Warsaw and surroundings: 16 weekend getaways you should know



Do you know how many times we hear the same request: "Find me something stunning close to Warsaw"? We thought it would be so difficult, unimaginably difficult, like throwing massive amount of coal from the street to the basement, but here is a surprise. It was not like that. Warsaw and its surroundings are like Tom Hanks' box of chocolate. You will be provided with a multiple choice. There is an aparthotel in Warsaw, a mill near Kazimierz, goat farm, a hotel with an open-air museum and a picturesque cottage with artisans. All at most 2.5 hours from Warsaw. As you wished. Bon Appetit.

About 130 km from Warsaw, at the edge of the forest, there is a lonely mill by the Toczna River. It looks like if the Hollywood producers knew this place they would made the Beauty and the Beast here. A thing pulled from the ruins by two women, mother and daughter. They had to recognize that such places can not just stand and destroy itself, and praise them for that, we will ask for a medal from the president. Hunting interiors, completely not for Ikea form lovers.

„Wonderful place! Karolina's mother is the perfect host, the house itself is charming and as if taken out of childhood dreams about a mysterious house away from the city noise. The equipment is impressive, so you do not have to bring anything with you. At every step we were pleasantly surprised by very thoughtful details. I'll be back!”

Slowhop opinion: Do not expect a closed bedroom, you will sleep on a mezzanine and relax downstairs by the fireplace. Therefore, it's rather for families or very good friends.

About An hour jump over A2 and you land from the center of Warsaw right in the center of Nagawki. Cool, creative people built four nice cabins near the blueberry farm. In the morning you will get a breakfast basket, and as the sun shines for good, there is an open-air museum of land with pools.

„Lovely hostess and lovely place. Contrary to all fears, there really is what to do on the spot. Bicycle routes wonderfull, for that bikes available on site! And if you want to stay in the garden and start a barbecue there is also comfy space for that.”

Slowhop opinion: Nice place for a bunch of friends, family with kids, team from work. You can get a tasty breakfast, there are kitchenettes as well and some restaurants nearby.

You should come visit Warsaw just to stay in Author Rooms. Apartments in the center of Warsaw are synonymous with "something crazy in a beautiful place". Work of life of Mamastudio graphic design. In a tenement house in the beating heart of the capital city, they have set up a genuine showroom of their capabilities and contemporary Polish design.

„Great place and people. Caring for every detail, aesthetics, beauty and atmosphere. Malgosia welcomed us with coffee and conversation and made us feel at home and not in an ordinary hotel in another city. We will definitely be back!

Slowhop opinion Even if you know Warsaw, you may find that you do not know her at all. People from the Author Rooms have a concierge who will help you to linger around Warsaw beyond the beaten track.

Masuria in Warsaw. Yes, in Warsaw! Although it sounds unbelievably, Staw Otwarty is within the administrative boundaries of the capital, somewhere in the vicinity of Wawer. It has a private, small lake where you can even bathe, quite a large garden and a cottage where you can sleep.

„Staw Otwarty, you deserve 5 plus! Beautiful place, polite ducks, silence, peace, sun, jetty, water ... and the wonderful owners."

Slowhop opinion: The hosts of the Staw Otwarty are cool people who have dreamed of a quiet oasis in the city. The accommodation is small and the pond is open from May, but if you are looking for a good place to make a workshop, birthday party (eg children), then you found the perfect place.

If you are looking for something really close to Warsaw (an hour with a bit from the center), a homely atmosphere and a good kitchen - go to Aleksandryn. The host is a highlander and settled here after traveling, equipping this little paradise in ponies and a beautiful garden. If you are vigilant enough, catch up to Alessandro's Sicilian cooking workshop.

„We have come here by accident. It suprisingly turnrd out, that the owners are so nice people, very hospitable and open minded. There is a wonderful climate here. Delicious food made by their own. A huge garden and plenty of room to relax. Rooms very clean and well maintained. Ever feel homey atmosphere. At home there are several animals that are very friendly and add a lot of warmth to the place.”

