Ideal for families with kids and adults who are kids at heart

Whoever said treehouses are only for children is clearly delusional. You never outgrow the excitement of sleeping high off the ground, suspended in the air, away from earthly matters unless your name is Mr Kill-Joy. But don’t worry, these aren’t the kind of shoddy structures nailed together by an amateur Bob the Builder. Oh no no no, some of these have air conditioning, ovens and even TVs. But for a total nature reset, there are houses without electricity or running water. Whatever your comfort level, you’ll be surrounded by nature’s greatest attractions. You can expect birdsong, rustling leaves and woodland creatures peeking inside to see what the commotion is about.


Come with a significant other, a good friend, or bring your kids if they’re allowed. Together, you'll make life-long memories in a secluded fort in the sky that’s all your own, even if it’s just for a few nights.

Welcome to the future. This is how we imagine all houses may look in the year 3000 – 10 metres up in the pines with monochromatic and minimalistic interiors. As you approach the 7th Room treehouse and look up at the bottom of the structure, you’ll immediately notice that it’s covered by a life-size photograph of the treetops as they looked before the house was built in this exact spot. This is a place where the sky is quite actually the limit. Owners Britta, a former nurse, and Kent, a teacher turned international fly fishing guide came up with the idea of building treehouses in the middle of the Swedish woods after being inspired by the Swedish documentary The Tree Lover. Just like the three men in the film, you too can reconnect with your childhoods and spend your days in deep thought about the relationship between human and tree. You and up to 5 guests can take in the breathtaking view of the Lule River and watch one of the greatest natural phenomenons – the northern lights – on a patio that is actually just a net. You can climb out and sit on the branches of a natural pine that grows right through the net. On balmy Swedish nights, you can even sleep out here or in one of the two double beds or the sofa bed. But honestly, given the chance, we’d totally opt for making ourselves comfortable right on the net with fluffy pillows and comforters to be as close to nature as humanly possible.

“We had a wonderful experience as a family. Completely unique and unforgettable. Architecture and ideas are amazing, staff and service were superb – the owner is personally involved, interesting to listen to and a wonderful host.

Slowhop's review: Despite its large size, this treehouse actually doesn’t have a real kitchen so you’re going to have to climb down to Britta’s Pensionat for meals in a cool 1930-1950s setting. Meat eaters can try local Swedish delicacies such as reindeer meat or wild moose.

(Photos: 7th Room)


If you’re not keen on roughin’ it outdoors and prefer to spend your holiday in a cozy but chic little cabin, Woodnest is a solid choice. Designed by Norwegian architects Helen & Hard, two secluded treehouses gaze out over the Hardanger fjord. As you can imagine, these brand new structures pique people’s interest but you won’t find tourists milling around trying to take photos because the hosts keep the exact address a secret until you complete your booking. Inside the four-person treehouse, you’ll find a small kitchenette, a flushing toilet and shower (wow) and underflooring heating. But the coolest aspect of this treehouse is what you don’t see from the inside. For one, it’s shaped like a Norwegian “kongla” (pine cone) and its full weight is supported by a tree with little help from other construction materials. You can hug this tree that pierces through the middle of the cabin. We totally don’t blame you for wanting to stay inside all day and slowly watch day turn into night over Odda but if you’re starting to feel a wee bit claustrophobic or you had a spat with your mate and need to get away, this is a good starting point for exploring the Hardangerfjord region.

“An incredible place up in the trees. Absolutely worth a visit. Great design and superb standards. It is a steep walk up, so only bring what you need. Truly a new landmark in Norway.

Slowhop's review: Luxurious rest awaits you in the Woodnest, but you have to get there first. Be prepared to walk at least 30 minutes from the parking lot to the treehouse over steep hills and uneven terrain.

