu means “sandbank”, which is totally fitting because this wondrous oasis stretches across four tropical islands, and its pristine sandy beaches are about two kilometres long. You’re welcome to stay in one of the private villas, but why not go all-in for the ultimate out-of-this-world experience in a bubble on the beach. All alone on the sandbank, you’d have a private sphere with a wooden floor, a double bed with fine bed linen, a bathroom, an outdoor barbeque and breakfast on the beach. Spend your days underwater exploring the coral landscape of Baa Atoll – one of 26 natural atolls in the Indian Ocean with roughly 1200 different reef species. End each day with a gorgeous sunset while sipping cocktails and munching on snacks from the nearby Crab Shack. Feel like Robinson Crusoe, minus the hunting and gathering.

“We booked our honeymoon at Finolhu and just couldn't be happier with the choice to stay here. What an absolutely breathtaking island with the friendliest staff. The food was absolutely fantastic - especially the Fish & Crab shack! The Beach bubble experience was just UNREAL! Definitely a must-do.

Slowhop's review: Is diving on your bucket list? Check it off at the dive centre, which holds complimentary scuba diving lessons with top-notch instructors in the main pool.

(Photos: Finolhu)


“Woman who becomes invisible” – that’s the interpretation of the Spanish municipality name, Fusagasugá, where you can disappear in your own personal nest. If you’re suffering from a broken heart or just need to clear your headspace, immediately book a stay at this glamping hideout perched upon a hilltop overlooking the warm valley between the rivers Cuja and Panches in the central region of the Andes Mountains in Colombia. Stretch out on the double bed and take in the green forests’ unobstructed view that extends to the horizon. Open up the triangular windows to let in a gentle breeze along with the sounds of the river down below and songs of birds you’ve never heard before. Then take a dip in the outdoor jacuzzi. After sundown, heat up the takeaway Arroz con Pollo you grabbed after a hike to the river earlier that day and light the indoor fireplace to warm up your room for the night. No idea what to do tomorrow? Reach out to your host, Jimmy Orlando. He’ll provide local intel on what to do and where to eat.

“It’s a beautiful, clean place with an incredible view. We even had the chance to see bats at night, and the next day, we saw a brightly coloured frog next to the Glamping. You can hear birds singing their songs all day too. In general, it’s just like in the pictures.

Slowhop's review: When driving up to the site, if your GPS tells you to turn off Route 40 onto a dirt and gravel road, do not take this detour. Stay on Route 40 to avoid at least 7km of rough terrain that just leads to a dead end.

(Photos: Glamping Chinauta)


When you hear the word, ‘yurt,’ do you picture a round animal-hide-covered Mongolian tent pitched on a deserted landscape somewhere in central Asia? Well, this one in the Rudawski Landscape Park buffer zone in Poland is just a little bit different. The hosts, Marta and Jakub, created a magical place on the slope of a mountain that’s illuminated by lights in the untouched winter snow and surrounded by lush summer green trees. Inside the bright, spacious tent for up to 6 people, you’ll be surprised to find a comfortable double bed, full modern bathroom (like at home) and minimal kitchen with a sink, mini-fridge and basic spices. If you give Marta a head’s up, she can drop off a basket with homemade bread, vegetables, regional cheeses and more. The highlight is the skylight you can look up at while lying in bed to enjoy an unobstructed view of the constellations. Don’t stay up too late – you’ll want to explore the downhill slopes and hiking trails in Karpacz.

“A very pleasant place that’s ideal for an escape from the city. Cosy interior, nothing is missing. When the kids got tired and went to sleep, we watched the stars through the window in the ceiling in total darkness. Brilliant! The place itself is fantastically situated. Quite far from other buildings but close to hiking and cycling trails.

Slowhop's review: There’s an extra bed up in the mezzanine, which is a perfect hideout for kids. There’s a net barrier, but the ladder is pretty high up off the ground, so you may want to keep an eye on them if they want to see if they can fly.

