15 atmospheric accommodations in Beskid Mountains



In the foothills of Beskid Niski they make wine, Stasiuk comes from Wołowiec, the best honey is made in Kamianna, and for skiing people go to Szczyrk. In addition, the whole culture of the Lemko people, old cemeteries, wooden churches, Nikifor and Justyna Kowalczyk. You must go and we've prepared some decent addresses at which you can stop and sleep.


Such house, where you can go barefoot on the wooden steps straight into the heated pool and basically it's a private swimming pool? A in winter you run without shoes to the hot tub by the forest and you look like a superhero in it, because it's snowing from the sky, and you're in the water? It could be Switzerland or Greece, but no, it's just Low Beskid, where million-dollar views suits all pockets and hospitality needles to say - the best.

"It's a place where you can escape from the daily hustle and bustle and indulge in an intimate atmosphere. In the morning you can go to the forest for a walk, which is a step away from the cottage. Spend time in the evenings by the fireplace with a book. Hosts have provided in the cottages everything we needed and even a nice surprise with shelf full of books and board games. After agreement with the owner, you can use the sauna and hot tub and I recommend the latter in the evening or at night. For people who need after all contact with the world, there is Wi-Fi provided with high speed and a TV with a web browser."

Slowhop opinion: Two cottages, swimming pool next to them, sauna and a hot tub behind them, around the Magura National Park, you can come with a dog and whole family. In the cabins there are fireplaces.


Great woman working in a completely different profession, dreamed about highlander house on a Beskid slope. She packed in packets century-old wooden house with reptiles and transported here in the Beskid Mountains, where on the trail, you don't stumble on anyone. And then she carefully pieced everything together.

"Great atmosphere, the hosts very hospitable, for the first time I've met with such friendly service, great place to relax."

Slowhop opinion: Micro guesthouse with five rooms for 12 people. Common kitchen is at your disposal, but you can ask the good angel of this place, Mrs. Hania, for preparing meals. Here without dogs.


Someone tossed us a website, we like to read, so we read. The more we read, the more our jaws dropped on the floor. I mean, who writes like that? And as they cherish every sentence, are masters of neologisms, we wonder how it'll be inside? Well, now we know. It'll be so, that only Jacek and Joannna are able to describe it in words. We'd rather not manage. We'll only say that it's oriental, sophisticated, offbeat, unusual and every, even epistolary contact with the hosts, is a great pleasure.

"A unique place - a combination of love for the Low Beskid and India - I wonderfully rested there. Incredible hosts - Jacek and Asia, have created a beautiful home. From the first moment you feel like you came to good old friends. Beautiful interiors, fantastic food, the atmosphere, the amazing location of the house, lots of greenery - the perfect place to recharge the batteries. Dog, Karan, becomes a friend with everyone at once and greets with wagging tail "

Slowhop opinion: A fairy tale for adults only, because of the owners' dogs don't take your own, enjoy the peace, tranquility and interesting company.


This is a place where a man never gets tired. There is an old house, finished with ecological clay plaster and wood, there's a clearing in the Low Beskid, there's a lake around the corner and in addition it's a lake with mountain views. The hosts are extremely nice people, who love to be hosts and as someone that loves what he likes, there is no chance of flop.

"Marlena i Paweł are wonderful hosts, who created one of the finest and most atmospheric places in Poland! We immediately felt there like home and the cottage itself surpassed our expectations. It's beautiful, it has thousands of handmade details. It's situated in a clearing surrounded by forests and fields, with stunning views of the sunrise and sunset, swing, fireplace and a field of sunflowers."

Slowhop opinion: Vege food, it can be also gluten-free, but the most important thing, is that you can take your dog.


Oh, how it's children friendly here! House at the end of the asphalt road, with views of the Low Beskid, a stream murmurs here, bumblebees fly and in winter there's so much snow that it'll make your head spin. Outside there are all the things you need to finally enjoy a hot cup of coffee - trampolines, swings, sandpits and a safe area to explore by youths. And it's close to the lake Klimkówka.