(Photos: Woodnest/Germund Øystese and Sindre Ellingsen)

If you desperately need a family-friendly resort that’s also a refuge for adults, we just might have what you’re looking for. Located close to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, is a treehouse surrounded by tall pine trees and rolling hills. Here you don’t have to shush your kids or keep them on a tight leash. This is a treehouse that childhood dreams are made of. But don’t expect a bare-boned creaky cabin in the forest – this one contains all the luxuries of modern life: air conditioning, two bathrooms, full kitchen with dishwasher, TV and furniture. With 1 double bed, 2 single beds, and a sleeping couch in the living room, you’ll be amazed at how much you can pack into such a snug space. After breakfast (in house or at the resort restaurant), if your rambunctious kids need to burn off some energy, send them off to the outdoor pool or to play table tennis, beach volleyball, mini-golf, or a whole slew of other fun activities. Now we can’t stop time, but if you need a minute to just live in the moment, we hear the view from the treehouse is even more beautiful early in the dewy morning or in the evening when the stars shyly appear against the darkening sky.

“The tree house and surroundings have simply exceeded our expectations. The kids were delighted with this place and so were we. Everything is so clean and very well designed with a lot of attention paid to details that make the stay comfortable.

Slowhop's review: If you’re prone to motion sickness, this place might not be the best choice for you – the treehouse likes to dance when it has happy people inside of it.

(Photos: Plitvice Holiday Resort)


As the name suggests, staying in this 150-year-old cedar tree 7 metres off the ground is an unearthly experience. A wooden staircase leads up to the entrance of this 2-person treehouse in the woods overlooking the Gave d’Oloron and the French gardens of the Château de Laàs. Heads up: there’s no running water or electricity so be sure to have a fully charged phone in case you need anything and a power bank for extra juice. You’ll get a ‘survival’ bag once you get here with battery-operated torches, dynamo torches, binoculars, candles, water and other supplies. Now that that’s sorted, stretch out on the round bed and gaze out at the branches of the cedar tree or sit on the deck at the little table or sway in the swing – the choice is absolutely yours. If you hate to cook, here’s a perfect excuse to get out of it because there’s no kitchen! Breakfast is delivered in a basket that you pull up on a rope using a pulley on the deck and you can order dinner baskets or check out the restaurant Auberge de la Fontaine in Laàs. If you’re already out and about, visit Le Château des Enigmes, Escape Castle 64, and Musée Serbat.

A night in the Seventh Heaven Cabin as a couple was just perfect! We had a romantic dinner at night and then breakfast with quality products. Unusual concept. If I could do it again, it would be a pleasure. Unforgettable memory.

Slowhop's review: When nature calls, you’ll have to use the composting toilet in which you pour in sawdust instead of flushing to deodorize and dry out waste. If that’s a hard pass for you, there are “traditional” toilets in the shared restrooms.

(Photos: Seventh Heaven)

If your kids have been nagging you about building a treehouse in the withering old oak out back, we have some good news (no power tools required). Take them to this cozy treehouse in Southern Poland where they can bird watch from the large bedroom window, run around chasing fireflies and fall asleep under the stars among the rustling trees. The house was made with materials snatched up after the demolition of 100-year-old cottages so you’ll find old logs, wooden boards, bricks and tiles all over the place. Ewa and Witek invite you to their childhood dream come true all year round but watch out for mosquitoes in the summer and bundle up in the winter. You’re welcome to use the kitchen and grill for cooking or lighting up a bonfire for toasting sausages or marshmallows, but if you want a total break from daily life, Ewa can cook for you. She’s a dietician so you can expect meals using seasonal and local products from the farmers over the fence.

A wonderful, magical place away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. A fairytale holiday. I highly recommend it to all who love closeness to nature!

Slowhop's review: Just a little FYI: the nearest store is about a 10-minute car ride away so be sure to stock up on all your earthly essentials before you get there. Also, if the silence is too deafening, take a day trip to Rzeszów, just a half an hour ride away.

(Photos: Stara Kuźnia Pstrągownia)

No need to obsessively check your weather app upon arrival – even if the forecast predicts rain, just pack torches, wellies and rainproof jackets and you’ll be good to go. In fact, you may even be grateful that the weather is atrocious and you’re stuck inside because nothing’s cosier than a treehouse in the Welsh countryside during a rainstorm. Once you’re soaking in the copper bath overlooking the fields and hills of Powys while drinking prosecco, you won’t even care that there’s no WiFi. Mornings come with the sounds of birds and sheep, breakfast includes muesli, Welsh tea, afternoons are spent swaying in the hammock, unwinding in the hot tub on the extended deck and nights end around the fire pit or snuggled up on the couch. Built by the skilled carpenter John, this treehouse sleeps two and is a fun idea for special occasions such as birthdays, proposals or other celebrations. Laura, his wife can set you up with flowers, banners, champagne and anything else you need to make this a memorable moment. The couple lives on the farm just a 4-minute walk from the treehouse and they can tell you what’s what and even let you see their sheep.