(Photos: Kryjówka)


Care for a romantic getaway in Tuscany? Now, before you say that’s way too cliche, hear us out first. Instead of a sun-drenched villa, step out of a geodesic dome nestled in the Tuscan hills with its patchwork of colours and friendly visitors. Stretch out in the cosy double bed as the sun slowly rises over the former Roman Empire, and farm animals call out for breakfast. This hemispherical structure comes with a private bathroom, outdoor shower and a larch hot tub you can use to relax those tense muscles and forget about those spreadsheets and unanswered emails. Turn your dome into a spa you can sleep in by lighting incense and candles, trying the essential oils or turning on the Himalayan salt lamps. After you visit Siena, Petriolo thermal springs, or Montalcino Castle, come back here for a candlelit dinner of grilled Fiorentina, vegetarian lasagna, or stewed wild boar. Finish off with plum crumble cake, a glass of Italian wine and watch the stars appear over the olive groves. How’s that sound?

“Unforgettable experience. We had three days of pure tranquillity. My fiance and I spent stayed in the dome, and it rained one night. It was incredible, with the rain, everything is even more beautiful. Sleeping with the sound of raindrops hitting the dome was something magnificent. Romantic, peaceful, quiet.

Slowhop's review: Get a taste (and smell) of the farm life – brush and clean the horses, feed the pigs, take care of the goats, collect eggs from the geese and hens and watch the buffaloes graze in the fields.

(Photos: Glamping il Sole)


Adrenaline junkies listen up: this tent comes with an ATV you can ride around the 20 hectares of rough and bumpy private land in the valley of the Pilón River in Montemorelos, Nuevo León. After a day of ripping through the desert terrain and extreme adventures, head back to the African safari-style tent surrounded by lush greenery with spectacular views. Duck inside, where you’ll find a four-poster double bed draped with curtains, sofa, private bathroom with a porcelain throne and minibar for adult beverages. As wonderfully cosy as it is, you’ll want to spend most of your free time just outside the tent. Lounge on the trampoline, sunbathe in the deck chairs, soak in the hot tub and sit by the bonfire. Your host, Daniel, is a Mexican businessman with a knack for hospitality and will tell you how to get the most out of your stay.

“We had a lot of fun riding the ATV, walking around and spending the afternoon in the jacuzzi with those views. The sunset is something unique. We were lucky to have clear skies at night, and we enjoyed lying in the hammock to stargaze. Tip: turn off the safari light, and the sky looks SPECTACULAR.

Slowhop's review: Be prepared to cook all of your meals – there’s no restaurant on-site. Don’t worry; there’s a barbecue, bar, table, sink and everything you might need for grilling up steak, corn on the cob, and spicy chicken.

(Photos: Glamping Monterrey)


Wake up call by birdsong, morning greeting by dragonflies, breakfast served by the riverbank – that’s what’s waiting for you at this ‘escape’ from your busy everyday life. Safari-style tents and treetop villas make up this glamping resort in the foothills of the Janda Baik rainforest, just 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur. This isn’t the camping experience you remember from childhood. These air-conditioned permanent tents have all the amenities you’d expect at a lux hotel but with Owner Tiara’s personal touches – boho style drapings, ethnic chic accents, Iban Pua Kumbu fabrics and traditional artefacts. We hear the resort’s proximity to the lush jungle, mountain mist, and gentle streams will give you cool respite from Malaysia’s humid climate. We won’t blame you for wanting to swing in a hammock all day, but if you’re up for it, try archery, frisbee throwing and fishing at the stream. As the sun sets, the jungle birds quiet down while the staff lights oil lamps and a light fog rolls in.

“This spot is exactly what most of us think glamping should really be like. Beautiful air-conditioned tents and treehouses decked out in gorgeous designs – all of which is surrounded by luscious forest and cooling weather. It’s a complete tropical paradise up in here! If you’re thinking of going glamping for the first time, Tiarasa Escapes is where you should be.

Slowhop's review: At first glance, this upscale resort looks like it’s for adults searching for inner peace or honeymooners, but it’s actually quite family-friendly. Take part in the group activities for all ages – educational nature walks, BBQ bonfires, outdoor movie nights with popcorn and hot chocolate.

(Photos: Tiarasa Escapes)