10 unique accomodations in Stołowe Mountains



Stołowe Mountains - it means Wielki Szczeliniec, Great Grandfather's Armchair, Errant Rocks and hanging rocks, as in Peter Weir's. And quite murky: in Piekiełko we found snow in May, there is also Devil's Kitchen and Needle's Eye. The first tourists arrived in the Stołowe Mountains in the eighteenth century. But then there were no such cool places as today.

You already know many of these addresses. We repeat them, because we want to help you in your reasearch at Slowhop and in the Internet. So there are two mountain hostels, a few guesthouses that welcome dogs, some agritourisms and a couple of holiday homes. Come over.

Kasia from Kowalowe Wzgórze probably is sick of us, we recently wrote about her on the occasion of super agritourisms for children and the Sudetes, and it was only during the last two months. We like Kowalowe Wzgórze, it's pure and simple as the sun above the Stołowe Mountains.

"Great place for families with children! Great people, amazing atmosphere and wonderful animals. If someone misses country life or wants to show the beauty of nature to their children then he must mark this place on a map. We will definitely come back and we will recommend this place to friends."

Slowhop opinion: Of course you can take your dog. And you should definitely take kids.

Another project done by people who renovate historic buildings. You can also meet them in the Pałac Kamieniec. Villa Lavender was one of those places that was used as a center of Workers Vacation Fund, the owners took care of this old lady and made her a lively matron with class. A little more information about it here.

"Fantastic place to stay in Kudowa! Beautiful rooms and interiors in the Provence style, varied breakfasts made from fresh products and a friendly staff! Additionally a pleasant garden for guests! And the proximity to the spa gardens and trails!"

Slowhop opinion: Here without dogs, 20 km from Zieleniec, do not forget your skis.

We would like to write that this is one of those places that inspires, but it sounds like some junior from advertising agency wrote it. So we'll just say that you should go there if you miss something in your life. From the very dawn you'll get the view of the Stołowe Mountains, delicious coffee and breakfast, which you'll eat at one table with people with passion big as The Himalayas and we don't say here only about the Hosts. Hosts themselves are from Cracow but they know every rock here, they remember maps inside out, all they have to do is look at you and they immediately suggest the route that is the best for you. In the neighbourhood there is 50 km of groomed cross-country trails and great running areas. One of the only few places in the Stołowe Mountains that is dog-friendly. But really friendly - even the interiors are adapted to pets. And no one gets angry when the dog barks, full appreciation for the guests. Cool..

"Ideal place for those who seek nature. An oasis of peace and escape from the hustle and bustle. Super-friendly hosts. Dog tuckered himself out, people relaxed and with sore muscles :) Positive!"

Slowhop opinion: Obviously come with a dog, a delicious breakfast, you can use the kitchen and fridge, take your running shoes.

If you know Slowhop, you probably already know what we think about people that bring back to life ruined buildings? The Minister of Culture should kiss their heels. But because he usually doesn't do this, we send Hosts of such places thanks and bend our knees. What they did with Pałac Kamieniec deserves the sack of medals, because it is elegant, tasty and generally delightful. Come with your partner and you won't regret it.

"Thank you for a lovely time in every little thing and gesture. People, place, views, things, flavors, sounds of nature and a sense of being fully taken care of. Materpiece in the category of luxury and beautiful, human ordinariness! See you soon - we found here our small heaven on earth!"

Slowhop opinion: Here without a dog.

Under a rock you'll find such a modern beauty for rent as a whole place and with available hosts, who know what is design, handmade and upcycling. So, you enter house, wonder why you didn't get the idea to paint pipe in angry amaranth, because who would've thought that such thing will look good. Among many other advantages: cellar just in case you forgot to take wine and the possibility to order shopping delivery to your doorstep.

"Space, light, forest outside the window and modern interior refined to the last detail (so-called design : D) - I was in many atmospheric places but Dom pod skałą is the new quality. Location itself is a great starting point - during the one-week stay evereyday we checked off another point from our list. In addition, a big point for great amenities for the kids! The only thing missing is huge couch in the living room to lounge around after an eventful day."

Slowhop opinion: Here without dog.

Przystanek Pasterka

Super place for those who like less formal hostel atmosphere. Read more in our text about the Sudetes.

"Wonderful place in a small village at the end of the world, tailor-made for those looking for a break from the hustle and bustle. Hospitable atmosphere and delicious food in Pasterkowa. In addition huge meadow on the hill nearby, perfect for the contemplation of the starry sky."

Slowhop opinion: Przystanek Pasterka is very dog-friendly.

(Photos: Przystanek Pasterka)

Koko Ryku

A little further from the Stołowe Mountains National Park, in the village Bieganów there is an agritourism with artistic lineage. The barn and the stable were saved from the ruins by two sisters. Girls spent half of their lives in Italy, so you will certainly feel a little hint of Tuscany, in the interiors and in the language. You can choose a room with a view of the mountains and the forest.

"I recommend everyone that look for peace, nature, simplicity and artistry in the countryside. We won't forget breakfasts on the grass and the mornings on swing under the apple tree. Time stops for a moment."

Slowhop opinion: Here without your dog. Open seasonally - from the end of April. In winter, do not knock on the door.

(Photos: Koko Ryku)

Schronisko "Na Szczelińcu"

We have already written about them many times (e.g. here ), so we'll only repeat that this is a mountain hostel, don't expect marble in the bathrooms, bathrobes with embroided emblem, though you can find here coffee with foam, and if the company is cool, the atmosphere will be guaranteed.

"If you are looking for a place where there is no bad weather, where human kindness is as natural as the surrounding landscape, where really great food (I recommend the highlander's potato pancake and pancakes with jam) strenghten tired body after hiking and great beer cheers up, where very good conditions of the place didn't spoil the hostel spirit, and in the end where it is worth to climb over 600 steps - this is the place for you. But if you have chronic dissatisfaction in your nature, which you share in the online world - let it go."

Slowhop opinion: You can take your dog, you have to climb :)

Biała Paprotka

There is a cool name, 5 km from Kłodzko, nice interior and kind hosts. A little Provence atmosphere, holistic cuisine, you will find here vegetarians and hygge seekers. Spitted image of Slowhop.

"Great place, decorated with attention to detail, welcoming guests with coffee and homemade cake. Beautiful view of the mountains, pleasant Provence style interior, delicious breakfasts, great playground, bunnies and the sweetest dog in the world Nela."

Slowhop opinion: Here without pets. But close to Zieleniec ski area!

(Photos: Biała Paprotka)

Siedem Łanów

Real agro with cows and fresh milk in Radków. Those who love Scandinavian simplicity, white and beautiful views of the Stołowe Mountains will love it.

"Very nice place, nice people, peace, calm. Very good starting point for exploring the Stołowe Mountains and Lower Silesia."

According Slowhopa: Sorry, no dogs here.

(Photos: 7 Łanów)