Every aspect was just better than I had hoped for my partner’s special birthday and we cancelled our dinner reservation one night just to say in the treehouse. It’s a real escape and a wonderful creation. Lying in bed and staring at the roof wood work as if it was an intricate star collection was my favourite thing. Just incredible work!

Slowhop's review: Pack light because you’ll have to load your luggage onto a wheelbarrow and push it along an unsteady path and rocky terrain to get to the treehouse. But at least you know you’re in a truly rural, secluded place.

(Photos: Cadwollen’s Treehouse)

Deemed “The City of Dawn” by the Pre-Columbians, Tulum was the southwesternmost point of the Mayan Empire and the first place touched by the rising sun so we can’t think of a more fitting place to go if you’re looking to reset your mind and start fresh. A winding staircase leads you up to the Wondersky treehouse that’s surrounded by a forest of palm trees, a short walk to the turquoise Caribbean sea located at the southernmost tip of the Riviera Maya. This secluded space has just one king sized bed, an ensuite bathroom and a patio so it’s quite snug but still comfortable. Besides, you’ll probably be hitting up the sandy beach just a few steps away or exploring the Yucatan jungle, preserved ruins, natural cenotes, underwater caves and the largest protected coastal area in Mexico, the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve. If you need to slow down and focus on your mind, body and soul, the resort offers yoga classes and group activities to disconnect and practice mindfulness and meditation. But if you can’t concentrate because your tummy is growling incessantly, head down to Macondo restaurant for plant-based meals and sit at a communal dining room table, carved from a single tree trunk or ask about the catch of the day at the open-air beachfront restaurant.

The service is outstanding. The free classes are top notch, with excellent instructors. The hotel itself is a dream. This is my second time staying here, and plan on only staying at the Nomade when I visit Tulum.

Slowhop's review: No need to search for a money exchange place here – this is a cashless resort. Just be sure to ask twice about the price so you know exactly how much you’re paying to avoid unpleasant surprises when you get the check.

(Photos: Nomade Tulum)

The bad news is you can’t sleep up here. The good news is you can host unforgettable events in a treehouse. Forget dim, stuffy hotel ballrooms, invite your guests for a wedding, private dinner, relaxing getaway or corporate retreat on the shores of a sea loch in the Scottish Highlands. Here’s a little fun fact: before construction began, the large Scots pine tree the house is built in was once struck by lightning. Owner of the property, Iain Hopkins, dreamed of building a treehouse in this very tree and once his sketches were turned into architecturally sound designs and the house was built, the first thing he did was have dinner with his family in it. Since then, the treehouse has met world-famous photographers and fashion models, top business execs, oh and it appeared in the American movie Then Came You written by and starring Kathie Lee Gifford. Now here’s some practical information: the treehouse can accommodate 8 for a seated dinner but for wedding ceremonies, 24 people can stand. Inside there’s a wood burning stove and sound system if you need it. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are also served up in the treehouse and chefs use fruit, vegetables and herbs from the Lodge’s very own garden. True foodies should try out the 5 course chef's tasting dinner in the treehouse for an elevated culinary experience.

The wedding and subsequent candle-lit meal in the tree house was a magical experience with awe-inspiring views of Loch Goil and the mountains, it was tranquil and peaceful.

Slowhop's review: While the treehouse is off limits for snoozing, you’re invited to stay in one of the 7 vintage bedrooms, all named after Scottish islands, in the lodge. For more privacy, book the rustic Summerhouse which is perched on the water’s edge.