"Buczynowa Dolina is a great place, thanks to the People who run it! We're going there with my daughter for the third time, and probably this will be our tradition - winter and skiing only in Bucynowa Dolina :) Unique atmosphere, silence, no smog :) delicious food. In the neighbourhood there are many ski lifts, beautiful trails to walk. Best, is to come and see firsthand that this is one of those places that you mention with a smile and to which you want to return :)"

Slowhop opinion: Praised kitchen, kids friendly place, you can take a dog.


Gosia Kacner is an incredible person famous for culinary talent and the fact that she created Nepal in the Beskid Mountains. Her house is an amazing place, especially for people looking for spiritual peace, a place for reflection and making important decisions. Her Buddhist name is Karma Tashi Dolma - happiness liberator.

"Here you can experience your nobility, being, by the way, wonderfully filled with food, coexistence and books... :)"

Slowhop opinion:  With room at Gosia's place it won't be easy. Sopatowiec is home to yoga and meditation instructors, Buddhist meetings. But there are moments when Sopatowiec welcomes individual guests. We wish you, that you'll find that moment. Read more about the Sopatowiec at Slowhop


Hańczowa is one of the largest Lemkos concentrations in Poland. The charm of wooden churches and views of the mountains pulled people toward it from the city, who then have changed to the countryside people. They found a house here, rather its remnants, they modernized it and invite visitors to it. Five rooms await you, fantastic cuisine, a lot of books in the peace and calm in addition and hosts eager for the evening discussion.

"For those who like peace - silence. For gourmets - delicacies. For the active - tours, bikes, swimming. For mushroom pickers - boletus and red pine mushrooms. For easy-going - discussions during common meals. For everyone - beautiful views and reading in a hammock on the terrace."

Slowhop opinion: If you are wondering what you can do with the life over 50, the owners of Hańczowa will fully answer to this question. Cool inspiration. 

(photos: Hańczowa28)


Czerniec near Nowy Sacz, atmosphere like from the American movie about a cottage located far from the road, on the edge of a forest. Forget about parking next to the door, where you'll park your Clio. Access to Miłośliwki will have only those, who survive a 20-minute walk up the hill and mothers with children or people after knee ligament surgery, which will be lifted by the owners. At the end of the road there'll be waiting Sara and Łukasz, rubbing their in delight at the prospect of feeding you with something good and talking about life in a cottage overlooking the valley of the Dunajec.

"Place charming, for all those, who want to run away from the hustle and bustle to relax. Close to nature, forest and stars... Lovely Hosts create something amazing away from the concrete jungle."

Slowhop opinion: For such places we created Slowhop. An, we recommend Miłośliwka's blog, because they write the truth in a cool way. Read more about Chata Miłośliwka at Slowhop.

Gościniec Banica

Wonderful place near the Magura National Park. Take your friends or family - there are many rooms (20 beds). Hosts are involved in the project "Snow trails through the woods," encouraging to cross-country skiing for 80 km. During this route you'll reach desolated Lemko villages, old cemeteries, wooden churches, stone crosses and shrines. Full board, from which your brain stands on its feet!

"Great, atmospheric place, almost at the end of the world. There' no other place like Gościniec Banica. The smell of wood, artistic arrangements, wonderful people, the atmosphere and the goats! :) additionally delicious regional food. Just gorgeous."

Slowhop opinion:  A word of caution. Don't come to Gościniec Banica, if you're on a diet. Unless you like tortures. The smell of fresh baguettes from the oven and goat cheese from the hosts lead to madness.

(photos: Gościniec Banica)

Stara Farma

Stara farma is actually two farms. One is located in Męcina Mała and it's a 100 m2 cottage for rent, the other is an agritourism in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Low Beskid. Both have full-board option and hosts a bake such breads, brioches and rolls, that salivary glands are working at full capacity just looking at it. However, if you prefer to cook, both houses have a kitchen.

"The beauty of nature and the charm of the old house, moon rising from behind the mountains, crackling fire, delicious outdoor dining, relaxing on a hammock, madness in a football match or on the trampoline... it's just only few moments that we had in this place."