Slowhop opinion: The spirit of this place lives in the Host. How is it usually on Slowhop :)

Kozia Farma

Not every agrotourism spot is for kids and Kozia Farma is an example of this. This is a place for adults and kids over eight years old. Adults without children will find happy moments in Tiny Cottage for two, hot tub bath, Russian pool in the woods or tasting local goat cheese (made by the Host), older kids will learn goat care.

„I am impressed with the place, which is so peaceful, detached from everyday life and run with such ingenuity! My heart stole the goats, but also the owners - exquisite, super nice people!”

Slowhop opinion: There are carpentry workshops for beginners and a Mongolian yurt where you can sleep.

(Photos by Kozia Farma)

Hotel Skansen

Still in Mazovia, about two hours from Warsaw, in Sierpc, they give delicious bread and well designed accommodation. It's not agrotourism, not even a guesthouse, but a real hotel with a pool that we usually do not show here. So if you have a son that you need to feed a lot, much space to let him go crazy, and you like to drink coffee in nice circumstances - choose this place. Right next to it is an open-air museum, so you can count on educational surroundings.

„From the beginning, the hotel impresses with its design and materials - lots of wood, concrete, a beautiful lamp at the reception and a fireplace just behind it, all impresses. Similarly, the area around the hotel: forest, open-air museum, stud farm - there's plenty to do.”

Slowhop opinion: n our compilation, Hotel Skansen is more of a design than a climate, but we do it for parents who have to have full-service facilities.

(Photos by Hotel Skansen)

Na Skraju Czasu

You may not know about that, but there are sometimes very creative individuals between mortals. The ideas do not fit in their heads, they come out of ears and become flesh or not, but the production of the idea is endless, as in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. And here it is. Hosts are artisans, they do handmade in many forms and such agrotourism that owls call about it at night, and people whisper address only between closest friends. Go there, it's nice and it's just 2.5 hours from Warsaw on the way to Opole.

„A comfortable place to stay away from the bustle of the city, it is best to loose the phone and sit in a comfortable chair just to stare at the green forest.”

Slowhop opinion: There's the orchard, oak Dzidek, painting plenary and you can write a book.

(Photos by Agroturystyka Na Skraju Czasu)

Willa Ale Młyn

How do people find such things? 300-meter old mill near Kazimierz, up to two hours by car from the center of Warsaw. In the middle of 4 rooms, common lounge, brilliant terrace with hammocks, downstream of the river, over the stream of kayaks, and in peace as good as red wine.

„I was there with my wife and friends for only three days, but I rested as if I was two weeks away. Silence, peace, water, hammocks - I recommend everyone!”

Slowhop opinion: Something for those who enjoy active weekends, they have nothing against cooking and love nature. A good idea to spend there a birthday with friends and neighbors, and the owners may also arrange a cooking course.

(Photos by Ale Młyn)


This place was made by two women with a design momentum and a good story. The legend of how they transported the oldest and largest Masurian barn to the shores of the Masovian pond with thirteen trucks is well known. Thirteen trucks!. And this name - the Barn of All Saints, called the Purifier.

„Owners / hosts very, very over YES. The perfect mix of care for us and the freedom we were given. A place where everything seems to be consistent (stones, trees, fireplace, cats, people). And the food is the biggest surprise. ”

Slowhop opinion: Place for special events (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries), yoga and meditation workshops and everything that feels good on the millions of hectares that surround this place. Sochaczew direction.

(Photos by Stodoła Wszystkich Świętych, zwana Oczyszczalnią)

Przystań na Winiarach

This is the first campsite in the history of our compilations. Do you feel the smell of a can with torist goulash? Do you see that white fat on top of it? It's all 50 km from Warsaw, in Warka, right on the banks of the Pilica River. You can take your children or do not do it all the time, spend the evening with a group of strangers and dance a little.

„Great place to rest. Owner very nice. Next to the river flows. You can relax by listening to a bird, sit under an umbrella and have a delicious beer and toss something on the tooth. Very big plus for great music.”

Slowhop opinion: We would go to remind ourselves how it is to camp, sit next to the river and dance. Don't count on silence in nature, but there is something special about this place.