(Photos: Lodge on Loch Goil)

The Island Cabin (Norway)

If you desperately want to just drop everything and head Into the Wild, the Island Cabin is definitely a place Christopher McCandless would have lived. Deep in the southern forests of Norway, on a tiny island in lake Bervannet, there is a treehouse situated on a platform between three rough pine trees. Spend your days in total isolation or teach your kids about life in the old days – this place will teleport you to a time before modern technology existed, and we’re not just talking about WiFi. This cabin has no electricity or light sources so you’ll have to rely on candles and the wood-burning stove for light. There are no plug sockets and the mini-fridge is powered by solar power. You’ll find drinking water in a 20-litre can and rainwater is used for washing up. There’s a compost toilet in the outhouse next to the treehouse (toilet paper is provided – we’re not animals). In the summer, the outdoor shower is great, in the winter, not so much. If you made it this far and you didn’t stop reading, it looks like you’re a real adventure seeker and owners (and besties) Knut Eivind and Knut Andre welcome you to their humble abode that has three single beds and one double sofa bed in the living room. Knut Andre actually grew up here and came back after being a Norweigian tour guide in Brazil for many years and Knut Eivind is a carpenter and built this cabin above the moose, elk, deer and beavers.

We loved this place. Absolutely stunning and unique. Best place to go to get away from it all and get back to basics. So quiet and beautiful and the sauna and hot tub were just perfect. Even the toilet had a great view.

Slowhop's review: Don’t be shocked if you get a call from the boys that they have to cancel your reservation or move your booking to another time because of extreme weather conditions, especially in strong winds. This is Mother Nature after all, and she can be ruthless.

(Photos: The Island Cabin)

A healthy dose of Masuria nature and ample servings of fresh forest air is just what Dr Świerk prescribes. Two huge fragrant spruces cradle this treehouse for two people among fields and beautiful Dylewo Hills. Climb up the stairs to the cosy little cabin off the ground surrounded by trees and greenery on all sides. There’s a combination of old, restored furniture and new appliances inside which will make your stay more comfortable. In the morning, the sound of crickets is slowly replaced with the sound of birds rustling on the branches right outside the large windows. Pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and wade out on the terrace in your pyjamas as you watch the quiet world around wake up slowly. Do not lug groceries up there with you – book your stay with breakfast and dinner right away. Agnieszka and Marek will prepare fresh and aromatic vegetarian dishes with garden vegetables, butter, eggs and cottage cheese from their neighbour and bread with sourdough from organic flour. You can indulge in these handmade delicacies up in the treetops or we welcome you to come down to eat together at a long wooden table in an old barn with a unique atmosphere. You may come here as strangers, but you’ll leave feeling like you just spent a holiday at your family’s place.

The treehouse we lived in is like a fairy tale! The spruces on which it’s built smell amazing and I don't know if it's the smell or the atmosphere of the whole place, but sleeping there was fantastic. A few days spent there was a real respite.

Slowhop's review: Just by looking at the wooden ladder that leads up to the bedroom in the mezzanine, you’ll understand why this treehouse is no place for children. Guests +18 only.

(Photos: Dr Świerk Treehouse)

There’s just something about a wooden cabin nestled in the treetops that makes you want to open a crisp new book to page 1 and settle into the brown leather armchair by the log fire with a cup of tea and blankets. If you’re a real bookworm, you won’t want to get up until you reach the acknowledgements. But even the most engrossing novel won’t feed your belly like it feeds your mind so take a break and dive into the welcome basket filled with local bread, condiments and cheese provided by Christian and Hannah. The kitchen contains a microwave and combi oven or if the weather permits, light up the Weber BBQ for the taste of summer. You’ll have to excuse the other guests around you – the owls, herons and birds of prey checked in first so they have priority access. We hope you don’t mind. You may wake with a bit of confusion because the bedroom windows look out into the deep forest but you’ll hear the low mooing of cows in the distance – you are in the countryside after all. And as tempting as it may be, don’t stay in the outdoor tub overlooking the Mendips for way too long because there’s plenty to explore in the area such as the Shapwick Heath National Nature Reserve.

The location is beautiful, the treehouse itself was stunning and exactly what I'd hoped for when we booked it: cosy, peaceful and comfortable. If you're looking for a romantic break or even a solo trip to escape the world this place is absolutely perfect.

Slowhop's review: Leave your worries and your shoes at the door. The hosts kindly ask you not to wear shoes inside the treehouse so pack a pair of indoor slippers or fuzzy socks to keep your toes toasty.

(Photos: Dabinett Treehouse)