Slowhop opinion:  When we saw the porch at Stara Farma for the first time, we wanted to throw everything and read all the volumes of Games of Thrones. Since then, nothing has changed, only the type of book. 

(photos: Stara Farma)

Swystowy Sad

In the heart of Lemkovyna, there is an old cottage. You'll find there 5 rooms in two houses, delicious food (vegetarian and vegan), the chance of doing nothing or modeling dumplings with berries together with the hostess. She'll tell you beautifully about the Lemkos and the difficult history of the surrounding area. Be sure to take your children. They'll learn that life without YouTube doesn't hurt, they'll feed a goat, and see where eggscome from.

"I'm sure that Mrs. Grażynka with its vegetarian cuisine (improved over 30 years) and the artistic soul will satisfy every palate. "And I was there drinking wine and honey" and definitely I'll come back."

Slowhop opinon:  A place where you can take part in workshops of archaic singing, pick mushrooms and learn all about Lemkos. As they write: "Getting to us may not be easy, but if you manage to arrive, you'll don't want to leave us at all." 

(hotos: Swystowy Sad)

Osada Beskidzka

Zawoja, in the foothills of Babia Mountain, about 70 km from Cracow and Zakopane. You'll find there two houses, typical jaw droppers, one large, one small. Houses smell of wood and meadow and look as if someone had moved them from Disney fairy tales. Such terraces, that mulled wine pours itself and comes to your hand, just to look at the surrounding area.

"They delight from the entrance with remarkable aesthetics and radiating warm from the inside. Peace and quiet, beautiful view of the Babia Mountain and deer welcoming visitors at dawn. Jacuzzi and sauna are the icing on the cake of perfect relaxation. I recommend to anyone who wants to get away for a while from the hustle and bustle."

Slowhop opinion: Osada Beskidzka is created from two cabins for rent, so people avoiding living with the hosts will feel bette here. The view is awesome, jacuzzi stunned us, and fireplaces inside are the best.

(photos: Osada Beskidzka)


If you're looking for a house in the Beskid Mountains, surrounded by forest, meadows and a beautiful view - you've just found it. Żywiec Beskids, Rajcza - a place known for that when the snow falls, it falls properly and for good. No half measures. Option for active ones: in the neighbourhoos you can go cycling, skiing, walk for hours around, and around the corner there is Lake Orava, where you can swim.

"Fantastic place! Photos don't reflect the charm of this house. We spent a week holiday with children and will definitely visit Wiśniówka in winter. Lovely owners, they care about the comfort of guests. Highly recommended."

Slowhop opinion: Comfortable house for rent. With the terrace, which impels to spend the night there, mornings and evenings if you don't spend them in the hot tub in the middle of the garden.

(photos: Wiśniówka)


A little bit of design in the Beskid Mountains for skiing and beautiful views lovers. Apartments are smartly placed on a slope of Kiczera mountain. Magical effect, both for those who drive, as well as for those who are on the couch with a book. Both options can be discussed in the evening, because each is attractive. On the one hand you can put skis on and slide down, on the other you can enjoy the view in warm socks next to the panoramic window.

"Place is unusual and certainly recommendable. Fully equipped rooms, great views from the window, smart solutions, and the icing on the cake are very sympathetic owners."

Slowhop opinion: Szuflandia was nominated in the Polish Architecture 2016 plebiscite. Congratulations and may there were more places like this!

(photos: Apartamenty Szuflandia)

Z Dala Od

Amazing house for rent with a view of the entire Nowy Sącz. Something like out of a Hollywood movie about a pair of architects who achieved a life's work and moved in. In comparison with other proposals of this list, it looks ultra-modern and so it is. Great option for families with children (4 bedrooms), who like standard with a dishwasher and the smell of novelty. Sunrise and sunset in the price.

Slowhop opinion:  For those who love modern aesthetics, comfort, beautiful views and homes without hosts on site. Guests can rent bicycles.

(photos: Z Dala Od)