Złotopolska Dolina

What the hell is manor doing next to the campground? We checked the subject thoroughly and the Złotopolska Dolina landed on the tab: "nice owners, who had a great idea and great implementation." There are 12 rooms and suites, a forest, a legend (close to the writer of the TV series "Złotopolscy"), stylish rooms, open-air culinary workshops, grill & grill, terrace overlooking the river and river Struga.

„We affirm all positive reviews - this is a unique place, located in a beautiful setting, elegant, with delicious food and excellent service.”

Slowhop opinion: For those who like elegant comfort and are looking for a good place for a wedding or conference, a weekend with kids and a golf party, good wine for good food and all that is 30 minutes from Warsaw.

(Photos by Złotopolska Dolina)

Uroczysko Kępa

About 30 minutes from Okęcie. As soon as you have a rightful, rural road, there are waiting for you: hucouses, goats, forests, orchards, wheat fields and some cool hosts who have decided to settle down here. They have their own philosophy and there is no room for television. Do not expect that there will be a bathroom in every room either. Sorry, it's not here. There are four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a shared living room with a kitchen with one.

„Fantastic place if you want to escape from the dynamic life of the city. The house is beautiful, and the barn, the fields, the horses and the geese. We managed to find even a few mushrooms without any special effort. The number of attractions for children positively surprised us. Wonderful hosts, who we better acquainted with the wine over the fire.”

Slowhop opinion: Uroczysko Kępa is located in the Educational Network, which is meant to show kids that milk does not come from a box and can taste quite differently. Go there for experience, stories, and to cuddle border collie puppies from their kennel.

(Photos by Uroczysko Kępa)

Stare Kino w Łodzi

And we are in Łódź. And if in Lodz, we spend the night in this boutique hotel, because it is more interesting here than anywhere else. It's best to have a buddy with you that says "King Size". The owners recognized that since the oldest cinema in Poland was in Łódź, it would be cool to do so. Everybody is different from another film, our favorite red brick and cool atmosphere for meetings.

„If you are looking for a place with exceptional climate, gourmet food and pleasant service I would heartily recommend Stare Kino. Very spontaneously we organized a wedding in the Old Cinema, managed to do the best party in our lives that we will not forget. To this the hotel arranged for us candlelight dinner, private movie screening and breakfast for dinner. We will be coming back for every wedding anniversary.”

Slowhop opinion: Cool option for a birthday or a cosy corporate meeting.

(Photos by Apartamenty Stare Kino)

Stalowa52 Aparthotel

Warsaw Praga. Some time ago war zone, and now here we are looking for a climate of peace and good cuisine here. If you like loft atmosphere, you will feel great here. The rooms and the apartment are quite nice, with some of the rooms facing the double glazed windows of the apartment house and the live gallery where the artists show their works.

„MóFavorite hotel in Warsaw. Climate, cuisine, art.”

Slowhop opinion: If you are going to Warsaw - this is one of the options that we can recommend next to Author Rooms. Good food, atmospheric surroundings and interiors. Do not forget about dinner.

(Photos by Stalowa 52)

Siedlisko Leluja

Obryte village, about 1.5 hours from the center of Warsaw near Pułtusk. If you were looking for a portal to the magical world full of nature, the goat cheese and the rural climate - is located at the entrance to the Leluja Habitat. Monika knows how to make cheese and sourdough bread and does not keep this knowledge alone.

„Great, friendly people and animals place near Warsaw. Wonderful homely, friendly atmosphere, best hostess in the world - titanium job :). Monika cooks well, smiles and makes the best cheese in the world.”

Slowhop opinion: Wonderful homely, friendly atmosphere, best hostess in the world - titanium job :). Monika cooks well, smiles and makes the best cheese in the world.

(Photos by Siedlisko Leluja)

Folwark Białych Bocianów

50 minutes from the center of Warsaw, direction Mszczonów. A comfortable and atmospheric agrotourism in a farmer's edifice. It is worth to go for fresh oxygen supplies, run a dog out there, and eat some sweet treats with friends.

„Lovely place, fantastic service, great cuisine, intimate and with taste, another point on the map of places to return.”

Slowhop opinion: There has been so little getaways in the vicinity of Warsaw and there it is. It is worth to take a bike and take a couple of miles.

(Photos by Folwark Białych Bocianów)