12 exceptional guesthouses in Tatras

With atmosphere, view of the mountains and smelling like a forest



We checked it yourselves: there are some places where we feel better than in others. For a various reasons. We prefer, for example, crazy host with passion than reception with the sweetest and most kind lady. Or barn renovated and reconnstructed into guesthouse instead of a brand new hotel. Wood instead of steel. Wine instead of tea. But also diversity instead of monotony. We found in Tatras elegant cottages, modern sheds, a barn and even a museum house. For winter holidays, atmospheric New Year's Eve, magical Christmas in mountains. Which one will you choose?


Poland begins to know how to glamping! During last year some yurts and tents appeared on our website. We wrote once about Swiss spherical tents, where the final scene of James Bond movie could take place. And here we are, in 2018, and we have Switzerland in Podhale, view of the mountains and the whole luxury with fireplace. And there are not "spherical tents" but "klapnioki". For people who are looking for an interesting experience, not just a bed to sleep in.

"Beautiful, refined in every detail, unique place. Very kind owner. Perfect for relaxing."

Slowhop opinion: Each klapniok has 3 beds, has its own heating system and shared view of the Tatras. Inside there's nothing to whine about, it's a combination of comfort and luxury of sleeping lmost under the open sky. Tatra Glamp is located in the village, so it's not lost among the mountains. Here, too, no pets.


One of those places at Slowhop that don't need to hang paintings on the wall. Looking out the window is enough. Landscape behind the window frame is truly breathtaking and it's not just an empty idiom. The thing is, that the owner of the house is a group of architects, and you know how it is when architects want to realise ideas just to themselves. It's beautiful, clean, cozy, and it's probably the best news for those, who want to spend their free time in a place away from the Krupówki crowd.

"Wonderful getaway! We spent here a couple of days, but we've rest like we've stayed here a month! The view is beautiful, a great place in the landscape of the Tatra Mountains. The house - perfect in its simplicity, created to enjoy nature. I recommend to introverts and all those, who are looking for a simplicity, aesthetics and Tatras in their best version."

Slowhop opinion: Exclusive for 6 adults or 8 (if it consists of at least two children). The nearest ski lift is 2.5 km away. Here we come without animals.


Actually, Willa Tatiana is a name for four larchsisters. Buildings had been constructed during couple of years, so they differ from each other with the type of inetriors. So, there is Tatiana Premium, Tatiana Lux, Tatiana Boutique and Tatiana Folk. There are super-comfortable apartments with kitchenettes in each of them. You can also order a breakfast set to your apartment and then lay in a sleigh, on fake sheepskin and enjoy holidays. A little bit like these empresses from Russian childhood fairytales.

„We've been for week in an apartment Stary Smrekowy in Tatiana Boutique with three kids. Everyone were delighted, we're thinking already about next trip. Villas fascinate from outside, Zakopane gained new wonders. Although there are more and more beautiful buildings, Tatiana stands out. Inside, feast for senses with all necessary modern amenities. You feel like you want to live in every apartment!”

Slowhop opinion: Really high class of interiors, dedicated owner with passion. Here without dogs.

Something really cool for families with kids. First of all, beacuse it's a swimming pool here. You won 'PREPARE yourselves for a triathlon in it, because it's not so big, but it's nicely warm, which after three days in Baciarka you should check if the web between your kids' fingers starts to grow. If they're bored of swimming (but in think not), just next door is great place called Talent Factory, Which is fun park with games and stuff for kids, where you can leave your kid and drink coffee in peace. In Baciarka there are breakfasts, you can also order dinners (delicious). Villa is located in Kościelisko, among other guesthouses, the owners can advice you places with good food, and help you with organizing trips and expeditions.

„I highly recommend! Clean apartments and very cosy. Helpful owner. The swimming pool with water at 34 degrees bull's-eye. Place realy quite and peaceful. Outside nice playground. Inside playpen for kids.

Slowhop opinion: Teoretically you can take your dog, but the Hostess Agnieszka asks for prudence, because you can't take dogs to the National Park.

What stands out in Czarna Owca is the fact, that there's incredibly homey and cozy. Blankets, rugs, curtains and a view of the Czerwone Wierchy mountains. All of it in Kościelisko, which, let's be honest, is located in a safe distance from civilization represented by Zakopane. Hosts a super pleasant, very willing to organize trips on skitours and others.

"Very cool highland atmosphere, extremely comfortable beds, beautiful views."

Slowhop opinion: Here you can come with the dog! We write this because it's not common in Podhale. Three nice cottages, each for 8 persons. Something for perfect housewives, Anthea Turner would honor hosts with the crown.


Remember Witów village, 7 km from Zakopane, because here we have a new wood scented place in beautiful clearing, at the confluence of three streams created by a woman who has in her soul highland music and you may have heard her in Trebunie Tutki. The villa itself is a marvelous beauty, every guest's brain stands on its feet when he wakes up in the morning and sees in the kitchen fresh pastries, straight from dusted with flour (so we assume) baker, waiting for him. Cool place, we are happy like crazy, that you can book it at Slowhop:)

"Beautiful place! Quiet location, away from the noise and crowds of tourists, yet everywhere so close! Standard of the villa is at a very high level. Great hosts! Wonderful atmosphere among the meadows and the murmur of the river. We will come back."

