The most amazing places to sleep

according to the fairy tale about the Princess and the pea



Where to knock, when the night comes, rain falls from the clouds, and the princess is actually a fan of historic buildings, renovated not without an effort and by extraordinary people? We found some places like that, and we guarantee you, princess, that no one there will put peas in mattresses. Meet the most interesting Polish manor houses, palaces and castles, where you will feel like in a fairy tale.


Cool situation happened here. First, the palace was wonderfully renovated by Mrs. Kasia, a former artistic director of a well-known company with design. But because even the owners of the palace sometimes say "it's time to move on", this gem was passed into the hands of an extremely sympathetic Jamie and Matt. Breathtaking interiors, and what can we say - we can't wait to visit it. Lubuskie rocks - lakes and forests first class.

Slowhop opinion: The palace has for us a few spacious apartments, a kitchen and fantastic owners. You can arrive with the dog.

Hey princess, come to Nakomiady without children or with a teenager daughter. Some real palace chambers with original tile stoves of own production of the palace Manufacture. Princesses should be satisfied with breakfasts in the the Great Palace Kitchen, with walks through the surrounding hectares and the Villandry vegetable garden. Each room is a sophisticated elegance.

"Great place to stop for a couple of days. Huge amount of work put into the restoration of the palace by the current owners is impossible to assess. The atmosphere, which hosts create, makes that you don't want to leave Nakomiady."

Slowhop opinion:  One of the few places in Poland, which offers a peaceful holiday without kids. Keep this in mind and benefit from it! In addition passionate owners, who slept in the Ford Mondeo to renovate this place. You'll learn more about Nakomiady here.

Absolutely wonderful place in Warmia-dry with apartments and rooms, that the brain stands on its feet. Princesses can rely on the care of the hosts, who not only cooks well, but also can tell you a thing or two about the manor and his travels. Dawidy mansion is located in area with stunning greenery and colors and hides many surprises.

"Very pleasant and intimate place, the time in the manor house seems to flow more slowly. We were with a dog for a weekend in the winter - everything clean, neat. Cool place as a" starting point "is the local attractions (we went this Malbork), next to the manor house there is a cool forest for walks, and if you take good trekking shoes, you can walk on the Ravines, "azimuth it." "

Slowhop opinion:  We're sentimental about Manor Dawidy. Maybe it's due to the host, perhaps because fantastic natural Circumstances in Warmia, near the Żuławy, or maybe just the interiors charmed us. In this or any other case in recommend this place!


Something for Sybarite princesses, because it's difficult to tell what isn't here. So there's excellent cuisine, wine spa, winery, own beer, a beautiful park and horses. In a mid-way between Poznań and Szczecin, in Lubuskie region.

"Delicious and unusual cuisine. You can feel the attention to details and especially by the manager of the restaurant."

Slowhop opinion:  Real spa on our list and the proposition for lovers of the hotel's elegance.


The palace has been reconstructed built from ashes for 12 years and an extraordinary woman is responsible for this restoration of the phoenix. Warlity is a property present Blue Bloods. There are relaxing massages by the lake, a sauna, original cuisine with an royal menu and swings among the trees. Here,the luxury are: the silence, wine evenings in the fireplace room and evenings on the deck.

"Very atmospheric place, definitely kept in a SLOW theme. Time goes slower there, and a good book by the fireplace on a cool autumn day is the best idea. We dropped by for a romantic weekend but for sure we will come back in the winter to feel the atmosphere and in the spring to lie down on the deck and have a cup of coffee by the lake. PS: delicious cuisine and pleasant service! I highly recommend!"

Slowhop opinion: This place is simply designed for couples, family trips and for sophisticated palates. Please come to the Palace without a pet.


A real treat for princesses who believe in fairy tales and legends. Here, an exquisite dinner is served in the rabbit hole, and the other side of the mirror is only a few steps away. Each bedroom has a different story, told in colors, textures and unusual architectural solutions. Huge palace park invites to walking, reading Lewis Carroll and moving into the world of fairy tales for adults. Later jump to the spa, meditation in the accompaniment of bowls and gongs and five-star tasting menu.

