9 tiny cabins with unbelievable views

Full nature immersion without stepping outside

A jaw-dropping, spectacular panorama from the master bedroom may not always be your number one criteria when booking a hotel, especially if you plan to spend most of your time exploring the city or natural surroundings. Well, what if the view is exactly what you come for?


We searched high and low for the cosiest cabins with seriously cool views of lakes, mountains, forests and valleys. Large windows have replaced walls to provide 24/7 live streams of the world around you as you cook, read, sip coffee, fall asleep and wake up to a beautiful new day. No matter the weather or temperature, you’ll be fully emersed in nature that’s close enough to touch without pulling on a coat and boots. But by all means, venture outside your door straight into the wild. We know you’ll want to.

Right off the bat, we’ll tell you that this brand new off-the-grid eco-cabin doesn’t have a TV or WiFi. Don’t keep scrolling just yet. Shaped like an antique stereoscope, this modern treehouse in Australia’s Burringbar Ranges provides sights no 3D Picture Viewer can replicate. Instead of gaping at a plasma screen, enjoy your morning coffee looking towards Mount Wollumbin, the ocean to the East, or all around at 100 acres of property in the Tweed valley. The cabin itself perfectly matches its natural bushland surroundings – from the sleek Blackbutt timber panelled walls that frame the views to the mix of modern-rustic elements: concrete, black metal, distressed wood, simple furniture. Here, highlights include cosying up next to the indoor woodburning stove with a good book, waking up to birdsong with a birds-eye view of the countryside, and taking a midnight dip in the outdoor bathtub with a bottle of bubbly. Bet you already forgot about the TV/WiFi.

“From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, we were in absolute awe. Not only is the cabin’s design absolutely gorgeous, but the furnishings and final touches make it real luxury. We enjoyed our wine in front of the fire, playing board games and listening to the rain. The bathtub on the balcony was lovely!

Slowhop's review: Ran out of coffee? Take a short drive down to the quaint town of Burringbar and stop by the shops and cafes. Came to surf? Head over to Pottsville for wide, unspoiled sandy Pacific beaches with strong waves.

(Photos: Heartwood Cabin)

Manshausen, probably a variant of the word “mannshaue” (man’s head), was once a trading post for fishermen who sold their catch before heading back out to sea. This 14-acre jewel of an island overlooks the Grøtøyleia strait and is only half a kilometre across the water from the village of Nordskot on Northern Norway’s mainland. Fishing here is still excellent, but visitors don’t just come to this award-winning hotel for angling. Stay in one of seven Sea Cabins – utilitarian, multi-functional, minimalistic spaces perched on the edge of the island with unobstructed views of the water. Just like in the cabin of a sailboat, everything has double functions: drawers become benches, shelves become tables, and an extra bedroom is tucked away in the back. The bow of the vessel is where you’ll want to spend most of your time – a master bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows with panoramic views of the everchanging landscape. There’s no TV, but you might catch the northern lights instead of the late-night show.

“We had big expectations, and they were all exceeded. The Sea Cabins are as beautiful and wonderful as they look in the pictures. We were lucky enough to see the northern lights on a few nights. The food was outstanding, the staff was exceptional, and the location was jaw-dropping. We loved it.

Slowhop's review: Unless you plan to cook all of your meals in the cabin’s compact kitchen, make a reservation at the Manshausen restaurant. We hear the top-notch local cuisine prepared by a young chef, Ondrej, who’s creating quite a name for himself, is excellent.

(Photos: Manshausen Sea Cabins)

Tomáš is an architect. Kutica is his experiment. He wanted to design a unique accommodation that adapts to its terrain and surroundings, and that’s just what he did right here in central Slovakia, between two mountains – Pohronský Inovec and Štiavnické vrchy, in Nová Baňa. With a divine view of the rolling hills, pastures and fields, no WiFi or TV, there’s no better place to escape from the outside world. Treat your ailments, medical or spiritual, enveloped with nature on land that has been in Tomáš’s family for over 100 years in a 17 sqm mini house that does not disturb but coexists with it. Don’t let the tiny size fool you – it has a kitchen, fireplace, bathroom and bed with a large window overlooking a hill and a pear tree that has survived several centuries. The anthracite façade contrasts with the natural hue of the wood on the terrace, and this scheme spills over into the interiors. Simplicity ensures comfort and does not distract from the spectacular panorama that can’t be custom-ordered or replicated.

