14 amazing guesthouses to hole up with a book for a weekend



Beds, sofas, loungers, swings, and even bathtubs. Old mansions, cottages in the Beskidy Mountains, palaces, agritourisms and cozy B&B. 14 guesthouses showed us places where guests and hosts the most often hole up with a book. They say that free time and the right place is the key set to meet annual standard of reading for all those who don't have books on their way.  


Not only it is heaven with a view of paradise, because in front of your eyes lies Isąg lake, known for its islands, wild beaches and bream, but also look at its interiors! High five for the owners that they have chosen this style, there aren't a lot of places like that, and we know what we say. And here, in the Warmia you'll find so many pillows, blankets, loungers that each book will taste delicious. Niicely decorated common areas with armchairs by a bookcase.

"Beautiful place, great views and nicely finished interiors. Breakfasts - vegan on request. Simply delicious, with a large variety of homemade vegan delicacies. We recommend with the whole family."

Slowhop opinion: Double rooms and three-room suites. Phenomenal common space with a fireplace. Delicious breakfasts by black plates, own shoreline of the lake, pier and you can come with a dog. Could it be any better?


The old Prussian school with food from Mrs. Iwona. Everyone says that there's the most delicious food in the world, people come back here to try again something prepared by Chef. Sofas with cushions, a great common area, library with fireplace, and always some snacks to eat - you can set yorselves up for catching up books backlog.

"Fantastic May weekend at the Stara Szkoła! 7 adults and 9 children aged 1-11 feel very well here! Housing conditions wonderful, lots of space, beautiful garden, plenty of amenities. And without a doubt the icing on the cake is Mrs. Iwonka, host and cook and many other functions in one! I'm impressed with the creativity and openness to the needs of the guests. Children with dietetic needs were fully satisfied. Ms. Iwonka knows secrets of the kitchen both traditional and gluten-free, etc.. The Kingmaker Mr. Zbigniew supervises the garden. We beautifully thank you!"

Slowhop opinion: 5 rooms for 16 people. Full (excellent) board. You can take the dog, but only under certain conditions (see profile at Slowhop). Excellent place for integration, workshops and meetings.


At Sara's in the Beskid Mountains everything is prepared for bookworms. These sofas invite you to collapse on them, tuck your legs and transfer to any story. Nobody bothers anyone, radio plays lazy music, delicious smells comes from the kitchen and it's wonderfully. Hosts are here both people from Cracow and the Bieszczady Mountains. No matter which one you'll have - should be fine. Take note, however, that this isn't a luxurious chalet but ordinary cottage similar to mountain hostel.

"Nightly bonfires, delicious food (Agnieszka's roast vegetables, especially pumpkin is heaven in mouth), a wonderful homely atmosphere, without any tension. Several pairs slept in the cottage at the time in which we had the opportunity to be there, and we don't even notice it. The presence of dogs and a cat, a huge plus for me, because I don't have animals so I could enjoy their presence. I hope that someday I will come back to you."

Slowhop opinion: You can rent rooms in a newer home and in old cottage, where there is a kitchen. The hosts cook. Sometimes Sara and Łukasz or Agnieszka and Rafał. You can arrive with a dog, but here are two hosts' dogs.


Jagodowa Polana is a place in Gorce Mountains, about which only a few people know, and if someone knows, they sit quietly. If you manage to get to know this secret, we recommend delicious food and such atmospheric nooks. The hostess knows a lot about herbs and healthy, although sensual eating. Choose Jagodowa Polana for reading with a view in June, July, August and early autumn. You won't be disappointed.

"It's simply fantastic, it has incredible energy from the mountains and the whole surrounding nature, which you can observe and photograph for hours and it's still different and still not boring .. but it's only half of the energy, because Marta fills another half with herself, her great cuisine, in which everything is homemade, organic, healthy and delicious. And those, who need to get back on their feet spiritually and mentally, she can support with what they just need. Thank you for delicacies, for the wonderful warmth, for the lessons about herbs and food, the beautiful conversations and delicious cakes, for the bread and appropriate to the weather breakfast, for the enchanted, healthy coffee, which wonderfully warms up and puts on your feet, for nice evenings and a huge supply of positive energy with which we left."

Slowhop opinion: Rooms in a mountain style, smelling with wood and full board. You can arrive with a pet.


You should visit this house in Mikolajki, if you are looking for a little peace of mind to read whole Nesbo book. Probably Karolina and Marek have it in their collections. You read here in the designer rooms, in an atmospheric bistro with the best coffee in Masuria or under the apple tree in the orchard. Plus excellent breakfasts, long conversations: with Marek about wood, with Karolina about the surrounding area. We could talk much longer, but we'll refrain, look for stories about Przechowalnia Marzeń in our other lists.

"What's left to say - fantastic house and fantastic hosts. Przechowalnia Marzeń is a really unique place with with cozy rooms decorated in an interesting way - and this garden... You can count on Marek and Karolina in any situation. Thank you! Also for very interesting conversations in the bistro :) Well - breakfasts! Delicious and healthy based mostly on local, natural products. Yummy!"

Slowhop opinion: Only four rooms, but look at them! An oasis in Mikolajki. Place for adults only. No pets. Very worth it. Very.