According Slowhopa: For quite remarkable, outstanding, very extraordinary occasions. It's a fairy tale only for adults who are looking for alternative bedrooms and exquisite dining by the seaside.


Wavy rapeseed fields, forests and meadows of Kłodzko Valley also have a residence worthy of the Queen of Sweden - well-read and loving higher culture Krystyna. It's brought back to life suburban mansion, in which the rustic style and unpretentiousness rule. You don't need to be born in the royal family to feel in Kamieniec like home. Lovers of balanced design, chickens clucking in the palace gardens, culinary ecstasy, trekking and mountain biking will feel well here.

"Usually I don't publish reviews, but this time I'll do it. Together with my wife, we were delighted with the building, atmosphere, service. Everything was very good, we spent very nice time together and I rested like never before. Thank you."

Slowhop opinion: Aesthetic feast without pretentiousness and perfect place for an intimate wedding. Here you can come with kids, but without pets.


100 years ago someone decided to construct in Szklarska Poreba a residence with a postcard-view. We are grateful to this consructor, because he had chosen a place that is memorable. The palace has an eye on Snow Boilers, stylish rooms, continental breakfast and coffee on the panoramic terrace. There is also a tower for princesses, but rather in the style of Merida the Brave and Mulan.

"We went to the Palace with my husband on the occasion of his birthday. It quickly turned out, that it was more than a cool gift for a person who needs a rest. In addition to beautiful weather, which was only a bonus to the great atmosphere at the Palace, friendly owners and animals, we were delighted by surroundings. Really, there are many things to do if you like hiking, watching palaces and castles, which are refurbished and delight. In the evening we sat in the dining room on a comfortable couch and rested after a busy day. This is the best place in the world to rest. We're already thinking when to go there again! Wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully! Unique place. I would recommend with my whole heart. Especially beautiful in the fall."

Sowhop opinion: You can see everything better from here and each season deserves a photo session. Book for a special occasion, intimate getaway just for the two of you or active winter holidays.


Feel like a noble guests of the castle, even if there are no coats of arms in your family's history. The history of this place begins more than 500 years ago. During these five hundred years happened a lot much more. Castle had been visited by kings and visitors from distant countries, it also witnessed wars, disputes between rich families and the great betrayal. Destroyed twice - twice it arose from the ruins. It also had its five minutes several times in the history of the Republic of Poland and now has its own 15 minutes on the tourist path of Podlasie. There are rooms in the tower, guided tours with a brilliant guide,Tatar, Swedish, court, and knights stories. Add to this cuisine - Podlasie wonders on a plate and Jewish delicacies and you'll get outstanding place.

"It was exactly as is it's described - nice, clean, amazingly quiet (and we miss that so much on a daily basis). Very nice guide, quiet, sleepy atmosphere, clean bed sheets and fabulous surroundings. Very tasty breakfast (plus the pancakes and cheese from Korycin!). Our children loved counting steps of the stairs. :) "

Slowhop opinion: It's cool to come here with children and check the calendar of events organized in the castle. We invite to Tykocin without pets.


An intimate, more than 100 years old summer palace for princesses having their heads in the clouds and dreaming of walking on the beach at sunset. Beautifully situated in a small village, surrounded by a huge green area on each side. In the neughbourhood there are three ponds and an island. Romantic evenings is their specialty. Dinners surrounded by lilacs, birches and jasmin with prosecco and strawberries. Polished floors, baked cakes and wild boar ham is marinating. The rest is a mystery concealed in the walls of the old house.

Slowhop opinion: If yo want to visit the sea away from the crowds come here - to the beach 15 km. Here with family and dog.


Charming palace with a magical garden only 45 km from Warsaw is a great place for romantic weekends and weddings like from American movies. There will be champagne, gourmet meals and desserts as a picture. Then, stroll around the historic park in the company of hedgehogs and relax in the sauna. The impressive interior is the icing on this sweet palace cake.

"A unique place and this magical park... I want to come back. Perfect distance from Warsaw for a short getaway."

Slowhop opinion: Favorite wedding spot for Warsaw habitants, where love is in the air. Perfect for engagements, anniversaries and other special occasions.