“If you are looking for a breathtaking place where you do not have to think about anything but the present moment, here it is. Really amazing views, privacy, beautiful interior (so much so that you start thinking about your own container house).

Slowhop's review: There’s no time to waste here – swimming in nearby Tajch, admiring the view from the Háj lookout tower, photographing the Starohutianský waterfall. Oh, and add these to your must-see list: Calvary, Nature trail of Vojšín with a stop at Sedlova Skala, Havrania Skala, and the Bujakov Vrch Nature Reserve (protected habitat of greater pasque flowers).

(Photos: Kutica)

We found a cabin that quintessentially embodies the ‘hygge’ style in every way. Just looking at the photos makes us want to wrap ourselves in a fuzzy blanket on the couch in front of the blazing fireplace with a hot cup of herbal tea and gaze outside the enormous windows no matter the season. You and up to three other guests can revel in the beauty of Canada’s Maelstrom Mountain with an altitude of 580 meters, just 20 minutes from Québec City. The property owners offer a number of cabins and tiny houses around here, but we absolutely fell in love with this one called HYGGE (fitting). The panoramic windows with views of the surrounding wilderness alone should make you click ‘Book’. There’s also a terrace with lounge chairs and a cedar spa for soaks under the starry sky if you need more convincing. Want to stretch your legs? Explore the numerous scenic hiking trails or rent a mountain bike for the day. Whatever you choose to do here, you’ll adopt the hygge lifestyle in no time.

“Be one of the first guests to leave a review! This cosy cabin is so fresh and new, the paint is probably still drying. But don’t let the lack of feedback deter you from giving it a try. Guests who have stayed at other properties managed by Montagne Le Maelstrom were happy with the stellar mountain views, closeness to nature and modern accommodations.

Slowhop's review: To get to the cabin, choose your preferred method of transport: snowmobile, mountain bike, fat bike, walking or snowshoeing trails, SUV or a shuttle. That’s just how secluded this Canadian mountain cabin really is.

(Photos: Montagne Le Maelstrom)

There’s no air conditioning in this modern 120 sqm Triangle House nestled among the palm trees in tropical Philippines, so if you can’t sleep without the mechanical whirring and cold air blowing, keep scrolling. However, if you don’t mind spending balmy nights under a mosquito net while you hear waves crashing in the distance, keep reading. Welcome to a place dreamed up by two childhood friends – Ana and Olivia who landed on Siargao and decided to create minimal, sustainable A-frame houses surrounded by greenery in the middle of the jungle. So how do you cool a space without AC? Use natural, locally sourced materials and design an open plan living room with a 5m high ceiling to allow constant airflow. Add a fully-equipped kitchen, two bedrooms for up to four guests, custom-made furniture and a yoga deck in a private garden, and you have yourself a little piece of paradise.

“I had the best time staying at this beautiful house. It is perfectly located for the beach, and I loved its slick, minimal design. Close to everything and surrounded by lush greenery. Can't wait to go back!

Slowhop's review: Two adorable dogs, Blue and Francis, warmly welcome your four-legged furry friends, so feel free to bring your pets to this animal-loving oasis.

(Photos: Triangle Sister Siargao)

At dawn, a chapel bell rings in the distance. A moment later, dozens of delicate bells jingle in their own rhythm as sheep begin to graze across the meadow. The morning mist starts to lift as the sun rays emerge over the magnificent mountain range. Days start early, but you wouldn’t want to miss a single sunrise, heavenly composition of colourful clouds or stunning sunsets. Here, the Belianske, West and High Tatras create a truly awesome panorama you can obsess over right from the huge windows in the house. Take as many photos as you like, but nothing will compare to the real deal. The owners made sure to create a space you’ll want to return to. Complete with spacious living/dining area for sit-down meals and card games, simple yet cosy bedrooms for uninterrupted sleep, fireplace for telling stories around, and vast clearings for lounging. Winter brings a whole different climate to the house – ski enthusiasts and snow lovers: we’re talking to you!