In Dwór Dawidy reading corners are everywhere, in so many places inside and outside, that they should make a map. We've decided to show you one, unique - a bathtub, because it invites you to let soak a few pages of the novel in a mask on your face and carmenere in your hand.

"All good things about this place is already written. I can only confirm: great interiors, where you can see the attention to every detail, a beautiful park, delicious food, wonderful, casual atmosphere. And brilliant, very compatible with the place music that you can hear from the owner's room. Total chill... full reset, slowlife, slowfood, slowhop :) I am very grateful that I could spend here the best time of my holidays. It's a pity that such a short time. I'll be back for sure."

Slowhop opinion: Princess' dream about the chambers and a delicious breakfast. You can arrive with a well-mannered dog who doesn't eat wood.


Oh God, what a library they have! They also have a movie theater, but we're not here to talk about it. Atmospheric place in the mountains, created by people fascinated withTuscany. There's plenty of books to choose, plenty of place to install yourself comfortably and they like to serve red wine to a book.

"Excellent place!!! The hosts are delightful, they share local knowledge about interesting places. Silence. Clean rooms. Tasty breakfasts. Child-friendly. And all in an atmosphere of intimate slow... "

Slowhop opinion: Stylish interiors, good food and you can take your dog. Come here if you are fed up with commercialism in Podhale. Here, it's nice.


This is the place where it's difficult to focus on the interlocutor, because eyes slide on the bookspines on the shelves. Around there are so many attractive bookspines that you can go crazy. In Folwark Wrzosówka there are three thousand books! Three thousand positions for bookworms in a cool, club environment.

"Equivalent of the idyll in every dimension. Beautifully located among meadows and farm fields, with the whole animal farm and what is most beautiful - birds singing from dawn to dusk. The house itself is decorated with artistic flair and imagination, wonderful interiors encourage to evening relaxation, while during the day you can relax with a book in the shade of numerous trees. This place is also people - a standing ovation for Mrs. Antosia that takes care of guests as best as she can, creating incredible aura around her."

Slowhop opinion: Agritourism in the luxurious version. Really, you'll find here everything you need. The hosts prefer renting the entire house. Available: 3 apartments (two + two children or three adults) plus 2 very large rooms. You can arrive with the dog.


In Mazury Garbate generally it's cool to read, which we, as the residents of those neighborhoods confirm with certainty. In Szara Sowa they've designed especially for these purposes a terrace by the lake and a whole lot of silence.

"Priceless memories. You can swith off from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the rooms themselves and the view from of the lake are breathtaking. I would really recommend."

Slowhop opinion: Just by the lake in the village of Gorło. Peace and quiet, pleasant breakfasts.Off-season for at least 10- people groups (then full board). Open only in the summer season (May to October). Here, no pets.


And in Masuria such a beautiful place, Elegance or, perhaps, the Hamptons. The point is, that you want to start reading as soon as you arrive here. But the best is to jog through the woods first, then ask for a massage (they're good at it here), then lie on the soft and read.

"Great place for active and forlazy ones, for parents and for free :) Great starting point to Masurian lakes, peace and quiet are pushing into the house and it's impossible to refuse them! Mr. Ola and Agata create a wonderful atmosphere and help you feel really comfortable, and this is essential for real rest. I didn't want to leave and now I really want to come back! :)"

Slowhop opinion: 5 rooms with bathrooms, super boutique place, in terms of interiors it's one of the gems at Slowhop.


It's so in the forest! You absolutely have to take King's, for example Misery and feel scared a little bit in this forest. Well, and for such a scenario we sign up. You can drink wine for courage while reading this King, without fear that you'll have to drive a car, because hosts if needed - will bring food (delicious).

"Great place for relaxation, calm, quiet, comfortable environment in the cottage. Yu won't see lake from the windows because the forest obsures it, but it's located only a "stone's throw" and you can bathe alone (at least in September it was so). Homemade lunches from Mrs. Halina very tasty, prepared with culinary skill and heart. And the food was a poetry to me, to this day I recall the taste of bread with butter - delicious! Anyway, I ordered a little bit to my home and family was delighted. Lake is obscured by trees but you can stare at the squirrels, listen to the woodpecker, as well as collect Suillus that grow in the Kashubian Reset area. It's a pity that it's so far from Opole, because it's a weekend getaway like a dream."

Slowhop opinion: House for 6-8 people in the Kashubian forest. Lake a few steps away. Here, no pets.


How to describe Złoty Jar in the context of reading books? Easy - peasy. The hostess, Gosia Szumska is a writer, after her first book ("The Green Dress"), she decided to describe her experience of volunteering in the Philippines in the book "Faces of the typhoon. About the pursuit of happiness in the Philippines." No wonder that in Złoty Jar reading books is somehow in the program. And in addition it looks nice.

"Perfect place for a weekend or a whole holidays. Hosts are really engaged in this place, they ideally suit to the atmosphere. Great food. I really recommend."

Slowhop opinion: A lot of rooms in various configurations. Cool place to come with a group of family or from work. Gosia and Maciek definitely will come up with many interesting adventures for you. They're really good at it.