15 places for a hen party you will never forget



We will write this strightaway: we were not looking for bars, discos, hotels or even a spa with nail painting and facial massage. Why not? Because, over there, it's not proper for it, what should be done at the hen party.

We invite you is hormone replacement therapy. Here estrogen level reaches a critical level, our eye is way behind the red line. We've got houses, cottages and B & Bs. You can easily peel off the eyelashes, remove the artificial hair, you can have a sock with a hole and there is no necesity to brush your teeth. You can flaunt with Despacito without prejudice to your reputation, the dance practice system for "Single Ladies" for the whole weekend and the Beastie Boys singing alternating with Cyndi Lauper. We have ideal places for the Prosecco with strawberries and tequila with lemon. Make some noise girls, let it be a memorable weekend.


This is precisely THIS PLACE. It is here where should be the serial hen parties organized, because of the climate created by Eliza (the housekeeper). She does it professionally, Léon The Professional of the girls parties. They will be wreaths on heads, photo session, lemonade and such things that doctors should prescribe stay in Łan Sztuk as hormone replacement therapy. Well, you can live anywhere: in a brick house, a trailer of the cult Eriba Puck 70s and cottage. Rather for these groups, who do not mind the presence of the hosts, and you rather have to keep your Despacito under control.


"At Łan Sztuk I felt like at home. I truly rested surrounded by natural beauty and attention to detail that I found in the interiors. Thank you for your warmth and openness, for creating this unique place."

According to Slowhop: Four 3-bed rooms, a cottage and a trailer. And you can take the dog.


House for those groups of girls that instead of staring guys at the bar in the city center, prefer soft carpet, good wine and chatting until morning. House in Chociwle is just such a thing. Hidden in the green coniferous forest, decorated in a stylish design, it makes you tempted to behave properly. For residents of West Pomeranian Province, which are close to the vicinity of Koszalin, for those who like luxury and want something comparable to a spa.

"Wonderful place away from the hustle and bustle. Great decor and design. The surrounding of nature allows the rest."

According to Slowhop: For 10 people, 3 km to the lake, you can take the dog.

The marvel near the Warsaw. It looks shyly, but ladies - do not be fooled. Even if you succumb to the temptation of the first night with steaming tea - Saturday will be yours. Power of Despacito and early Bajm will be discovered in a huge barn, where mermaids can wave their bras, because no one will see. The morning the next day you can spend on the scenic veranda like in the movie "The Bridges of Madison County" and do not move from here until the evening.

"At the beginning of September, I organized a bachelorette party here, and the choice of location was the bull's-eye :) Unique place like taken out of a fairy tale ♥ Dance floor in the barn way better than the crowded club, dinner prepared by the owners tastier than Gessler's and accommodation in the Białym Domku wins with all luxury hotels with spas."

According to Slowhop: Two double rooms, but possible extra beds. You can take dog.

You will be knocked-out when you see this house. There is only one snag - it will fit up to 6 people and the hosts recommend even 4. Not because there is not enough space - just the stay at this home is created to become calm. This is not a good place to Despacito, we rather recommend Devendra Banhart and eagerly read something high-grade. What you do not forget form the Wygnanowice: shared bath in cold springs, and then the heat in the sauna. White wine on the terrace. Common yoga in a special room. And views.

According to Slowhop: 2 bedrooms and a living room with a sofa bed. Self cooking or leave it for the hosts, who know what they are doing. You can take a dog, but ask first.

There is a house in Warsaw, which might be as well in the area Giżycko. But luckily someone set it 20 minutes from the Palace of Culture. The house has its own pond and although you probably would not call this lake, it is a lakelet for sure. You can swim there freely. You can lie on the shore. You can drink chilled prosecco on the terrace. In winter, a fireplace and a the silence. In the Staw Otwarty you can dance to Despacito, but I rather not The Hangover.

"I have been there, and I still can not believe that this place exists! I'm charmed. After closing the door, you can forget about the whole world. The contemporary Warsaw disappears and you move into the thirties. Or perhaps some of the missing mysterious lake Podlasie and Masuria? I swim enjoying the coolness of the water and sunshine in the hot day last summer. And then a book on the hammock, rocking chair in front of the fireplace or stroll through the bascule bridge to the island. Slow, we have time for anything, no one will not find us here... It's really hard to describe the magic of this place, but if someone sometimes dreams of visiting Narnia, The Secret Garden, or dacha with "Burned sun" Mikhalkov, this is the place for him..."