Slowhop opinion: In Giewontka there are no meals, but there is a well-equipped kitchen. Instead of the dog, take swimsuits, because it's close to the thermal pools.

And in Zakopane such house has survived, written in the register of monuments. It belonged to Marysia'se family, who took care of him and and adapted to the needs of travelers, who are looking for different image of Zakopane. For us, a trip to the Legenda Tatr is an attractive double pack, because not only the house is old, nice and with legend,but also the Hostess is a Tatra guide and ski instructor. She knows under which stone what bugs sleep and how to ski, to be a star on the slopes. As for us - lit.

"Away from the hustle and bustle. After hard and exhausting trips to mountains you can have a great relax. Intimate, home atmosphere. We will definitely come back! If Zakopane - only Legenda Tatr."

Slowhop opinion: Mostly double rooms and a family apartment, 300 meters to the ski lift, no dogs here.

Boutique hotel in Murzasichle with apartments and rooms in the Italian style. The owners traveled a lot, they have passion to Tuscany, wine, olive and the decided to show that Tuscany is also cold wind, skiing and mountains.

"I highly recommend. Nice atmosphere, friendly service, interior and surroundings with character. A big plus for infrastructure for kids. Not obvious place."

Slowhop opinion: The only one place in Zakopane where you can really arrivewith your dog and you will be welcomed nicely. So dog lovers - remember this address!

The whole history of this house at Slowhop started from the owner's call with a very basic question: "Why my guesthouse isn't in this list?". Our mistake! The whole story of the founding, when one of the most famous Polish writers discusses in a car wash with one of the most famous Polish actors of a certain happy meadow in Bukowina Tatrzańska, and then mentioned writer builds there a huge house, which is guarded by the dragons - well this is the water on our mill! The fact that the apartments in the House of the Dragons look insanely awesome and have a beautiful view of the mountains, reassured us in the belief that this is it. And that's how Maria Nurowska became a Host at Slowhop, and we gained another reason to be happy.

"The owner takes care of every detail. Atmosphere foster rest, nobody rains in your parade. Breakfast is served on time, very tasty and plentiful. Apartment arranged very functionally, equipped with a fireplace and things necessary for preparing meals. Kitchen available. View of the mountains, breathtaking. It's nice to eat breakfast with such a view. I would recommend chains - during snow can be useful. I really recommend, and will definitely come back!"

Slowhop opinion: 6 4-person apartments. Beautiful interiors, good breakfast, and you might be able to persuade the owner to chat. We would try. Cats and dogs leave at home, beacuse you can't take animals to the Tatra National Park.


Oh gosh, how we were excited about this place! We'd like to go there with the beloved one, wrap in all the blankets and from breakfast to supper stare at the mountains. You absolutely can't miss the breakfast even if you'd be tempted by a human burrito on the bed. Beautiful interiors, Christmas at any time of the year, and this is something ultra encouraging. Cool veranda, cool hosts, close to Slovakia, all in a small village Jurgow. Well, just go there.

„We recommend in 100%. We're very thankful for welcoming us in such a great place. The owners are vey kind pair, that always want to help. All rooms are unique and have their own special atmosphere. We had the "Shepherd" :D Interiors are refined in every detail. Many 5 star hotels could ency them. Huge impression made on us delicious breakfasts, which are made with big carefullness, you can't forget abou them and with a day started like that, you can go on a trip on hiking trails without a doubt. Thank you for wonderful extended weekend, we'll definitelu come back :) It's really GREAT place!!! ps. Thank you for delicious set for hiking trips and sweet cakes :)”

Slowhop opinion: Double rooms, so if you want to go with children, you'll probably need to book two rooms. But one toddler with their parents will fit in one room. Very close to the ski lift. Here, no pets.


And here, in Kościelisko there's such a nice cottage for 6 persons and accompanying dwarfs. Let's agree: Cottage of Secen Dwarfs is a great motivator for the children. It can be used as part of Nonviolent Communication. For example. "Do you want to go to the Cottage of Seven Dwarfs? Then correct the mark from Maths." Well, in our opinion, this is an inspiring-motivational cottage, supporting the efforts of parents. Due to the nice interiors, location in Koscielisko, we also recommend to grandparents.

"Great starting point for trips (to the Chochołowska Valley and Koscieliska Valley). Cottage is very neat, clean and fresh. The owner of this place - Ewa - is a wonderful woman. She did everything to make our stay ran in perfect atmosphere! In addition, she brings eggs straight from the mountain chickens and delicious cottage cheese! We fulfill every whim - THANK YOU :) it's hard to find such hosts!"

Slowhop opinion: 3 bedrooms and a living room with a sofa bed, two bathrooms. Ypu can ask the owner of the local products for breakfast - she'll bring you eggs straight from the mountain chickens and delicious cottage cheese. Here, without dogs.


There have already been dwarfs, now we have teddy bears. After these defensive dragons from Maria Nurowska, there must be, however, a soft balance. In the Teddy Bear Cottage really live bears and this is something that definitely kinda sweetens holiday with children. The hosts even bet on the kids welfare here, because outside there's pretty cool playground, which combined with a fabulous view gives you a whole new perspective on drinking hot coffee with a view of children playing and the mountains in the background.

Slowhop opinion: 5 bedrooms for small bears and their large parents. Here, too, no pets. Food on your own.