“Together with my family, we had the beautiful Tatra mountains outside our window, silence, warmth and all the amenities that are needed in the 21st century. It’s a beautiful, cosy cottage on the edge of a village, where the photos really reflect the beauty of this place. We would love to share this place with friends and return there.

Slowhop's review: Don’t keep this well-kept secret place all to yourself – it fits 6 adults and 2 children. Book the exclusive-use house for special family gatherings to get the kids away from their phones or for reunions with close friends you’ve only kept in touch with on Facebook.

(Photos: Dom ZAGórami)

Care to sleep perched on a cliff and wake up with a view of the valley in front of you? How about sipping morning coffee overlooking a serene little lake. Or maybe you prefer to stay at the top of a cliff with the soothing sound of a small stream running nearby. The decision is up to you – Laö Cabines offers three models of its BLÖK cabins with different views and geographical positions, all of which are enticing. These contemporary cabins located in Racine, Quebec, are as ecologically friendly as they are cosy and well-designed. Hoisted up above the ground on stilts, the boxy structures can comfortably house 2-4 people and come with an indoor composting toilet, propane stove, and indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Solar panels provide lighting and electricity for charging devices, and you’ll find a shower in the shared bathroom facility. If you don’t mind the eco-logistics of it, you’ll enjoy immersing yourself in wild Canadian nature.

“Perfect place for getting out of town and getting a breath of fresh air. The cabins are very well equipped, and the owners are very welcoming. The forest trails are well marked, and they offer beautiful landscapes. Lake Paul is great for paddleboarding.

Slowhop's review: Pack suitable footwear you don’t mind getting dirty. The cabins are located within a few minutes walk from the reception area, but the path may be muddy and slippery when it rains. Marie & Vincent can also get you there in a 4-wheeler.

(Photos: Laö Cabines)

We can’t tell you exactly where these temporary eco houses are located. All we know is that they’re set up in strictly confidential spots no further than a 2 hours’ drive from large central cities in Belgium and the Netherlands. You’ll have to book the cabin to receive the GPS coordinates along with info about beautiful walking trails nearby and other ‘slow’ activities worth trying in the area. But don’t let the proximity to civilisation fool you; these cabins for 2-4 people are completely self-sufficient without any connection to the electricity or water mains. You won’t be roughin’ it though – they have solar panels, a water reservoir filled with filtered rainwater, a circular shower, and a dry toilet. Maybe not what you’re used to in a hotel, but it’s all part of the ‘green’ experience. Inspired by emotional minimalism found in Scandinavia and Japan, these autonomous little houses with large panoramic views provide a break from busy urban lives and technological distractions (no WiFi).

“Very nice experience and unique concept in Belgium! We more than succeeded in detoxing and relaxing, and the cabins are very nicely and comfortably furnished. An absolute must for those who want to experience off-the-grid accommodation for the first time!

Slowhop's review: You’re entirely on your own when it comes to food. There’s an equipped kitchen with a small gas burner and a wood BBQ, so buy daily fresh ingredients in the local shops and put on your chef’s hat. If all else fails, pop over to a restaurant in the neighbourhood.

(Photos: Slow Cabins)

Before you say anything, we realise this house is more of a modern villa than a little cabin, but we just had to include it in our list because of its enormous windows looking out at 1.5 hectares of private forest in the Netherlands. Designed by architect HofmanDujardin, the all-wood cladding and large window frames take into account the untouched nature of the wooded surroundings. With four bedrooms for up to 10 guests, this is a place meant for sharing with friends and family. The high ceilings and beams, open floor plan, white walls, and minimal decor give you room to breathe, even with lots of company. Make this house your home – it has everything you need to cook, entertain, relax and sleep. If you’ve done all that, walk to the Voordichten forest to look for badgers and rabbits, or pedal to the city for shopping and dining.

“A very nice house in a lovely quiet spot. We especially enjoyed the wood stove and hot tub! We also liked that we could leave the car and take beautiful walks from the house.

Slowhop's review: Beware of bugs during warmer months. If you don’t want mosquitoes ruining your otherwise pleasant evening outdoors, bring ultra-strong insect repellent.

(Photos: Natuurhuisje in Tonden)