According to Slowhop: 2 bedrooms and a sofa bed in the living room. A place for outdoor enthusiasts - there is a hammock and a terrace.

Well, here you can really do a picnic under the rock, and then disappear. Somewhere in the upper bedroom and only for a moment. The girls love the interior, and you can see that it is done by someone with an idea. Really brilliant surroundings and the terrace. Terrace and a few women - it always sounds like a promise of a good night. No one can hear you out here, and so Despacito and Girls Rule the World, and even at the end with Maya the Bee.

"I  visited a lot of places over the last few years, but I do not remember when I felt so good, as in the Dom pod Skałą. Beautiful, sunny weather only strengthened our feelings while in Gołaczów. Around the forest and the birds singing. The sound of the stream. Away from the hustle and bustle. Wonderful!!!"

According Slowhopa: 8 people, 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, no dogs here. For dinners go to Kudowa.

The key elements of the Dosbajka houses are a swimming pool and banya. You can feel boozy, but be careful due to the the swimming pool. Nice owner, will definitely help with some local food. He lives close by, so no exaggeration to Despacito.

"Beautiful quiet and peaceful place, next to the forest and hiking trails. Super recommend to use the Russian banya when the snow around, a great thing on a cold day. Beautiful house and a moment by the fireplace in November day was unique. Very nice host. Guarantee a successful weekend in peace and nature. Thank you for a lovely lovely weekend and I recommend it!"

According to Slowhop: Two cottages, for five people each but the hosts have two additional. There is a chance for the high density of estrogen...

Well knockout! The most creative village in Warmia, and there is Staszek, his cottage and the barn. In this barn and in the house cool things happens. It is perfect for 20 full of estrogen women ready to show what the future bride loses. Ask Staszek about everything through the Slowhop, but we warn you that the availability can be the issue. Well, here in the barn there is not only Despacito, but Kawiarenki and the entire Irena Santor.

""When you come to Kawkowo, you forget the day of the week, what is the date, you do not care about the time. Day is regulated by your body, sunrises and sunsets, and delicious meals. I like to be here - very much!"

According to Slowhop: 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and theoretically 16 people, but with a little effort it can fit 20. You can take the dog. Without food, but Kawkowo is not a desert...

Here, in a clearing in the forest, lives Danka. We do not know anyone, really anyone who would not love this place. We all want to go back, Mierki bring to delights, it is possible that under the influence of farmhouse wine. And although it is a typical agro, where you rent the rooms - we advice you something else. Write to Danka (by Slowhop), ask if you can take a festival of progesterone and warm cognac to Mierki. It is possible that the whole house will be yours, and you will be a jogging in the woods without clothing. Just do not frighten the horses...

"Somewhere at the end of the world, in the middle of the forest, there is a cottage where time is a relative concept. Where the peace and quiet, smile and positive energy you get in the package along with a good Bed & even better Breakfast, Haha hmm... but there is only one problem... it can become an addiction. You will be thinking about returning here all the time. :-) If you like nature, animals and the warmth of the fireplace this is the place to put on your list of "must see"..."

According Slowhop is: 5 rooms with wide beds and you can take your dog. Super hosts. Not for ladies form the fashion show in New York. There is a fear that you can destroy your hybrid nails.

This is an old idea to use the linen shirt, bought with the discount. Plus a real wreath, bare feet and chilled white wine. Oldschool is simply an old school, restored by the architect who worked with Daniel Liebeskind. It's her work, her child, so think about her, when you prepare a future bride bath in the tub with a beautiful view. The house is located near Wadowice, it has a beautiful garden and the possibility of super interesting things to do.

According to Slowhopa: Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, an hour to Żywieckie Lake. Do not take the dog here.

Summer mornings taste here best with a cold glass of prosecco and bruschetta with basil scent. There is no doubt that the hosts are exceptional enthusiasts all the best for body and soul. They have a nose for art, and when you see the rooms your jaw will drop with delight. Hosts take kitchen serious and create amazing French flavors. In the afternoon we take you on mindfullnes classes and yoga on the grass, then you can jump into the lake, then grill and red wine, and dancing in the evening in the garden.

"Absolutely fantastic place!!! First stay will never be the last... The owners are magicans, they created a place in which it is impossible to feel bad... I want to come back, very much!!!"

According to Slowhop: Four spacious apartments can accommodate a total of 22 people. There is a private beach and French cuisine upon request. You can take your dog.

Cool thing in Siedlisko Niedziela is that you get for themselves a house with comfortable rooms, downstairs is a nice kitchen, where you want to hang out, and from the kitchen you can go straight to the charming garden that is impossible not to enjoy. There is a special place for girls who like to drink wine with legs curled up. We like. Even more cool in Siedlisko Niedziela is that hosts organize themselves special events: dinner prepared by Ewa Pe (vegan) and weaving workshops. There also can be baskets with local products, and if you have enough time, even lomi massage.

"Beautiful place to relax. On the premises of Siedlisko Niedziela there are plenty of nooks so that nobody bothers each other. Everyone will find a place for themselves. And in addition these fantastic views! The place is also suitable for active holidays - there are beautiful bike and canoeing trails in the neighbourhood. We didn't order their breakfast but I saw that hosts serve them in a basket, which is waiting in the morning. It's a great idea, you don't have to get up at a specific time. Breakfast looked delicious :) The creative barn with looms and other fabrics is the undoubted highlight."

Slowhop opinion: Not just for sewers and lace makers, but actually in Siedlisko Niedziela every day is like Sunday. Double rooms and nice common place on the ground floor.


Dear Ladies, here we have exclusive house for 14 people. Around there are only fields and woods, so you can arrange a fiesta with margarita and throw away your bra. Who would forbid us? And Mrs. Iwona, the host, has a message for you: guests can enjoy a massage (two therapists) or visit the Camp Spa - swimming in banya, sauna in the forest, massages. As an experiment you can organize cooking together, grilling or order catering. You can listen to loud music, make a fire and start ritual dances. Eat breakfast in the conservatory which blends with the forest garden, drink chilled wine on the terrace or in front of the fireplace. We can only applaud and start packing bags.

"I really recommend. Beautiful forest and lakes in the neighbourhood. Forest rich in mushrooms. Those who love long walks and cycling also will be very pleased."

Slowhop opinion: The owner lives nearby, but you can safely listen to Despacito.


This bachelorette party is close to Gniezno, so we invite girls from Poznań. Time for the forest, ladies, because you can be noisy and the only neighbours that you can piss off here are wild boars. House number one will accommodate 9 people and the other even 30. In addition there's cool common place where you can freely and in the group train pelvic floor muscles to the rhythm of Harry Belafonte.

"I stopped in Przyborowo for one night with teenage daughter. It was the middle of the week, so there were only two of us (guests) in the guesthouse. The peace was great, every sound of trees was clearly heard. In addition, atmospherically bleating sheep, dogs to pet, delicious roasted pumpkin, hammock, fawning cat, evening lights above the tent, all of it made us great pleasure. We thank the hostess for everything ^^ It was the best end of the holidays."

Slowhop opinion: The owner great, you can talk with her about additional attractions.


And this is Masuria again! Cottages in Widokowo are three, they have a sauna and the lake view and you can take with you many Despacito fans. From the observation of the hosts: girls book houses on Friday - Sunday. Some groups organize food and party on their own, of course, they have a banquet shelter with a grill or a place for a bonfire. Kitchens in cottages are fully equipped (like at home) so they have the option to cook together. The price also includes all sports equipment, such as bicycles, kayaks, a water bike or sup boards. They make a picnic on our beach and spend a nice day. The teams that have more cash order a massage for the bride, if the weather is right we organize also outdoor yoga, photo session or dinner (bonfire or under shelter) prepared by a professional chef specializing in focal, Masurian dishes, vegan or vegetarian. On request, we also prepare breakfasts in the form of baskets delivered to the houses.

„I could not have dreamed of a better place for a hen weekend! The view is simply breathtaking! Modern cottages with full equipment have met the requirements of all guests. It must be admitted, however, that the greatest assets of the place are super cool owners! With their commitment they have led me to think about when I come back here I heartily recommend everyone!”

Slowhop opinion: Each house will fit 4-6 amused femigroup. It creates great opportunities ...